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Friday, May 02, 2014

Western Lands -- Ranching and Tyranny

Many of you have read about an ongoing dispute in Nevada between BLM and a rancher named Bundy. The BLM has waged an ongoing program to extinguish historic grazing rights on western lands. Under the Clinton regime the federal government claimed arbitrary authority to control cattle ranching in order to create open range for migratory animals. One tactic they used was to set limits on the number of cattle that ranchers could graze on historic open range, and then to reduce the number of allowed cattle to below an economic number. Concurrently the government created a license fee and raised it so high that it was also uneconomic. Both tactics effectively drove off almost all western ranchers.


If you review the government authority the US Federal government has NO AUTHORITY to retain vast areas of land in western states. It is in open and notorious violation of the constitution. All land acquired (another questionable over reach under the Constitution) was only administered by the federal government until States could be approved. ALL the western lands should have been turned over to the States

The Federal Government has illegally and criminally continued to claim ownership to the majority of land in many western states (but not eastern states). In New Mexico, for example, only about 10% of land is allowed for the residents of New Mexico and the State of New Mexico.

A Colorado Law Review article Federal Land Retention and the Constitution's Property Clause: The Original Understanding, by Robert Natelson, was published in Western lands in 2005.

Most Nevada ranchers have been driven out of business by criminal government over reaching tyranny. The lands belong to our states.

Of course the Democrap party and their socialist propaganda medial (AP, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.) won't talk about any of real issues. They prefer to demonize Mr. Bundy for pretend racism because that feeds their anti-white racist agenda (in an election year) as well as supporting government tyranny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other news, the "Religion of Peace" shows its true colours yet again.

When will we stop pretending that it is possible to co-exist with these so-called people? It is not correct to tell the truth about these alleged people, but their actions say everything. They slaughter one another with machetes and with sticks when they have no more machetes. Tell the truth about the so-called "Religion of Peace" that has so much love to share with the world.

Find the girls and kill the kidnappers. It is the only way to communicate with the "Religion of Peace". They do not understand peaceful ways.

May 04, 2014 11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the original post.

But it deserves a posting of it's own.

May 05, 2014 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Religion of Peace now wants to trade kidnapped children for terrorists. Let's hear it for the Religion of Peace, which only wants terrorism and horror in the world. God only knows what the children have been put through. And last week the Religion of Peace slaughtered dozens, if not hundreds, of others.

May 12, 2014 10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've fallen victim to the neo-con propaganda. Remember, it's the sand niggers that have replaced the "Reds" as the new "boogeymen". Hint; probably best not believe much of what you hear from so called "conservative" outlets such as faux news, since modern conservatism is an absolute joke, and every bit as feminist and pc as the leftism of yesteryear.

Nope; there's only one threat to your freedoms; another hint: It's not the dune coons, but the enemy within....

June 30, 2014 7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a totally personal theory. But, when the Feds finally went home, I had to wonder why.

My theory was that NSA, the phone snoops, might have noticed large numbers of patriots headed that way.

Another theory, from my son, was the word got out the scandal was really about Senator Reid hoping to make millions of dollars leasing the land to the Chinese for some business use. And, the bag PR had to be avoided.

Anonymous age 72

July 08, 2014 6:20 PM  

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