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Friday, May 02, 2014

Democrat Racist Strategy Ramps UP in an Election Year

Most readers have seen the huge media attack on NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The NBA has supposedly banned him for life. CNN story here.

In the socialist propaganda media stories Mr. Sterling made some allegedly “racist” remarks to his whore, a.k.a. “girlfriend.” She recorded what he said on her cell phone. From listening to the recordings she was clearly baiting him to get him into trouble. Apparently her commercial deal with Sterling was ending and she wanted a big cash payoff from whomever was buying the recordings.

The socialist propaganda machine took the recordings and went nuts. They told black NBA players that Mr. Sterling was the worst kind of racist pariah, even though he had hired black manager and black coach while other teams hired whites, and even while the anti-white racist NAACP had decided to award him a Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting black racist agendas. Mr. Sterling was also a big contributor to the Democratic Party. But he's over 80 years old and won't live to donate much longer.

No, this scandal was not about Sterling and not about money. Its all about Democrap politics. The Democraps understand that promoting racism in America keeps ignorant blacks voting Democrap. The Democraps claim to fix the problems they caused, but fixing it would educate stupid Dem voters. Democraps are the Racist Party. In times past, the 19th century Democrats were the pro-Slavery Party. In the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century Democrats were the KKK.

So this being an election year the DNC is ramping up its race baiting by paying some bimbo to record a "racist" comment during the NBA playoffs. They understand the racial component of NBA players and fans.

Another piece of the Democratic race baiting campaign is the Jackie Robinson observations we now see at baseball parks every year. For almost half a century that was just history, but now it gets a huge play on socialist propaganda TV. All the MLB teams wear #42 on Jackie Robinson Day. The socialist media makes sure that uneducated black voters haven't forgotten (Democratic) segregation while not remembering the 10,000 black baseball players and league staff of black baseball leagues who were put out of work and who are still out of work. It feeds racism in America by never letting black voters forget their anti-white racism.

These are just two glaring examples of the racist politics that the DNC and socialist propaganda media push all the time. We are living in the most racist time in Amercia since the 1960s, half a century ago, and once again its the Democrats who are pushing racism.

Dems are willing to sacrifice even a rich Dem contributor, Sterling, to drum up racist hate among black voters. The message is that racist white Republicans hate blacks. And they attack any black political astute man who objects. Of course all the leftist propaganda machine (AP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, ESPN, etc.) leap when they say to leap. Even so-called "conservative" media pander to the DNC agenda. They all recite "Sterling is racist" and discuss how racist, and what the punishment should be, the DNC race baiting talking point strategy. None of them will get off the Democrap racist band wagon and talk about how the DNC racist program is hurting blacks and whites and everyone else.

Note too that the DNC and their propaganda machine is also ramping up their election year anti-men sexism. You may have noticed recent hate pieces about alleged “sexual assault” in the military and on college campuses.

Its all a racist and sexist Democrap political strategy. Keep 'em stupid, and keep 'em hating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest from the democrats, is to resurrect the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. These perverts know no low. And the brain dead dumb fucks that vote democrat (To be clear, not a pro-republican statement, as we all know they're liberals as well) will never be smart enough to see through this stupid shit?

May 21, 2014 6:52 AM  
Blogger bruce said...

no body reported the attacks by negroes on white people on memorial day and there were thousands attacks across america.this is why i all ways go armed out side of my home.

June 20, 2014 9:54 AM  

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