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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Islam Terrorizes America Again

Instead of protecting Americans, our government now kowtows to Islamic terrorizes by forcing Americans to go into hiding. Read media story here. The cartoonist who started "Everybody Draw Mohamed Day" with a satirical cartoon in support of free speech has reportedly gone into hiding on the advice of the FBI. Instead of confronting global Islamic terrorism we see our government paying terrorist Imams to tour the world preaching anti-American hate. We see Islamic terrorist Hussein Bummer and NY Mayor Blomberg promoting an Islamic victory mosque at ground zero.

Cartoonist Molly Norris has been dropped from publication in American newspapers and been forced to change her name and identity because of death threats by “The Religion of Peace.”

Hussein Bummer and our sell-out government leaders keep telling us that Islam is "A religion of peace." Then we see this FBI capitulation to Islamic terrorism.

Muslims regard any depiction of Mohammad as “blasphemous.” Sane people regard every Muslim as a terrorist. With American government now being run by Islamic subversives, whom can we trust?

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Man Never Votes for a Cunt!

Fall elections are coming up rapidly. Lying political ads dominate TV time. Their ads are long on emotional appeal and very short on anything resembling rational thought. Incumbents pretend to serve the local needs despite having ignored the people of their state and district. Our local Senatrix, Patti Murray, claims to "believe in" helping people but of course she hasn't done any of it during her last term. The only thing she has actually done was to co-sponsor the VAWA, anti-family hate legislation. Men never vote for any cunt.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Recent research has demonstrated some of the differences between men and women that everyone has known intuitively since thought became rational. Men have larger brains and are more intelligent. A man's brain is something like 20% larger on average than a woman's brain. Most of the extra size of a man's brain is in his gray matter, the frontal part of the brain that is used for reasoning and rational thought. Large scale analysis of college entrance test results show that an average man is about 4% more intelligent than the average woman. Well, some might argue, that doesn't mean that an exceptional female won't be as smarter as an average man. If you could be sure that you only selected exceptionally intelligent females and were unable to select exceptionally intelligent man that argument would hold. Chances are that the person selected for political office will be somewhat more intelligent than average for his or her sex, and hence the MAN will probably be smarter than the female candidate.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Not only are female's less intelligent on average than men, but they are driven more by emotions than reason. A wealth of scientific research has shown that the most active parts of female brains are the parts devoted to feelings. Female writing, novels, books, school essays, and all female literature focuses on feelings. Females avoid discussions or thoughts about reasoning because their brains aren't good at it. Females are good at noticing how a baby is feeling, but very poor at reasoning out the economic systems that will provide an economic base to support all the babies. Men understand economics and power, the primary functions of government.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Females do not understand and are unwilling to participate in war or power politics on an international level. The classic female response to war is to lie down and fuck whichever MAN wins. If the Nazi, Arabs, Huns, Romans, Tutsies, English, or space aliens win the next war it won't matter to the female mind. If they kill her father, brother, and husband it won't matter to the female mind. She is happy opening her legs and breeding with a winner. Her dead father, brother, and husband were losers anyway. She is afraid, cowering, and unwilling to assert and protect the place of her nation, state, or even family. She can not be counted upon to take decisive action to save our nation when attacked.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Those who are excepted from military combat have no standing to make decision to send soldiers into war. Females in the military are excluded from combat assignments. Female officers have no moral right to order troops into battle while being excepted from the risks of war. Throughout history the King was expected to be at the front lines of battle, earning honor among MEN. The King earns the right to govern by his honor and willingness to fight for his people. No cunt ever has taken that responsibility, they fuck the winners. They have no moral standing to rule.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. For all of history females have divided themselves between wives and whores. The whores have been camp followers, prostitutes, entertainers, and courtesans. Often the whores were educated as men were learning poetry, literature, and could discuss philosophy with men. Wives learned home economics and took on the responsibly for running an efficient home and family. Feminism has turned virtually all young women into whores, sent them to schools to learn the literature and arts of courtesans instead of to our homes and families. Fathers today send their daughters to colleges instead of into the home of a good husband. Whores running for office are offensive to the moral decency of men.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Men are conditioned by a million years of evolution to take care of and protect our wives and families, to take care of our tribes and nations. Women, on the other hand, are conditioned by evolution to look out for themselves, to accept the protection of men as if its their rightful position. Females don't know how to protect and care for their village, tribe, or nation. When females get elected to public office they create greater and greater benefits for women and make more restrictive laws to hurt men and destroy our lives. Their inbred resentment of the strength of men and feminist hatred of men drives their votes. Selfish narcissistic females make the worst kind of representatives.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. In my district there is a congresscunt running for reelection. She is from the party that I would otherwise support, but a MAN from the other party is far better than a cunt from my party. And we aren't fools. Both parties pander to misandrist female voters. Female suffrage was the worst mistake of the past century. Female suffrage in Germany led to W.W. II. In America female suffrage has destroyed families and hurt millions of children. It leaves our nation vulnerable to attack by anyone with balls. Our congresscunts and their mangina lackeys haven't the balls to oppose anyone.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. A MAN does not vote for a female for any public office no matter which party, no matter which lies she tells. She will not represent the MEN of her district and she will hurt you, your brothers, and your family.

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Sexual Harassment of the NY Jets

Another female “sports reporter” invaded the NY Jets locker room last week. This time Mexican TV hot babe Ines Sainz stars as a “hot” female who dresses provocatively on Mexican TV and while interviewing athletes. In a men's locker room, her parade of female sexuality is sexual harassment to all the men. Her skin tight jeans and high heel shoes and display blouse are intended to attract attention to her body. Media story here

Ines Sainz
TV Babe Ines Sainz

American men lost the freedom to associate with ourselves in our own locker rooms some decades ago when a misandrist agent of Satan in black robes of hell said that female faux-reporters have a “right” to invade the men's locker room and watch naked athletes shower and change after a game. Her presence in the Jets locker room is blatant sexist discrimination and a violation of the rights of privacy of all the men. When she dresses for sexual provocation, she adds sexual harassment to her violation of the rights of privacy of the men.

Allowing females into men's space is always a disregard and violation of the rights of men. The same agents of Satan in black robes of hell do not allow men reporters into female locker rooms where female sports figures shower and change. The whole abusive misandrist law is wrong. It is wrong for the men who deserve to be respected while changing clothes. It is wrong for the teams. It is wrong for the fans. And it is wrong for the pathetic females who pretend to be sports reporters.

Ms. Sainz and all the other cows should be barred at the door of the men's locker room. They should be sued for “sexual harassment” and violation of personal rights to privacy by several of the men on the team whenever they venture into men's private space. Any agents of Satan in black robes of hell who refuse to respect the rights of men should be sacrificed to fertilize a corn field.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call Emergency Services to Lighten Your Purse!

The Medical Industrial Complex has been running radio ads advising people to call emergency responders and get themselves turned over to the Medical Industrial Complex immediately if they have any symptoms of STROKE.

Well, I wondered what treatment is needed immediately for a stroke. Its not like they can pound on your brain or give you electric shock like they do for heart attack. So I did some reading on-line.

If you are having a stroke they give you a lot of "tests." The ONLY approved drug for stroke is a preventer/dissolver of blood clots which is said to be helpful in about 1/3 of strokes. The blood clot medication is supposed to be given within 3 HOURS to be effective.

They will probably give you oxygen, and IV (water) to rack up the bill. They will give you CT scans, and lab tests. $$$$$$. If you have high blood pressure you could take some nitroglycerin pills, or have it added to your IV. But many heart patients take their own nitroglycerin pills at home. If you are having a burst blood vessel stroke (not a clot blockage stroke) there is nothing they can do. Burst blood vessels are often fatal.

From reading the medical treatment, my conclusion is that calling emergency services for a stroke serves to greatly reduce the weight of your purse, but that's about it. If your stroke was caused by the weight of a heavy purse then emergency treatment would be effective, but heavy purse is not listed as a common cause of stroke.

Its not like a heart attack where electric shock, etc., can stop someone from dying. Has anyone observed any effective immediate treatment for stroke? Other than emptying your purse is emergency treatment for stroke effective or worthwhile? Or, are they running the radio ads because their income is down in a down economy? From reading on-line medical advice, it appears that reducing the weight of your purse is the primary reason for the radio ads.

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Burn Baby Burn

Nine years ago on September 11, 2001, a group of Islamic terrorists attacked the United States in the name of Allah. Their ongoing war against America is called Jihad, a holy war for Allah. Islamic terrorists succeeded in destroying the tallest buildings in New York City, destroying part of the US Army headquarters in Washington, DC., and killed over 3,000 men, women, and children. They disrupted business and travel in the US for weeks. The NYC site where the World Trade Center buildings once stood became known as “ground zero.”

Beginning immediately after the terrorist attack on the US, our government and all of the loony leftist media has told us that Islam is “a religion of peace.” We have been told thousands of times that radical Islamic terrorists are “not representative of moderate Muslims.” We have been told that large scale anti-US demonstrations in the streets of Islamic nations around the world are “Not representative of the religion of peace.” I have heard the phrase “religion of peace” so many times in the past 10 years that it makes me want to puke.

In the past year, an organized Muslim group is planning to build an “in your face” mosque in New York City at the site of the former World Trade Center where more than 3,000 were killed by Islamic terrorists. The building site where the new mosque is to be be built was damaged beyond use nine years ago by falling debris from the Islamic attack on our World Trade Center. In traditional Muslim practice, they seek to build a victory mosque on the ruins of the enemy they have destroyed. But our politicians and loony leftist media ignores the wisdom of millions of Americans and is pushing the mosque builders. In fact, the radical Islamic cleric is on the payroll of the US State Department. For several years he has been paid by US Taxpayers to travel around the world making anti-US speeches and promoting anti-US Islamic radicalism. His plan to build a victory (in your face) mosque at ground zero is supported by terrorist organizations such as Hammas and the Obama regime.

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the US by the “religion of peace.” In order to make a non-PC political statement a small Christian church in Florida has announced that they will burn some copies of the Islamic holy book, the Koran. All the usual leftist media has been having a field day attacking the little congregation and their religious beliefs. The same leftist wanks who loudly defend those who burn American flags as “protest speech” are attacking an American who intends to burn a Koran as protest speech. Once again, its the message, the content, of the speech that matters. Freedom of speech is only sacred to the loony leftists when it supports their agendas. Silencing any other voices is the nature of “Politically Correct” attacks on opposition.

We are told that “the religion of peace” intends to kill Americans all around the world if a few copies of the Koran are burned in protest of Islamic terrorism. The US State Department, now run by Ms. Hitllary Clinton, has issued an official warning to Americans. If an Americans makes a public “in your face” statement against radical Islam by burning a book, many Americans will be killed. The "religion of peace" terrorizes and kills again.

When radical Islam attacks America and kills thousands of Americans we are told that it is “a religion of peace.” We are told that so-called “moderate Muslims” are not waging holy war against the US when they slap the faces of every American by building a victory mosque at ground zero. And we are warned that the “religion of peace” will kill many more Americans if a few books are burned in protest.

US Pretender Obama claims that he is Christian despite being raised by an Islamic step-father and attending an Islamic school and mosque while growing up. Obama is a compulsive liar. The loony leftists are lying to us all again, attacking America again. Our government and our media should be defending the rights of Americans to speak against radical Islam, a religion or war and terrorism. There is a very violent religious war being waged against America and our way of life by ALL of Islam. There is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. Anyone who says that “moderate” Muslims exist is lying to you. If you fear Islam, you should stand and fight, not comply with warnings that Americans will be killed. That is more terrorism.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Periodic Housekeeping Notice

All posts of Bob are rhetorical in nature only, and should not be construed in any other manner. Bob does not advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence, assault, or any other criminal or illegal acts. All opinions on this site are protected political speech under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

All original writing of Bob is protected under US and international copyright laws. No part of The World According to Bob may be reproduced, copied, e-mailed, or republished without permission. Permission is generally granted to republish an entire article in another venue provided that the credit is given to the author, the URL of The World According to Bob is included in the other publication, and Bob is notified of the publication.

Comments from readers are generally welcomed on The World According to Bob. Comments must be germane to the topic. If you wish to comment, make sure your comment is about the topic, and preferably adds information or reflective views about the topic. Bob is not the topic of this blog and comments about Bob are off topic. Comments which include ad-hominem insults or criticism of either Bob or one of the other comment authors will be deleted summarily. In addition, religion is not the topic of The World According To Bob, so comments which are primarily quotations of scripture are off topic and will be deleted.

To the feminazi who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity to offer any comment other than the usual feminazi attack on the person. Too bad, toots. I get a laugh from your hisssy fit, and then it gets deleted.

To the blue gun thugs who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity of swine. Your pathetic attempts at comments are sometimes published for laughs and public education.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tyranny, Murder, and Killer Gangs

This is a story about tyranny and murder, the kind of organized crime against the people that goes on every day, every week, or every month in every city in the US. This one happened in Spokane Valley, a little community along I-90 between Spokane, WA, and Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Seventy four year old Pastor Creach was a nice old guy. For 30 years he had been Pastor of the Spokane Valley Baptist Church. In addition to his ministry he operated a garden shop and green house where he raised and sold plants for local gardeners. He was featured last spring on a local TV garden show. He often patrolled his greenhouse at night to fix leaks in the automatic watering system, or chase off deer looking for a tasty meal. In recent times he also had to chase off occasional vandals or graffiti taggers. Drug dealers would occasionally use his parking lot to transact their illicit business. After dark on his rounds Pastor Creach usually carried a hand gun. In the US citizens have a fundamental right to own and bear arms.

Pastor Scott Creach
Pastor Scott Creach
May he rest in peace.

In Spokane Valley the local “law enforcement” gun thug gang is run by Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Killovitch. His hired gun thugs all wear brown shirts like those of fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini. At about 11 PM on August 25, 2001, Deputy gun thug Brian Hirzel drove an unmarked assassin vehicle into Pastor Creach's garden shop parking lot – trespassing in the dark of night and acting like a drug dealer or vandal. As expected, Pastor Creach carried his handgun as he approached the darkened vehicle trespassing on his property. Hired assassin Hirzel watched him approach, and when he came within “can't miss” range shot him down. Pastor Creach died in a pool of his own blood face down on his own land. Coldly murdered by the criminal conspiracy that terrorizes and controls the people.

This was not a random accidental killing. It was a deliberate, planned lay-in-wait ambush murder. We will probably never know why the criminal conspiracy felt that it had to murder Pastor Creach. Did he find out about Sheriff Killovitch's big money drug dealings? Did he learn about other ongoing criminal activity of the County Council, vote fraud, money laundering, mass murder, etc? Now that he is dead and cannot talk, we the people will probably never really know why he was murdered. What we do know is that criminal tyranny and conspiracy by the County government is responsible for his murder. I'm not a Baptist, but it must take a very scary kind of satanic evil to gun down a 74 year old Baptist Pastor without warning in his own parking lot in the dark of night from an unmarked "hide" car.

Sheriff Killovitch sent his hired assassin Hirzel out of town, supposedly on “vacation” the next day so that local media couldn't interview him. It gives their lieyers time to cover the killing and blame the citizen who died without knowing who murdered him. Like the restaurant killing in the film The Godfather, getting out of town for a time lets the frackus die down, only this time it was the county gun thugs doing the murder. It would be an unusual story if it weren't so common. Stories of murder, tyranny, and similar violence against the people happen every day, every week, and every month in every city in the United States. See Injustice Everywhere, a web site that lists similar crimes against the people that occur on a daily basis. A very violent and very deadly war against the people is being waged by our police state governments.

ozzie killovitch
WANTED FOR tyranny, murder, criminal organization,
and criminal conspiracy

Killer Brian Hirzel
WANTED FOR tyranny, murder, murder for hire,
and criminal conspiracy.

A fair trial would take these murderous thugs out at dawn and hang them from the nearest lamp pole. The people are not safe nor free while criminal gun thug armies of tyranny rule our lives.

It won't really help to elect other County Council members or a different Sheriff. Bob has interviewed all the candidates for County Persecutor, for example, and they all are a pack of lieyers who protect and defend the murderous thugs who murdered Otto Zehm a few years ago now. Nothing much will change unless and until the people begin to fight back. We will not have law or justice in our land until murdering gun thugs like these are caught and hanged by the good citizens. A self empaneled jury of 12 good men needs to catch and hang these satanic killers at dawn. But be very careful. The forces of evil and corruption have hired small armies of violent thugs to protect themselves and each other. There is nothing they hate more than free and honest men. They will not stop at murder to silence a free man.

News Stories about the murder:
Spokesman Review

UPDATE September 8, 2010

A young American soldier survived his tour of duty in the Iraq war. Thinking his life was no longer in danger he arrived home last week at Fort Lewis, Washington. He was gunned down on the street in Vancouver, Washington on Labor Day, murdered by the violent terrorist gangs in the US. His death makes the 7th citizen murdered by the blue gun thugs in Washington state last week. The blue swine are keeping his name secret, and the name of the terrorist in a blue shirt who attacked and murdered him. He is any young soldier, and he is every young soldier. He served his country, and his country killed him.

The evil in blue shirts is waging a war against our people. The killing goes on day after day, week after week, month after month. Their terrorist killing goes on in city after city, in every city in the US. What will it take for the sheeple to wake up and start enforcing justice for the dead soldiers and for the dead civilians?

Northwest Cable News Story

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