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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Odumbo's Gay Agenda Terrorism in Nigeria

Most of you have seen the MSM tear jerk stories about almost 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria. Boo Hoo they weep. We must do something, they say. But what is the real story behind the story.

In 2013 Obama was visiting several African nations advocating the gay agenda according to the demands of bit money gay contribtors. His gay advocacy was publicly rebuked in Kenya. His public rebuke was kept out of lamestream media in the US.

In January 2014 the Christian government of Nigeria passed a law against gay marriage with about 98% support of their people. The Nigeria law requires prison terms for gays who openly flaunt their sickness. The government of Uganda followed their lead and passed a similar law. American gay agenda pundits were outraged. Big money gay agenda contributors to Obama demanded that he do something about the anti-gay laws in Christian Africa. That was less than 4 months ago. In response to powerful gay agenda pressure Obama, Kerry, and the US government set about attacking the Christan Nigerian government.

Concurrently in Africa one of the Islamic Jihad groups is Boko Haram. Over the past few years Obama has refused to oppose the Boko Haram organization despite their obvious terrorist activities. Obama's ideology supports global Islam, they are the “Dreams of My Father” about which Obama wrote his book. Working quietly with Boko Haram, Obama encouraged and financed (with our money) their attack on Nigerian Christians. Only about four months after Nigeria's new law on gay marriage, Obama and Boko Haram were able to attack Christian schools and capture almost 300 female slaves. The point of attack was to kidnap girls studying at Christian schools. The kidnapping embarrassed Nigeria's Christian government as ineffective and incompetent. In one covert action Obama could oppose Christians, support Islam, and push the gay agenda in Africa. His message to other African governments is that opposition to gay marriage brings big problems.

Of course American feminists are vexed that around 300 girls are being sold into slavery, and not being told why. The US media plays their Boo Hoo tape, but only when it pressures the Nigerian government. American Christians and others hold prayers for the lost girls, but even they won't talk about Obama and his gay/Islam agenda. That is hard ball in the real world. A few hundred girls get sacrificed. The media spins Obama to look like he is opposing it rather than having done it. The lies never end with that criminal regime. All the useful idiots refuse to see the obvious and go on supporting Odumbo even as they publicly whine about missing girls.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Western Lands -- Ranching and Tyranny

Many of you have read about an ongoing dispute in Nevada between BLM and a rancher named Bundy. The BLM has waged an ongoing program to extinguish historic grazing rights on western lands. Under the Clinton regime the federal government claimed arbitrary authority to control cattle ranching in order to create open range for migratory animals. One tactic they used was to set limits on the number of cattle that ranchers could graze on historic open range, and then to reduce the number of allowed cattle to below an economic number. Concurrently the government created a license fee and raised it so high that it was also uneconomic. Both tactics effectively drove off almost all western ranchers.


If you review the government authority the US Federal government has NO AUTHORITY to retain vast areas of land in western states. It is in open and notorious violation of the constitution. All land acquired (another questionable over reach under the Constitution) was only administered by the federal government until States could be approved. ALL the western lands should have been turned over to the States

The Federal Government has illegally and criminally continued to claim ownership to the majority of land in many western states (but not eastern states). In New Mexico, for example, only about 10% of land is allowed for the residents of New Mexico and the State of New Mexico.

A Colorado Law Review article Federal Land Retention and the Constitution's Property Clause: The Original Understanding, by Robert Natelson, was published in Western lands in 2005.

Most Nevada ranchers have been driven out of business by criminal government over reaching tyranny. The lands belong to our states.

Of course the Democrap party and their socialist propaganda medial (AP, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.) won't talk about any of real issues. They prefer to demonize Mr. Bundy for pretend racism because that feeds their anti-white racist agenda (in an election year) as well as supporting government tyranny.

Democrat Racist Strategy Ramps UP in an Election Year

Most readers have seen the huge media attack on NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The NBA has supposedly banned him for life. CNN story here.

In the socialist propaganda media stories Mr. Sterling made some allegedly “racist” remarks to his whore, a.k.a. “girlfriend.” She recorded what he said on her cell phone. From listening to the recordings she was clearly baiting him to get him into trouble. Apparently her commercial deal with Sterling was ending and she wanted a big cash payoff from whomever was buying the recordings.

The socialist propaganda machine took the recordings and went nuts. They told black NBA players that Mr. Sterling was the worst kind of racist pariah, even though he had hired black manager and black coach while other teams hired whites, and even while the anti-white racist NAACP had decided to award him a Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting black racist agendas. Mr. Sterling was also a big contributor to the Democratic Party. But he's over 80 years old and won't live to donate much longer.

No, this scandal was not about Sterling and not about money. Its all about Democrap politics. The Democraps understand that promoting racism in America keeps ignorant blacks voting Democrap. The Democraps claim to fix the problems they caused, but fixing it would educate stupid Dem voters. Democraps are the Racist Party. In times past, the 19th century Democrats were the pro-Slavery Party. In the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century Democrats were the KKK.

So this being an election year the DNC is ramping up its race baiting by paying some bimbo to record a "racist" comment during the NBA playoffs. They understand the racial component of NBA players and fans.

Another piece of the Democratic race baiting campaign is the Jackie Robinson observations we now see at baseball parks every year. For almost half a century that was just history, but now it gets a huge play on socialist propaganda TV. All the MLB teams wear #42 on Jackie Robinson Day. The socialist media makes sure that uneducated black voters haven't forgotten (Democratic) segregation while not remembering the 10,000 black baseball players and league staff of black baseball leagues who were put out of work and who are still out of work. It feeds racism in America by never letting black voters forget their anti-white racism.

These are just two glaring examples of the racist politics that the DNC and socialist propaganda media push all the time. We are living in the most racist time in Amercia since the 1960s, half a century ago, and once again its the Democrats who are pushing racism.

Dems are willing to sacrifice even a rich Dem contributor, Sterling, to drum up racist hate among black voters. The message is that racist white Republicans hate blacks. And they attack any black political astute man who objects. Of course all the leftist propaganda machine (AP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, ESPN, etc.) leap when they say to leap. Even so-called "conservative" media pander to the DNC agenda. They all recite "Sterling is racist" and discuss how racist, and what the punishment should be, the DNC race baiting talking point strategy. None of them will get off the Democrap racist band wagon and talk about how the DNC racist program is hurting blacks and whites and everyone else.

Note too that the DNC and their propaganda machine is also ramping up their election year anti-men sexism. You may have noticed recent hate pieces about alleged “sexual assault” in the military and on college campuses.

Its all a racist and sexist Democrap political strategy. Keep 'em stupid, and keep 'em hating.