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Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street. “Eradicate Males.”

Filmed by ABC News on November 16, 2011, the Occupy Wall Street march carried a sign saying “Eradicate Males.” In the still photo, unlike the one broadcast on ABC Network News, the sign carrier apparently is not displaying her hate sign as prominently as in the video.

This level of sexist hate by organized feminism has been their real goal for more than a century, but seldom is it disclosed in public. In any less radical group than Occupy Wall Street that kind of advocacy of Holocaust style extermination of half the human race would not be tolerated, but this is the radical Bolsheviks of OWS. Their psychotic hate for themselves and all productive people is what fuels their protest. Eradicating half the human race, the half that produces all the food, clothing, shelter, and their iPhones, is what they call a worthy goal.

Eradicate Males Sign

These are Odumbo's people. They are creating revolution to promote Odumbo to Dictator. They are all about hate and destruction of good men.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Universities Promote Fag Rape of Children -- DUH!

Colleges and Universities all across America promote and teach old faggot perverts raping children. The play Vagina Monologues promotes old homos doing perverted sex with children. Perverts using children for sick sex is said to be “beautiful.” The play focuses on old female fags raping children, but the message of perverted child rape is the same for old men fags and children. It is taught at virtually every university in the United States. Penn State University produced Vagina Monologues again in February 2011.

This week the fag perverts from Penn State University were fired for doing the fag perversion that has been taught there and at so many other Universities. This past week a scandal broke at Penn State University when numerous boys, now young men, complained that they had been raped at Penn State University by Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky. Rape of boys had been going on for decades with the knowledge and acquiescence of Football Coach Joe Paterno, University President Graham Spanier, and other University officials. This past week both Coach Paterno and President Spanier were fired by the Board of Trustees.

I have to wonder where the Board of Trustees were last February when the University was promoting and teaching perversion and rape of children? Where are the Board of Trustees at 700 other Universities in the United States when they produce plays that teach sexual perversion and rape of children? Yes, we know where they are. They are promoting faggotry under the lying title of “Diversity.” This week at Penn State University the story became public, and lieyers are going to clean out their treasury for accepting sexual violence against children.

Thousands of students at Penn State University held a riot to protest the firing of faggot child rapers. Students have all been taught by the University that perversion is “Diversity.” Students don't understand why the Board of Trustees would fire the perverts over a few dozen children being raped in the sports locker rooms. Its very confusing. They teach perversion at Penn State and other Universities, and then turn around and pretend that perversion is wrong.

Universities all across America are just as corrupt, just as perverted, and just as guilty as the fired President and Football Coach of Penn State. The University near Bob produced Vagina Monologues promoting faggot perversion and child rape just last month. How long has it been taught at the University near you? How many children were raped there by old fags this year? How much will it cost taxpayers near you when it is discovered by lieyers? Are you acquiescing or protesting?

UPDATE November 13, 2011.
Another Univeristy is also dirty. The Citadel military college in South Carolina, revealed on Saturday that it had investigated accusations against a camp counselor but took no action. Almost every University in the US promotes and encourages old fags to prey on children. Not surprised that more stories are coming out.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Congress Fails to Cut Peace Whore Scam

Ronald Reagan once observed that the closest thing to eternal life is a Government program. One of the programs that outlived its purpose decades ago is the US Peace Corps. The Peace Corps was started half a century ago by President Kennedy. Its purpose was to spread knowledge about America and good will in impoverished nations. The Peace Corps was part of Cold War competition with the former Soviet Union's attempts to spread global communism. The Peace Corps operated by recruiting libtard volunteers to go live with African villagers in mud huts. They supposedly brought some knowledge and skills to help put in wells, built mud huts, and taught impoverished natives about how “good” American libtards can be.

Whether the Peace Corps ever did any good is a matter of opinion. The Soviet Union eventually collapsed, but not because of the Peace Corps. A few mud huts were built in far off lands. Libtard fools were given jobs at public expense to waste a few more years after wasting their best years studying mush in colleges. From the beginning it was a waste of money, but did little harm.

One of the unusual aspects of the Peace Corps is that none of its employees or managers were allowed by law to keep their job more than 5 years. The result of that rule was a loss of institutional memory and a resulting loss of management direction. As decades went by, the Peace Corps deteriorated. Its original mission had faded into history. There was no more Cold War competition with global communism. Nobody, from the volunteer libtards to the management office, knew why they still existed. By the 1980s the Peace Corps had become primarily a supplier of white whores for dictators, smugglers, and 3rd world power brokers.

For example was a woman from California. She was sent to Africa where she was soon moved from a mud hut to the executive suite in their largest city. Her duties ranged from parading as a white trophy of The Boss in his Mercedes limo, sharing his bed, sucking cum from his black dick, and smuggling blood diamonds and other high priced contraband into the US on Peace Corps transportation. For her efforts she was paid minimum wages and protected by the Peace Corps. Her naive belief in libtard agendas for creating “World Peace” were long gone. Her Peace Corps job, like so many other pretty white US women, was to be a trophy whore for 3rd world power brokers. Eventually there was some local "unrest" among gang leaders, and she herself was smuggled out of the African nation late one night in a US Diplomatic plane.

Over years of benign neglect the Peace Corps lost its position in the hierarchy of 3rd world nations. Peace Corps whores no longer command space in the Big Boss's limo. Now the American whores get shuffled off to some lower level functionary and his friends. Beginning in the 1990s some former Peace Corps whores have complained that whoring for 3rd world smugglers was not the job they were promised by Peace Corps campus recruiters. Some alleged they had been “raped” by the men they had been sent to provide services for. The idealistic whores didn't get the message. The Peace Corps exists to send whores, and everyone but the idealistic American libtards knows it. Like Odumbo's mother, most liberal American whores are so happy to get laid that they never complain, you can't rape a cow who's chasing dick. But some of them got banged by just some average men, not by a rich dude in a limo. Getting banged by some average guy is “rape,” and every college educated feminist knows it.

Eventually the whining whores got the attention of some manginas in Congress. Boo Hoo, I was “raped.” Boo Hoo. The US Congress had a historic opportunity to do something good for a change. It was time to get rid of a government program that long ago lost its mission and purpose. Congress had a historic opportunity to actually cut spending, cut waste, cut an obsolete government program, and save tax money. But would they do it? LOLOL. We are talking Congress.

As of this date both Houses of Congress have passed S.1280, the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011. Ms. Puzey was one of the Piece Corps whores who screamed "RAPE!" after she got banged by some lower echelon men instead of riding in a Mercedes. The Puzey Protection act adds a lot of misandrist law about protection of their whores from banging by undesirable men. It transfers power to the whore instead of the men, and gives her a lot of opportunity to collect big lawsuits if she “feels raped” on her job. All of this increases taxpayer cost for the Piece Whores.

This disgrace was done as “bi-partisan.” Both Democraps and Repubs are equally misandrist. Neither of them are concerned about saving OUR money or eliminating a dead program. Shame on them all.

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