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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Six Families Dead in Maryland Family Court

UPDATE 12-3-07
Good News:
Paul Sielski, a 41-year old Honorably Discharged Marine and Anti-Illegal Alien activist was released from the Frederick County Adult Detention Center after several months of pre-trial incarceration. A trial was not conducted in the case and a misdemeanor failure to support charge was dropped by the State Attorney’s Office and the other charge was handled without an admission of guilt by the defendant and he was free to go after being processed out.

Bad News:
Nobody has yet fired up Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Dwyer, who is personally responsible for the violent death of at least 6 families in the past few months.

UPDATE 12-2-07

If Men's rights activists would you like to meet with some father rights activists in Maryland for Paul’s trial, call Deborah Courtney at 714.381.2446.

The more supporters Paul has at trial in Satan Dwyer's court the better.

Original message
Bob received the following message from persons who are facing the same family destroying Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, and the same filthy lieyers in Maryland that has already killed 6 families in the past few months.

See How Many Families Will Feminism Destroy?

The death and destruction of families is the evil that feminist dogma has wrought in our land. Bob can only ask, when will these people learn gun control. Their children are not the ones they should be shooting.

Here are the comments and desperate plea for help from the goodwife of another man who is being destroyed by the evil Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell.

----------------- Public Message -----------------
Please forward to any one interested in stopping the out of control judges in Family Court!

SIX FAMILIES DEAD in Frederick County, Maryland, Population 230,000… FAMILY COURT IS KILLING PEOPLE Shooting his three children and ex wife to death in a parking lot Thanksgiving Day, and then shooting himself in a Murder Suicide, David Brockdorff knew the horror of facing the same Judge that Paul Sielski will have to face this Wednesday, November 28th, at 9am at Frederick County Court House at 100 West Patrick Street Frederick, Maryland 21701.

I saw my Husband, Paul Sielski, in jail yesterday for the first time in 100 days, and when we spoke about this horrific and unnecessary tragedy, Paul could only tear up and say, "We didn't get to him in time", meaning you, Fathers, as you all reach out to the men being victimized by the Family Courts all over America, and the good women who stand beside you. I know we all can only do so much, and we must keep plugging along to help one Father in pain at a time. That is why I need you to help me get Paul out, so he can help reach these families before it is too late. There are too many men who need his help.

Because FAMILY COURT IS KILLING PEOPLE. Plain and simple. AND FAMILY COURT IS MAKING SURE PEOPLE GET KILLED. Families are frustrated by the Family Court System and feel so put upon by the system, and feel there is no way out of the system, and that is why Paul has aligned himself with so many of you to change Legislation and reach out to our Senators and Congressmen, to help avoid these needless tragedies, because THE FAMILY COURTS ARE MAKING MONEY OFF THE BLOOD OF THESE PEOPLE.

Similar to Brockdorff is the same State Prosecutor, Tammy Leache, who had Brockdorff in court a few days before his murder suicide on November 16, 2007, threatening him with a long jail sentence. She is also prosecuting Paul, and prosecuted one of the other fathers of the six dead families.

Even more eerie, the same attorney for Kimberly Whitmore Sielski, who filed a false domestic violence charge against Paul in 2004, Mary Ann Day, of Day and Schizick, filed the same charges against David Brockdorff in 2005, and the same defense attorney that took $5,000 from Paul, never showed up in court, and represented him for 5 weeks, Harriet Lulie, represented David Brockdorff for 5 weeks as well. We'll never get to ask David how much he paid her for a 'five week retainer'.

But something is really wrong here, in Frederick County of only 230,000 people. There are 8 kids dead in as many months, 10 adults, two with the same state prosecutor involved as Paul, and three other families with child support issues over the years, and it appears that two others were about ready to get into custody disputes. I then did the research through the on line courts after reading the breakdown from this article in the Frederick Post: Copy and paste in web browser if you can not connect:

News Story Here

Meanwhile, Paul's ex wife, Kimberly Whitmore-Sielski gets the female discount when she shoots to kill her first husband and gets it reduced from Attempted Murder to Reckless Discharge of a Firearm within City Limits. I just re-read the police report and she stated to three separate officers, "I just wanted to kill myself because nobody loves me", and they won't give Paul his son? They ignored Paul when she kidnapped Paul Junior for 100 days, and denied him his visitation rights. They did not allow Paul an annulment after 8 months of marriage, or the ability to place the police reports of Kimberly's attempted murder of her first husband and intent to commit suicide into the court records. What happens if Paul Junior forgets to hug his Mom when he goes to bed one night?

Kimberly's Step Father is Co Chair of the "Retain Sitting Judges" for Frederick County, and just lost his four year post from former Republican Governor Ehrlich to the Judicial Review Committee, and hails from an ultra wealthy Original Land Owner family here in Maryland. Undue Family Influence.

These are all the reasons I need your help. Please send me ideas, please help me implement the ideas, and please call people to be here for Paul, because only with numbers will these Judges know they are being watched and that they can no longer act with impunity.

Feel free to pass this around, or feel free to call me, Deborah Courtney, at 714.381.2446, and if some of you could make this info more strong and help me out time wise and turn this into a press release and get it out to any media sources possible, that would be appreciated. Send the info to as many people as you possibly can! Send it to Churches in the Frederick County area, and any other groups you can think of, this little County has a crisis on hand! Please send this to any and all legislators, as well.

The Nation needs to know the dirty little secret about Frederick County, Maryland.

--------------- End Public Message ---------------

The Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell are very secretive about who they are. Their web sites make it most difficult to find out about any particular court or Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell -- even though an open court is fundamental to fair justice, and these are supposedly "elected officials." However, Bob has tracked down evil scum who are destroying good men and families in Frederick County, Maryland.

Evil Ms. JoAnne Hockman, Family Support Services Coordinator, (301) 694-2023
Link here

Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell for Frederick County, Maryland Circuit Court:

Satan G. Edward Dwyer, Jr., Administrative Judge 301-600-2973

Dwyer is the most evil of them all. He's personally responsible for mass murders of at least 6 families in just the past few weeks.

Other Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell for Frederick County, Maryland Circuit Court are:

Satan John H. Tisdale 301-600-2943
Satan Julie Stevenson Solt 301-600-1998
Satan Theresa M. Adams 301-600-1999
Link here

In addition to the Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell, Maryland also is home of Pamela Cardullo Ortiz, Esq., Executive Director, Department of Family Administration. Ms. Pamela is also instrumental in destroying families in Maryland.
Link here

May they find their way home to their Master as quickly as humanly possible. The families of Maryland must be protected from evil. The good people of Maryland need to stop them by whatever means is necessary.

Links and Organizations

Family Court Problmesn Website

Larry Holland Blog on Family Courts

Frederick Maryland is Calling Your Name

How many families will die? How many children will lie in a pool of blood? How many good men will be driven to suicide? What will it take for the good people of Maryland to reclaim their society from the evil darkness that lies across the land?

Monday, November 26, 2007

USA Today censors MEN's comments.

From time to time Bob visits other web sites and occasionally posts reader comments if they have a comment page. Reading news stories is part of doing research for The World According to Bob. One of the hazards Bob faces in posting a real man's opinion is that most of the media is run by left wingnuts, rump riders, pussy boys, and of course legions of feminist cunts. If there is anything those bigots can't stand it's a real man's honest opinion. To them it's all PC femspeak and gayspeak. Any real man who deviates from their usual PC opinions and femspeak is “abusive,” or as they say, their female readers “felt abused.” Of course it never matters to the femspeak pansies when their main article was “abusive” to men readers, fathers, and families. If we “felt abused' that's just too bad. But when their rump riders and feminists “felt abused” its a major infraction.

Issue with USA TODAY Account
Standard Header|Full Message View
"Cooper, Patrick"

AddMonday, November 26, 2007 12:38:33 PM

I work in the USA TODAY newsroom connecting readers and reporting, and I'm writing to let you know about an issue with your account on our site. Our moderators have suspended your account after determining your comments do not meet the community guidelines.

The site welcomes a broad array of perspectives in the community's conversations, and these differing opinions are what lead to strong and engaging discussions. But we require civil contributions that are respectful of readers of all ages and backgrounds.
Your comments violate the site guidelines against hate speech and personal attacks on other readers. Other readers correctly report these comments as abusive, and the moderators feel it is necessary to intervene. Thank you for your time.
Patrick Cooper
Network Editor

USA Today is the latest of the gayspeak, femspeak, PC mainstream media to censor the voice of a different opinion. Their two bit rag is failing in circulation as fewer and fewer people want fish wrap, and the rest won't put up with their anti-white, anti-men, anti-family, and anti-straight abusive articles. Let them find customers elsewhere. I posted Ms. Cooper's e-mail address so you can let her know to pound sand if you like.

Now Bob will have to invent a sock puppet to post comments letting the bitches, faggots, and manginas at USA Today know how the real world of men views their filthy un-American misandry.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gun Thug Torture

UPDATE 11-30-07

The Utah blue gun thugs determined that Trooper Jon Gardner was "justified" when he Tasered an unarmed man in the back twice for refusing to sign a fraudulent speeding extortion notice. Read Story For his violent assault on an unarmed man, Blue Gun Thug Gardner has been rewarded with several weeks of additional paid vacation time. If anyone meets any of the Utah State Gun Thugs, or knows where they live, please give them Bob's disregards for their obscene evil. The whole state would drive a lot safer if they were rounded up and impaled and left to rot in front of the Mormon Tabernacle.

Here is a video of blue gun thugs in action. Maybe a Taser isn't so bad after all.

Shot in the head

Blue gun thugs all across America and other western countries are using Taser devices to subdue and kill people every day. In Vancouver, Canada, they are having protests because several men have been assassinated by blue gun thugs with Taser weapons in the past two weeks. But how deadly are these Taser weapons? According to a recently released United Nations report:

A United Nations committee said Friday that use of Taser weapons can be a form of torture, in violation of the U.N. Convention Against Torture

In Vancouver a man is Tasered to death at the airport, and the next day in another man is killed for “acting erratic” in a store. On a Utah highway a blue gun thug high on steroids Tasers a passive man for “speeding.” In city after city the violence of blue gun thugs goes on and on.

We don’t need them, we don’t want them, and we would all be tortured less often if they were all caught and hung.

Read News Report here

Friday, November 23, 2007

How Many Families will Feminism Destroy?

Another family was found dead in Maryland today, the product of feminist no-fault divorce and a society gone mad. There have already been several family killings already this year. Many distraught men have been driven to destruction by the evil feminazi who destroy family after family. When a man is tormented and driven and his family is being destroyed he sometimes will react violently in a suicidal last display of strength. He has been given no viable option, no way to keep his children and his life. In desperation and despair he stops the evil bitch from taking his children and casting him into slavery. It is happening more and more. Suicide is the all too common reaction of many fathers who's families are destroyed. Sometimes the suicidal torment motivates him to take his revenge on the evil bitch who has destroyed his life. Sometimes he can't find her and kills other citizens who voted for the evil feminazi government. As the violence against men and our families gets worse and worse you can count on more and more cornered fathers fighting back.

Read published report here

Titanic II

When the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank almost a century ago many sea captains learned to be more careful in ice strewn waters. For most of a century its been considered standard to slow down and steer instead of steaming full speed straight ahead into icebergs.

Like all lessons of life, the old lessons fade into history. The next generation forgets the hard won knowledge. This morning we awakened to learn that the captain of a Liberian cruise ship called “Explorer,” or now “Titanic II,” had forgotten the old lessons. While cruising in Antarctic waters among icebergs he steamed his ship fast and straight, CRASH! Dumb as a post. Maybe the former captain can get a new job as a blue gun thug.

Read story here.

Unlike the original Titanic I, the Titanic II had enough lifeboats and more modern communications and so did other ships in the area. All passengers were rescued after spending several hours in lifeboats.

Girls get extra help – Boys get drugged into silence

USA Today has published an opinion piece about how boys are systematically hurt by the feminazi lesbians who run school systems in the USA. The hate monger lesbians have driven out men teachers over the past 40 years. A boy in today's schools does not have an even chance of success. The whole system is designed for girls. Boys need exercise during the day, but many schools have eliminated “recess.” Studies of boys ways of learning show that boys need body movement to focus on reading and math, but fembitches are systematically drugging the best and brightest boys, making them into little zombies. Young single mom parents have no clue how to raise boys and accept the evil schoolmarm recommendations for drugs. The medical industrial complex makes billions drugging little boys at the request of feminazi schools, they are happy to supply all the drugs that the schoolmarms want to drug little boys. Even advocates for boys such as Michael Gurian and John Taylor Gatto use female based criteria for “good” writing education. Throughout history the best writers have always been men. Nevertheless, you find so-called educators today all saying that boys are not as good at writing as girls. That's completely misandrist.

By the time boys get to high school they are way behind in reading and writing. That's not an accident. It's part of the long term feminist plan and program to turn men into second class citizens. They plan to drug boys into zombies, send men to prisons, and use men to do the hard menial work that females don't want to do. In the feminist dream of a future females run the world for their own benefit while the remaining men have been reduced to work animals. Drugging boys into zombies and systematic grade discrimination favoring girls is the first step in a state forced conditioning program aimed squarely at destroying boys. For more on schools and the problems our children face see Burn Them Down I bet you weren't aware that the USA had highere literacy rates before public schools and compulsory “education.”

What can you do. Get involved in politics. Run for School Board or other legislatures. Vote to close public schools and restore education to private hands. Burn down or tear down the corrupt sexist destructive misandrist educational system.

Take your son out of any school run by females, taught by females, or controlled by females. Take your daughter out of schools run by lesbian feminist haters who will train her for a life of failure rather than a life of successful motherhood. Training a daughter for a man's career is to waste her life and destroy her opportunity to be a good woman and mother. There is a real reason why so many parents of teenage daughters have so much trouble. Young women need a husband and baby on a deep psychological level. Forcing them away from biology and toward a man's career is destroying their lives and they rebel against it – for a while before giving up. And if you are a parent and some filth from the school system wants to drug your son, you have met a violent criminal who's days are occupied doing violence to normal boys. These evil criminals who hurt children need to be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

Link to USA Today Story

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rape-Hate Takes a Very Violent Turn

Some women in South Africa are marketing a violent internal female device intended to cause server injury to men during sex. It's like an automatic Lorena Bobbit – the dream of every evil men-hating lesbitch. It's advertised as a cure for rape, but it will cause extreme sexual injury to any man during any sexual contact. See pic and story

The excuse for marketing such a horrible device is the femiNazi rape-hate campaign which blames men for every sexual contact, makes normal sexual activity into serious crime, and turns every female into a victim. One major purpose of such devices is to spread fear among females and promote hatred of men. Every man is a rapist or at least a “potential rapist” according to femiNazi theory.

If they are widely distributed the usage will be far and wide. A man's wife or girlfriend who has a hissy fit over some real or imagined transgression is likely to take revenge by seducing him while using the violent penis destroying cunt insert. Popular female hate films like First Wives Club show just how widespread female violence against husbands has become, and how “acceptable” to modern misandrist feminist females. If these torture devices become widely distributed the young females in “Women Studies” hate training classes will be encouraged to have them inserted for “protection” from men. The following week some horny babe is going to get drunk at a party and seduce some unsuspecting man and forget that her affection will cause a serious sexual injury to him.

If these horrendous violent devices are distributed, no man, neither husband, boyfriend, or casual hookup will be safe doing sex with a female without checking her cunt first. The old joke of “Up her hole with a wooden pole” will have to become normal inspection procedure before every loving union. Toilet plunger handles, broom sticks, or plastic sex toys will be common inspection devices needed for men to avoid very serious injury. When a man finds that the bitch was trying do serious sexual injury to him he will be well justified to reverse the tables and do serious injury to her. Widespread distribution of sexual assault devices will result in many more dead females.

If such devices become common, a man intent on returning the favor to females would need to use a hard steel blade instead of a soft loving touch. Or better yet, just impale her on a wooden pole right through her torture device.

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Criminal FBI Lab -- Decades of perjury

CBS is reporting this morning that the FBI "Crime Lab" has been falsifying evidence and testifying to perjury in court for 40 years, and their lies have been instrumental in sending hundreds of innocent men to prison. The real "crime" in the FBI "Crime Lab" is the lab itself and those lying criminals who work there. According to THIS REPORT the criminal FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA, committed perjury for four decades in order to send hundreds, or more probably thousands of innocent men to prison, or to the gallows. The lying pigs at the criminal FBI Laboratory claimed that their chemical analysis could match bullet fragments found at a crime scene with the particular unfired bullets in a man's home. It was a total lie and they knew that it was a total lie. Nevertheless, the lying FBI gun thugs repeatedly did serial false testimony in case after case. Once again the FBI is shown clearly to be an evil criminal conspiracy working hard for the destruction of good American men.

Every one of the lying criminals at the FBI laboratory and the bosses who were part of the criminal conspiracy deserve to be sent to the same hellhole prisons where their lies and misandry sent so many thousand innocent men. Let them learn first hand about prison gangs, abuse, and torment that these scumbags caused for so many good men. Better yet, they should all be rounded up and Impaled by a mob of angry decent citizens. The FBI came to public fame in the 1930s by a series of assassination murders of alleged criminals without benefit of a trial or any legal process.

There have only been two countries that have used internationally banned “WMD” poison gas on large groups of their own citizens during the past quarter century. The first was Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The other was the US-FBI at Waco under Bill Clinton – Janet Reno. At Waco the FBI used “CS” gas to assassinate dozens of men, women, and children. The dead gassed bodies included several dozen children. Despite the fire that the FBI set to try to hide the evidence of their crimes, autopsies of most of the dead men, women, and children showed that the cause of death was the “CS” gas. Link here

At Ruby Ridge the FBI proved to the American public that they are willing to hid in the woods and shoot your wife, your child, and even your dog after planting arms that are protected by the US Constitution. At Ruby Ridge the FBI was a criminal conspiracy right from its first violation of constitutional law, and continued to be a criminal organization while its army of gun thugs assassinated a family who's only crime was to try to escape into the deep woods.

The FBI now admits that they have been committing perjury for 40 years, lying about bullet chemical tests, claiming that they had matched bullet fragments with unfired bullets found in a man's home. If they have been forced to admit systematic and habitual perjury on this one identification, all the rest of their “crime lab” testimony is called into question. None of the hundreds of thousands of men who have been sent to hellhole prisons based on FBI testimony can be said to have had a fair trial. Government lying violates the US Constitutional requirement for a fair trial. Every one of them should be summarily released from prisons because their convictions were based on government lies and fraud. Release them all now!

The FBI is a thoroughly criminal and murderous organization from top to bottom. An angry nation of decent citizens would round them all up and impale them. They are vermin who work to destroy good men and women, and to gas children.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kill them all! Let God sort it out.

Last week a firing squad of murderous NYPD found a 18-year-old Khiel Coppin brandishing a hairbrush – a very deadly weapon. Five blue gun thugs fired 20 rounds at him, hitting him with 8 shots, and killing him on the spot.

Last year NYPD assassins fired 50 times at Sean Bell on his wedding day, killing him and seriously wounding two of his friends. In 1999 the NYPD assassins shot Amadou Diallo in the back 41 times as he reached for his ID to show the pigs. The gun thug who reloaded his gun several times to continue shooting Mr. Diallo in the back as he lay dying said that he thought Mr. Diallo was reaching for a gun.

Bob has been in exactly that place. The blue gun thugs confront a normal man who is minding his own business. They exercise their itchy trigger fingers by threatening him with drawn and aimed deadly weapons. Then they ask him for his identification. When he reaches for his wallet to get his identification that they asked him for, they can claim, “I thought he was reaching for a gun.” Bob was lucky. When Bob reached for his identification, the stupid pig pushed the “cylinder release” button on his revolver instead of the trigger. All his bullets fell out on the ground. The blue gun thugs are as dumb as a post.

According to blue gun thug training and procedure, their assassinations of unarmed men are “justified.” Read story

In Albuquerque, NM, a few years ago a distraught mother phoned the blue gun thugs for help. Her mentally disturbed teenage son had a NON LETHAL “BB” gun and was wandering around the neighborhood at night. The blue gun thugs promised not to hurt her son and promised to help find him. Her son had gone down the street to the Catholic church. When the blue gun thugs found him, he was kneeling to pray with some women in the church. The blue gun thugs “helped” him with an assasins bullet in the back of his head.

If you are ever in need of help, whatever you do, do not phone the blue gun thugs. They are evil assassins who shoot first and never get around to asking questions. However many men they kill, for whatever reason, is “justified. If you are in trouble, you would be far wiser to do as we said in the 1960s, call a hippie. Or, call on a REAL MAN from your neighborhood.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Save a KW, kill a kid.

Beginning in 2004 the US government effectively outlawed clothes washers with hot wash cycles and outlawed clothes washers with warm rinse cycles. According to government estimates their 2004 regulation increased the average cost of a clothes washer by about $50. But that's not the end of their government tyranny. New and much more horrendous intrusion into our laundry rooms came in 2007 when all hot water washing is now banned and you can no longer use enough water to effectively rinse the dirt or soap from your clothes. The 2007 regulation is estimated by the government to cost an additional $250 dollars per machine over the already increased cost of machines meeting the 2004 regulations, $300 total additional cost. Read PDF regulation here. Under the new government regulations, you now have the freedom to select any wash cycle you want as long as you want warm-cold or cold-cold, with the top half of the clothes not even in the water. The government intended to outlaw top loading washers altogether, according to their report published in the Federal Register, see link above.

The primary reason for washing clothes in hot water is to sanitize the clothes and kill bacteria before they go back into your closet. Washing in lukewarm or cold water does not kill bacterias, it distributes them throughout all the clothes in that load. It also contaminates the machine so that deadly bacteria will be distributed to the next load too. Currently marketed clothes dryers manufactured under he government “Energy-Star” requirement do not get hot enough to kill bacteria either. Beginning in 2004, these new low energy consumption, non-sanitizing laundry machines have been the only ones sold in the United States, and its getting worse after 2007.

Even if you are unconcerned about the additional $300 that it will cost you to purchase a clothes washer, and unconcerned that your clothes will contain residential soap and dirt, you should be very concerned about the rapidly spreading resistant bacteria that is being created and distributed by the nation wide lack of sanitation. We read in our news this year, “Drug-Resistant Staph Killed More Americans Than AIDS in 2005.” It came out of hospitals where the AMA and their medical industrial complex breeds noxious diseases so they can be paid to “treat” us. But it was generally confined to hospitals for years because it didn't spread among healthy sanitary homes. But today many of our homes no longer are sanitary. Our home laundry spreads disease rather than prevents disease. Even new hospital laundry equipment doesn't clean and sanitize sheets and towels as well as it once did. Hospital laundries have to use the ineffective government mandated “energy saving” equipment too. We the people are left with unsanitary hospitals breeding horribly deadly diseases in huge new quantities, and unsanitary homes without clean sanitary towels or clothing. Sanitization of our clothing, towels, and bedding is now effectively outlawed by our government.

In small towns all across America school children are getting sick and dying from resistant staph infections, e-coli outbreaks, and thousands of colds, flus, and other diseases that they need not get. Schools are being closed to be disinfected to fight the spread of disease. But the next week another child brings the resistant staph back to the school. Towel laundry facilities at school gymnasiums no longer use hot water either, being confined by tyrannical government bureaucrats to “save energy” while killing our children. Every year it will get worse and worse as more and more older laundry equipment wears out and is replaced by the new “energy saving” non-sanitary laundry equipment.

In the food industry we have seen a huge rise in the number of e-coli contaminated food products from food processing plants all over America. Once again, clean laundry, aprons, shirts, etc., are the first line of defense against the spread of contagious diseases. Infectious disease contamination of food has increased sharply since 2004 when the government stopped allowing laundry manufacturers to supply machines that clean and disinfect our dirty laundry. Food processing employee's clothing, aprons, etc., are not being properly laundered in hot clean bacteria killing water. The government prohibits it.

The government's lack of concern for the health and safety of American men, women, and children would have been unthinkable in the first half of the 20th century when parents were all terrified of polio and even our polio stricken President FDR promoted sanitation as the first defense against infectious disease. Not today. Sanitation and the health of our people has been ignored as power hungry bureaucrats promulgate oppressive regulations to exercise their authority over the people. Sickness, disease, and death in schools and homes is the inevitable result of outlawing sanitary laundry facilities.

One way to fight them on a personal level is to eschew all new and unsanitary laundry equipment and use refurbished machines from a previous era. Having clean laundry at home won't protect you from all the dirty disease spreading unsanitary conditions in other places like hotels, hospitals, and schools, but it's all you can do with the government working to kill the people by crippling effective sanitation. How many hundred thousand children will die of resistant staph before the people take notice?

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Criminal Pigs send Wrong Man to prison

In Fort Collins, CO evidence has been uncovered of criminal blue gun thugs falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, and perjury to send an innocent man to prison. Evidence has been revealed of a criminal conspiracy among blue gun thugs. County Persecutors, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell sent a man to hellhole prison knowing he had nothing to do with the crime. Read story here

The incompetent blue gun thugs had been unable to “solve” the murder of Peggy Hettrick. Blue gun thugs hardly ever actually solve a crime. What they usually do is to rush forward to take credit when some citizen tells them what happened. Other times they use various torture techniques such as beatings, rape by toilet plunger handles, and continuous interrogation for more than 24 hours to extract “confessions.” In the case of the murder of Peggy Hettrick, twelve years had gone past and the primary suspect had died without the blue gun thugs being able to “solve” the case. In response to public bragging they picked out Mr. Tim Masters who had been a 15 year old neighborhood boy when the crime was originally committed. The blue gun thugs falsified evidence, and withheld exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys to obtain a court conviction.

Withholding exculpatory evidence is a crime that at the least should get the County Persecutor's law license revoked. An example of this simple penalty happened when Filthy Turd of the Year for 2006, Nifong, withheld evidence in the Duke University Lacross Team rape accusations. When the criminal acts of the County Persecutor results in conviction and prison time for an innocent man the criminal County Persecutor should be sentenced to the prison term that they had sent the innocent man to serve.

Fort Collins blue gun thug Lt. James Broderick who led the criminal falsifying of evidence should spend the rest of his life in his own hellhole prison for his crimes. I'm sure the MS 13 gang, or the Aryan Brotherhood will have a few fun times with him there.

Once again the stupid incompetent pigs are a danger to the people. They failed to protect young Peggy Hettrick. They failed to solve the murder, and in fact didn't try. They falsified evidence and withheld exculpatory evidence to falsely convict an innocent young man who's only connection with the crime was that the body had been dumped in a field that he had to cross the next morning on his way to catch his school bus.

This case from Ft. Collins, CO, reminds Bob of another case a few years ago from NYC, which involved a rape and beating in Central Park. Since a female was hurt the media whores were all over it like stink on shit and the Gun Thug Commissioner was put on the spot to “solve” the case. Since the blue gun thugs in NYC are as stupid as anywhere else (Never mind what you see on Law & Order TV fiction) they could not solve the mystery of how to make a hot dog. If they had that level of competence they would be qualified to get a decent job like running a hot dog stand, but the blue swine haven't' got the brains for such complicated work so they get paid to beat up people. Faced with an impossible, for them, assignment to “solve” the case the NYPD rounded up the first group of uninvolved black youth they found and proceeded to destroy their lives. After two days of torture very reminiscent of medieval witch trials, the 6 black youth “confessed” to having committed the crime, or whatever else the blue gun thugs told them to confess to. It is said around the pig sty that they could get a confession out of a ham sandwich, and probably they could. After more than 30 hours of sleep deprived continuous torture, beatings, and mental pressure, minds stop thinking clearly, and believe whatever they are told. The violent racist criminals in blue suits deliberately tortured and destroyed 6 black teenagers in order to pretend that they had “solved” the Central Park Rape Case.

Like the fictional Law & Order TV series presents, the railroad of the 6 teenagers had the full cooperation and criminal intent from the Persecutor's Office and the agents of Satan who wear the black robes of hell. It took a large scale criminal conspiracy among them all to railroad the uninvolved black teenagers off to hell. When you see the fictional Law & Order on TV, pandering and ass kissing the NYPD and their lying, criminal goon squad, remember that in real life they are a criminal conspiracy too stupid to solve any crime. They are a criminal conspiracy that LIES all the time as their regular way of life. They are a criminal conspiracy that beats and tortures uninvolved men into false “confessions” so they can pretend they have “solved” the alleged crimes.

In the Central Park Rape case the Mayor and Gun Thug Commissioner paraded on TV along with the Persecutor and other criminals. Mindless TV talking heads kissed their criminal asses and told the people that we are being protected. Only it was all lies and criminal lies. A few years later the truth came to light. The 6 teens whose lives the blue criminals had picked out to destroy were eventually released after missing the rest of their education and spending years in hell. The criminals in blue suits were never prosecuted, they continue to roam the streets of NYC today, destroying more lives wherever they go. The Mayor and Gun Thug Commissioner make the news for other reasons. It was only 6 young men who their crimes were destroyed. The lives of MEN don't matter to the blue gun thugs and the TV whores.

From the dark streets of NYC to the mountain passes of Colorado, the blue gun thugs are there, prowling our streets, beating, robbing, and destroying the lives of innocent men. If you ever are in danger, you will be better off calling a REAL MAN like Bob or one of the other men who make comments. Calling a blue gun thug will bring you to their attention and those criminals are as likely to send you to hell as anyone else. The public would be a whole lot more safe if the lot of them were rounded up and impaled by an angry mob of honest citizens.

Registered Sex Offenders -- Portland PD

According to recently published reports the blue gun thug gang in Portland, Oregon, has amassed a huge record of sexual assaults on the public. These blue suited goons are exempt from lie detectors, and usually excused even from investigation of complaints.

In the past few weeks the cases that the Portland PD hasn't been able to wash away includes Matthew Kohnke, who pleaded guilty to intrusive searches, on-duty sexual advances and other inappropriate behavior, using his badge for sexual assault. Gun thug Jason Faulk raped an emotionally challenged autistic woman while on the public payroll. And, blue thug John Wood directed young women to lift their skirts to avoid arrest. These cases are the tip of the iceberg. Most of the blue gun thug crimes are swept under the blue carpet and never see the light of day. And, of course sexual assault on the women of the city is not unique to Portland, OR. Blue gun thugs are selected for low intelligence and aggressive violence when hired. They learn rapidly on the job that they can beat up or rape anyone they want, whenever they want.

These blue thugs pretend to be the feminist army. Day after day they do the bidding of feminists, destroying families, beating up men, sending men to hell, but when the femiNazi backs are turned they are raping and assaulting the females who are supposed to be their masters. Most of the blue pigs are just too stupid to follow orders, and too full of illegal steroids to keep their hands off the babes.

The Portland PD belongs on the “Megan's List” of sex offenders. They all need to be listed and the people told when they live in the neighborhood with decent people. Most of them should just be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail for repeated crimes against the people.

Friday, November 09, 2007

High Priced Beer!

Fictitious global warming hysteria (a well gendered term) has raised the cost and price of beer according to a news report out of San Francisco. So-called environmentalists, who are really communist organizers, are using tax money to divert massive quantities of grain into alcohol fuel production. Massive acreages of American agriculture are being diverted from food production to alcohol production. It was a concern, but not serious when the citizens of Mexico City rioted last year because of high priced tortillas. That was bad, but this is serious. Now the agricultural diversion to fuel has raised the cost of production and thus the retail price of beer. That is serious. May Algore and all his whiny communist pansy ass wimps rot in hell. Read story

It won't make any significant difference to the fraud of “global warming.” Even if ALL the American food production was diverted to food it would only make up about 10% of fuel demand. It's a lose – lose game. Only a communist idiot would even contemplate such a disaster.

Her Honor -- {puke}

Spokane, WA, elected a feminazi Mayor this week in the recent elections. Spokane already had a female blue gun thug Chief, a Congresscunt, a Governess, and two Senatrixes. There are no men left in our government.

Females outnumber men in voting, and now vote by gender rather than by qualifications. The 19th Amendment is a sure losing form of government for men, families, and anyone who wants a decent life. I do hope that your area, city, or state still has some men in government.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Contrast in Philly

A week after a blue gun thug was wasted in Philosopher, a heating oil repairman was shot in the head while he did an honest day's work. In stark contrast to the massive display of police state power last week, this week's murder has only a few detectives asking a few questions. There are no reports of raided homes, arrests on the streets, helicopters overhead and gun sniffing dogs harassing citizens on the sidewalks. Read story

All we are told in the media about Carl Tomberlain, 42, was that he worked as a repairman who serviced oil fired heating units. The pig loving media has not whined on about his wife and children, his crying mother, and how he served his community as they did last week when lying scumbag Chuck Cassidy was shot. The stark contrast very clearly demonstrates how unimportant real hard working MEN are to the media whiners and to the blue gun thug detectives. They probably wouldn't investigate the death of MEN like Carl Tomberlain at all if it wasn't their excuse for their massively over bloated budgets. Would it surprise you if it turned out that Mr. Tomberlain was “investigated” last week by the blue gun thugs in their terrorist sweep following the death of gun thug Cassidy? Would you be surprised if hard working furnace repairman Mr. Tomberlain was assassinated by blue gun thugs for some vengeance due to a negative comment about their terrorist campaign?

On the same day another man was shot and killed in Philadelphia. We don't know his name because the blue gun thug loving media doesn't even bother to report it. He's just another dead MAN, no one of value, just another dead MAN. Read Story

I am reminded of last January when Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed when his white stretch Hummer was sprayed by bullets after a nightclub dispute following a New Year's Eve party. Read here Denver media and blue gun thugs have swept that killing under the rug too. Usually the death of a star athlete is big news. But when it's the blue suit gang involved, the media knows to keep quiet.

You will never read in your newspaper that they have solved the murders of Carl Tomberlain, or Darrent Williams. The blue gun thugs already know very well who did it.

Nothing Ever Changes.

Someone asked recently why so few voters bother with state and local elections in the USA. That is a good question. Most states had local elections this week on Tuesday, and again as usual, less than half of the eligible voters showed up to vote. In addition to candidates for Mayor, City Council, County Council, and Judges, there were votes for many tax increase proposals and amendments to state constitutions or local city charters. But few people voted. Doesn't our vote matter? Doesn't every vote count? No, despite what the talking head pundits always say, it really doesn't matter who we vote for most of the time. Most of us know that.

Bob has been observing elections for about half a century, and has read widely about government theory and performance. The first principle of government is the ratchet effect. Legislative bodies always pass more laws. They never erase old laws. They always enact new programs, establish new agencies and bureaus, and levy more taxes to pay for the new tentacles of the bureaucracy. It is very rare that any agency or bureau is deleted. Like a ratchet wrench tightening the screws on the people, it only “clicks” one direction. Every “click” it tightens the screws. Every time you wiggle the wrench back and forth it clicks ever tighter. The same effect happens in government. Every time the voters wiggle the government it goes click! Every time it tightens the screws on what once was a free people.

The second principle of government is incompetence. A private business that fails to meet its budget or fails to satisfy a real need of the public soon finds itself bankrupt and goes out of business. You see few companies making buggy whips any more. Private business makes a profit and satisfies the public or it goes away. The government by contrast never has to make a profit, and never has to satisfy anyone at all. Government managers salaries are legally set by the size of the budgets they administer. If a manager of a bureau or agency can figure out how to spend twice as much money doing the same job, government law says he should be paid more, not less. The effect of such insane laws push every government manager to constantly work to spend more and more and more money. None of them ever tries to spend less, because getting the job done for less would, by law, no longer justify their salary. Government is about spending money, our money. It's not about doing a job or satisfying the customers.

The third principle of government is control and domination, power. People who go into government are looking for power. The power motivation applies to all government workers from the blue gun thug inductee to the elected congresscunt or mayor. They use their power to extract “favors” and “donations” from citizens and businesses. Power corrupts, and elected power is every bit as corrupt as hereditary power. In some ways, hereditary power has more freedom not to be corrupt. A hereditary King is often born rich, is secure in office, and doesn't have to make a pile of cash quickly by corruption and extortion like most elected officials.

So why should we the people bother to vote? Lets look at the city council races. We see yard signs that say something like “SNODGRASS -- Position 3.” What does that tell us about Snodgrass as compared to the other candidates? It tells us nothing at all about what Snodgrass will do to make a difference in the government. All that it really tells us is that voting for Snodgrass will ensure the continued existence of “Position 3” Then we see another sign saying “Dirks – Position 3.” Now we have a choice. We can ensure the continued existence of “Position 3” by voting either for Dirks or Snodgrass. Neither candidates promises to make any difference in anything else in our lives. Neither will half our local taxes, Neither will stop the highway robbery of travelers. Neither will take out the parking meters. Neither will even slow down the ratchet effect of local government. Whomever we vote for, Position 3 will continue, the city government will continue, and NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

Neither does voting on the “issues” have any significant results. In Seattle, for example, the voters have approved tax increases for an elevated rail transit line from downtown to the West Seattle area more than 10 times over the past quarter century. Every time the politicians lied to the people and promised to improve life for a portion of the people if the taxes were approved. Every time the taxes went up, the corrupt politicians pocketed large sums of the people's money, and to date they have never turned the first shovel of dirt constructing the elevated commuter rail line. This past Tuesday the voters in Seattle were again asked to approve a tax increase for another corruption “transit” program. This time the voters turned it down. I guess we found out how many times the same voters will believe the same lies. But it doesn't really matter, the corruption in Seattle government will go on and on regardless. This year again in Washington State the voters were asked to change the state constitution to allow tax increases for schools with only a simple majority vote instead of the constitutionally required 60% approval. The same issue has been voted on and rejected every few years all my life, about half a century now. But voting it down does not have any effect. The corrupt politicians just recycle it. There plan is to rely on the ratchet effect. If they keep wiggling the ratchet it will one day go click and the public will be screwed again. In half a century we have elected dozens of new legislators, new governors, new councilmen, but the same old tax increase levy proposal goes on and on. It has made no difference at all which candidate got elected over 50 years. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

And judge positions are even worse. In most US States it is even illegal for judicial candidates to say anything at all about making improvements in the corruption of the court system. We are supposed to vote for them blindly, and that doesn't matter either because the agents of Satan in black robes of hell are all the same. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

It is the same for national offices too, from the President to the congresscunts. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, the ratchet effect of big government tightens the screws down and down. False promises to “lower taxes” only mean that the rate of increase in taxes will be slowed for a while. The people have been DEMANDING that our borders be controlled for decades. Regan promised to control the borders if we accepted an amnesty program – just this once. He may have meant it at the time, but whether or not he had good intentions didn't matter at all. The result was exactly the same. The government has ignored the people and continued on and on with its corruption and failure. Bush, Clinton, Bush, the border problem only gets worse and worse. The Christian coalition falsely believed that electing Republicans would make a difference. They mobilized millions of voters and overturned the Democratic Congress. But in the long run, nothing mattered. The Republican Congress kept right on doing all the things that corruption and politicians do. They ignored the needs of the people, taking for granted the constituency that had extended themselves to make changes in Congress. The Christians forgot the fourth principle of government, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

The majority of voters in the US have leaned that our vote really doesn't matter. The government will do what it does regardless of how we vote. And, in fact they won't allow an election to stand if it is only decided by 1 vote. Since you, and I, are only 1 vote, they won't allow your vote or mine to decide an election. Our vote, your vote, my vote, will never decide an election and will never change the government. Our vote doesn't really matter. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

Every year the politicians and talking heads blame the people for not voting. They spew the usual whine that a citizen who doesn't vote has no right to gripe that the government is bad. But like all government lies that is just another lie. The truth is that voting doesn't make any difference. The problems in the government are the same and will be the same whether you or I voted or not. One theory is that the only function of the elections is to placate the people, to keep us from rioting in the streets and beheading all the corrupt liars, bullies, and robbers who take our money to destroy our families. Elections do not have a function of making changes in the government. Elections are completely ineffective doing that, and your vote won't have that result. Your vote only serves to show your approval of the continuation of “Position 3” in a very corrupt and very over bloated government.

There is one faint ray of hope in all this. One political theory says that over centuries ratchet government eventually becomes so bloated and eats so much of the people's resources that the people can't take it any more. According to the theory the people eventually rise up against the government and throw them all out, erase all the tangled web of laws, eliminate the bureaucracy, and start over. The theory says that it takes a government about 200 years to become so corrupt and so bloated that it fails completely and must be replaced. The United States is now over 200 years old.

Talk Radio host and now CNN host Glenn Beck lives in New York City where he produces his CNN program. Last week he spoke of getting out of NYC and visiting Texas. He observed that many of the people he met in Texas are wondering when and how the people can “take back our country.” According to Beck, the Texans weren't wondering about voting the rascals out of office, because that obviously is no solution and never was a solution. The Texans are talking about tossing out the whole government and starting over. It's been over 200 years.

"It would be thought a hard government that should tax its people one tenth part." Benjamin Franklin. Old Ben was a very wise man who understood the need to overthrow a tyrannical government.

Bob never advocates any treason, insurrection, revolution, or any other popular uprising. Bob is only a cyber libertarian, philosopher, and observer of politics, history, and political theories.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

FemiNazi Cunt has a hisssy fit! ROFLMAO!

UPDATE November 7, 2007
While pursuing her hate campaign against The World According To Bob, Robin Steele said on her blog:
Between the feminist network and its operatives in the police computer crimes division and Department of Homeland Security, we know who all you guys are. He's a shy college kid and electronic music geek who has trouble communicating with women. Not bad deep down, just overcompensating.

She has tipped her hand. So-called “Robin Steele” is a blue gun thug who, along with her friends, is illegally using government time and records to promote anti-men hate. In other words, Ms. Steele is a CRIMINAL who violates the law and lies on the Internet. There are numerous security laws that prohibit the CRIMES that she (?) admits to. It is a crime to use the resources of the Homeland Security Department in this manner. It is a crime to use the resources of blue gun thug computer access in this manner. It is a crime, and Ms. Steelroid is a CRIMINAL But don't hold your breath that the blue gun thugs will arrest and prosecute this criminal. Blue gun thugs are all criminals who break the law on a daily basis.

I wouldn't be surprised if so-called Ms. Steele is not even female. She has the psychological profile of one of those blue gun thug perverts who pretend to be young women on the Internet trying to lure men into sexual situations. Nothing a blue gun thug says can ever be taken as truth, and nothing that “Ms. Steele” says can be taken as truth. The blue gun thugs are all liars, according to SCOTUS, and thus they are men without honor. In this case they are CRIMINALS too of course.

The criminal “Ms. Steelroid” took down his anti-men hate article promoting Lorena Bobbitt style sexual crimes against men. Now he's been lying and claiming that it didn't exist. Another typical blue gun thug lying scum.

UPDATE November 6, 2007
Bob received a personal message from Ms. Robin Steele. She says, " one would be so foolish as to....stand up to a group as powerful as the feminist movement." Like so many femiNazi, Ms. Steelroid is drunk with female power. She threatens any MAN who would dare to speak the truth about feminist hate.

Ms. Steelroid is a habitual advocate of sexual violence against men, clearly demonstrated by The Lorena Bobbitt Files on page 2 of Ms. Steelroid's hate men blog. At the top of the page on Ms FemiNazi's hate mongering Robin Steele blog is a "Flag this blog" button. When you visit her blog, be sure to click the "flag" button in addition to voting "NO" on her poll.

It has been noticed that a whiny femiNazi cunt has had nothing better to do lately than to whine about The World According go Bob. A typical hysterical cunt who calls herself “Robin Steele” has become fascinated with Bob’s new and non-PC reporting of current events. Like many dumb cunts, Ms. Steele can’t stand to hear the truth when it conflicts with her carefully crafted “women’s studies” world of hate for men and constant protection by the femiNazi SS Gestapo. Ms. Steele whines on and on, quoting liberally but out of context from The World According to Bob. In her misguided whining she provides numerous links so that many more readers will come here and read these pages and learn new ideas. Link here While you are visiting Ms. Steele’s web site, be sure to get a “Free love spell” or an astrology reading.

In the closed world of femiNazi hate, nothing is so scary as the truth. FemiNazi have long tried, with some success, to silence the voices of MEN. A MAN’s opinion is generally banned from most colleges and universities in English speaking nations these days. Universities such as the University of Delaware have required men to undergo psychological abuse and “retraining” for expressing opinions opposed to femiNazi domination Read article Poor pathetic Ms. Steele is fresh out of one of these hate training institutions and believes that she’s a “woman of steel” but of course she’s shown herself to be nothing but a whiny cunt with no opinions of her own. All she can do is to attack men and cry and whine. She is taking a poll asking if The World According to Bob should be shut down, and so far it’s losing badly. She doesn’t have the mental capacity to write her own blog about her own issues and agendas. All she can do is to whine and cry about men.

The more links to The World According to Bob, the better. When the femiNazi attack it shows that the truth is hurting their pathetic little hate filled minds. Maybe Ms. Steele will cry some salty tears, or go whining to some gun thugs. Boo F’ing Hoo! Let the femiNazi suffer. Its time for their hate and domination to end for the good of men, women and our children.

Monday, November 05, 2007

How many families has Weller destroyed? One too many!

UPDATE November 5, 2007

After being held in a cage and tormented for almost a year and a half, Golden Bull Award recipient Mr. Darren Roy Mack has been forced to plead guilty before the agents of Satan in black robes of hell. "I do understand right now in my state of mind that shooting at the judiciary is not a proper form of political redress," Mack said as he recited the legalese gobbledygook dictated by lieyers. Left unsaid was any statements on what “proper form” Mr. Mack might have used for redress of the violent destruction of his life and family being done by the evil agent of Satan in black robes of hell, Judge Chuck Weller. In fact, there was no other “proper” method left. His evil estranged wife and the agent of Satan in black robes of hell were hell bent on destroying Mr. Mack's life and family. He had already been ordered to pay large sums of money to the evil bitch for destroying his family. His ability to earn the money had been taken away by her conspiracy with the evil agent of Satan. Weller issued a so-called “restraining order” that made it “illegal” for Mr. Mack to continue operating his profitable pawn shop business. Thus they made it illegal and impossible for Mr. Mack to comply with the order to pay the evil bitch. Since agent of Satan Weller's orders were mutually exclusive, Mr. Mack had no “proper” options left to redress the ongoing crimes against him. Unfortunately Mr. Mack chose a .223 caliber weapon when he attempted to shoot the evil Weller through a window from a distance. The small caliber high velocity .223 does a lot of damage in a direct hit, but is easily deflected. A much more effective weapon such as the 30-06 used by a heavier weapons such as the old reliable 1906 Springfield, the M-1, the BAR, and a long line of effective hunting rifles would have been much more effective. The much heavier .30 caliber round would have easily penetrated the window and eliminated the agent of Satan in black robes of hell standing behind it. Faithful supporters of real MEN should continue to honor and respect Mr. Darren Roy Mack for his courageous sacrifice during the next several years while he sufferers in one of their concentration camp hellholes. Read Story

UPDATE June 16, 2006:
According to recent news reports Satanic Judge Weller had ordered Mack to PAY Carla $10,000 per month in alimony, extortion money paid for the sexist justification that she owned a cunt. Bob notes that dead cunts don't collect alimony. It was also reported that Mack used a Bushmaster .223 to shoot the judge. When you have serious work to do it pays to use the best. Unfortunately the small caliber high velocity .223 is less effective after passing through a window. It was less effective than a heavier round when it hit the evil agent of Satan. It is a real shame because the evil agent of Satan in the black robes of hell is alive to continue his destruction of families.

According to recent news reports huge gangs of gun thugs, some in blue and some wearing jungle camouflage (in a city) are scouring the west for Darren Roy Mack, a distraught man who's second family was being ripped asunder by his evil wife with lots of help from Satanic Judge Weller. His children had been taken away and he had been slapped with phony "restraining orders" which took away his rights and because of abusive and illegal gun control laws took away his pawn shop business. As a man with a "restraining order" it is now called "illegal" for him to own or pawn a gun. Federal misandrist feminazi law, in flagrant violation of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution makes him subject to ten years in prison for owning a gun, a major part of the pawn shop business. Reno Deputy Police Chief Jim Johns went on television to strut and preen his abusive and illegal gang of thugs. They stopped traffic at the Reno Airport to exercise and demonstrate their abusive power over people.

It has been reported that this is the second divorce suffered by Darren Mack. Like many men he tried to restart his life after his first family was destroyed by the agents of Satan in black robes. His second bitch turned out to be every bit as bad as his first. American women these days all believe that they are entitled to destroy men and take our children and property. Their feminist hate is reinforced by the whole illegal injustice system from hell, of which Satanic Judge Weller was a part. His second bitch, Charla Mack, found out the hard way that all MEN are not milquetoasts who go quietly into hell when they tell us to. Carla didn't live to enjoy her ill-gotten gains. Dead females don't get custody, nor collect the slavery of so-called "child support" payments for the decades that they believe themselves to be entitled.

The news is reporting that Evil Judge Weller will survive. What a shame. His kind does not deserve to walk the streets with decent people. May the evil in black robes never sleep in peace.

Numerous MEN on the Internet have applauded Mack's counter attack on the evil feminazi court system. When evil threatens, real MEN fight to defend our children and our families. Mack is a hero and martyr.

Bob is pleased to announce that for heroism and bravery in the face of the enemies of men, Mr. Darren Roy Mack has been awarded the coveted:
Golden Bull Award
Mr. Darren Roy Mack

May he be long remembered.


One of Satan's minions destroyed one family too many. On a Monday in 2006, "family" court Judge Chuck Weller learned that some men will fight to protect our families. In Reno, NV, the "family" court minion of Satan in black robes suddenly found a bullet in his chest while standing near a window. Gangs of heavily armed gun thugs in blue monkey suits have surrounded several city blocks looking for the father who fought for his family. These are the same gun thugs who come to your door and take your children. These evil minions hate families as much as they hate fathers, and will destroy the brave man who brought justice to the "family" court. story here

While Bob does not advocate any violent or illegal acts, one can only celebrate the bravery of the martyr who brought justice home to the misandrist court. No minion of Satan who lives by destroying families and hurting children should be allowed to live in peace. All of them should know that real MEN will fight to protect their families.

[Note: See legal notice on the left margin of The World According to Bob. ]

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Deporting Illegal Aliens

From Lexington, Nebraska, we read of middle school teacher, Kelsey Peterson who lured a 13 year old illegal Mexican back to Mexico with offers of pussy and cock sucking. Normally, Bob encourages females to be persecuted at least as harshly as men who screw teenage women. However, in this case Ms. Peterson was doing the US a favor by deporting an illegal Mexican. Read Story here.

Instead of persecuting Ms. Peterson for her noble efforts on behalf of America, we should pin a meddle on her. Perhaps a big red “A” badge on her shirt would suffice. And maybe she should be prohibited from living within 1000 yards of schools, churches, parks, or shoe stores. She should not be allowed to live any place where that there is decent housing. She shouldn’t be allowed to participate in national holidays that children participate in such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving. And all her neighbors should be notified annually that there is a “sexual predator” in their neighborhood, complete with her photo shown on the nightly TV news programs.

Hmmmmm? I wonder if Ms. Kelsey Peterson is a relative of Ms. Stacy Peterson of Bolingbrook, Ill? Could Ms. Stacy Peterson also be in Mexico with a teenage boy?

Thank You Ms. Peterson for your valiant effort to rid America of another illegal alien.

Dead cunts don’t get custody.

For all of human history, in virtually every tribal society, in every codified legal society and system, a man’s children belling to the father. But society has been overturned, families have been destroyed, peace and sanity are hard to find. Beginning with the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848 feminism adopted goals of opposing marriage, allowing mothers to leave their husbands, take his children, and still force him to support her. In the ensuing years feminist domination has taken over “family” law and courts. The evil agents of Satan in black robes of hell who rule so-called “family” courts routinely follow the radical femiNazi social upheaval experiment by “awarding” the father’s children to the mother. The whole process is cut right out of radical feminist hate. Before feminism everyone knew that children belonged to their fathers. The concept of even needing a decision on, or needing to establish “custody” is pure feminist misandry. Children have always belonged to their fathers.

Many religious sacred texts, those from Christianity and Islam for example, specify that only the husband may decide on a divorce, and that a wife who leaves her husband should be stoned. While this enforcement sounds harsh, the destruction of a family is an extreme event. Extreme crimes require harsh punishments.

But in our radical femiNazi illegal system, the SS Gestapo tries to steal the father’s children and give them to the criminal bitch who destroyed his family. He, not she, is treated like a criminal. He is routinely bound into indentured servitude, a form of slavery, and forced to pay her for destroying his family. Many men are rounded up and sent to illegal debtor’s prisons if they are unable to pay the illegal slavery payments. In the face of the pervasive criminal organizations that back up the feminist females, there are only a few viable options left for men who would not be slaves.

The first and most final option is to remember that dead cunts don’t get custody. In keeping with sacred religious teachings and practical experience, real men need to fight to protect our children. Real men don’t let our children be dragged off to suffer and fail under the “custody” of a lying cunt who destroyed their family.

In Bolingbrook, Ill, Drew Peterson discovered that his wife, Stacy, was hell bent on destroying his family. Rather than to go quietly into slavery while his children were taken to suffer and perhaps die, Mr. Peterson fought back. He refused to go quietly into slavery. He refused to sit quietly while lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes destroyed his family and stole his children. Now the blue gun thugs are hunting for Mrs. Bitch Stacy’s body. May they never find it. Dead cunts don’t get custody. Read Story here

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Got another one!

UPDATE November 6 2007
The blue gun thug assault on the people of Philadelphia continued for several days. The hunt for the brave man who stopped one of the blue suit gang demonstrated by comparison how little effort they put into the job they claim to be doing. Typical pig lies claim to be “protecting” the people, and “solving crime,” but when a citizen is killed they usually don't do squat. But, one of their whiny blue suit gang is wasted and they brutalize every citizen in Philly until some man is hanged.

Here are some comments expressed to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"It's harassment," said Ken Smith, 42, who was cruising the neighborhood on a scooter. "No way they can stop everybody. [The killer] is not around here anymore. I think they're just wasting taxpayer's money flying around here and breaking into people's houses."

Audrey Brooks, 47, a resident of 16th Street, was among those who were struck by the resources devoted to searching for the killer of a police officer, compared with the hunt for a more common homicide.

We're not allowed to wear hoodies around here any more," said John Sanders, 33, who was among a group of men at 20th Street and 68th Avenue who watched police descend on a residence and then go away, apparently empty-handed. "The cops tell you anybody wearing one is subject to be stopped."

“It's like Vietnam around here, with all these helicopters and guns," said a man standing near Sanders.

Violent, abusive, ignoring all the rights of decent citizens, arresting and torturing any man in a hooded sweatshirt, the evil vermin are devastating the city. Of course there is no way that they ever do any of that when a regular citizen is murdered. Do they actually protect the people of Philadelphia? Not on a bet. That isn't their job, according to SCOTUS.

The blue gun thug gang in Philadelphia have shot and murdered so many men that a few brave men are fighting back. Philadelphia blue gun thugs have a long history of unprovoked violence and murder of unarmed citizens. Read story here. 2006 was a record year for blue gun thug murders in Philadelphia, and their gang violence against the people continued unchecked in 2007. Read story here Peaceful protests against murder by the Philadelphia blue gun thugs have been held, but their bloody murder of citizens continues. Now at long last, and ever so slowly the people of Philadelphia are beginning to fight back.

Over the past few days several of the evil blue suit gang have been shot, and finally one has been killed. Gun thug Chuck Cassidy was a 25-year veteran of the gang violence against the citizens of Philadelphia. Over those years he participated in thousands of beatings and numerous shootings. He personally destroyed the lives of hundreds of men. In the 1990s, gun thug Cassidy was involved in a massive corruption scandal along with a hundred other blue suited pigs. According to many reports he planted cocaine on citizens for use as “evidence” to falsely convict innocent men and send them to hell. Finally the score is evened out. Read story Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Of course the rest of the blue suit gang is out terrorizing the people of Philadelphia taking revenge for the loss of one of their thugs. Terrorize people some and they will comply. Terrorize the people more and some will fight back. According to blue suit gang sources, dozens of blue gun thugs swarmed city streets in a massive armed terror sweep. May the people of Philadelphia be protected and safe from the violent assault.