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Friday, November 23, 2007

Girls get extra help – Boys get drugged into silence

USA Today has published an opinion piece about how boys are systematically hurt by the feminazi lesbians who run school systems in the USA. The hate monger lesbians have driven out men teachers over the past 40 years. A boy in today's schools does not have an even chance of success. The whole system is designed for girls. Boys need exercise during the day, but many schools have eliminated “recess.” Studies of boys ways of learning show that boys need body movement to focus on reading and math, but fembitches are systematically drugging the best and brightest boys, making them into little zombies. Young single mom parents have no clue how to raise boys and accept the evil schoolmarm recommendations for drugs. The medical industrial complex makes billions drugging little boys at the request of feminazi schools, they are happy to supply all the drugs that the schoolmarms want to drug little boys. Even advocates for boys such as Michael Gurian and John Taylor Gatto use female based criteria for “good” writing education. Throughout history the best writers have always been men. Nevertheless, you find so-called educators today all saying that boys are not as good at writing as girls. That's completely misandrist.

By the time boys get to high school they are way behind in reading and writing. That's not an accident. It's part of the long term feminist plan and program to turn men into second class citizens. They plan to drug boys into zombies, send men to prisons, and use men to do the hard menial work that females don't want to do. In the feminist dream of a future females run the world for their own benefit while the remaining men have been reduced to work animals. Drugging boys into zombies and systematic grade discrimination favoring girls is the first step in a state forced conditioning program aimed squarely at destroying boys. For more on schools and the problems our children face see Burn Them Down I bet you weren't aware that the USA had highere literacy rates before public schools and compulsory “education.”

What can you do. Get involved in politics. Run for School Board or other legislatures. Vote to close public schools and restore education to private hands. Burn down or tear down the corrupt sexist destructive misandrist educational system.

Take your son out of any school run by females, taught by females, or controlled by females. Take your daughter out of schools run by lesbian feminist haters who will train her for a life of failure rather than a life of successful motherhood. Training a daughter for a man's career is to waste her life and destroy her opportunity to be a good woman and mother. There is a real reason why so many parents of teenage daughters have so much trouble. Young women need a husband and baby on a deep psychological level. Forcing them away from biology and toward a man's career is destroying their lives and they rebel against it – for a while before giving up. And if you are a parent and some filth from the school system wants to drug your son, you have met a violent criminal who's days are occupied doing violence to normal boys. These evil criminals who hurt children need to be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

Link to USA Today Story


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're totally right, this is so clearly what's going on it's just sad. Goodbye men of the world hello shemales.

November 26, 2007 3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That’s why the have segregated boys can learn in an atmosphere best suited to them and girls can learn in an environment best used by them.

July 22, 2008 10:39 PM  

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