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Saturday, April 28, 2007

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Angry citizens stop gun thug gang!

Angry citizens explain to blue gun thugs, "we hate your rotten guts." Violent aggressive blue gun thugs showed up in Portland, Oregon, and started to assault a man on the street. A crowd of angry honest citizens soon began demanding that the blue pigs stop their unprovoked assault againt the people and go back to their sty. Read story. The blue gun thugs found themselves badly outnumbered by decent citizens and beat a hasty retreat. Hooray for the good men of Portland.

They all wear bullet proof vest body armor because they know that good people hate them. They are the scum of the earth who rob, kill, and oppress a free people. The mob of good men in Portland is a start. It needs to spread to all other cities where police state tyranny is the current status. How soon will armed mobs of people start planting the slimy scum?

Kill the old lady!

If you think you are safe from blue gun thug violence and murder because you are sitting quietly at home reading your computer or watching your TV, you need to think again. The blue gun thug gangs itch for violence, and they are perfectly happy to break down your door to shoot you 32 times while you lie on your couch.

For example, a gang of blue gun thugs stormed into an elderly female's home and murdered her without even bothering to knock. The scene of carnage happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia, a few months ago. Gun thug J.R.Smith, gun thug Gregg Junnier, gun thug Arthur Tesler, and a large gang of "backup" filed fictitious paperwork with an agent of Satan in black robes of hell, and obtained a fraudulent "warrant" to break into Ms. Kathryn Johnson's home without bothering to knock. The warrant was criminal on its face because it purported to authorize a violent entry without bothering to knock. The warrant was criminal because the blue gun thugs had lied about a fictitious informant buying drugs at the old female's home. There was nothing unusual about blue gun thugs lying. They lie all the time and have proved to SCOTUS that lying is a normal everyday part of their jobs. Blue gun thugs lie so often that they have no concept of the dividing line between truth and whatever the hell lie they feel like telling now. Unlike decent men who strive to be honest and truthful, blue gun thugs have no honor, no decency, and their word is fiction. They are also usually high on steroids that they take to pump iron and pass their macho physical requirements. The steroids help to bulk up, and also causes violent mental problems, which they consider good for their brutal careers.

When the blue gun thugs arrived at 92 year old Ms. Johnson's home she was lying on her couch watching TV. The gang of blue thugs burst through her door and began firing their weapons. The gun thugs fired 32 times at the reclining old female, hitting her 5 times, and hitting each other in their nightmarish crossfire. When their shooting stopped, poor Ms. Johnson's bullet ridden body lay dead in a pool of her own blood. There were, of course, no drugs, no drug deals, no "crime" going on at all. "Oops, wrong house." "Oops, we lied." "Oops she's dead."

The only difference between this case and thousands of others that happen every day was that the old female was black, and had a family of black activists to protest to the federal government Black Rights departments. Even though the city of Atlanta tried to sweep it all under their carpet, as they usually do when their gang of gun thugs murder, pillage, rob, and terrorize its citizens, this time the federal persecutors filed "civil rights" charges in federal court. Read story

You may be tempted to believe that you are safe from blue gun thug violence because you avoid drugs, don't get involved in crime, and spend your time "safe" at home watching TV or surfing the Internet. Not so at all. Poor Ms. Johnson thought that too, and she died in a hail of blue gun thug fire. If they can't find you on the streets, they will search you out at home and kill you, or me, or any other person who comes to their attention. As long as these evil, violent, blood thirsty gangs roam our streets and neighborhoods, no man or female is ever safe. Blue suited evil kills good men and females in every town, in every city, on every day. Will you be next?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Men Fighting Back

--------------- UPDATE 4-27-07 -------------------

Idiot Gun Thugs Murdered Each Other!

After 3 days of blaming Mr. Trim for killing one of the blue gun thugs and wounding another, it turns out that the stupid, incompetent, violent and "highly trained" pigs gunned each other down. Read Story When these steroid driven madmen go out to assassinate someone, they blast away at anything in sight, and fire in all directions. As long as they get to kill, kill, kill someone, anyone, another blue suit is just good enough. Like the Atlanta gun thugs who shot each other while assassinating the 92 year old female while she watched her TV, the NY blue gun thugs, and all the rest, open fire and blast away in all directions. This country needs a well-armed militia, and we need to take weapons out of the hands of criminal gangs of assassins in blue suits. They are far too dangerous to be handling weapons.

--------------- ORIGINAL 4-25-07 --------------------
In New York State one brave man is fighting for his life against hoards of violent gun thugs in blue suits and body armor. On Tuesday, April 24, 2007 highwayman Matthew Gombosi tried to rob Travis D. Trim, of North Lawrence New York. Most men would have coward and given up their purse. Mr. Trim had enough of the gun thug armed robbery and defended himself, and every man has an inalienable right to defend himself against armed robbery. Unfortunately, the blue gun thugs know that many decent citizens hate their rotten guts so they routinely wear body armor. Highway robber Gombosi was knocked down but not seriously injured by the courageous defense of his intended victim. Valiant Mr. Trim made an escape from tyranny, but the blue gun thug gangs hate and fear men of courage. Their police state oppression of the public is very intolerant of men who defend themselves. Their next move it to group up and focus their entire attention on destroying a man who resists their malicious tyranny. Read story. The NY blue gang has not released the names of their dead or wounded thugs.

By Wednesday morning hundreds of blue suited thugs were scouring the area seeking to restore their absolute power over the people. The search activities of two of them were cut short near Margaretville, possibly by Mr. Trim. He was cornered in a house, seeking to avoid confrontation and avoid violence. His peace was violently disrupted by a blaze of gunfire, and again tried to he defend himself. Blue gun thug scum David C. Brinkerhoff died, and the other filth in blue, Richard Mattson was wounded.

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

For courageous action in defense of freedom we hereby award the coveted

Golden Bull Award
Mr. Travis D. Trim

The blue gun thugs then fired incendiary grenades into the house and it was fully engulfed in flames. Read story. Trim may have been killed by the dead and wounded scum because he stopped shooting and a body was found in the burned out house. Outnumbered and outgunned Mr. Trim's life was brutally cut short. According to some reports the house is the location where Mr. Trim wasted the two blue gun thugs this morning. Blue gun thugs are very willing to burn you to death if they can't beat you to death or shoot you 32 times with less effort. Mr. Trim was an ordinary man going about his business when he was attacked and eventually destroyed by the evil in blue. May he rest in peace.

Goodbye Rosie!

---------------- UPDATE April 26, 2007 -----------------
Rosie dumped from the Spew

ABC announced today that they are not renewing Rosie's contract for it's popular misandrist cackle show The Spew.

Now when will ABC cance the whole show. Barbara Walnut and 3 more misandrist females spewing hate and stupidity every morning is a disservice to the public, even though it graphically displays the average IQ of female America.

------------- Original January 11, 2007 --------------------
Bob usually avoids "celebrity" stories however the news media continues to repeat Barbara Walnut's slander of Donald Trump. A pathetic ugly old withered lying cunt has the nerve to call Mr. Trump "pathetic." Speaking with stupid ugly black lesbo-feminazi Rosie, Ms. Walnut characterized Mr. Trump in what could only be accurately a reflection of Walnut herself. Her ABC female cackle show, The Spew is notoriously hateful toward men. Five days per week several ugly cunts assemble to produce meaningless chatter, cackle, and spew sexist hatred toward men. Ms. Rosie's ugly offensive character has been accurately characterized on previous occasions by Mr. Trump. More recently he had pointed out the various lies being told by both Ms. Rosie and Ms. Walnut. Since Ms. Walnut can't refute the lies she told, she reacts in a typical feminist fashion by using an ad-hominem attack calling him "pathetic." Read story.

Let us compare the characters here. Mr. Trump is a very wealthy powerful man who has made his own fortune by wide knowledge of markets and finance, by making years of wise decisions, and by years of hard work. By comparison Ms. Rosie has gained fame by being a very ugly loud obnoxious lesbian hate monger. Ms. Walnut was first the token female talking head in TV news. Neither of the two ugly cunts are worth 10 cents on their own merit. Their audience is middle age single females who never could manage to have a decent life. If they aren't careful Trump will buy a controlling share of Disney and cancel The Spew. It would be a boon to America if he does.

Ms. America joins HATE MEN predators

Fresh from her own forgiveness from illegal drinking and partying, Ms. America Lauren Nelson joined the hate men gang of thugs from NYC. She posed as a 14 year old woman, or "jail bait" as young sexy females are called, and participated in a trap and destroy men operation. The operation was created by evil scumbag men hating monster John Walsh to pander to his hate TV audience. Other misandrist bigots in the Ms. Hate America organization include Art McMaster, president and CEO of the Ms. America Organization. Read Story.

In previous HATE MEN predation the blue gun thugs and evil turd Walsh have sent men to hell for decades when there wasn't any female involved at all, only sick sexual perverts pretending to be young women. This time there was an actual female involved and she is clearly legal at age 20, but the facts of legal and illegal females doesn't matter to vile stinking turds who's only goal is to promote anti-men hate for TV cameras. One has to wonder why some decent citizen hasn't shot evil turd Walsh for the good of American men. If any men-hating turd deserves to be taken down, that stinking turd certainly does. Walsh once lost his son because Walsh's son wasn't protected by his father. Ever since then the evil turd has deflected his own guilt for failure to protect his son by making a career out of destroying other men for blood thirsty TV audience. One can only wonder why some decent citizen hasn't eliminated his evil scum ass for the good of American men.

Last night I watched the Military Channel, much better than Hate-TV. They were showing and demonstrating a new .50 caliber sniper rifle that could take out evil scum from up to 2,400 yards, about a mile and a half. Hate-TV is not needed. Evil misandrist scum like Walsh or Ms. hate-men could learn something from programs like that.

Now Ms. America has joined the blood sport of baiting men for their destruction. Ms. Nelson needs to be listed as a sexual predator. She's become an evil misandrist sexual predator who should be shunned by every man for his own safety.

I am also wondering how and when an evil bitch's lies about her age came to turn a lawful date into a serious crime for men. In Evil Turd Walsh's TV hate program the men were led into captivity and destruction by a woman who was, in fact, LEGAL age. That inconvenient fact may end up in some really large lawsuits against Walsh. Maybe trial lieyers can do some good after all.

You can send e-mail to the Ms. Hate America organization at, or Miss America Org

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another false rape case.

UPDATE April 23, 2007 2:30 P.M.

Even as Bob was writing the article another innocent man finally was released after spending 25 years in hell for a false conviction of rape-hate.
"CHICAGO - After spending 25 years in an Illinois prison for rape, Jerry Miller was found innocent Monday after DNA evidence showed he was not responsible for the 1981 attack."
Read Story.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent men are rotting in prison in the USA for false rape-hate convictions. Mr. Miller was still in prison 25 years later for a crime that is as serious as overtime parking plus a ton of feminazi hatred of men. The whole rape-hate program is aimed squarely at the destruction of men. It’s the torpedo that feminazi use to send men to Auschwitz. MEN badly need to take back our society.

--------------------- original article ---------------------------

With the Duke University false rape case recent in our minds, its time to look at the prevalence and severity of false rape accusations. Durham North Carolina at Duke University, Darlington, South Carolina, or in Your Town, Yourstate, innocent men are being prosecuted on false rape charges. Malicious County Persecutors feed on the anti-men hate of our feminist dominated communities to attack and destroy innocent men. While rape does happen, it is quite rare and difficult to do. Only a small fraction of the reported rapes have any basis in facts. Almost all are hate crime lies by some lying vengeful criminal cunt. The reasons that cunts lie range from being late for dinner to enjoying the drama of feminist victimology. For several decades feminist cackle groups tacitly required that each bitch have a "my rapist" for acceptance. Even in the rare occurrences where rape does happen, it amounts to sex with the man taking charge for a change. Sex neither empties a purse nor causes physical injury, and isn't much of a crime at all. Millions of women do sex for fun every day. In contrast, a false accusation causes a significantly worse trauma for the accused that a real rape causes for the phony "victim." The three young men from Duke University were hurt much worse by the false rape accusations than the lying alleged "victim" had supposedly been hurt during the fictitious crime. A whore with five different DNA deposits in her cunt is not hurt by getting one more. The young men were hurt far worse even while being eventually found to be completely innocent. A false accusation does empty your purse, it does cause a massive disruption in your life, arrest, outcast, and traumatized.

Once in a while the innocent men are not convicted. Last week three men from Duke University were found to be innocent. This week in Darlington, SC, the jury told the false accusers to pound sand. Read story. Kenneth Glenn Hinson had been falsely accused by two lying cunts who used false rape-hate as blackmail for illegal drugs. Of course the media is protecting the names of the lying rape-hate cunts so they will be free to prey on other men. No penalty is suffered by the evil lying cunts nor by the evil lying County Persecutors who knowingly persecute and destroy innocent men. The lying Durham whore wasn't even persecuted for fraud after she collected $800 for an hour long dance and left after 10 minutes. That's criminal fraud.

In most towns and cities there are so-called "rape crisis centers" which promote rape-hate and the destruction of innocent men. They are run by evil feminazi bitches and have as much goodness as a KKK lynching or an SS roundup. They feed on hate, the hate of men. They should be closed and burned to the ground to rid the community of the evil that lurks within. The evil County Persecutors need to be impaled for their wanton destruction of good men. Its time to reclaim our cities and our communities and protect our neighbors.

Just kill them both.

You may think that you are safe from blue gun t thug violence because you avoid the "bad" parts of your city. You stay out of the "war zone." You live in luxury with the rich and famous. You are safe from blue gun thugs and other gang violence, right? Wrong!

A well heeled couple was staying at a luxury hotel bungalow in Laguna Beach, California, for $2,200 per night. They got into a domestic argument of some kind and began waving a gun at each other. The cunt was seen running between bungalows naked and carrying a gun. The hotel management made the mistake of phoning the blue gun thugs and asking for "protection." When a gang of gun thugs arrived they saw the couple passing their gun back and forth between them. The blue gun thugs are too stupid to figure out what was going on with the possible domestic violence since both of then had possession of a gun (Which is clearly legal in any land controlled by the US Constitution) and neither was shooting at the other. So the gun thugs just shot and killed both of them. Now both are safe from "domestic violence." Neither of the couple will be killed by the other. The other guests of the hotel won't be troubled by seeing either of them any more. Both have been effectively protected by the blue gun thugs in their usual efficient and violent manner. The Orange County district lieyer's office is in process of preparing a statement which will say that the murder of both victims was "justified."

A week or so ago some swine commenter suggested that Bob may need to phone the blue gun thugs for "protection" one day, perhaps from robbery or assault. Bob isn't so stupid, and does not recommend anyone calling out a murder gang for protection. Their "protection" may eliminate all further risk of domestic violence or robbery, as they did for the couple in the luxury bungalow in Laguna Beach. That's who they are. That's how they "protect" people, even rich people. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be a whole lot safer and have a lot more freedom if the gangs of blue gun thugs didn't exist.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Who was Cho's father?

Cho's tortured plays keep mentioning a step-father, and describing a son who was badly abused by a step-father. In the USA, more than 80% of criminals come from broken homes and single mothers.

I'm wondering, and the US media and blue gun thugs are keeping us from knowing, what kind of family did Cho come from. The British media has reported that his mother was from an upper class North Korean family and her husband is from a low class family. but, nobody has seen fit to tell the public about who was in fact Mr. Cho's father. Blue gun thug agencies have all refused to answer questions about it. No US media will talk about it at all. They treat us like mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and tossing shit on our heads.

It seems a good guess that Cho was from a broken home, or was perhaps a bastard. Did his low class stepfather badly abuse him, and perhaps he suffered brain injury from abuse at an early age in Korea. Boys who grow up without their fathers are the most abused children. Mothers who remarry are the most likely to abuse children, and her latest bed partner, the kid's step-father, is the second most likely to abuse. And they both abuse boys twice as much as they abuse girls. Did Cho suffer brain injury as an abused child in Korea?

When we are trying to understand how someone could do what Cho did, an understanding of his childhood, step-father, etc., is central to the understanding. Our media and blue gun thugs are doing a great disservice to the public by refusing to allow us to know what is killing our children and why.

Polar Ice Expanding

A week ago the desk jockeys who believe Algore's lies about Global Stupidity (warming) were warning that the annual Canadian Seal hunt would have problems because of Global Stupidity was melting the polar sea ice. Read story

So this week, the Canadian seal hunt fleet is actually out hunting seals, and the Ice is so thick that the entire fleet is stuck in the ice and their vessels are being crushed. The Canadian Coast Guard sent its ice breaker ship to free the seal hunt boats, and the ice is so thick that the ice breaker ship is stuck in the ice. No seal hunting is going on. The fleet is in danger of being crushed by polar ice, the thickest polar ice in more than 20 years. Video here

Hello you IDIOTS! What part of Algore's lies are you still going to believe? Pull your heads out of your assholes and look around,


Wetback Gonzales Again

Regular readers of The World According to Bob will know that Bob is not a fan of Wetback US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. All the liberal media has been pushing a Democratic assault on the Bush Administration that is currently focused on firing of US Attorneys. Gonzales was subpoenaed to testify to the Democratic Congress yesterday. The Democrats claim that several US Attorneys were fired for political reasons. Read story Bush and Gonzales have denied it. That was their mistake.

Bush and Gonzales made the same mistake that Clinton did in the Lewinski affair. They lied and denied it. These fired US Attorneys are political appointments. When Clinton took office he fired all of the US Attorneys and put in Democrats. Bush made the mistake of retaining most of them and now, much later, fired a few. The key word in "political appointee" is "political." Political appointees are supposed to serve the wishes and political agendas of the elected President. Of course they were fired because they weren't carrying out the political agenda of the President. Bush and Gonzales should have said, "We felt that these attorneys weren't serving the political agenda of the President." Tell the truth, and the scandal goes away.

Clinton got impeached for lying about Lewinski, not for getting a BJ in the oval office. He should have said, "Sure, we had a good time." Instead he lied and got impeached.

Bush and his Wetback Attorney General should have told the truth. "Sure, they are POLITICAL appointees. What part of "political" don't you understand?" Instead they lied and denied. No wonder the public doesn't trust any of the lying scum.

Now the Democrats are demanding that he should resign or be fired. We expect Democrats to demand that. It's POLITICAL after all, and Democrats bashing Republicans is politics as usual. So was firing Democrat Lieyers. The Wetback Attorney General should have admitted it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Censorship or arrogance?

Yesterday NBC News showed us PART of Cho's video, saying that much of it was "obscene" and otherwise objectionable. As far as I know now his written manifesto has not been generally made available to the public. Today there have been a chorus of arrogant assholes in the media whining that We The People are not smart enough, are not wise enough, or are not important enough to see the material that they have already watched. Where the hell do they think they get their super power to decide what the people should and should not be able to see?

They broadcast on PUBLIC airwaves. The cable channels are PAID by us subscribers to broadcast the news.

We do not need self-appointed censors, arrogant assholes who can't get their head back out far enough to seen the light, censoring what we are allowed to see. They are smarter than us, and on average not as smart as us. The material from Cho should have been immediately posted to the Internet on a public space such as U-TUBE for all who want to see. The arrogant assholes who censor the news and claim to be superior to the public do not deserve their positions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Feminazi Organizer Booted Cho

It has been learned that VT nutcase, Mr. Cho Seung-Hui had been subject to severe misandrist hate teaching by lesbian feminazi English/Women's Studies professor Nikki Giovanni. See VT Women's Studies page.

Ms. Giovanni criticized Mr. Cho in her class and threatened him with dismissal. According to reports she booted him out of her English class, Cho was an English major. Being booted from a class in one's major at a University might have ruined his prospects for graduation and turned his last 4 years of work into wasted time, or worse.

Her kind of anti-men hate is enough to push even a strong man to rethink his place in the world. For a marginal man like Mr. Cho, a man hating dominant lesbian professor is enough to send him totally around the bend.

Reports from Cho's life say that he was teased and criticized extensively during High School because of his poor enunciation and strong accent. At Virginia Tech Cho tried a couple of times to make contact with females, but was reported to the police for "harassment" or "stalking" each time. The difference between "harassment," "stalking," and a romantic conversation comes down to who she likes. In each case she didn't like Cho, so the blue gun thugs were called and Cho was abused, harassed, and intimidated by the blue gun thugs.

It has been observed before that driving a man to suicide is worse than killing him outright because he suffered much longer. Most of the time driving a man to suicide causes him to die quietly. Once in a while his suicide includes anger or rage and the people, system, or culture that drove him to suicide suffers damage along with his death.

It is obvious that Cho was abused, mistreated, and rejected for many years. Eventually he became psychotic if he weren't already. It may be that his long term lack of social skills were the cause as well as the result of mental illness. Nevertheless, he was repeatedly subjected to harassment, rejection, and abuse at Virginia Tech before he went violent and suicidal. We will see more and more men resorting to violence as schools and colleges get more and more misandrist.

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Gun Free Zone

Eight months ago the Virginia legislature debated and rejected a bill that would have allowed students and faculty at Virginia Tech to go armed to class, as Americans are allowed by our Constitution. The state of Virginia and Virginia Tech University is currently in direct criminal violation of the Constitution of the United States by persecution of any man who owns and bears arms on the campus. When an attack comes, the students and faculty at Virginia Tech are defenseless victims, and that fact has not been lost on the students and faculty, nor on decent honest citizens in Virginia. Eight months ago local newspaper editors wrote editorials demanding that Virginia Tech comply with the Constitution and stop rendering its students defenseless. Read story.

When the Virginia Legislature debated the Virginia Tech "gun free zone" last summer, Virginia Tech pointed to its gang of blue gun thugs and promised to "protect" its students. Like all left wingnuts the Virginia Legislature bought their nonsense, and failed to pass the state law which would have beaten some sense into criminals at Virginia Tech. University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Blue Gun Thug Chief W.R. Flinchum hid in their slimy offices and pretended that the students were being protected. It should be painfully obvious to every American by now that what Steger and Flinchum did was to create a killing field of unarmed and unprotected victims.

When Mr. Cho decided to kill students at Virginia Tech he knew that none of them would be able to defend themselves. He knew that by the policy of Steger, Flinchum, and affirmed by the Virginia Legislature just 8 months ago, none of them were going to be able to defend themselves. They had all been disarmed and left vulnerable. All their guns were left at parents homes, or perhaps in their cars. In a "gun free zone" only the killer has a gun. Its an open invitation for nuts who kill. It is not the first time in America that gun free zones have been chosen as places to kill.

In contrast, rural America is generally safe, because rural Americans are usually armed. Few criminals will rob, steal, or assault rural Americans because those who do end up face down in their own blood. Rural Americans are away from gangs of blue gun thugs. Very few criminals will dare to assault a rural American home. Most of those who do end up face down in their own blood, and are never heard from again.

When someone is contemplating a serious crime, another law, a "gun free zone" only guarantees him a free fire zone, safe from any self defense by his victims. It does not stop the crime. In every American city that has declared itself "gun free zone" the crime rates have gone up. It guarantees a wealth of easy targets for those who do crime. In the UK where they have rounded up guns from honest citizens the crime rates have soared. In contrast, in Switzerland every man is required to own military style fully automatic weapons and be trained in their use. In Switzerland violent crime is almost nonexistent because everyone knows that every man is armed and ready to defend himself and his family. The USA has gone from an armed and defended society to a patchwork of well defended areas and open season crime areas such as Virginia Tech where nobody can defend themselves.

One April morning Mr. Cho went to a dormitory and shot a young female and then the Resident Advisor who foolishly came unarmed to her aid. Mr. Cho knew that there would be no defense raised in the dormitory because it was a "gun free zone." Only criminal killers like Mr. Cho have guns in a "gun free zone." Everyone else is a sitting duck. He could kill without risk. Eventually the blue gun thugs led by Blue Gun Thug Chief W.R. Flinchum arrived, but by then Mr. Cho had long since walked away. Cho tucked his gun back into his backpack, and calmly walked back to his own dorm room. Of course his room was also a "gun free zone," but criminals pay no attention to such laws. They only are followed by sitting ducks, the unarmed victims of criminals.

After Mr. Cho finished his dorm killing, he stored his gun into his backpack and calmly walked back to his dormitory. Mr. Cho kept guns in his dormitory room, in a "gun free zone," because Mr. Cho was planning to be a criminal. He was unconcerned with the law against guns. Laws matter to law abiding citizens, not to criminals. And of course Steger and Chief Flinchum are criminals too. The fundamental law in the USA says, The right to own and bear arms shall not be abridged." Mr.'s Steger and Flinchum enforce policy that violates the fundamental law, the "gun free zone." Criminal law breakers pretend to protect students by enforcing their illegal "laws." What a total joke.

The blue gun thugs led by Chief Flinchum "investigated" the murders in the dormitory. Blue gun thugs love to "investigate." They revel in the false importance of taking control, keeping all the other curious people out while they satisfy their own sordid curiosity. They "secured" the area around the murder site. Some leftist media pundits have asked why they didn't "lock down" the whole Virginia Tech campus. More rational minds wonder what good that would have done. The killer was a VT student. He was free to wander about the campus, even on lockdown. All a so-called lockdown would have done would be to enclose Mr. Cho with all his intended victims. Should they have canceled classes? Would that have done anything but move the delay violence? It gave Mr. Cho a free pass to go to the Engineering building and start shooting dozens of unarmed victims, freedom guaranteed by Virginia Tech's administration.

But suppose that honest citizens had been allowed to arm themselves for their own self defense? A notice of a killing on campus that morning would have put them on notice not to leave their guns in their cars. When Mr. Cho started shooting in classrooms, several of his intended victims would have been armed. When he shot through doors trying to kill those holding doors against him, someone inside could have fired back. Students hiding behind desks waiting their turn to be shot could have instead have fired back. Even engaging Mr. Cho in a temporary exchange of ineffective fire would have greatly reduced the total number of deaths. Mr. Cho's death toll would have been far fewer. Had even a few of the students and professors had a weapon, instead of being totally defenseless, the outcome would have been far different.

What about University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Blue Gun Thug Chief W.R. Flinchum's promise to "protect" the students at Virginia Tech in the "gun free zone?" Did they protect any of the 32 dead professors and students? Did they protect any of the 30 more wounded?

Of course the blue gun thugs arrived after the killing was done, and have been playing "investigation" for days. They love to "Investigate" after the crime is done. They parade up and down for cameras with assault rifles, drive cars with 22 flashy lights. Wear monkey suits with impressive patches and badges. But they don't protect anyone. All they really do is to exacerbate the death toll by preventing We The People from protecting ourselves. Without the criminal "gun free zone," without the blue gun thugs, without the incompetent Mr. VT President Steger, very few people would have died. Without the criminal "gun free zone," there is a good chance that Mr. Cho would never have begun his rampage. Without the criminal "gun free zone," there is a good chance that the Resident Advisor could have stopped Mr. Cho and ended the killing. Without the criminal "gun free zone," several students in the engineering building would have fired back. Without the criminal "gun free zone," there would have been only a few deaths before Mr. Cho fell. The illegal "gun free zone" that prevents We The People from defending ourselves was the underlying cause of at least 20 deaths and at least 20 wounded at Virginia Tech.

A comparison can be made with the Texas Tower shooting some years ago at the University of Texas. The crazy gunman took a position in a high clock tower and began shooting random people within several hundred yards in every direction. Within a very few minutes numerous citizens grabbed their own guns and began firing back. The hail of returned fire stopped the killing and kept the gunman's head down while a citizen and an off-duty blue gun thug made their way across an open area to the tower. After climbing the tower, the off duty gun thug shot the nutter several times with his pistol, but it was the citizen's shotgun that finally stopped the crazy gunman.

At the Virginia Tech University there were no armed citizens to return fire. All that many citizens could do was to hide in their classrooms and wait to die. Some jumped out the 2nd or 3rd floor windows, breaking legs or ankles. One old professor, a Holocaust survivor, held the door for a while as students jumped to the ground, but he soon died, and so did those slow to jump. In a "gun free zone" everybody is vulnerable. Nobody is protecting anybody. A single crazy nut can do horrible damage. The nuts all know that we are vulnerable. Mass murders in "gun free zones" and disarmed cities are increasing. Left wingnuts ban guns and the people die. University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Blue Gun Thug Chief W.R. Flinchum are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 20 students and the wounding of 20 more. Their stupid and illegal "gun free zone" policy resulted in mass murder that was easily preventable. Their stupidity and criminal malfeasance of office is the underlying cause of the massive number of deaths. Their illegal "gun free zone" policy turned a minor incident into the largest mass murder ever in the USA.

Its time to reclaim our country and restore our rights to defend ourselves. We need to strike down criminals like University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Blue Gun Thug Chief W.R. Flinchum. We need to arm the honest citizens so that crazy killers shy away from futile attacks.

------------ Update 4-18-07 12:45 PM -------------

News reports on FOX say that Rider University in New Jersey is now on "lockdown" because "a student had a weapon." Hello???! Anybody home upstairs above your pathetic gun thug ears? American citizens have an unmitigated right to own and bear arms. An armed student is reason to feel safe. Its not a reason for concern. Its time for the blue gun thugs to start obeying and enforcing the law.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Islamic Terrorists loose in our land

------------- UPDATE 4-19-07 ---------------------

Cho Seung-Hui sent a manifesto to NBC. They have only broadcast very limited bits of it. However the NBC correspondent in Baghdad said on camera that it contained many Islamic references and typical Islamic language. He said it was very similar to many suicide messages from Islamic terrorists who die in suicidal attacks on people in Iraq. The NBC correspondent said that Ismail is a sacrificial hero among Islamics and has an Islamic annual event celebrating his sacrifice.

CNN has now changed the spelling of "Ismail" which was written on Cho's arm in red to "Ishmael," presumably to prevent the American people from understanding that Cho was an Islamic terrorist.

For a better description of the differences between Jewish/Christian Ishamel and Arab "Ismail" see here

Islamic terrorism is killing people in America, and our media is refusing to let us know about it. It's not PC to acknowledge Islamic terrorism.

--------------- ORIGINAL POST ----------------------
Cho Seung-Hui, was a troubled 23-year-old senior from South Korea. On his arm he had written in red ink, "Ismail Ax." Read Story It was the message he wanted to leave for the people after death, even as he emptied his pockets of identification and filed the numbers off of his guns.

I put "Ismail Ax" into Google, and came up with the Koran.

Allah blesses Ibrahim with a son to become a prophet
Time went by and no children were born to Sarah. She realized she was sterile. She accepted her fate and submitted to the will of Allah. Ibrahim and Sarah moved to Egypt where the king gave Sarah a woman to be her servant. The woman's name was Hajar. Sarah was seeing Ibrahim' s hair getting white, and it grieved her to see his chance of having any child slipping away. She offered Hajar her servant as a wife to her husband, and prayed Allah to bless Hajar and Ibrahim with a child. And so came Ismail, a baby boy born to Hajar. How unselfish Sarah was! For her, the need to have an offspring who would carry the Message after Ibrahim was greater than her pride.

A note believed to have been written by Cho was found in his dorm room that railed against "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus. Does that sound like an Islamic extremist to you? It does to me.

Was the mass murder at Virginia Tech the act of an Islamic fundamentalist? Its beginning to look like it was. It’s a shame that none of the public media will talk about it at all. Two months ago they swept an Islamic terrorist mass shooting in a Utah mall under the carpet. Will they pretend that the VT mass murder had nothing to do with Islamic Extremists too?

Monday, April 16, 2007

The truth will get you crucified

The other problem with the Imus affair is that Imus was speaking the truth. Not that long ago a decent young woman got married and ran a family. Rich young women might have gone to college for a few years to find a rich husband. But today, all the young women are feminist trained "hos" in the popular language of our youth. They eschew decent lives as wives and mothers, turning instead to "relationships" and "hook-ups." Instead of a family they follow the false feminist plan of "education" and career, they become athletes instead of mothers. The Universities recruit women because of Title IX. Females who have turned away from decent lives as wives and mothers to have "hook-ups" and athletic careers are "hos" in the fundamental meaning of the word.

Throughout history women have divided themselves into the wife class or the whore class. Whores or "courtesans" have never been wives. Courtesans and whores got educated in books, dabbled in politics and music, and renounced the quiet home life of a wife and mother. Whores have never been the women we celebrate on Mother's Day. Young women today don't even aspire to being good wives and mothers. Whoring, selling themselves, is what they are taught is the goal for women. Its the feminist ideal. Selling themselves in men's careers, selling themselves in politics, selling themselves in athletics, selling themselves in so-called education. None of them are taught to even strive to be be good women any more. They are all "hos." University female sports teams are the epitome of "hos."

The many Hip Hop and Rap artists who use the term "ho" to refer to modern women have not invented anything new. They are telling the age old truth about women who have chosen to be whores instead of wives and mothers. The women's basketball team are women who turned away from the wife path of life, women who chose education, tattoos, athletics and public display over the quiet home life of a good wife. They have chosen to be classic whores, not good moral wives, not good mothers. Don Imus was speaking the absolute truth. If they don't want to be called "hos" they should stop being hos. Get out of the ho life and aspire to be a good woman.

Black women have hair that is honestly called "nappy" because of how it grows. Its only a criticism if a black female is trying to look white, like Michael Jackson. The truth is that the Rutgers team are nappy headed hos. The truth hurts, and the truth will get a man persecuted. You can't speak the truth to feminists. You can't speak the truth when PC language requires lies. Don Imus spoke the truth, and the truth got him crucified.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Breaking the Law

There is a myth in this country that men are sent to hellhole prisons for breaking the law. That is one of the worst lies that the media and government tells. breaking the law is a fools justification for hate crimes against the people.

A few days ago some comment asked if Bob has ever broken the law. The question reminded me of a TV quiz show contest from almost half a century ago. Back in the early 1960s there was a popular network TV show called People Are Funny. On the show they would select people from the audience to do skits and little contests for cash prizes. Sometimes they would have to grab as many dollar bills as they could before a random event happened. If the event happened while they were still grabbing money they lost it all. If they grabbed some and then stopped before it happened they got to keep that much. The writers thought up a lot of silly stunts and games.

One of the games on People Are Funny that I remember was one they did several times. They would send an audience member to go out of the TV studio, walk a couple of blocks down the street (In NYC), cross the street, buy a hot dog from a street vendor, and return to the studio, and all without breaking the law. A blue gun thug sergeant followed along to cite any laws that the contestant broke. If he returned without breaking the law he got a big cash prize.

Most of the constants could not accomplish the trip without breaking the law. According to their legal experts the average person (in 1960s) broke the law about ever 2 1/2 minutes. The teaching of the contest is that EVERYBODY breaks the law every day, several times a day. It is virtually impossible for anyone to go through a day of normal activity without breaking the law. These days we have a lot more laws to break than we had fifty years ago.

Whenever so-called "crime" is discussed, whenever blue gun thugs are discussed, whenever massive hellhole prison systems are discussed, the "crime" syndicates claim that they punish men for breaking the law, but they are obviously lying scum to say so. When the blue gun thugs chase down and haul some man off to a cage, they claim that they are justified in doing so because he broke the law, but the blue gun thugs break the law as often or more often than anyone else. The County Persecutor who files criminal legal proceedings and goes to courts to "convict" the man of breaking the law, is also guilty of breaking the law. The agents of Satan in black robes of hell are also guilty of frequently breaking the law, even when they aren't drug dealing central like Municipal Court in Albuquerque, NM. No person in America can live his life without breaking the law.

Whenever we talk about so-called "crime" the blue gun thugs and the supporters of their crime syndicate claim that men are punished for breaking the law. But it has nothing to do with breaking the law. The blue gun thugs break the law, the County Persecutor breaks the law, the agents of Satan in black robes of hell break the law, the prison guards break the law, the parole board breaks the law. One man is being destroyed because a legion of pathetic lying scum have the power do destroy him. Its about hate, the hatred of men. Its about power, the exercise of police state power. Its about scumass pigs pretending to be "good" while ever other man is "bad." But it is NEVER about breaking the law.

Criminal Persecution of Men

I was watching several TV news shows talking about the Duke University lacrosse team and the finding of innocent by the NC Attorney General. Each of the TV networks dragged out their legal "analysts," many of whom were former county persecutors, to talk about Filthy Turd Nyfong. They all condemned Filthy Turd Nyfong's rush to judgment and false persecution, but they all failed to display an understanding of even reasonable justice or fairness.

Every one of the persecutors turned news analyst denied that they were as filthy as Filthy Turd Nyfong by saying, "When I was a persecutor, I only brought a case when there was a reasonable chance of getting a conviction." WRONG! And ILLEGAL! The lieyer persecutors hired by the media uniformly demonstrated a complete disregard for the truth, for justice, and for fairness in the criminal persecution system.

Every County Persecutor, District Lieyer, or Federal Persecutor in the USA is required by law to be certain that the accused is guilty before he brings charges in court. The lieyer profession totally ignores the law in favor of persecution of men. Every day innocent men can be convicted, and given enough false evidence, blue gun thug lies, and tortured "confessions" they have a reasonable chance of convicting a ham sandwich. Blue gun thugs routinely use torture interrogation of 12 to 24 hours in a hard chair in a cold room with continual browbeating and sometimes physical beating by gun thugs to extract confessions. Very few innocent men will be able to hold out during that kind of ordeal. A typical tortured confession happened when a half dozen young men were tortured into confessing to a highly publicized rape and beating in NYC's Central Park a few years ago. They were all convicted because they "confessed" and sentenced to spend the rest of their young lives in hell. A few years later the real villain was found, the truth was learned, and the young men were released. Of course the criminal persecutor lieyer and the criminals in blue suits who obtained the tortured confessions were never even reprimanded. In another NYC case the county persecutor charged 2 different men with the same murder. The trials were held simultaneously in adjacent courtrooms. The NYC persecutor is required by law to believe that the man accused is guilty of the crime, and he can not simultaneously believe that two different men are guilty of the same crime. Despite the criminal malfeasance of his position, the agents of Satan in black robes of hell did not object, and both men were convicted.

Instead of having a reasonable chance of getting a conviction, the only acceptable standard for a persecution lieyer should be he is damn sure that the man is guilty. If the men from Duke University had not had a ton of money to hire teams of excellent lieyers, they would now be spending 30 years in prison. Filthy Turd Nyfong had a reasonable chance of getting a conviction, even knowing that there was no chance that the men were guilty. The news analyst lieyers are as filthy and full of excrement as Filthy Turd Nyfong. They are cut from the same dung pile.

The media lieyers who talk on CNN, FOX, etc., and claim to be better than Filthy Turd Nyfong because they only persecuted men when they had a reasonable chance of conviction are as guilty of crimes against humanity as Filthy Turd Nyfong is. They all ought to be impaled by a mob of angry decent citizens. The worst organized crime in our cities lives in the court houses, and wears ties or black robes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Hate Media Reprisal

UPDATE 4-20-07
As a reprisal for the Innocent decision by the NC Attorney General, MSNBC and CBS have fired Don Imus. The anti-white/men hate media was strongly invested in crucifying "rich white men" at Duke University. Jackson, Sharpton, CBS, and NBC had all invested heavily in the hate fest in Durham. They and others were all outraged when charges against their intended (innocent) victims were dropped. In retaliation for the dropping of charges against three innocent young white men, the hate mongers in NYC attacked another white man. They went after Imus with a vengeance, and he's' been sacrificed on their altar of hate. The NC Attorney General said that many people owed the young men an apology. Instead of apologizing, the hate media turned and vented their rage on another white man. Don Imus was near at hand. He was sacrificed.

It's not about "nappy hos." Its not even about Don Imus. He's the sacrificial goat. Its about anti-white/men hate and the outrage when their intended victims got off the hook.

--------- Original Article -------------------------------

Don Imus' criticism of the nappy hos at Rutgers happened several days ago. Why did it finally become the front page, prime time item you might ask? Can you say, "Duke Hate University story goes bad?"

At the start of this week, MSNBC, CNN, and other major media were about to be severely criticized for their anti-white/men hate speech in rushing to judgment and condemnation of innocent men at Duke Hate University. What's worse, a black ho was going to end up being the villain. The black racist organizations, Jackson, Sharpton, and the others were desperate to drum up another story to take the lying black ho, and their previous racist attacks on innocent men off of prime time.

The Don Imus scandal was created by the usual anti-white/men hate organizations, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Rainbow Push, etc., etc., to distract the prime time audience during a week their previous racist attacks on innocent white men might otherwise draw the largest audience.

It's not about Don Imus. It's not about "nappy hos." Its about racist sexism at Duke Hate University and the fallout of their previous racist attacks. That's what the whole Don Imus thing is about. If it weren't for this week's announcement from North Carolina we never would have heard "boo" about Don Imus and his stupid inane (and boring) remarks.

It's about racism. Its about sexism. Its about hate. And that's all that its about.

Dog Gone Again

Its time to revisit the previous article about Dog The bounty Hunter. Dog's cable TV show is about to open its new season. Dog has been making the rounds of talk shows trying to drum up support for asking the totally corrupt DOJ to drop the phony charges against him. Poor Dog is hoist on his own petard. He's become rich and famous for his part in the evil blue gun thug industry, and they are cannibals who willingly eat their own for the highest bidder.

When a man is chased down and caged by the blue gun thugs, within a few days he is hauled before an agent of Satan in black robes of hell to set bail. For an exceedingly large sum of money the agent of Satan in black robes of hell agrees to release him before trial. The bail amount is usually and intentionally more than he can pay so he calls on a bail bondsman. To get out of the blue gun thugs' cage he has to pay the bail bondsman 10% of the huge amount set by the agent of Satan in black robes of hell. The bondsman promises to pay the full amount if the sorry SOB doesn't return for trial. Usually the 10% he pays is a larger penalty than the original "crime" is worth. But the blue gun thug industry is not about reasonable fines and punishment for crime, it is about destroying as many men as possible. So having paid a reasonable fine is just the beginning of his destruction.

When the date for the rigged trial comes, a rational man won't willingly turn his ass in for ten or more years in hell. Instead of reporting to the court he hides out or moves to a different place. The bail bondsman then has to pay the full amount to the agent of Satan in black robes of hell. The law in most parts of the USA then gives his body to the bondsman. A bail bondsman is authorized to use almost any force and otherwise illegal tactics to find and capture his sorry ass and haul it back to the steel cages. Bail bondsmen offer rewards or bounties for the capture of the bail skipper. Dog works for bail bondsmen, tracking down and capturing unfortunate men, and some women, who have failed to return for their incarceration. On his TV show Dog parades around in long hair, tattoos, and jewelry playing "good guy" private gun thug. Dog loves to play gun thug, but he forgets that the gun thugs are cannibals who will always eat their own without regret.

Dog's troubles began when he decided to go after an FBI most wanted instead of the usual drug dealers, pushers, and petty thieves he usually hunts down. He wanted a big kill for his TV show. So Dog and his fat sow wife joined the rape-hate industry with TV crew in tow and started a campaign against Andrew Luster, the son of a famous heiress. Andrew Luster was falsely convicted of 3 counts of "date rape" by use of so-called "date rape drugs." According to recent studies, NONE of the women who claim "date rape drugs" are telling the truth. It is theoretically possible to use "date rape drugs" but, like so many other rape-hate lies, the probability of it being true is vanishingly small. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will be familiar with the published study of "date rape drug" claims wherein 0.00%, none, nada, zip, of the hundreds of women falsely accusing men of using "date rape drugs" on them had any such drugs in their bodies. See Date Rape Drugs

Nevertheless, the rape-hate industry falsely attacked and falsely convicted Mr. Andrew Luster of "rape" by use of "date rape drugs." One video used as "evidence" showed a woman snoring during sex. She fell asleep so he deserves to spend 120 years in hell.

Every week we read about another falsely convicted "rapist" who is proven to have been innocent all along by DNA testing. In the case of Mr. Luster, there wasn't any question about sex with the women. As is usual in the hundreds of false "date rape drug" accusations the woman sobers up or changes her mind the next day and blames her poor choices on "rape-hate" of men. In an orgy of misandrist hate the rape-hate persecutors sentenced Mr. Luster to 120 years in prison for 3 false rape accusations based on the fiction of "date rape drugs."

Now Luster isn't a poor man like the usual lowlife that Dog catches. Luster has millions of dollars at his disposal. And, Luster had moved to Mexico where money can always buy government officials. Undeterred by the folly of his adventure in international crime, Dog made a serious mistake of going to Mexico to capture Luster. Dog's entry into the rape-hate business was a mistake from the beginning. He's a man hater by profession, a rental pig, a member of the anti-men crime syndicate. So rape-hate is one of his big items, and his fat sow wife encourages him. Dog found Luster in Mexico and was soon arrested for violation of Mexican law. The usual American bounty hunter laws don't apply in Mexico. Dog pretends to be enforcing law by capturing lawbreakers and returning them to justice. He forgot that he was violating serious Mexican law, and was subject to Mexican criminal persecution as soon as he captured Mr. Luster. Mexico has a serious problem with criminal kidnapping for ransom, and has serious laws against capturing someone. Dog violated Mexican law when he captured Mr. Luster in Mexico.

Dog, and the rest of the "crime and punishment" industry pretends that they are the "good guys" who take down "bad guys" to protect the "civilians." We know that is a bold face lie. Dog and your local blue suited gun thug are just more criminals who use, abuse, or ignore the law to practice their profession of destroying men. When a man gets into their sights, like the men of the lacrosse team at Duke University, or Mr. Luster, or now Dog, the machine grinds them up and destroys them. Occasionally a huge public outcry can save someone, like those men of Duke University who were falsely accused like so many others. But most often falsely accused men like Mr. Luster are sent to hell without remorse. Dog plays the TV hero, pretending to round up "bad guys" and playing to bleeding hearts by trying to convince us he's really doing them a favor. What a bunch of sorry crap.

When Dog went into Mexico he violated an agreement between the US Government and the Mexican government. A few years ago the FBI caused an international incident by violating Mexican sovereignty in a similar arrest raid. An agreement was worked out where the Mexican government will capture American fugitives and return them to the USA and the FBI won't violate Mexican sovereignty by going there without Mexican government involvement. Dog ignored all that, did not get the official international cooperation, and crossed the FBI by jeopardizing their international agreement. The FBI is the agency that will shoot children, wives, and even a man's dog. The FBI is the only agency since Saddam Hussein's Iraq that will use internationally banned WMD poison gas to kill large numbers of men, women, and children (Waco). Dog meddled in international politics, bribery, money laundering, corrupt public officials, and the FBI scum have now turned against him. Dog makes the rounds of talks shows hoping to bring political pressure against the FBI and DOJ. He presents himself as a defender of justice for capturing a "serial rapist." He blames international treaties and misunderstandings. The poor dumb misandrist schmuck thought he was immune from their misandrist hate.

Bob is appalled that another innocent man still rots in a hellhole prison and probably will be there for the rest of his life after being falsely convicted based on lies about phony "date rape drugs." Bob is disturbed that the FBI, DOJ, Border Patrol, and many of our government agencies have been sold to drug cartels and big money corruption. But Bob has no sympathy for a self righteous scumbag who plays "bounty hunter" on TV, making big money by destroying the lives of other men. He's been hoist on his own petard. May he rot in hell. Its only a shame that his fat sow wife doesn't go down with him.

Duke Hate University needs to End its Hate

The State Attorney General of North Carolina Roy Cooper held a widely broadcast news conference today at which he declared the falsely accused men of the Duke Lacrosse team "innocent" of all charges. He repeatedly referred to charges against the Persecutions Attorney Nifong before the North Carolina Bar Association. Nifong was declared the Misadrist Hate Monger of the Year for 2006 for his lies, hate and malicious malfeasance of public office.

State Attorney General Cooper also said that many people need to publicly apologize for their actions regarding this affair. Criminal malicious false accusations charges need to be filed against the lying scum whore who falsely accused young men in a poorly planned attempt to extort money. Filthy Turd Nifong should be disbarred and then impaled in front of the County Court House as a lesson to other hate mongers who are tempted to misuse the public trust.

North Carolina persecutors have declined to file charges against lying whore and serial false rape-hate accuser who currently calls herself Crystal Gale Magnum. The apparent reason is because of racist/sexist prejudice that favors even the worst black female at the expense of innocent white men. Abject racism and sexism is alive and well in North Carolina.

It is time for Duke Hate University to clean up its long standing Hate programs. Duke needs to summarily fire the Duke Hate 88 for malicious slander of students and bringing great public disgrace to Duke University. They have violated the terms of their tenured positions and should be immediately relieved of their positions to restore the credibility and reputation of Duke Hate University. Until and unless Duke Hate University reverses its longstanding anti-white, anti-men hate policies and programs, and stops employing malicious hate mongers for the purpose of promoting anti-white and anti-men hate, Duke Hate University and its sponsor, the state of North Carolina, will continue to stand in disgrace. No white man, and indeed no man at all should attend a University that promotes such hate.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anti-white racism AGAIN!

UPDATE April 10, 2007
Howard Stern advises that Imus should have stood his ground and should have said, "F**k you, it’s a joke." "He's apologizing like a guy who got his first broadcasting job,” Stern told his Sirius Satellite Radio audience.

Bob, who never listens to either talk host, agrees with Stern. Apologizing for speaking the truth does no good and gives support for the racist attackers by admitting that their complaints are valid. Apologizing for speaking one's mind is weak. He was right to criticize the racist all-black team fielded by Rutgers even if the words he used hadn't been carefully reviewed.

Don Imus is being crucified on NBC's Today by the usual parade of anti-white racists. The NBC producers, of course, are also anti-white racists as well as anti-men sexists and anti-American leftists. They leap on any excuse to castigate a white American MAN for any comment or remark that criticizes the chosen privileged social classes. And privileged classes are not white American men.

Don Imus used a phrases brought into the mainstream of American culture by a couple of decades of black rap artists. Imus was criticizing Rutgers University for fielding an all-black (no whites allowed) basketball team. Rutgers deserves the criticism. The women's championship game reminded me of my senior year in high school when on of the high schools in my city had an all-black male basketball team and an all-white female cheer leading squad. Rutgers University, their basketball team and coaches deserved to be criticized for their pro-black racism.

NBC's Today brought out the usual parade of black racists, Jackson, Sharpton, etc., and others I hadn't heard of. The names of the organizations some of these racists run wouldn't be tolerated if it said "white" instead of "black." There is a cadre of black racists waiting in the wings to leap onto every opportunity for racist criticism of whites. We have seen an organized campaign over recent months to attack and destroy any white man who dares speak his mind about a black racism. There have been numerous white men attacked.

Mr. Imus works for CBS radio and MSNBC TV, where he has had a very successful 30 year career in comedy and talk. MSNBC has suspended Imus for his thoughtful remarks criticizing the blacks only basketball team. It was a criticism which needed to be said. He did it in a humorous manner.

Bob went to the MSNBC web site discussion board to post a message supporting Mr. Imus and objecting to NBC's anti-white racism. Unfortunately, Bob has been banned by the NBC censors. They don't allow white men to disagree with their racist bigotry. Imus spoke out and got suspended. The power is at work destroying white men and we are being silenced. From Bob to Imus, the censors control what you can say or think.

Friday, April 06, 2007

How many children will DIE?

UPDATE 4-8-07
Even while Bob was writing this article the blue gun thugs in Alvarado, Texas were chasing another child to death. Alexxus Riza was a passenger in a SUV when the murderous blue gun thug Dub Gillum and the rest of a murderous mob in blue monkey suits chose a violent end to her life. Not surprising. Violent death by car chase is one of the most popular ways that blue gun thugs murder innocent people, including children. Stoked up on illegal steroids, pumped with adrenaline, a chase is every blue pig's dream. One in every 25 chases ends in death. One in 5 ends in serious injury. Almost all results in property damage. The blue gun thugs love them. They get to destroy, maim, and kill people.

How many children will die. How many deaths will it take till we learn that too many people have died.


How many children will die before the public says that's enough? How many men and children will be murdered by the blue gun thugs? Every day good men are beaten to death, shot, or chased to death. And often its children who are dying with the blue gun thug at their backs. This week another story, another family ripped apart, another teenager dead in the streets, and more teens hurt and suffering.

The blue gun thugs are out every night looking for victims, someone to rob, someone to chase, someone to beat up, someone to destroy, someone to kill. Last night it was three innocent teenagers who were chased down and injured or killed.

A 1960s song once asked, How many deaths will it take till we learn, that too many people have died? The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Feminist Emotional Abuse Doesn't Pay

Rebecca Griego was a modern feminist slut. Instead of following a traditional life leading to marriage and raising a family, she followed the feminazi life plan of "education," whoring, and a man's career. Instead of relying on her husband for protection, she relied on the blue gun thugs, the feminist army. But as readers of The World According to Bob well know, the blue gun thugs don't protect anyone, not even a feminist slut.

Instead of a husband, slut Rebecca shacked up with Jonathan Rowan, a hard drinking Englishman bad ass. Many women overlook good honest men and shack up with the excitement and lust for bad but manly men. Her bad ass Englishman didn't pander to her feminazi domination. When she started bitching about his drinking he would kick her whiny ass out of the room. Feminists believe that the female is the dominant half of a couple, but Mr. Rowan wouldn't be dominated. So Rebecca called him a bunch of bad names and moved out to live with her sister.

We don't know how all the facts about Rowan. He sometimes told housemates that the middle name he had given -- ''Gulam-Nabi'' -- was actually the last name of his real father, whom he never met, that he grew up near Blackpool, England, that his stepfather hated him and that people would hurt him if he returned. He was apparently the bastard spawn of a lying whore mother much like Rebecca. He grew up a badly abused child with feminist whore mother and her latest child abusing fuck. Males of many species commonly abuse or kill the female's bastards from other males, and from an evolutionary perspective that behavior has a real value. Rowan was the whore's bastard, the abused one with no father to protect him. He was the spawn of the ideal feminazi life, and the feminazi, in the body of Ms. Rebecca, reaped their own reward. What they reap is what they have sown.

Feminists like Rebecca never understand that playing with a man's emotions is a dangerous game. They treat men like some toys they can use and abuse, and then discard when they get bored. The feminist term is "emotional abuse," but of course feminists only ever apply that term to their own emotions. What feminist like Rebecca do to men is severe emotional abuse. Every few minutes another man is driven to suicide in the USA, mostly by abusive females who prey on men. The natural manly love for a woman creates a very strong bond that is often devastating when she treats him like yesterday's pantyhose, to be used and discarded. Most men who have been used and discarded simply go away. Thousands commit suicide. And a few emotionally abused men don't let the abusive bitch get away with it. But Rebecca wasn't worried, at least not at first. Feminists abuse men all the time and usually get away with it. That's how feminists teach their daughters to act. It’s a woman's right, doncha know. The other men she had previously mistreated had just gone away. She expected that this time would be the same.

Rebecca ran to the blue gun thug feminist army for protection, sucking up their lie that they "serve and protect." She filed VAWA paperwork to take away Mr. Rowan's rights to own and bear arms and to live like a man. She continued her emotional abuse by slandering his name where she worked and with all her friends. Instead of having a good fulfilling life as a wife and mother, Rebecca had followed the feminist plan. She had played the femdominatrix with a "bad man" for bedroom excitement. She had used frequent emotional abuse, victimology, and fights to attempt to dominate Mr. Rowan. He put up with all of her emotional abuse because of his manly love for a woman. She had gotten bored, hung him out to dry like yesterday's wash, and moved on, or so she though.

Rebecca, perhaps, expected Mr. Rowan just to quietly suicide like so many emotionally abused men do every day. Every 7 minutes or so in the USA another badly abused man is driven to suicide. Many people contend that driving a man to suicide is worse than killing him outright because he usually endures months of emotional suffering before the violent end. Killing him outright ends quickly by comparison. Rebecca had driven Mr. Rowan to suicide, but he wasn't going to let her off without paying for her crime. She continued to whine to the blue gun thugs for protection, and continued to slander his name where she worked at a man's occupation.

Mr. Rowan caught up with Rebecca at work, and completed his suicide plan, including his abuser in his death. All her feminist army had not protected her. They never do. They are incompetent to protect anyone. They don't intend to protect anyone. The blue gun thugs rush to cover the bodies of those who weren't protected and there pose for photos as plastic heroes.

If you, my reader, is a parent, guide your daughters into a decent life as a wife and mother. Guide them away from the feminist lifestyle of going from man to man, whoring for sexual domination, abusing a series of men, and then discarding the men like yesterday's laundry. Guide your daughters away from the false feminist promises of education and a man's career, because that leads to a life of loneliness broken by dangerous "bad guy" lovers. As a parent you don't want your daughter to turn out as a single mother slut, nor as a body in a double suicide.

Thus ended another feminist who played the feminist game and lost. Another Seattle feminist liberal won't be voting for Hitllary. It is really la shame about the emotional abuse and devastation done to Mr. Rowan. He was driven to suicide, a horrible crime and a tragic end. May he rest in peace.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Guilty of rape -- Never mind the facts

When a woman "feels" she was "raped" that's good enough for the blue gun thugs. Never mind that the "victim" has falsely accused a lesbian in drag.

In CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, a cross dressing lesbian, Elaine Ann Cross, was arrested on a false accusation of "rape-hate" when another woman filed a false accusation. The lesbian spent 10 days in the blue gun thug cage before it was leaned that she could not have committed the crimes she had been accused of because she, being female, didn't have the biological organs. Nevertheless, the blue gun thugs and their agent of Satan in black robes convicted her of "statutory rape." Read story

False rape-hate is an epidemic across America. Every day good men are falsely accused of "rape-hate," and it is primarily a hate crime against men. It would be surprising if even 8% of criminal accusations of rape-hate have any factual basis at all. In the great majority of false rape-hate accusations the female "feels" that making a false accusation will get her sympathy. Reasons for false rape-hate accusations range from school girls who don't like having to complete required studies to pass the class to needing an excuse for being late to dinner. The falsely accused man can be rich and famous like Kobe Bryan, some college student like the lacrosse team at Duke Hate University, or just some poor schmuck from off the street. Anti-men hate laws in most states and under federal VAWA now require criminal persecutors to attack and destroy the accused man even when they know that it’s a fabricated lie. Serial false rape-hate accusers are now operating in ever large city, and their known false accusations are still prosecuted even though the lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell know that the accusations are false. An entire rape-hate industry has grown up, with rape-hate phone in lines to assist any lying cunt who "feels" that she has been "raped" or is otherwise late for dinner.

Even in the 8% which have some basis in factual sexual contact between the female and a man, the act of sex neither empties her purse nor causes her injury. Millions of women do it all the time for the great pleasure it provides. Rape-hate industry counselors are trained to convince women who had a fucking good time that they are the "victims" of a crime. Boo fucking Hoo!

The blue gun thugs, county persecutors, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell feed the hate industry by persecution of men, even when the "man" turns out to be a lesbian in drag who couldn't have committed the faux-crime. Its time to tell the whining cunts of the rape-hate industry to pound sand.