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Friday, April 27, 2007

Kill the old lady!

If you think you are safe from blue gun thug violence and murder because you are sitting quietly at home reading your computer or watching your TV, you need to think again. The blue gun thug gangs itch for violence, and they are perfectly happy to break down your door to shoot you 32 times while you lie on your couch.

For example, a gang of blue gun thugs stormed into an elderly female's home and murdered her without even bothering to knock. The scene of carnage happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia, a few months ago. Gun thug J.R.Smith, gun thug Gregg Junnier, gun thug Arthur Tesler, and a large gang of "backup" filed fictitious paperwork with an agent of Satan in black robes of hell, and obtained a fraudulent "warrant" to break into Ms. Kathryn Johnson's home without bothering to knock. The warrant was criminal on its face because it purported to authorize a violent entry without bothering to knock. The warrant was criminal because the blue gun thugs had lied about a fictitious informant buying drugs at the old female's home. There was nothing unusual about blue gun thugs lying. They lie all the time and have proved to SCOTUS that lying is a normal everyday part of their jobs. Blue gun thugs lie so often that they have no concept of the dividing line between truth and whatever the hell lie they feel like telling now. Unlike decent men who strive to be honest and truthful, blue gun thugs have no honor, no decency, and their word is fiction. They are also usually high on steroids that they take to pump iron and pass their macho physical requirements. The steroids help to bulk up, and also causes violent mental problems, which they consider good for their brutal careers.

When the blue gun thugs arrived at 92 year old Ms. Johnson's home she was lying on her couch watching TV. The gang of blue thugs burst through her door and began firing their weapons. The gun thugs fired 32 times at the reclining old female, hitting her 5 times, and hitting each other in their nightmarish crossfire. When their shooting stopped, poor Ms. Johnson's bullet ridden body lay dead in a pool of her own blood. There were, of course, no drugs, no drug deals, no "crime" going on at all. "Oops, wrong house." "Oops, we lied." "Oops she's dead."

The only difference between this case and thousands of others that happen every day was that the old female was black, and had a family of black activists to protest to the federal government Black Rights departments. Even though the city of Atlanta tried to sweep it all under their carpet, as they usually do when their gang of gun thugs murder, pillage, rob, and terrorize its citizens, this time the federal persecutors filed "civil rights" charges in federal court. Read story

You may be tempted to believe that you are safe from blue gun thug violence because you avoid drugs, don't get involved in crime, and spend your time "safe" at home watching TV or surfing the Internet. Not so at all. Poor Ms. Johnson thought that too, and she died in a hail of blue gun thug fire. If they can't find you on the streets, they will search you out at home and kill you, or me, or any other person who comes to their attention. As long as these evil, violent, blood thirsty gangs roam our streets and neighborhoods, no man or female is ever safe. Blue suited evil kills good men and females in every town, in every city, on every day. Will you be next?


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It should read:

Kill the Old Cunt!

April 27, 2007 5:48 PM  

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