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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Censorship or arrogance?

Yesterday NBC News showed us PART of Cho's video, saying that much of it was "obscene" and otherwise objectionable. As far as I know now his written manifesto has not been generally made available to the public. Today there have been a chorus of arrogant assholes in the media whining that We The People are not smart enough, are not wise enough, or are not important enough to see the material that they have already watched. Where the hell do they think they get their super power to decide what the people should and should not be able to see?

They broadcast on PUBLIC airwaves. The cable channels are PAID by us subscribers to broadcast the news.

We do not need self-appointed censors, arrogant assholes who can't get their head back out far enough to seen the light, censoring what we are allowed to see. They are smarter than us, and on average not as smart as us. The material from Cho should have been immediately posted to the Internet on a public space such as U-TUBE for all who want to see. The arrogant assholes who censor the news and claim to be superior to the public do not deserve their positions.


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