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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dog Gone Again

Its time to revisit the previous article about Dog The bounty Hunter. Dog's cable TV show is about to open its new season. Dog has been making the rounds of talk shows trying to drum up support for asking the totally corrupt DOJ to drop the phony charges against him. Poor Dog is hoist on his own petard. He's become rich and famous for his part in the evil blue gun thug industry, and they are cannibals who willingly eat their own for the highest bidder.

When a man is chased down and caged by the blue gun thugs, within a few days he is hauled before an agent of Satan in black robes of hell to set bail. For an exceedingly large sum of money the agent of Satan in black robes of hell agrees to release him before trial. The bail amount is usually and intentionally more than he can pay so he calls on a bail bondsman. To get out of the blue gun thugs' cage he has to pay the bail bondsman 10% of the huge amount set by the agent of Satan in black robes of hell. The bondsman promises to pay the full amount if the sorry SOB doesn't return for trial. Usually the 10% he pays is a larger penalty than the original "crime" is worth. But the blue gun thug industry is not about reasonable fines and punishment for crime, it is about destroying as many men as possible. So having paid a reasonable fine is just the beginning of his destruction.

When the date for the rigged trial comes, a rational man won't willingly turn his ass in for ten or more years in hell. Instead of reporting to the court he hides out or moves to a different place. The bail bondsman then has to pay the full amount to the agent of Satan in black robes of hell. The law in most parts of the USA then gives his body to the bondsman. A bail bondsman is authorized to use almost any force and otherwise illegal tactics to find and capture his sorry ass and haul it back to the steel cages. Bail bondsmen offer rewards or bounties for the capture of the bail skipper. Dog works for bail bondsmen, tracking down and capturing unfortunate men, and some women, who have failed to return for their incarceration. On his TV show Dog parades around in long hair, tattoos, and jewelry playing "good guy" private gun thug. Dog loves to play gun thug, but he forgets that the gun thugs are cannibals who will always eat their own without regret.

Dog's troubles began when he decided to go after an FBI most wanted instead of the usual drug dealers, pushers, and petty thieves he usually hunts down. He wanted a big kill for his TV show. So Dog and his fat sow wife joined the rape-hate industry with TV crew in tow and started a campaign against Andrew Luster, the son of a famous heiress. Andrew Luster was falsely convicted of 3 counts of "date rape" by use of so-called "date rape drugs." According to recent studies, NONE of the women who claim "date rape drugs" are telling the truth. It is theoretically possible to use "date rape drugs" but, like so many other rape-hate lies, the probability of it being true is vanishingly small. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will be familiar with the published study of "date rape drug" claims wherein 0.00%, none, nada, zip, of the hundreds of women falsely accusing men of using "date rape drugs" on them had any such drugs in their bodies. See Date Rape Drugs

Nevertheless, the rape-hate industry falsely attacked and falsely convicted Mr. Andrew Luster of "rape" by use of "date rape drugs." One video used as "evidence" showed a woman snoring during sex. She fell asleep so he deserves to spend 120 years in hell.

Every week we read about another falsely convicted "rapist" who is proven to have been innocent all along by DNA testing. In the case of Mr. Luster, there wasn't any question about sex with the women. As is usual in the hundreds of false "date rape drug" accusations the woman sobers up or changes her mind the next day and blames her poor choices on "rape-hate" of men. In an orgy of misandrist hate the rape-hate persecutors sentenced Mr. Luster to 120 years in prison for 3 false rape accusations based on the fiction of "date rape drugs."

Now Luster isn't a poor man like the usual lowlife that Dog catches. Luster has millions of dollars at his disposal. And, Luster had moved to Mexico where money can always buy government officials. Undeterred by the folly of his adventure in international crime, Dog made a serious mistake of going to Mexico to capture Luster. Dog's entry into the rape-hate business was a mistake from the beginning. He's a man hater by profession, a rental pig, a member of the anti-men crime syndicate. So rape-hate is one of his big items, and his fat sow wife encourages him. Dog found Luster in Mexico and was soon arrested for violation of Mexican law. The usual American bounty hunter laws don't apply in Mexico. Dog pretends to be enforcing law by capturing lawbreakers and returning them to justice. He forgot that he was violating serious Mexican law, and was subject to Mexican criminal persecution as soon as he captured Mr. Luster. Mexico has a serious problem with criminal kidnapping for ransom, and has serious laws against capturing someone. Dog violated Mexican law when he captured Mr. Luster in Mexico.

Dog, and the rest of the "crime and punishment" industry pretends that they are the "good guys" who take down "bad guys" to protect the "civilians." We know that is a bold face lie. Dog and your local blue suited gun thug are just more criminals who use, abuse, or ignore the law to practice their profession of destroying men. When a man gets into their sights, like the men of the lacrosse team at Duke University, or Mr. Luster, or now Dog, the machine grinds them up and destroys them. Occasionally a huge public outcry can save someone, like those men of Duke University who were falsely accused like so many others. But most often falsely accused men like Mr. Luster are sent to hell without remorse. Dog plays the TV hero, pretending to round up "bad guys" and playing to bleeding hearts by trying to convince us he's really doing them a favor. What a bunch of sorry crap.

When Dog went into Mexico he violated an agreement between the US Government and the Mexican government. A few years ago the FBI caused an international incident by violating Mexican sovereignty in a similar arrest raid. An agreement was worked out where the Mexican government will capture American fugitives and return them to the USA and the FBI won't violate Mexican sovereignty by going there without Mexican government involvement. Dog ignored all that, did not get the official international cooperation, and crossed the FBI by jeopardizing their international agreement. The FBI is the agency that will shoot children, wives, and even a man's dog. The FBI is the only agency since Saddam Hussein's Iraq that will use internationally banned WMD poison gas to kill large numbers of men, women, and children (Waco). Dog meddled in international politics, bribery, money laundering, corrupt public officials, and the FBI scum have now turned against him. Dog makes the rounds of talks shows hoping to bring political pressure against the FBI and DOJ. He presents himself as a defender of justice for capturing a "serial rapist." He blames international treaties and misunderstandings. The poor dumb misandrist schmuck thought he was immune from their misandrist hate.

Bob is appalled that another innocent man still rots in a hellhole prison and probably will be there for the rest of his life after being falsely convicted based on lies about phony "date rape drugs." Bob is disturbed that the FBI, DOJ, Border Patrol, and many of our government agencies have been sold to drug cartels and big money corruption. But Bob has no sympathy for a self righteous scumbag who plays "bounty hunter" on TV, making big money by destroying the lives of other men. He's been hoist on his own petard. May he rot in hell. Its only a shame that his fat sow wife doesn't go down with him.


Blogger Masculist Man said...

I've got to agree with you on the Dog. Have you ever seen his"puppies"? I'll tell you they are an ugly liter and should be put down along with him and his sow wife. I heard his sow wife was married to a junkie and the only thing a junkie is good for is lighting on fire so you can get a fire going. That,and being a moving target.

April 18, 2007 3:57 AM  

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