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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Typical FBI Crime

In 1965 the FBI murdered Edward ``Teddy'' Deegan, and framed two innocent men for their murder, Mr Joseph Salvati and Peter J. Limone. The FBI knew in advance and approved of the murder to be committed by their “informants.” In a callous criminal act the FBI and the other criminals in our government arrested two innocent men off the street, submitted false “evidence,” and the evil agent of Satan in black robes of hell sentenced both men to death. They both would have died in prison but the US Supreme Court suspended death penalty convictions in 1967. The two men spent more than 30 years in the government’s hellhole prisons. Their lives were destroyed. Their families and children suffered decades without their husbands and fathers. All the while the FBI knew that their criminal conspiracy had ruined the lives of ordinary citizens. If you are tempted to think that you don’t have to worry about the FBI if you don’t commit a crime, think again.

Read story here

MSNBC only cares for the wives of the men whose lives were destroyed

The FBI crimes were uncovered during a congressional hearing into FBI use of informants. The framed men were finally released from prison and now a federal Judge has awarded them $104,000,000 for their 30 years of suffering. One congressman has written an apology to the falsely convicted men. Finally out of prison the men age are late 60s and 70s. They missed their children growing up. The financial settlement will help in their last few years but nothing can restore the normal lives they missed nor take away the 30 years they spent in hell. Even with these two men released finally, their story is only the tip of an iceberg of decades of FBI crime. Framing innocent men, robbery, money laundring, and even murder, the FBI is Public Enemy Number One in America.


The case of Salvati and Limone is a tragic example of the criminal conspiracy called FBI. For many decades these violent criminals have left a swath of death and destruction across America. They are the criminal organization originally made famous by assignation murders of suspected criminals such as Dillinger without trial or legal process. They are the criminal organization willing to use WMD poison gas to kill a whole village of men, women, and children. The FBI is an organized crime syndicate which has destroyed hundreds of thousands of ordinary men, women, and children across our land. Where are criminal prosecutions of crimninal FBI officials and agents?

Richard Jewell died this week. While working as a security guard in Atlanta he discovered a bomb in a backpack, reported it, and assisted in evacuating the area before the bomb exploded. The criminal FBI accused Jewell of planting the bomb instead of doing real detective work for which they are paid billions of taxpayer dollars. They ruined Jewell's life, and never did find the real bomber. Criminal malfeasance of their duties, once again destroying an innocent man, and even the man who was the hero for saving dozens of deaths and injuries. It was criminal malfeasance to cover up their usual total incompetence. The FBI should be dismantled, defunded, and the criminal agents sent to their own hellhole prisons.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The wetback AG sent packing

Wetback Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned today. See story. Partisan Democrats have been attacking Gonzales on a purely partisan political basis for months, but it was the heart of the Republican Party that finally convinced President Bush to ask Gonzales to resign. Bush used Gonzales to stop illegal immigration enforcement on the Mexican border. In his Inauguration speech Gonzales bragged about his wetback parents who swam the Rio Grande illegally and worked hard to support Gonzales’ career. He bragged about his wetback parents again while announcing his resignation. During Gonzales’ administration the US Attorneys prosecuted border guards for enforcing the border, handed out free passes to drug smugglers for testifying against border guards, and effectively prevented enforcement of immigration law on the Mexican border. See Wetback Gonzales Again.

Finally in the early summer of 2007, President Bush’s “Immigration Reform” amnesty agenda was soundly defeated. During the political push for amnesty, millions of American citizens and just about every Republican spokesman in the nation loudly demanded enforcement of the border before any amnesty could be considered. Finally President Bush began listening to the American people instead of his kitchen staff that he brought from Texas. In open disagreement with Wetback Gonzales, Bush announced that labor laws will be enforced to prevent employment of illegals. Bush is starting, at last, to start enforcing border security. He finally got rid of his Wetback Attorney General who he had put in charge of the Border Patrol.

It’s a good day in Washington. Maybe we will see border enforcement. Maybe we will see pardons for Border Patrol agents wrongly convicted by Gonzales‘ Department. Maybe we will see construction of the wall that Congress demanded years ago.. Maybe…..


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brattleboro Chooses Freedom

One small town council votes to mind it’s own business. Vermont prides itself on protecting personal freedom. In much of Vermont that includes the freedom to dress as you want, or not, without the government sending blue gun thugs to haul your ass off to hell. In the town of Brattleboro, VT, last year the national media discovered that many young people were choosing not to dress, and it was legal. Talking head bigots on the usual news sources all snickered because human bodies are titillation. They flocked to show legal images of naked teenagers on their “news” programs. News talking heads love to use soft pornography to gain ratings whenever possible, sex sells on news, and a naked teenager sitting quietly is sex in the twisted minds of psychosexual sickos like Nancy Graceless, Geraldo, and O’Really.

In the town of Brattleboro, VT, the national publicity attracted a few people from other states who were tired of the police state control of our lives from cradle to grave. One man from Arizona traveled all the way to VT for the freedom to walk naked. it was about personal freedom. Some merchants in Brattleboro complained that naked men walking down the street were bad for business, so the SelectBoard passed a temporary “emergency” ordinance limiting nudity (requiring clothing) on its main streets and other parts of the town. The “emergency” ordinance lasted for 30 days and was extended for another 30 days while people in the town debated individual freedom vs. state control. In the end, freedom won in Brattleboro, Vermont. In a 3-2 vote the SelectBoard rejected a proposal to make the emergency ordinance permanent. It will expire at the end of the 60 days, and freedom of dress or undress will return. Read story here

Many other states have laws similar to that in Vermont. Washington state, for example, only prohibits nudity if there is an intent to cause distress to someone else. But the police state in other places is unwilling to obey the law and captures law abiding men for simple nudity. They blue gun thugs use brutality, intimidation, harassment, beatings, and arrest to enforce police state control of our lives, including our clothing, even though the law allows us to make our own individual decision. Just last month in Seattle, WA, the blue gun thugs attacked participants in a “Naked Bike Ride” event that had official permits from the city park department and had been coordinated with traffic control authorities. The blue gun thugs of Seattle, WA, beat up and caged three men who had broken no law.

Bob is encouraged by the decision of the SelectBoard in Brattleboro, VT. It’s one small decision for personal freedom. We need to get the blue gun thugs off our backs and out of our lives. What a free man chooses to wear or not on a hot summer day is nobody’s business but his own.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wild blue dogs maul men

Violent assault by blue gun thugs attacks the “wrong” man. Blue gun thugs in Springfield, MA sicked their trained attack dog on Alberto Ramos who happened to be minding his own business in the vicinity of their brutal, violent attack on someone else. Mr. Ramos suffered severe injuries, ripped open flesh that took dozens of stitches to sew back together, probable serious infections requiring heavy antibiotics and their ancillary detrimental health effects. Mr. Ramos will suffer months of limited use of his ripped up body, and will carry the scars from the brutal attack for the rest of his life. Read story here

Springfield and Massachusetts state gun thugs intended for their vicious assault dog to cause exactly that kind of inhuman and permanent injury to somebody. The news article says that the dog attacked the “wrong” man. Bob asks, who is the “right” man to suffer his flesh being ripped apart by a vicious wild dog? Who is the “right” man to be so violently and viciously attacked and so badly injured? What wild stretch of imagination gives any justification for such vicious, brutal, and criminal assault by the Springfield and Massachusetts state gun thugs?

Every violent criminal who participated in the brutal vicious attack should be sent to their own hellhole prison for ten years for aggravated assault, including their supervisors and the nutter reporters who treat massive blue gun thug violations of human bodies as a normal everyday life.

The blue gun thugs are not there to protect you or me, they never have been and they never will be for our protection. The average person would be far better off without these violent vicious gangs of blue suited thugs roaming our streets with their vicious dogs attacking and rendering the flesh of men on the streets.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Feminazi Radio is Dead

Hanoi Jane and feminazi hate monger Gloria Steinem launched a feminist hate radio venture in September 2006. The feminazi hate radio was called “GreenStone.“ In flagrant violation of the Equal Rights Act, GreenStone radio only hired female announcers. Somehow, the very concept of “equal rights” and equal employment opportunity has never been practiced by the feminazi.

Hanoi Jane and Gloria Stonehim hoped that an all female leftist feminist hate radio station would attract millions of leftist females. They apparently wanted to do for radio what Oprah had done for TV. Hanoi Jane probably dumped a ton of cash into the failed venture but probably not enough to seriously hurt the treasonous bitch. Read news story here. 0

Maybe the females of America aren’t so gullible as Hanoi Jane thought. Or more probably the average female of America aren’t smart enough to turn off the boob tube and put their minds in gear. Not that leftist feminazi have any minds, they are all about “feelings.” They “feel” that females are always right. They “feel” that feminazi hate lies are “personal truth.”

Feminazi hate radio is gone. Goodbye and good riddance.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fathers campaign for families

There is a Father’s Rights rally this Week in Washington DC. As many regular readers of The World According to Bob are aware, fathers by the millions are being enslaved and their families destroyed by the for-profit divorce and so-called “child support” industry. In an effort to call attention to the plight of fathers, members of Fathers 4 Justice USA scaled the Lincoln Memorial and unfurled a sign which read, “For the Fathers of the Nation.” Read Story Here. Watch U-Tube video here.

lincoln memorial

Blue gun thugs immediately began a brutal assault on the two protesters who were legally assembling to petition the government, rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Blue gun thugs assaulted and arrested several members of the Fathers 4 Justice support crew, and even some tourists who happened to be viewing the Lincoln Memorial at the time. The citizens were acting entirely legally, and as usual, the blue gun thugs were the criminals, violating the guaranteed rights of a free people. The blue gun thugs and their bosses who assaulted the MEN of Fathers 4 Justice and the tourists ought to be rounded up and impaled in front of the Lincoln Memorial as a lesson to the government that the rights of the people are sovereign in the United States.

The underlying truth of Fathers 4 Justice is the millions of families that have been destroyed by the feminazi and their out-of-control femernment. The brutal tragedy that has befallen so many children needs to be stopped. The fiction of “child support” that enslaves millions of men to pay women and feed the femernment bureaucracy is indentured servitude, a form of slavery. Abraham Lincoln tried to end slavery in the United States, but the feminazi have brought back slavery. When Lincoln was President, blacks were slaves. Today, fathers are slaves, bound into servitude by the horrors of the feminazi and their political machine. Even to protest against the evil feminazi machine gets men attacked and brutalized by hoards of blue suited goons. If even 10% of the men who are enslaved would have courage and join the protest it could be overturned. The time to save today’s fathers, families and children is today.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naked Hate

Bob ventured into a “Clothing Optional” web site called “Clothed Free Forum” Nudism was once an optional family activity with many family oriented clothing optional resorts. States from Oregon to New Jersey have “clothing optional” beaches were families used to take their children and spend the day enjoying the sun and sand without the need for scratchy suits. But times are changing. In the past decade many of the formerly family resorts have been taken over by faggot/lesbian perverts doing public sex and driving off families and children. Nudist clubs and resort populations are declining rapidly as faggot/lesbian perverts drive off younger families. Whole sections of once popular family beaches have been taken over by crowds of faggot perverts riding each other’s rumps in the dunes and shocking decent men, women, and children.

Often the naked faggots put up web sites posing as legitimate organizations. One I discovered recently is called “Clothes Free International,” (CFI), and its Clothes Free Forum (CFF). CFF pretends to be promoting “God given rights” but behind the scenes they require allegiance to the faggot agenda, faggot marriage, public sex, and thinly covered hatred for families with children. CFF is hosted by a group that calls itself “Eve Community,” a name which screams “lesbian pervert” in a loud voice.

CFF is a soft porn site as well as its pervert advocacy. CFF posts lots of naked photos and has a daily soft porn photo teaser. Like other porn sites CFF gives you the daily teaser, but you have to pay to download their porn photo albums. They love photos of naked men and applaud any men with erections. The models are all shaved cunts and cocks too, typical of faggot/lesbian porn.

They are also badly misandrist. CFF provides a special "women's forum" where men are banned, but has refused to provide any similar men's forum. Discrimination against men is a dead giveaway for gay/feminist/lesbian anti-men hate. CFF members welcome and applaud the thought of two perverts raising a child who is deprived of his natural mother or father.

Another part of CFF that leaps out is their constant intolerance of Christians and other religions. The religious bashing, Christian bashing, intolerance and hate spew forth day after day, all day. Bob is not a Christian, but I respect good men of all religions. Not so on CFF, they respect no religion and are intolerant of men of all religions. Their religion is the faggot agenda, destroying our families and catching our children. When someone such as Bob objects to their hate speech they ban him and call him foul names. If you visit their web site and read the many posts from 8-15-07 the anti-Christian bigotry stands out like a sore thumb.

One of the worst hate mongers on CFF is a rump riding bigot who calls himself “PascoDoug.” He’s the “Chief Moderators” on the CFF. He uses his authority to promote the worst kind of flaming hate against decent men and women, and to cut off any men who will speak out against it. PascoDoug pretends to be promoting "family nudism" while the sick perverts watch their little naked children. Another one of PascoDoug's sinister pervert sites is called Tampa Bay Naturists. It's another filthy gay site intended to lure families with little children that PascoDoug loves so much. Today he posted a link to The Truth According to Bob assuming that his hate spewing faggot buddies will find fodder for their flames. He is right up ot a point, faggots and lesbians hate decent normal men and women, especially decent men and women who aren't afraid to speak the truth about their sick perverted lives. But he’s also very wrong. Many of those who read The Truth According to Bob will learn new ideas and find people who aren’t cowed by hate mongering filth like PascoDoug. Here is the link to some of his hate comments. You might have to “join” their filthy soft porn forum to read it. Some of the worst of the rest perverts on CFF call themselves "nackman," "usmc1," "journeyman," and or course the lesbian bitch "moonshadow." A typical post on CFF this one by "Digger1007" brags about exhibitinism in front of young children, "Just recently, I wasn't caught, but my brother and his wife were over visiting with their young kids." Of course the rest of the child molesting CFF perverts applaud his evil perversion.

Satan is not part of Bob’s religion, but it’s hard to understand how any group of perverts could be so utterly evil without the hand of darkness guiding their every foul deed and speech. From PascoDoug to nackman to usmc1, and pervert eric, the powers of darkness are their religion and guide. Since my unfortunate venture into the den of shame called CFF, Bob has found long lists of ongoing pedophile and sexual molestation under the guise of "family nudism" for many years. A web site which lists many years of criminal perverts similar to today's CFF can be found at: Nudist/Naturist Hll of Shame. The black evil of CFF and their predecessors has been molesting decent people and their children for decades.

It’s definitely worth a read just to see what kind of hate monger faggot filth is out on the web these days claiming to be “family friendly.” We know what kind of “family friendly” perverts like PascoDoug and his faggot/lesbian pervert friends are. They all ought to be rounded up and impaled for doing that to little children.

The evil faggot hate mongers on CFF continue to post massive flames about Bob and now The Truth According to Bob. Faggots hate truth worse than anything else. The filthy faggots who try to lure naked children hate truth even worse than anyone. They may start a complaint campaign to Blogspot hoping to stop truth. Scumbag child molester pervert PascoDoug is threatening to sue Bob. Someone needs to explain the legal concept of "clean hands" before they wastes their money on lieyers. If I had a nickel for every filthy scumbag who threatens to sue, I could retire.

These evil cretins have been flaming other decent men for years, and apparently have a reputation for their very offensive faggot flames. Driving off decency is how evil works. CFF is pure evil, guided by darkness.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Toward a Men’s Nation

I saw the seed for this idea on a men’s discussion group. Is it time that real MEN began forming our own nation? It appears that we are so oppressed, beaten down, controlled, and watched that we have little hope of recapturing the massive Femernments that run today’s nations. The beginning of a resurgence of men in the world might be the creation of a new kind of political entity, a nation of men that exists within and across other land based governments, The Men‘s Nation.

As I look back on history I recall that in this land in 1776 a group of courageous men formed a new nation and national government even while the land was owned and controlled by another nation. Wresting the land from the other government required several years, took 100,000 men willing to go to war, and cost the lives of 25,000 good men out of a total population of 4 million. A similar proportion today would require close to 10 million men willing to leave their families and go to war for the Men’s Nation, and cost close to a quarter of a million deaths. The opposition would be just as fierce, with the current government looting and burning, killing men, women, children, and even shooting our dogs to demoralize and terrorize the new nation of MEN. Certainly Bob does not advocate the violent overthrow of any government despite clearly illegal ongoing violations of its constitution.

What is needed is a new kind of nation, a nation within other nations, a nation dedicated to love and families and a future for men and our children. We need a nation where our daughters can grow up, get married, raise our grandchildren, and live full, rich, wonderful lives. We need a nation where our sons can grow up into valuable men, find decent wives, raise good families, and have full, rich, satisfying lives. We need a nation where real MEN come together to protect and support each other and each other’s families. We need a nation where feminist political crap and lies are ignored or persecuted, where courageous men make war on the feminazi death camps, their SS troops, and their propaganda ministers.

We need a Men’s Nation where men pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the nation of men. We need a Men’s Nation where courageous men can form action groups that protect the honor and families of men. We need a men’s nation that can explain the facts of life and death to evil cunt licking politicians and their cadres of hired gun thugs.

We need a men’s nation where the rightful place of the husband and father is at the head of the household, where the husband and father has the responsibility and authority to decide what is best for his family. We need a nation where neither the evil lesbitches from CPS nor the lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell can come to take our children without fearing that their wasted lives will soon be over. We need a nation where a man supports his family by providing food at dinnertime and a place for them to sleep, not by paying some evil bitch for destroying his family and taking his children.

Forming new Men’s Nation is not an impossible dream. All it would take is 50 or 100 real MEN of courage and substance who are willing to pledge their lives, their honor, and 10% of their fortune to its creation and continuation. To begin, the Men’s Nation would form a secret meeting, a secret recognition, a secret handshake, a secret initiation, and a public political arm.

The Nation of Men would have to be a new kind of international or transnational political organization, different from current land nations, different from historic secret men’s fraternal groups, different from historic religious organizations and denominations, a new kind of thing. We can model much of our political organization on manly nations of the past, taking good aspects of Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Franks, Celts, and Britons. Men are warriors and poets, lovers and leaders, fathers and sons.

Is it time to begin forming a new Nation of Men and to begin overturning the feminazi domination of the 20th century?

Bob has been informed that this article has been being translated into Hebrew and posted in a web site in Israel. Here is the URL for the Hebrew translation.

Many of Bob's articles are available for MEN to repost. Please request permission and provide URL information when it is reposted. All of Bob's articles are copyright according to US and International law.

[See legal notice at left column.]

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I-35 Bridge Collapse.

As most everyone knows by now a large bridge over the Mississippi river on I-35 collapsed a few days ago. Over the past several days TV talking heads have repeatedly opined that a 40 year old steel bridge has outlived its expected life span and should have been replaced. On other Internet forums I’ve seen modern bridges compared to ancient Roman Empire stonework roads and bridges that are still standing, alleging that modern civil engineering is shoddy compared to ancient roads and bridges. Perhaps they are right, but I've done quite a bit of construction work and know a small thing or two about bridge design and construction. I don't know of any reason why most of the bridges constructed in the past century in the US won't last at least a couple of centuries if they have reasonable maintenance, painting, repaving, etc.

One of the problems is the steady parade of 40 ton trucks that roll down our roads day and night. When they go by the ground flexes, the concrete flexes, the steel flexes, and stone flexes. A constant parade of such trucks would hammer the best Roman roads into oblivion in the first year. In cold climates the carbide studs in our tires cut the hardest paving stones into dust in a few years. We won't drive without them because they save our lives in winter, but they are murder on any road surface. The bridge that collapsed carried an estimated 140,000 vehicles per day. None of the Roman roads were built to survive 140,000 vehicles per day, not even ox carts. 140,000 vehicles per year on the Apian Way probably was unthinkable, and none of them weighed 10 tons.

Typical roman engineering also never had to survive chemical de-icers used and the deep freeze/thaw/deep freeze cycles that civil engineering in more northern climates has to live with. A few Minnesota winters with water seeping in between stones and then freezing would soon make a mess out of a roman stone bridge. Nevertheless good bridge engineering should last a couple of centuries even with the constant pounding of heavy trucks. Steel does not have the same kind of fatigue problems that aircraft aluminum designers have to deal with. Keep it painted and keep it from rusting and a well designed steel bridge should last virtually indefinitely.

I noticed that the NTSP has said that they are beginning their inspection at a section that fell 50 feet sideways instead of straight down, and which was apparently the first section to fall. I have a couple of initial questions that I would love to ask someone about the bridge:

1) There are outriggers on the steel structure holding the outer lanes of the roadway. The roadway overhung the structural steel by several feet on both sides. Was that the original structural design, or was the road deck widened and the number of lanes increased at some time after the bridge was constructed?

2) The repaving project closed 4 of the 8 traffic lanes, but not in a balanced mode. Traffic in open and closed lanes at the time of the failure was |HH^^HH^^|. Occupied lanes on one side (but not the other) were out on the outrigger overhang past the edge of the structural steel truss beneath. Did the unbalanced loading of traffic lanes cause a twist force in excess of that for which the structure was designed.

3) Many bridge road decks are built with "lightweight" concrete which saves a lot of weight. More expensive aggregate that feels like foam brick material is used, but its more expensive. Did the repaving project replace lightweight concrete with regular heavy concrete?

These questions should be fairly easy to answer for anyone from the Minnesota Highway department who is involved with bridges. The answers might point to poor decisions by those responsible. I haven't heard anyone ask them from the media, but I suspect that the NTSP will ask them fairly soon.

Kary Witt, the current bridge manager of the 70 year old Golden Gate Bridge, said the life span of that bridge is "more or less infinite'' if the structure is properly maintained. Story here. That really sums up my opinion. There is nothing intrinsic about a steel bridge that wears out other than the road surface. As long as maintenance is done to prevent rust, repair the wear on the surface, etc., a well built bridge should last almost forever. Bridges are not like animals. We get old and die after a while. Steel doesn't.

Last Thursday evening as I watched the initial reports about the bridge collapse I wondered out loud how long it would take the left wingnuts to start blaming Bush for the bridge failure. It didn’t take long. On-line leftists are already blaming “conservatives” and Democratic strategists are discussing how to make political gains out of this human tragedy. Blaming bridge failure on "Conservatives" is the old tired political nonsense that gets nowhere and solves nothing. I've had that kind of partisan politics up to here. Political parties are already using this disaster to blame each other and try to gain votes, and I find that offensive.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stealing Children for Profit

What does “Child Protective Services” do with a child when the evil lesbitches come to a man’s home to steal his child? We learn this week of the fate of 10 such children. As likely as not they will be turned over to another greedy bitch who is paid to torture and mistreat them. One such evil scam came to light when an 18 year old young woman finally managed to escape after years of being chained, tortured, and starved by the CPS substitute family. Read story Evil lesbitch Judith Leekin, 62, had been working with New York CPS lesbtitches for years, disposing of unwanted stolen children in her upscale Florida home. Over many years Ms. Leekin had been paid about $1,500,000 to dispose of the children that CPS had stolen from hard working families. The children were kept chained in small rooms for years, deprived of exercise, education, and even food. None of them had any education past 4th grade, their education level when CPS stole them from their families. An 11th child is missing, the one who died in Ms. Lesbitch’s custody. New York claims that their process requires 3 supporting witnesses vouching for the character of someone who is allowed to take children, but their actual practice is that the CPS is just looking to dispose of children they have stolen and another evil lesbitch is their preferred partner in crime. We all know that even 1 child is hard for a single mother to raise in a decent manner, two is a real handful. None of that stopped the CPS from sending child after child until they were paying Ms. Lesbitch in Florida monthly support for at least 11 children. The children’s support payments, probably collected from some “dead broke” fathers who live in poverty because their money is taken along with their children, went to pay for Ms. Lesbitch’s upscale home and lifestyle. None of it went to support the children in a decent manner. Even paying for sufficient food out of her CPS payments was out of Ms. Evil Lesbitch’s budget.

Before you go thinking that this is an incident far away, it’s not. The CPS process is much the same in every city and town. Someone reports “possible abuse” after a child falls off a swing and has a broken arm or even a bruise. The evil CPS lesbtitches, backed by the blue gun thug army, come to your door and take your child, or maybe all of your children. From there if you’re really lucky and can afford a high priced lieyer, six months later you get a chance to “prove” that you are a “fit” father. Even with proof you will have to attend “Domestic Violence” classes in which you will be required to pretend that all the fictional violence done to your children and wife were your fault and you feel really guilty about it. After a year in hell your child may be returned to your home, if the lesbitches at CPS feel generous, if they haven’t already sent the child to live in Florida or somewhere else, and if they haven’t lost your child entirely.

There was a time not so long ago when a Father was the head of his home. Today the state has taken over his authority and some evil lesbitch owns HIS child. Has it gotten bad enough for the MEN of America to reclaim our homes and our families? Are there enough of us who’s family, brother’s family, or neighbor’s family has been destroyed by the evil state machinery to revolt against the anti-family hell that it sends our children to? Do real men have the guts to start planting the evil lesbitches of CPS and their associates? Have enough of us had enough finally? Are we ready to begin to reclaim our families? Or does it still have to get worse before it gets better?

After writing this article two more glaring examples of CPS hate and destruction of children and families have come to my attention.

For another typical example of everyday hate and destruction done by CPS lesbitches and their blue gun thug SS troups see Families Separated by the State

Here is another typical example of how CPS works every day to destroy children and families in every city in America. This one is from San Diego. All across America, the EVIL scum lesbitches of CPS spread their hate and destruction day after day. Choosing foster parents over fathers

Have enough of us had enough finally? Are we ready to begin to reclaim our families? Or does it still have to get worse before it gets better?