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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Russian Analyst Predicts US Collapse

Russian Analyst, Professor Igor Panarin, agrees with Bob,

Before the last election Bob warned that the US is rapidly sliding toward complete economic collapse and breakup similar to that which destroyed the former Soviet Union. Now a similar prediction has been made by Russian political analyst, Professor Igor Panarin. The prediction was reported in media worldwide except in the Untied States where leftist media (PC) censors refuse to tell the public about the coming disaster.

Professor Igor Panarin predicts that the US will split into 6 nations divided roughly on cultural lines. New nations are predicted to be the Northeast, the Left Coast, Texas, the South, the Midwest area, and a North Central area. He says that the economic melt down has already begun. Professor Panarin mentions the rapidly increasing secession movement in Texas. Every analyst world wide knows about this movement except the American people who have never been told about this major new political force in our own country. Political censorship in the US runs very deep.

Regular readers of The World According to Bob have known this prediction for several months. You read it here first. Other analysts worldwide are now publishing the same obvious truth.

Read Russian News On-Line

Read Daily Telegraph from London

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Amber Hate Attacks Another Family

The nationwide Amber Hate System has tracked down and destroyed another father and his family this past week. Amber Hate was created for the purpose of raising public alarm and hate against fathers who are working hard to take care of our families. It is another branch of evil that the femiNazi and their blue gun thug SS Gestapo troops use to kill and destroy fathers and our children.

This past week Jose Olguin, of Saginaw, Michigan was traveling with his daughters, Victoria, 3; Lilliana, 5; and Elena, 9. Blue gun thugs and femiNazi hate fathers and families with a burning evil passion that comes straight from hell. When they learned that Jose was caring for his children it violates their matriarchal wet dreams of female rule and domination. They turned on the Amber Hate System to find and destroy Mr. Olguin.
Read story here.

Evil Saginaw blue gun thug femiNazi Lt. Tammy Luty paraded for femiNazi propaganda outlets bragging that they have successfully destroyed the father and stolen his children. Tim Martin, evil femiNazi propaganda writer for Associated Hate reports, "I'm just so thankful to God the children are safe. The prayers were answered," said Woodrow Wilson II, a longtime friend of Erica Olguin's. The evil hate propagandist knew all along that the children were “safe” with their father, but they push a theory that children being cared for they fathers are at risk. According to femiNazi hate and Amber Hate dogma, children can not be allowed to be with their fathers. The whole system is evil anti-family, anti-men, anti-children hate with no iota of justification.

Last week Ms. Erica Olguin, the feminist mother of the children learned that dead cunts don’t get custody of a man’s children when they attempt to destroy his family according to the femiNazi hate agenda. A father who defends his family against their evil triggers the most violent aggressive assault by the forces of femiNazi evil. Every one of the evil violent anti-family, anti-father scum should be shot on sight in order to protect and defend good families and restore the safety of our children. Luty, Wilson, Izzy, Martin, Cliff, Michigan State Gun Thugs, Saginaw Gun Thugs, and all those who work the Amber Hate program, are agents of evil who needs to be eradicated before families can live in peace in our land. All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

[See Legal Notice on the left column of The World According to Bob.]

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Never send a cunt to do a man’s work

NASA is an agency plagued with “affirmative action” females who occupy space, but can’t do a man’s work. It’s bad enough when they assault other employees because of “love,” but when they make stupid mistakes in space they jeopardize the missions.

This week, female astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper absent mindedly put down her tool bag as she would put down her handbag at home. Only in zero gravity on the outside of the International Space Station, a hand bag, or a $400,000 bag of tools, does not stay where you set it down. The expensive and mission critical tool bag has numerous hooks, straps and locks to fasten it in place, but the stupid absent minded cunt just set it down. In zero G it drifted away. Goodbye tools, goodbye $400,000. Now that it drifted away it becomes a very hazardous space object for every subsequent mission to the International Space Station.

Ms. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper says she’s “sorry.” That is supposed to make her incompetence all better. They have other tools at the Space Station, and her work could be repeated the next day, but that does not excuse her incompetence. Ms. Hyphenated Name should never have been there in the first place. A cunt should never be sent to do a man’s work.

USAToday story

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One Evil Taken Off the Street

A courageous female stood up against the criminal FBI and eliminated one of their filth. These are the FBI agents who conducted mass murder of men, women, and children at WACO. They are the same evil who will shoot a man’s child, his wife, and even his dog to enforce their evil tyranny. They are the evil violent criminal gang who shoot first as executioners without due process, and who enforce illegal “laws.” The FBI criminals assaulted the home of Mr. and Mrs. Korbe in Pennsylvania. Criminal FBI agents were out to destroy the Korbes while enforcing unconstitutional hate laws against freedom.

Sam Hicks was a notorious FBI criminal who has engaged in destroying freedom in America for 30 years. At last he found out the hard way that freedom strives always against tyranny. Mrs. Christina Korbe fought back against evil and plugged the criminal in blue. May he rot in hell where his evil master has welcomed him home. For her courage in the face of an evil onslaught, Mrs. Christina Korbe is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Golden Bull Award

Mrs. Christina Korbe

For Eliminating Evil

Drug laws and the government’s evil “war on drugs” are the antithesis of freedom. They are tyranny in a nation that once was free. The drug war is an excuse to destroy the lives of millions of people and take all their money and property. Millions more men and women are destroyed by the government’s war against the people then would ever be hurt by the drugs they claim are bad for us. Drug laws are not enacted to protect the people. The drug laws are enacted to justify massive tyranny and destruction of the rights of men. Drug laws are the excuse to imprison millions of citizens and destroy their lives. Unconstitutional (criminal) drug laws are far more evil and hurt far more people than any amount of freedom.

FBI agent Sam Hicks was a criminal violating the rights of free citizens. He and the rest of his evil gang of gun thugs deserved to be shot on sight. Goodbye and good riddance to abject evil.

Dead FBI scum Sam Hicks
EVIL SAM HICKS -- now dead!

Freedom fighters Robert Korbe, 39, and his wife, Christine Korbe, 40, were captured, beaten, and caged buy the remaining evil criminal thugs. For her part in cleaning up America, Mrs. Korbe will probably spend 10 years in prison. For being Mrs. Korbe’s husband, Mr. Korbe will probably spend 40 years in prison. Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell are still as sexist as they are evil.

USAToday Story here

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Monday, November 10, 2008

The National Socialist Labor Party (fascist)

A Republican congressman is now speaking of (Der Fuhrer) Obama in terms similar to that which Bob warned you about before the recent election.

Republican congressman Paul Brown from Georgia is calling President-elect Obama a Marxist and warning that he might be planning to form a Gestapo-like security force so he can rule as a dictator.

The overwhelming emotional and irrational support that fawning masses of females has given to the new US “Fuhrer” is very, very scary. The parallels with the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930s are everywhere you look. Can it happen here? You better be stockpiling your guns and ammunition, bro.

Read news story here

Other headlines today talk about Obama a/k/a Soetoro planning to issue many “Executive Orders” to consolidate his power the first day he takes office. He has no intention of waiting for Congress to act. Be afraid, be very afraid.

UPDATE November 17, 2008
Bob has learned that there is a severe shortage of guns and ammunition at gun dealers in many parts of the US. Particularly hard hit are assault rifles and military style ammunition. One North Idaho store sold a whole pallet load of "NATO" ammunition in 2 days and hasn't been able to get any more yet.

Meanwhile there are disquieting rumors from Texas to California about succession or civil war. Several black racist groups have been attacking white people and appear to be trying to ferment a new race war. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Bob does not advocate any illegal or criminal acts. Bob is merely an observer of the human condition and advocate for the rights of men.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kristallnacht -- In the Obamination

Hussein Obama won't be officially the US President for another couple of months, but already our news media is beginning to prepare us for the coming “Nazi” hoolocost that is being planned. Today's story on Yahoo reminds us of Kristallnacht, a celebration of racist power of the new Naitonal Socialist Labor Party and the upcoming exterminations.

Its called “softening up” or “psychological preparation.” The public is fed stories about similar historic occurances and begins to recognize them as a repetition of history rather than some new radical Obamination. The story proports to be agaisnt Kristallnacht, but after the first paragraph it goes on to suppot the program. The authors blame “right wing extremists” rather than the leftist socialsts and labor supporters who were actually responsible.

The German National Socialist Labor Party was swept into power on a surge of euphoria based on emotional appeals for change in traditional rational authiority. New women voters swooned for the sex appeal and emotional appeal of the new dictator without reason in a manner very similar to the femalse who suupported Hussein Obama out of emotional ferver. In Berlin in the 1930s the media looked the other way at all the crimes and autrocities while singing the praises of a new powerful socialist governemnt. The parallels are very scary. And now we see the Reuters news organizatoin pushing Kristallnacht as a preview of things to come in Ameica.

Read Yahoo Story here

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

International Response to a Pansy

The International community wasted no time taking advantage of the new Obamanation, or to put it another way the collapse of America as a world power. Read Yahoo Story.

The Russians announced on the day following the US vote for an Obamanation that they are deploying short range missiles to threaten Eastern Europe because there is nothing that NATO can do about it with a pansy running the United States.

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Faggots told to Pound Sand!

There is some good news in the election results. California, Arizona, and Florida voters both told the faggots and lesbitches to pound sand when they try to destroy marriage. In California the Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell had slapped the people in the face by shit canning a previous vote of the citizens which upheld marriage as an institution to protect families and children. The Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell told the people of California to go to hell because they were going to cram faggots and other perverts down their throats and teach perversion to their children whether the people like it or not. Well, the people in California got the last word on election day. The People of California amended their Constitution rather than merely adopting a law declaring the sanctity of marriage. The faggots and other perverts that are campaigning to destroy marriage got told where to stuff it. Voters in Florida and Arizona passed a similar legislation to protect marriage from perverts and Satanists on the bench.

Read Yahoo Story

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