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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blond Bimbo AA Babes Need To Go!

This week the medial is hyping the Superbowl between Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Every little thing gets magnified on network morning TV by NYC idiots who know almost nothing about the topic.

Last week the NFL fined Seahawks running back, Lynch, $44,000 for not talking to the media. This week, after the Seahawks turned aside San Francisco 49ers, one of the media blond bimbo sideline reporters cornered Seahawk defensive back Sherman. For the entire game Sherman and 49er receiver Crabtree had been verbally and physically jousting for domination in a game that is won or lost by mental and physical domination of the other players. Sherman exhibited the kind of self assurance once displayed by prize fighter Cassius Clay, “I am the greatest.” The blond bimbo hadn't been watching the game, understood nothing of the competition between Sherman and Crabtree, and was quite obviously stunned. Media fools blamed Sherman, not their mindless bimbo who should never have been there to begin with.

Sherman and Erin Andrews

Sherman talks to Erin Andrews

Two decades ago TV networks hired former players for their sideline “color” reporters. For example,retired star running back O J Simpson was a sideline reporter before getting into legal troubles over the death of his estranged wife and her latest lover. Whatever anyone thought about his legal problems, he had been a very good sideline reporter, a man who had a deep personal knowledge of the game and what it takes to win. After a career on the field former players often were hired for their knowledge of the game. But that changed when feminist anti-men discrimination trumped quality broadcasting.

What we see today are blond bimbos such as the one who cornered Mr. Sherman after the National Conference Championship game. I doubt that she even knows what a corner back does on the field. She quite clearly didn't understand Mr. Sherman's response to her pathetic ignorant and totally irrelevant question. Her stupid was picked up by all the misandrist hate media who never get tired of going off on a man who says something manly. From NYC Today idiots to socialist politicians they all are attacking Mr. Sherman. If anyone saw the bimbo's interview after watching the game it was she who was clearly out of place.

Affirmative Action is a euphemism for racist or in this case sexist discrimination. The blond bimbos are hired because of sexism, not because they know anything at all about doing the job of sideline color reporter. NFL fans need to DEMAND that TV networks and the NFL stop their two decades of anti-men sexist hiring that has put former players out of work in favor of ignorant blond bimbos. Fans deserve better. Former players deserve better. Current players deserve better.

Its easy to understand why Lynch doesn't talk to those ignorant “gotcha” fools. The NFL should never have fined him for avoiding this kind of media sexist hate. The NFL and the player union should not be allowing media to discriminate against former players who are refused employment based on sex. A former player is clearly more qualified to do the sideline color reporting because any former player understands the game and how the players feel about the game much more than the ignorant foolish blond bimbos that are being hired.

Shame on CBS. Shame on FOX.  Shame on NFL. Shame on them all. NFL players and fans deserve better.

UPDATE:  Feb. 4, 2014.

At the Seahawk Superbowl Victory Parade today US Senatrix Maria Cantwell (D) carried a sign, "Sherman 4 Prez" 

The Seahawk Defense may have been the best football defensive team ever (NFL Channel)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Global Cooling, Is an Ice Age Coming?

Here's a You Tube video on Global Warming lies you may want to watch:

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

We have never had so many unemployed for such a long period of time!

Senator Harry Rede speaking on the floor of the Senate yesterday said, "We have never had so many unemployed for such a long period of time."

Senator Reid is promoting O'Dumbo's demand to extend unemployment benefits for several more months. The government has already been paying the unemployed to sit home for years without a job. They are now trying to divert all the left wing media heads from talking about O'Dumbo's disastrous economy where millions of American can't get a JOB

As Hairy Reed points out, never have so many Americans been unable to get a job for such a long time. Americans need JOBS, not welfare.

Send a big THANK YOU to Saint O'Dumbo, to “Whore House” Hairy Reed, and to all the unemployed zombies who vote for their Shinola.