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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fathers, its up to you

If you are a father of a “little princess.” daughter, this message is for you. You may have read some of Bob's articles on marriage and families, but you think you know better. You want your “little princess” to be “a success.” You want “the best” for her. You have been taught that she should “stay in school” and go to college. You really believe, despite all the evidence, that somehow she is going to be different from her mother. Little Princess is not going to have overpowering sexual urges that open her legs for some biker she doesn't know the name of. You think she is going to be a virgin when she finally marries at age 32, after which she will leave her very successful career to have several children and a good life. You are wrong on every one of those assumptions.

Your Little Princess is just like her mother. She wants a hard man between her legs, and nothing she tells you, and nothing you tell her, is going to stop her from getting it. If you keep your head buried in feminist dogma, this is your daughter's story. The details change, but the story is always the same:

Posted on at about 5:45 PM on 5-20-2010.
made a huge mistake, how can I take it back?
I go to school away from home so its a lot easier for me to have a crazy life, last year i got pregnant, when i went back home to see my family during the summer i was barely noticing but they thought i was putting on weight; i gave birth before the holidays but i was so afraid of my familys reaction that left my baby at the hospital (i dont know who the father is) i went home and everything is normal; this mothers day it finally hit me what i had done; how can i tell my family what i did; get support from them, and how can i get my baby back, how do i find out who has my baby and if shes in good hands
Asked by Female, 22-25

The details change, but the story is always the same. We have these baby abandon laws in US states now because so many young mothers were dumping their unwanted babies in trash dumpsters. Most of them get an abortion, or 2 or 3, by the time they are out of college. According to government statistics, the average American “Little Princess,” starts getting laid at age 14.8. By “average” it means that half of the girls start getting laid younger than that. By the time she is 30 she has soaked up the sperm from a hundred or more men, some of whom she got the name of. She looks around in panic and remembers she was supposed to be married. A few of the sluts manage to corral a man, but most don't. About half the next generation is born to unmarried mothers. She has a great job as a secretary where her MA in Women's Studies is no advantage at all. Her life is a disaster.

Is this the future you fathers really want for your Little Princess? Is it really what you want?

In functional traditional families young women wait for marriage because they know that marriage is something that will actually happen soon. The traditional young woman learns basic education, and learns home economics, cooking, sewing, cleaning, banking, borrowing, budgeting, saving, hospitality, and child care. Her parents help her find a good husband, probably 10 years older, who can support her and her family, a good man who can take care of the cravings between her legs and the empty womb she lusts to fill. A good father knows that Little Princess is a grown woman ready for marriage shortly after puberty. A good father supports and helps his Little Princess to become a good wife and mother for his granddaughter and grandson.

A good father should expect to “give away” his “little princess” when she marries, shortly after she matures past puberty. Giving away the bride to a good man is the mark of success for fathers of girls. That should be your ultimate goal as her fathers. You should be guiding her away from the false feminist failure life that schools and society now tells everyone she is supposed to have. As her father, you should work hard to guide her into marriage and family when she is ready, in her early teenage years when her body demands sex and babies, when she is young and strong and can bear the stress of pregnancy without failure, when she won't be a single mother leaving your granddaughter at the hospital or fire station.

Don't be a failure father like so many other fathers of failure feminist 30 something bitches. If you follow tradition, and Bob's advice, by the time your married grown up Princess is 30 something she will be preparing her daughter for marriage, and enrolling in a college to continue her education. She will have it all, because she did it in the order that Mother Nature provides for her.

Tell the anti-family hate monger bitches to pound sand. They aren't going to take away your family and your grandchildren. Your grandson won't be left at some hospital or fire station. Talk to your Little Princess about life and how to be a success. Talk to her mother. Help Little Princess be a success, to be a wife and mother, to live a full, rich, wonderful life.

Dads, its up to you. Are you going to help your daughters to have a wonderful life, or hurt them by barring marriage to a good man and pushing them into abortions, relationships, and a failed (man's) career? Dads, its up to you to save your daughters.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seig Heil -- Mein Fuhrer

For the past few days the NY media was promoting Obama's call for cutting off free discussion on the Internet. We bloggers can say anything. We don't have left wing editors controlling our content and our opinion. Even FOX which is usually conservative put up a “balanced” advocacy saying that the government and their licensed outlets should control speech and what we are allowed to learn.

Today the NY socialist propaganda machine dropped the other shoe.
Obama for Dictator!

Over the past few months, while the Obama regime has been consolidating its power in Washington, DC and New York City, out in the heartland of America millions of Americans are not so happy. Obama's #1 Congresscunt, Nancy Peloci, has become “The most hated woman in America.” His Senate controller, Hairy Reid, is probably going to lose his local election in Nevada and be retired to private citizen. Despite Obama's insults and outrage the Tea Party and regular working Americans are rising up in huge numbers sufficient to wrest control away from the New Fascist Democrats in November elections. Several Fascist Democrats and RINO Republicans are losing their primary elections in their own parties back home.

With a citizen voter revolt on the horizon the New Fascists cannot allow voters to have the final say. The elections cannot be allowed to overthrow what the big eared foreigner has worked to achieve, his takeover of America. We are saying too much against him. His immigration status as an illegal alien using a false Social Security number from Congresscunt has been exposed.

The next step in preventing voters from tossing him out happened yesterday. The propaganda machine floated the idea of publicly declaring him “Dictator” and doing away with elections. Their trial balloon was put forward by leftist NYC film idiot Woody Allen. “ it would be a cool idea for President Barack Obama to be dictator for for a few years,” he said. “So he could get things done without all the hassle of opposing views getting in the way.”

That's right. Obama should be declared Dictator (for a few years) so he isn't troubled by pesky impediments like Congress and Tea Parties. He can just order new censorship of the Internet and media, take all the money from Wall Street, and bind Americans into his new Fascist Dictatorship.

American soldiers formerly swore to “Defend the Constitution of the United States.” But that old worn out document is about to be officially gone. Soldiers will be asked to swear allegiance to Obama. Seig Heil, Mein Fuhrer!.

Now that the idea of Dictator Obama has been floated by the propaganda machine, the rest of them can “discuss” its merits. It was an idea that was “unthinkable” only 2 years ago, except that Bob warned you. CBS and CNN will discuss ways that a Dictator could be more effective. Good programs like government takeover of Health Care, Manufacturing, etc., would not have to be debated by Congress for months and months. All that “waste” would be eliminated. The NYC talking heads will not immediately champion the idea, just “discuss” the possibility. That's how it works. They have “editors” to control their thinking and what the mass of Americans are allowed to learn.

Do not count on having a Presidential election in 2012. It won't happen without a fight. We will be lucky if the last semblance of the Republic holds together until the Congressional elections in 2010.

As Bob warned previously, this new Fascist Regime is so similar to the takeover by the National Socialist Labor Party in Berlin in 1933 that any thinking man should be terrified. Stockpile food and ammunition for a couple of years. Under the Obama Regime, white men are the new Jews. Don't forget that little policy, and all you white men be ready to ship out to the labor camps. Other nations should also be terrified. Fascist Dictators tend to focus attention away from problems at home by conquering other nations.

Better polish your jack boots and get your right arm ready to salute the new Fascist Dictator. And practice the new American salute to the Obammunist Dictator: Seig Heil Mein Fuhrer!

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Trolls, Moderation, Men, and Peace

UPDATE May 11, 2010

During the past couple of days Bob has been doing some research about the “Manhood Academy” web site. The owners call themselves “Prof Plum.” and LaDice.” Plum has written an epistle he calls “Manhood 101.” They are very young men who are part of the generation of men raised by women. Like many city gang members they are turning to each other trying to figure out how to become men. Like a lot of other insecure young men raised by women they think that being manly has something to do with bullying and being offensive. Bob would be surprised if either of them has ever actually had a conversation with a mature manly man. In some ways they act like LaSalle from MND, full of themselves, full of fight, and ready with their “ban” button when real men speak their minds. Its no wonder that those two got into a flame war with LaSalle.

Lesson to learn: When a boy grows up without a father's love and guidance, he does not learn how to talk to men. If he's lucky, and works at it for another 20 years, he may eventually learn some of what he lost as a child. Some of the lost guidance will never be recovered. Some of what has been lost takes 3 generations to recover from.

UPDATE May 10, 2010

The manginas who run Mens News Daily (MND) and who spun off Spearhead Forum are continuing their attack on Manhood Academy despite the efforts of Bob and other men to suggest a more moderate tone among men. The Men's Movement will not prosper and succeed as long as faux men attack other men for failing to support feminism. And that is really what it is. Mike LaSalle who owns Mens News Daily is a feminist who trolls the Men's Blogospere siphoning off energy while pushing feminist “equality” dogma.

The plain truth in front of everyone is that men are better than females in every field of human endeavor except being female. Men are better at art and literature, better at hunting and gathering, better at protecting and defending, better at reason and thinking, better at music and dance, better at creating and providing, better at guiding families and raising children to be productive adults, better at relationships and understanding of human nature. Mike LaSalle protects and defends the century old feminist lie of “equality” and lately has shown he will attack other men who insist that the plain truth in front of everyone is still true.

Five years ago LaSalle's MND forum, called “The Colosseum” was run by LaSalle's female moderator. LaSalle sold his manhood and his friends for her pussy. It is immoral and just plain stupid to put a cow (called “Navy blue”) in a power position sitting in judgment over the opinion of men in the Men's Movement. Cows should never be in a position to judge men, nor to silence the voice of men. Bob got banned from MND 5 years ago (2005) for objecting to feminist dogma demanded on The Colosseum. Read about it here. LaSalle's bedmate eventually got tired of the unmanly jerk and left him. The Colosseum collapsed because of bad (female) management.

More recently LaSalle hired Paul Elam to run MND, and a new comments section. They spun off The Spearhead Magazine run by Welmer with its own forum section. Both are still owned by LaSalle who is still short a couple of gonads, and still demands allegiance to “equality” feminism.

Elam produced some fairly good U-Tube videos and began making a better name for the cleaned up MND web site. But LaSalle couldn't leave it alone. LaSalle is not content to keep his own little mangina corner of the blogosphere. He has set out to dominate and CONTROL the voices of other men. He picked a flame war with a relatively obscure Men's Blog called “Manhood Academy.” See the original post on this topic below.

Since that was written, it seemed for a time that some peace would be restored, but LaSalle will have none of it. The little mangina cannot stand real men who reject feminism and its hateful dogma. He continues to attack and spew flames. His go-boy Elam did try to apologize and make peace, but Elam's attempts were thwarted by the WND owner who has final control over what gets published on WND and These excerpts below show what has been going on. Pay particular attention to LaSalle's vitriolic attack on Manhood Academy.

First Elam posted on Manhood Academy:
Paul Elam Sat May 08, 2010 1:52 pm
Re: Emasculated emo fags like "Angry Harry" lead MRAs
Hey guys, wake up. Everybody bends the truth. It's not that I personally hate you. It's just that if someone gets in my way, I do whatever it takes to smear them. It's nothing personal. I'm just trying to make the MRAs look tough on the internet okay? Geez. Cut me some slack will ya.

Over the past few days Bob continued to suggest peace among men by posting this on MND. LaSalle hit his “ban” button again. He cannot tolerate the voices of real men on MND.

Bob (on WND) 2010-05-09 at 1:29 am
Paul, I see you are making an attempt to begin a peaceful dialog with MA. That is good. Flame wars between men’s web sites is counter productive no matter how “right” you and your Spearhead friend Welmer think your positions are. Personally, I find the MA web site convoluted and confusing, and their “101″ publication so long and boring that I haven’t read it. However they do seem to be making converts to MANLY awareness in ways that have been lacking from MND and others.

No, all Men’s Activists are not going to be on the same page, not ever. That is not the nature of men. What is important is that we are all going generally toward the same direction, toward some kind of recapture of the natural and rightful position of men in our society.

Your friend Welmer has reminded me lately of a 2nd grade kid who brought the football and claimed it gave him authority to make the rules. Even in 2nd grade the boys put a stop to that pretty quick. And sure, we could all go get our own football, but we kids knew that getting enough kids together to play a game required us all to get along — even as we competed with each other to be the winner. Often you can only “win” by giving up and getting along with the other men.

There is a place in the Men’s Movement for hard edge advocacy. Maybe its overdue. If you can’t support them, at least get out of the way. Men need to cooperate, not fight each other.

Here is what LaSalle posted on Manhood Academy.
Mike LaSalle Sun May 09, 2010 9:50 am
Small boy from Nigeria
Joined: Sun May 09, 2010 9:45 am
Posts: 2

The position you guys apparently advocate — that one sex is intrinsically better than the other — puts you at the extreme edge of social discourse.

And you compel a response.

No right thinking person would assert that men should assume property rights over women and children — as you apparently do. That’s insane. It’s repulsive. It’s the signature of a warped mind and an empty soul.

I condemn you clowns at the “manhood academy” without hesitation.

Anyone who supports you does not belong to the MRAs.

Mike LaSalle Sun May 09, 2010 9:58 am
Small boy from Nigeria
Joined: Sun May 09, 2010 9:45 am
Posts: 2

You are my enemies! I will fight you to the very end!


Original Article, May 7, 2010

An open letter to Welmer of The Spearhead

Trolls, Moderation, Men, and Peace
Sent: Fri May 07, 2010 7:20 am
From: Bob Knows
To: Welmer

Hi Welmer,

Men are concerned about The Spearhead on other men's forums such as MGTOW, my blog comments, and other places. Some say you are "losing it." From reading your recent discussions it seems a lot like you have gotten a little lost, and overwhelmed by it all.

I thought I would try to help you with some experience and suggestions.

First, you are trying too hard, and its overwhelming you. Relax a little. Relax a lot. I suggest that you go over to Chris Key's forum, Mens Rights Online and see how Chris is doing. He uses a VERY LIGHT hand. It takes little of his time. And he has not had the kind of problems you have gotten yourself into lately.

The big thing is NOT to try to own and control the voices of men, even when many men don't share your opinions or perspective. Men don't take well to ownership or control. Yes, its your forum, but trying to control the opinion is way too much work for any man, and all it does is to drive the best men away to other venues. Good men stand their ground and own their own positions.

The next thing, related to the big thing, is not to try to censor out misogyny. Many men have had very bad experiences with mothers, wives, feminists, etc., and are not going to shut up about it. Yes, the feminist will scream, and well they should. In the past two years feminists have created two parody blogs slandering The World According to Bob, but I take it as a compliment that feminists find me offensive. My blog is all about promoting what is good for MEN, not what pleases feminists. A forum can be good for men, or please feminists, but not both.

Bob censors out misandry, not misogyny. You have to decide which is the focus of Spearhead, men or feminism. If you run a men's discussion "with a hard edge" then let the hard ass men have their say, and to heck with the feminists who don't like it.

I really don't know about that "Manhood 101" site. I've just started reading it to see what they are about. I would suggest though, that you tone down your attacks on them, even if you don't agree with their view on many issues such as domination and submission. A war between men's web sites is not good for any men. They will stand their ground too, and I respect that as a manly behavior.

Lastly, about MikeeUSA. Mikee is not a "troll." A "troll" is someone who posts contentious argument for the purpose of disruption or creating argument. (see Urban for definition) A "troll" often does not believe the post, and the troll changes it to disrupt as needed. That's not Mikee.

Mikee is a man who has a strong opinion, and stands his ground about it. He has posted his belief on many web sites over several years, and argued his position with me and most other men who have been on line for a while. He posts his opinion because he believes his opinion, not because he is trying to disrupt. Mikee stands by his beliefs even if it gets him banned from many web sites, and even when it got the free software community to delete several years of his work. Even though I disagree with his opinions, I respect him for standing his ground in the face of adversity. That's a manly thing to do.

To sum up, here is good advice. 1. Lighten up. Don't work so hard. 2. Allow men, even hurt men, to have a say. The "ban" button should be only used against men out of desperation, not for differing opinion. 3. Everyone who has a different opinion from you or me is not a "troll." 4. Let the MEN speak, but watch out for infiltrating feminist shaming tactics that try to silence men.

Spearhead is a really good idea with a really good beginning. I can see that its overwhelming you. I offered to help moderate but never got a reply, then I got banned after you got into an argument with some other guy. Step back. Calm down. Relax. And don't work so hard. Let the men have their say. You don't need to police them or argue with them. It doesn't need to be that hard.

And most of all Have Fun.



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