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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Another Airbus A3XX has flown straight to hell during air turbulence and killed the passengers. Yemenia Flight 626 crashed Tuesday morning off Comoros. One girl was lucky enough to have survived this one. The other 152 passengers and crew weren't so lucky. The Airbus A3XX series all share the common cheap plastic vertical stabilizer, and share the major structural defect that comes apart and kills everyone on board.

AP News on Yahoo Tue Jun 30, 2009. A Yemeni owned Airbus carrying 153 people crashed in the Indian Ocean as it came in for a landing during turbulent winds on the island nation of Comoros. Yemeni officials said a teenage girl survived. The crash came two years after aviation officials reported faults with the plane, an Airbus 310 flying the last leg of a journey from Paris and Marseilles to Comoros, with a stop in Yemen to change planes.

French and Comoros officials are blaming Yemeni Airlines for the crash. Stephane Salord, the Comoros' honorary consul in Marseilles, called Yemenia's aircraft "flying cattle trucks." "This A310 is a plane that has posed problems for a long time, it is absolutely inadmissible that this airline Yemenia played with the lives of its passengers this way," he said.

Yemen's transport minister said the crashed A310 underwent a thorough inspection in May under Airbus supervision.

The aircraft which crashed is registered in Yemen but is indirectly owned by the U.S. government after a federal bailout of insurer AIG, parent of the world's largest aircraft leasing firm by fleet value, International Lease Finance Corp.

The French are sending a ship to the area. No photos of the broken tail have yet been published.

This is only the latest of a long series of structural failures of the A3XX series Airbus disasters. The whole A3XX series shares a common cheap plastic vertical stabilizer that is known to crack and fail during turbulence.

AA vertical Stabukuzer
American Airlines Airbus A300 Vertical Stabilizer
being lifted out of NY harbor

APTOPIX Brazil Plane
Brazilian Navy recovers Air France vertical stabilizer from Atlantic.

Air NZ Airbus tail
Airbus 320 tail from NZ Airbus

These are just the ones we have photos for, There are more.

On May 12, 1997, American Airlines A300-605, another Airbus A3XX. was involved in a near-crash near West Palm Beach, FL. On that occasion the plane's vertical stabilizer delaminated near the attachment bolts that keep it fastened to the rest of the airplane. Fortunately for the pilot and passengers the plane didn't completely come apart, but it served notice to Airbus and all air safety officials that something is very rotten in Denmark.

The FAA and NTSB should immediately ground all A3XX planes in the US. French safety officials should immediately stop all A3XX flights from France. More Frenchmen have now died than people from any other nation. But they look away. It's not PC to blame Airbus for its flying disaster. Blaming Airbus for the A3XX structural failures could be seen as pro-Boeing. Government officials and all the media are heavily indoctrinated in pro-socialist, anti-American prejudice. Boeing's safe airplanes are built by greedy American capitalists. French Airbus A3XX planes are built by socialist governments (much like former Soviet Union making shoes with the heel at the front). So the socialist news editors and government air transportation safety officials work to divert attention. Divert attention to finding “black boxes.” Blame the pilots. Blame the instruments. Blame the computer. Blame the airline. Blame anybody and anything other than the major structural defect that everyone knows is the problem. The tail falls off in mid flight!

Also see Bob's previous article: Airbus Hasn't Fixed its Vertical Stabilizer

Do not fly on an A3XX Airbus until they are all fixed.

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