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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A MAN doesn't vote for a cunt.

In Florida, like many other places across the USA, we are having elections next week. In Florida, like many other places across the USA, cunts are running for office. In Florida, Congresscunt Katherine Harris is running for US Senate. Congresscunt Harris began as a candidate with a good opportunity to unseat the Democratic incumbent, but has failed badly in the campaign. Former staffers describe a Jekyll-and-Hyde candidate who can be seductively charming at one moment and pitch a temper tantrum the next, throwing a cellphone at a wall or a sheaf of papers at a campaign manager. Working for Harris was like "being in insanity camp," said Ed Rollins, who managed Ronald Reagan's reelection to the White House in 1984. Read story.

Is Congresscunt Katherine any different from other cunts who pretend to be men and run for office? Probably not. Females are inherently unstable. They are used to getting their way by throwing little hissy fits, or using emotional manipulations, playing "victim." Congresscunt Katherine continues the feminazi victimology by writing a book about how she was the "victim" of all kinds of imagined slights. Women belong in the private sphere, home and family, for good reason. Emotional manipulation, bitch tactics, hissy fits, victimology, and throwing things is the antithesis of what a public official should be, but its entirely feminine. Katherine running for Senate instead of Congressional re-election is a boon for Florida. She will be sent home where she belongs.

Three thousand miles to the northwest of Florida, Senatress Maria Cuntwell is running for re-election. She was a sponsor of the VAWA and its renewal. She hates families and especially she hates MEN. Read story

In Texas, lieyer cunt Mina Brees is running for Texas appeals court judge. She has been using her son's photo without his permission. Her son, New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees has asked her to stop using his photo, but like all cunts she ignores reasonable requests and does what she "feels" like doing. Read story. "I think the major point here is that my mother is using me in a campaign, and I've made it known many times I don't want to be involved," Drew Brees said Monday.

All across our land the irrational hissy fit "victims" are running for public office, asking for MEN to vote them into positions of power to rule our lives. This issue has been previously addressed on The Truth According to Bob but it's worth repeating. Someone asked what to do if both major parties have nominated cunts in his district. If you live in such a district you can vote for a minority party or write in for a MAN. Likewise if the cunt represents the party you support and the other party's man candidate advocates positions you don't support you can vote for a minority or skip that position. Bob voted write in for "none of above" on judges and another race where none of the offered candidates were acceptable. Of course "none of above" will not get elected, but you will know that you did not support a cunt for public office.

The elections are only a week away. The cunts are pleading for our votes. We MEN should take this opportunity to send them back to their homes and kitchens where they belong. A MAN never votes for a cunt.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Got another one. Hooray!

"He met with someone who was willing to take an officer's life to preserve his own freedom," lied blue gun thug John McGinness. The reverse is true. A blue gun thug, Jeff Mitchel, was trying to take a man's life by sending him to Auchwitz, Fulsom, or some other hell hole prison, even at the risk of his own life. The lying criminal violent scum gun thug finally met a MAN who refused to go quietly into hell. Read Story

We don't know much of the story yet. All we know are the flagrant lies of the evil blue gun thugs. They hate any MAN who is MAN enough to stand up for his rights to life, liberty, and freedom. What we do know from the lies of the blue gun thugs is that one of their scum thugs was robbing a traveler and trying to destroy his life by sending him to hell. The intended victim of the armed assault didn't go quietly into death or darkness. He turned the tables on the evil blue gun thug highway robber, Jeff Mitchell, and Mitchell died.

Hip hip HOORAY!

Hip hip HOORAY!

Hip hip HOORAY!

Blue gun thug John McGinness was right, a real MAN ought to be prepared to waste a blue pig to save his own life. Defending his family, his tribe, and his life has always been one of the hallmarks of a MAN.

To any blue gun thugs who read this. You don't have to waste your life fighting the feminazi war against men. You are even more hurt by your violent brutality in the war against men than most other men are. Even if you aren't killed or seriously injured physically, the killing and violence takes a toll on your psychological well being. Hating men is hating yourself, a well recognized psychological pathology. But you can change. You can quit the blue gun thug gang, stop your violence against yourself and your fellow men, and get a decent job. You wouldn't be the first to quit the blue gangs because of the violence against the people. Quit now, before its too late for your spirit and your mind.

Somewhere in California a real MAN is desperately trying to avoid capture by the rest of the violent blue (and green) gun thug gangs. If you see him or can help him in any way, please render whatever assistance you can.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Red Flags

UPDATE November 2007
The city of Spokane is not satisfied with block after block of empty store fronts in its downtown area. The City Council has voted to RAISE the price of parking meters time and extend the hours of operation. Instead of ending at 5 PM, allowing dinner and evening visitors to park, the City has decided also to work toward closing its downtown restaurants, bars, and evening businesses by sending all of us customers out to the suburbs. Why, oh why, are they so STUPID! Why, oh why, do the business men of the city put up with that crap?

A year ago Bob went to visit the small town where he grew up. As a teen he had spent many afternoons walking through the old downtown area. Colorful shops then lined the streets with show windows displaying attractive good of all kinds, hardware, clothing, jewelry, toys, books. Cafes and doughnut shops, soda fountains and nice restaurants were always busy. I remember doing pre-christmas shopping in the snow, with colored lights and decorations hanging across main street. It was a winter wonderland. Last year half the storefronts were empty, closed and boarded up. Few goods were displayed. Few customers walked the street.


This morning I visited downtown Spokane. I stopped along one street and looked for coins for the ubiquitous parking meter. I had no coins. While sitting there deciding what to do I noticed that all the store fronts I was stopped in front of were boarded up. The stores and businesses had gone out of business. I looked across the street. Half the businesses there had closed up. A block away a RiteAid was open. Someone asked for change for the meters. "Sorry, we don't give change," the clerk said. A blue gun thug drove by in a 3 wheel vehicle, robbing people whose cars had red flags.

I remember a year ago it had taken two hours and ten minutes at the County offices to get my building permit approved. After paying over two thousand dollars in taxes for permission to build a home and thus increase the county tax base, the blue gun thugs had stuck a robbery ticket on my car. The parking meter had only lasted for 2 hours, not quite long enough to finish my business with the county offices. Some of the new meters transmit electronic signals to summon blue gun thugs, informing them that further robbery can proceed.


Somehow our elected city officials just don't get it. You can't go on abusing people year after year, decade after decade and expect them to come back with a smile. The buildings are still there, fronted by lines of empty parking spaces and rows of parking meters, but the stores are boarded up, vacant, unused. In small towns and big cities all across America, business after business has lost customers as shoppers stopped fighting the parking meters, refused to risk the parking tickets, just don't want the hassle. Just across the city limit there are many other businesses who will provide free parking, no charge, no meters, no tickets. Just up the road there are other businesses who welcome customers, who make it easy to shop, who don't fine, punish, and rob those of us who would be their customers.


Fifty years ago you could park for about a nickel an hour. Now it takes a stack of quarters to park for an hour. Few motorists have that much change, and most of the remaining stores don't make change easily available for parking. Lined up on the street, in front of the closed storefronts there stands rows of evenly spaced metallic signals, each holding up a red flag. On the flag in fine print it says something like "expired," but what it really says is:


In a few towns the city fathers have figured it out and ripped up the legions of unwelcome signs that once lined their streets, but in Spokane, and most other towns and cities, they still abound. Even as stores close, whole blocks become derelict, and the few remaining business struggle to survive, the few dollars the city collects is cash in hand. Meter coins are far less than the huge losses in sales and property taxes, but the city fathers never could find their assholes with both hands. You don't have to have a frontal lobotomy to be an elected official, but it helps.

I didn't park. I didn't shop. I didn't pay a stack of quarters. I didn't risk a $20 fine to the blue gun thug robbers. I wondered about the stupid down town merchants who one after the other quietly go out of business while their pathetic city fathers drive away their customers. I drove a few miles down the street to where customers are welcomed. Here's what I have to say for the stupid city government, stupid down town merchants and blue gun thug robbers.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BC for MEN. A good sign.

The time to do Birth Control research for MEN is long overdue. Its been fifty years since female BC became widely available. Its been fifty years of total discrimination in medical research. MEN have been limited to crude 19th century mechanical devices or permanent surgical sterilization while females have enjoyed a wide variety of BC products. For fifty years the feminazi have prevented any government or private research to provide for the equal needs of men. For fifty years females have had effective total control of our reproduction, our families, our wallets, and our lives. Millions of women have told their lover, "I'm on the pill" and then "forgot" in order to get pregnant and slap the MAN with indentured servitude (a form of slavery) for twenty years under the euphemism, "child support." For fifty years the needs of MEN have been completely ignored by government agencies and private pharmaceuticals, but the feminist stone wall is starting to have a few chinks.

When Viagra was accidentally discovered (without any research investment) the huge immediate market among MEN totally surprised pharmaceutical companies. They had forgotten that MEN even exist. They had ignored MEN for decades, but suddenly the pharmaceutical companies were making big bucks selling a product to MEN. Since Viagra I have noticed that several companies are marketing other products for MEN. For example there are obnoxious ads for some pills for MEN which claim to reduce having to pee too often. The TV ads are obnoxious, and I've not been aware that having to pee is a problem for very many MEN, but the good news is that MEN have been noticed by pharmaceutical companies.

So now at least one is working on BC for MEN. Read story For fifty years we have been told the LIE that BC for MEN wouldn't work, and is more difficult than female BC because MEN are less complicated. A little research shows that the LIE is not only wrong, but is backwards. Simple male reproductive systems are easier, not impossible, to develop BC for. We have been LIED TO and ignored for fifty years. The term "reproductive rights" has only meant "women's rights." Cowshit!

There is still a lot of resistance in some pharmaceutical companies. For example, it has been observed that Nifedipine, a common high blood pressure drug, sometimes causes male infertility as a side effect. The effect was noticed when couples sought treatment at fertility clinics. But the companies that produce Nifedipine haven't done any clinical trials to determine effective dosage as a contraceptive for MEN. They apparently don't believe that the market for a contraceptive for MEN will be offset by the cost of publicizing an unwelcome side effect of their blood pressure product. Story here. The lesson of another blood pressure product, Viagra's runaway market success, apparently has been lost of some companies who would rather support feminazi domination than provide for the needs of MEN.

It has been a pervasive double edged LIE. MEN are told that BC is only available for women because it's not possible to make one for MEN. COWSHIT! Men are told that women have to have "A women's right to choose" abortions, but MEN have sufficient equivalent choice when deciding to do sex. COWSHIT! Men are told that we should rely on the BC being used by our partners because females don't lie about important decisions such as pregnancy and the creation of our child, COWSHIT! When taken together, all their LIES amount to a declaration that only females have rights, only females matter. COWSHIT! When some bimbo or mangina tells you any of those LIES, confront her LIES with the truth, its COWSHIT!

But the signs are good. MEN have been rediscovered by some companies who are now marketing a few products for MEN. At least one is even doing research on BC for men. Keep up the good work guys! We do exist, we deserve equal BC products and we deserve equal control over our fatherly reproductive rights.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Couple defends child, is crucified

A Kentucky couple is begin crucified for defending the woman's child from kidnappers. Evil family destroying CPS lesbofeminazi had kidnapped little Saige Terrell at an early age. The little boy had been deprived of HIS family and his fundamental human right to HIS family by the evil CPS hate mongers. At last, seizing an opportunity to recapture the boy home from the evil hostage of lesbo family destroyers, Renee Terrell and her boyfriend Christopher Luttrell put the evil lesbofeminazi out of her misery and reclaimed the child. Read story.

Of course the great evil of our land, the American Injustice System (AIS) has twisted truth and logic beyond recognition. Turning truth upside down, the couple are charged with "kidnapping" of their own son. No parent can kidnap his or her own son. The evil lying CPS child abusers backed by the blue gun thugs are the ones who are guilty of kidnapping and illegal confinement of this child. He was taken from his parents and held for months in violation of all of the basic rights of parents and children. Evil CPS was in the process of placing little Sage Terrell for adoption and forever preventing his reunion with his parents. All the human rights of everyone involved had been violated and were being violated.

For several days the AIS used its dishonest and abusive "Amber Alert" system to track down a child who they knew had been safely returned to HIS parent. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will recognize "Amber Alert" as a hate program intended to destroy families and hurt men. It was justified with the usual LIE of "protecting children," but it doesn't take X-ray vision to see through the lies, and see what is actually being done. The "Amber Alert" system is used to take children from their PARENTS, and to bring down the full force of blue gun thug gangs on parents who protect our children. Read AA Story. We know that whenever we hear the words "Amber Alert" its an odds on bet that some parent is being persecuted, and some family is being destroyed by the agents of Satan.

The couple is being charged with "murder," for defending their own child against kidnappers. Self defense of oneself and one's family is a fundamental right of free men. When an evil kidnapper is stealing your child and destroying your family you have a fundamental right to use whatever force is necessary to stop the criminal act against you. Social worker lesbofeminazi Boni Frederick was a criminal engaged in the criminal kidnapping of a child when she met a family with the guts to defend themselves from her kind of pathological evil. She deserved to die for this and many other kidnapping, for destroying families and hurting children. May she return rapidly to HELL from whence she came.

There are other evil daemons in this story. Henderson, KY, blue gun thug Sgt. John Nevels is spewing lies to the public to justify their heinous persecution of a family who fought to protect a child. Lying blue gun thug detective Ron Adams from Henderson, IL, has also been working hard to destroy the family. Blue gun thug FBI agent John Stafford was also involved in this heinous crime. Their evil crimes were approved by U.S. Magistrate agent of Satan in black robes Donald Wilkerson.

The evil destruction of families by CPS, backed by legions of blue gun thugs and agents of Satan goes on in every town and city every day. Hundreds of thousands of children cry night after night wanting only to be returned home to their mother and father. Legions of evil minions paid for by federal tax funding and various state funds works against decent people, works to destroy our families, works to hurt our children. Its time for a mob of honest decent people to pick up our hoes and pitchforks and by weight of numbers recapture our society and impale every one of Satan's agents on the public square of our towns. Its time for good people to reclaim our children and restore our families.

Friday, October 20, 2006

National Gun Thug Violence Awareness month

Feminazi gun sows, Pamela and Deb, armed with feminazi hate orders and 9mm weapons, spent the morning out rounding up MEN to be sent to hell. In case you missed it this is "Domestic Violence Month," a time when gangs of blue gun thugs make a special attempt to destroy marriages and send more men to hell than usual. In Seattle the lesbo bitches of the blue gun thugs have false warrants for the arrest of 168 men for the faux feminist hate complaints called "domestic violence." As regular readers of The Truth According to Bob are aware, the so-called crime of "domestic violence" is a feminazi hate industry utilizing fear and victimology to terrorize females, control legislatures, and send good men to hell. For more on the faux crime of "domestic violence" read Cleansing our Society of evil.

In city after city the evil men-hating blue gun thugs are celebrating for they get massive funding from the federal government under the VAWA. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, an excuse to participate in an orgy of violence against men who is often a victim of his wife's violence, or has defended his children from her violence.

Among the "criminals" that lesbo bitches in blue Pamela and Deb are trying to send to hell is a MAN named Richard. Read story. His case stems from a charge of "obstructing in a domestic violence investigation." In civilian language, the blue gun thugs beat him up, and he hasn't yet spent 6 months in a cage for being beaten. Richard's case demonstrates the lies, beatings, fictions, and hate, the blue gun thugs put out, with the aid of a gullible media.

Forty years ago there was a tongue-in-cheek saying "when you get in trouble, call a hippie." When someone comes to your door to destroy your family, hurt your children and ruin your life it will not be your neighbor, nor will it be a hippie. When someone comes to your door it will be someone like Pamela and Deb, gun thugs in blue suits, armed with lies, guns, and hatred of men. They will pretend that they are protecting families while they are working every day to destroy families and hurt children. Good men got along throughout all of human history without the blue gun thugs. They were only invented in the last part of the 19th century by oppressive tyrannical governments to control and destroy free men. They protect nobody. They kill many. They destroy families. Decent citizens would all be far better off without them.

Twisted priorities.

I one of the more bizarre episodes of left wingnut political correctness a Republican candidate in California is being asked to resign because someone sent out a letter reminding illegal immigrants and other non-citizens that it is illegal for them to vote in US elections. Somehow they have it twisted completely backwards. Fortunately, you readers of The World According to Bob have no trouble seeing through the smoke screen. The candidate who is asking for fair and legal elections should be elected. The candidate who is counting on fraudulent voting by illegal non-citizens for victory should be asked to resign the election. Orange County Republican Tan Nguyen should be elected for his courage to ask for fair and legal elections in the face of law breakers and those who are willing to destroy the process of fair elections to get power.
Read story here
Or CNN here

Illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported, even if you call them by the distorted politically correct euphemism for their crime, "undocumented." They should never be allowed to vote in US elections.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pervert FBI thugs fight Internet freedom

Internet freedom is continually at risk. The blue gun thugs hate freedom. They are constantly seeking ways to control, dominate, and restrict a free people. According to a recent story, the FBI gun thugs conducted a fraudulent Internet web site for the purpose of distributing child pornography and then arresting any MAN who fell for their trap. In this assault on MEN, the FBI gun thugs have destroyed 125 men so far.

The excuse they used this time is their old lie of "protecting the children." If you look past their lying pigshit, none of the MEN arrested had anything to do with harming children. The people distributing child porn were the FBI gun thugs. If anyone should be arrested in this police state hysteria, it should be the psychosexual perverts of the FBI fraud. Normal decent people understand that psychosexual pathology includes both an unnatural fascination with deviant sex, and an unnatural fascination with other people's sexual conduct. Those who spend their lives "fighting porn" have the second sexual pathology, that of unnatural fascination with other people's sexual conduct. Their sexual pathology allows them to view and distribute all of the most offensive pornography after which they criticize, "tisk...tisk..tisk..." everyone else involved.

In this case the production and distribution of child porn was done by pathological FBI perverts. None of the MEN arrested had anything to do with children. None of their actions hurt any child. The blue gun thug FBI, however, were distributing child porn. If, by some stretch of nonsense that hurts the child who's photo was taken years ago, then it was only the FBI who were hurting children. Bob is concerned that the usual lie, "to protect children" is used as an emotional appeal to side step rational thought and condemn and crucify men. The definition of "children" is often greatly distorted by blue gun thugs and media when they can crucify men. For example, CBS recently produced a "special report" about on-line predators seduction of "girls." Listening carefully to their prattle, it became obvious that their working definition of "children" was adult women between ages 16 and 26. Nevertheless CBS whined for two hours about "protecting children" from "predators." Like CBS, the FBI uses "protecting children" as a popular LIE to distort their predation and destroy men.

Rational people might also question the whole concept that sex always hurts children. Psychologists and CPS lesbofeminists say that children who enjoy sex have been "sexualized." By "sexualized" they mean that the child has learned about sex, and learned that sex is enjoyable or even very pleasurable. In their "protect the children" view of life, a child who has been sexualized, learned about sex, has been horribly harmed. Like many self-righteous perverts they have taken it on themselves to prevent children (and everyone else) from enjoying life. A child experiencing pleasure is abhorrent to them. A child who has learned that sex is very enjoyable, been "sexualized" is likely to continue enjoying sex and therefore must be stopped before they enjoy their lives. Bob certainly doesn't advocate adults screwing children, but Bob does advocate dropping the irrational hysteria, the self-righteous domination, and the "for the children" lies that are used so often to deflect rational thought. Bob has never met anyone who, when speaking truthfully about their own youth, wasn't experimenting with sex when they were 8 or 10 or 12. Every child does it. None of them are hurt by it. You weren't hurt when you experimented with sex at about that age. Neither was anyone else Bob has spoken with. Its time for the lies and hype to stop, and for reason to return. Its time to tell the psychosexual psychotic perverted porn-fighters of the FBI and other blue gun thug organizations to cram it up their arses. Real MEN don't buy their hate lies. We would all be better off without these evil goons working to destroy freedom on the Internet and destroying MEN in our communities.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lying whores in court

A Seattle newspaper has uncovered yet another case of blue gun thugs and county persecutors lying and falsifying evidence to convict numerous people and send them to hellhole prisons. Blue gun thug detective Dan Ring was supposed to be investigating "vice." Over a period of several years he started fucking several whores who worked for "escort services" in the Seattle area. Like archetype blue gun thugs taking an apple to eat from a local merchant without paying while walking a beat, this blue gun thug's beat was the seedy side of prostitution, and he took many "apples" without paying.

A detective needs to get "convictions" to look good to his evil gun thug bosses. In a rash of sordid lies, sex, and perversion, the lying gun thug, Dan Ring and his several whores filed fraudulent charges against many people involved in the escort businesses. Using a huge pile of taxpayer money Ring set up a phony "money laundering" scheme. When real evidence was not found, probably because the "criminals" had not actually violated a law, Ring got his whores to lie to juries in order to convict the accused and gain him job approval for successful investigations. Read story.

The county persecutors failed to disclose the close sexual relationship between their star witnesses and the blue gun thug, a fundamental legal violation of due process. In the sordid world of evil blue gun thugs and scum sucking lieyer county persecutors its never about crime and punishment. Its never about justice. Its always only about getting as many convictions as possible and sending as many people to hell as they can. That is the bottom line, was the bottom line, and in their twisted minds justified violating all the basic rights of citizens.

Something like 86 convictions were obtained by fraudulent illegal court process, a lying blue gun thug, and his lying whores giving false witness. Now that the real story has been revealed, many of the victims will sue the county for damages, and the taxpayers who had to pay for the fraudulent investigations will now have to pay for the damages done by their crooked blue gun thugs. The good people of Seattle and King County would be far better off if they rounded up all the blue gun thugs, had them each tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

In the mean time, the lying scum county persecutor who failed to inform the accused that the witnesses were in bed, literally, with the blue gun thugs, will pay no penalty and will be rewarded for his high conviction rate. The whoring blue gun thug got paid a large financial reward and got an early retirement (read: stop working but still get paid his salary for the rest of his life) for his illegal acts. Crime pays very well when you wear a blue suit.

To answer questions about Bob's position on the prostitution business, Bob notes that laws against prostitution were promulgated in the USA by misandrist feminists a century ago. Even though anti-prostitution laws make female sex workers into criminals, the feminazi are willing to sacrifice large numbers of their own kind in order to increase their control and domination of men. In their worldview, a wife or girlfriend has less control of her man if he can hire a whore at his favorite pub on his way home from work. In an alliance with religious fundamentalists the feminists of the late 19th century and early 20th century successfully outlawed prostitution and most kinds of sex work. It was done during the same era that outlawed alcoholic beverage. Its purpose was to control and subjugate men, to prevent men from enjoying our lives, and subject us to the control of wives. In Bob's view, if a man objects to prostitution on religious grounds he has the option of avoiding prostitutes. Bob has never desired to hire sex workers, there are so many willing free females, but neither does Bob object to the practices of willing participants. Bob generally opposes all laws that have the purpose of control and domination of an otherwise free people. Freedom, including the freedom of sexuality, is a very valuable thing. Freedom is worth defending. Bob objects to the feminazi, their evil blue gun thug army, and their lying county persecutors who work every day to control, oppress, and deny freedom to good MEN.

Dangerous within 500 yards

The President of Israel is learning the hard way that females are dangerous any time a man gets within 500 yards or one. The government of Israel has a President and a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister generally runs the government. The President's position is involved with carrying out other official duties. Israeli President Moshe Katsay has falsely accused of "rape" by a lying scum bitch who fucked her way into well paid positions and then turned on her boss. Read Story. Rational men know that it is always a serious risk getting close to an emotionally hysterical female, but sexual promises overcome reason. Under feminazi laws, and Israel should have learned better than to copy Nazi laws, any sex that the female "feels" bad about the next day is "rape." And "rape" is, according to feminazi hate propaganda, the worst possible crime. President Katsay supposedly "forced" the bimbo babe to fuck him in order to get and keep her job. In other words, an unqualified whore used sex to manipulate Katsay into hiring and keeping her employed. It’s a common female job application. Whenever you see a female in a high paid position there is a high probability that her primary qualification is her cunt. Allowing unqualified cunts to fuck their way into high paid jobs in place of well qualified hard working men is a serious problem. Employing unqualified cunts in responsible positions in government or industry causes enormous problems for any man (or female) who works in her department. Every man who has ever worked in the department headed by an over promoted cunt knows just how bad it is. Unqualified cunts filling responsible positions in government hurts the nation and its people. Unqualified cunts filling responsible positions in industry hurts the company and investors. If the organization can afford extra perk whores for its upper management they ought to simply pay for a mistress and hire good men for the organization. That would allow the organization to function properly and protect citizens, investors, and other employees.

But this Israeli cunt wasn't satisfied when she obtained and kept her way overpaid position on her back. In an emotional hissy fit she accused her boss of "rape" for having accepted her fucking job application. Only in seriously delusional feminaziland is a sexual job application construed as "rape." This case makes it clear that Israel is dominated by the feminazi. Jewish females have long been a big part of the feminazi movement in the US, and, obviously, have a lot of power in Israel. In typical feminazi hate mongering fashion, to be accused by a female is to be guilty. President Katsay is guilty of "rape" even if there is no legal basis for the accusation. According to the published report he will lose his position and career. The fucking bimbo, the "victim," will go on to seduce and abuse other men with impunity.

As regular readers of The World According to Bob are aware, the crime of "rape" is primarily the ultimate feminist hate propaganda slam with little factual harm done to the alleged "victim." Even in the small percentage of rape claims that have any basis in factual rape, the victim suffers very little harm. In this case the alleged victim was a manipulative whore who sold sex for money and favors. If she doesn't want to sell it she should keep sitting on it. When she sells it for favors it is prostitution, whoring. It is not rape.

Bottom line: Israeli President Katsay should be fired for using his government position and taxpayers money to hire whores instead of qualified men. The fucking whore should be told to pound sand.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Scandal or no scandal

Republican or Democrat. Republican faggot Foley is accused of sending suggestive (not explicit) e-mail to pages and he has been crucified by all the major media and forced to resign his seat. Media talking heads are even screaming for the Speaker of the House to resign because no immediate action was taken to evict Foley from the House. Read about Faggot Foley in The World According to Bob.

So lets compare the Foley case with that of Democratic faggot Congressman Gerry Studds.

Instead of just sending suggestive e-mail like Foley, Studds was openly having a sexual affair with a 17 year old page, humping him in the arse and all the sordid, sick rump rider sexual filth. And did the Democrats get upset. Nope. Studds didn't resign. The Democratic Speaker of the House didn't ask him to resign, nor hold hearings, nor evict him from his seat. His Democratic district reelected him to several more terms so the sick faggot could continue riding the rumps of teenage pages. Innocent young men had gone to Washington hoping to learn about our government, and what they learned was to bend over for Congressional power up their rears.

Once again the raging hypocrisy of the major media and liberal Congresscreeps is flauted for all to see. No telling how loud they would have screamed if Rep Faggot Foley had acted like Dem Faggot Studds and actually humped a page's ass.

Once again we learn that there are no moral values in Congress. Moral outrage is totally dependent on who's ass is getting reamed.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A naked man is not indecent

A naked man is beautiful and sacred, not indecent. In Hamiltion, Ohio, Scott Blauvelt was arrested and charged with "indecency" after a security camera showed that he was naked while alone. Read Story His arrest demonstrates the legal fiction that men are inherently indecent, a very offensive misandrist position. Men are the most hansom and beautiful beings on earth. For thousands of years naked men were the subjects of the most important art sculpture and painting. Only the societal hate of men has changed. The sight of a man has never caused anyone to turn to stone, broken anyone's arm, or caused any harm.

In this case Blauvelt was alone. Nobody even saw him being naked. Authorities found out about his nakedness because of intrusive surveillance video cameras. Men hating blue gun thug, Anthony Dwyer and his gang of thugs arrested Blauvelt, a disabled man who suffers from long term brain injuries. Blauvelt works as a Persecutor for the city of Hamilton. The evil blue gun thugs are cannibals who feed even on their own kind. They used his nakedness as an excuse to cast him into hell. Even the City Persecutor is not immune from their evil misandry.

A naked man is beautiful and sacred, not indecent.

FBI gun thugs fail again,

Once again the FBI has demonstrated its incompetence in "solving crime." Federal Persecutor Tom Wales made a lot of enemies as he devoted his life to sending men to hell. Wales was a regular part of the evil gun thug conspiracy, persecuting "criminals" who were rounded up by the FBI and other blue gun thugs. It was Wales' job to drag men before the agents of Satan in black robes of hell, provide all the lies and false excuses in an organized and offensive manner, and ensure that men were sent to Auchwitz, Leavenworth, Victorville, or any of a hundred of federal government hell holes. As the federal Persecutor, Wales worked hard every day to destroy men using whatever lies, deceit, falsehoods, and illegal fictions he could round up. He was a major part of the evil American Injustice System (AIS) that has more men in cages than any other country at any other time in the history of the world. As the sworn enemy of men, Wales had many enemies, all the good men of our nation.

Five years ago one if his many enemies came to his home and eliminated him from the anti-men army. He was only a foot soldier in the war against men. The anti-men army goes on without him. But it is always the foot soldiers at the front lines who do the killing and rain death and destruction. It is the foot soldiers who have to be killed before the Generals and Dictators can be eliminated. Wales was a foot soldier, working to kill, destroy, and hurt men every day. One of his intended victims, former victims, or potential victims fought back, returned his fire, and eliminated one more evil from our nation.

For five years the FBI has made Wales case a priority investigation. He was part of their AIS, one of them, their champion Persecutor. They have a million dollar reward for information about his death. They have wasted tens of thousands of hours of public funded investigation time and squandered many millions of tax dollars. But they have only succeeded in demonstrating that the blue gun thugs do not protect anyone, they do not solve crimes, and they are an evil which only serves to cause harm to the people. According to a published story, they have investigated thousands of wrong gun barrels for ballistics. They have harassed, surveilled, and intimidated an uninvolved airline pilot. Out of frustration they may very well invent some "evidence" and frame an innocent man to excuse their incompetence, but haven't done so yet.

Once again the FBI and other blue gun thugs demonstrate that they don't protect anyone. All they do is destroy, and prevent good MEN from protecting ourselves. We got along without them for all the millennia of human life before the 20th century. We would all be far better off without them.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hate crimes against men.

In New York Scott Fappiano was wrongly convicted of "rape" and spent 21 years in hell hole prisons. He was the victim of the feminazi hate war on men. As regular readers of The World According to Bob will remember, rape is a simple crime that results in no physical injury and no monitory injury. As a crime, rape is a crime about as serious as stealing fifty bucks, the price of sex on the street. In a typical hate persecution Scott Fappino was picked at random off the streets of New York. He was a scapegoat for the sins of men, a focus of feminazi hate. He had nothing to do with the rape of the wife of a blue gun thug that was the official excuse for the agent of Satan in black robes to adjudicate him to 50 years in hell. The blue gun thugs don't care that they picked the wrong man. Solving crimes and arresting the guilty is not what they do. The County Persecutor and the agent of Satan do not care that they got the wrong man. Their jobs are to send MEN to hell, and any excuse will suffice. read story

Mr. Fappiano was finally released more than two decades later after DNA testing showed that he had nothing to do with the original rape. But it begs the questions, why was he there at all. Why can a man be sent to hell for many decades for a female's hurt feelings? Rape is a trivial crime. Only the feminazi hate campaign has distorted rational thinking and made a woman's hurt feelings into an excuse to destroy a man's whole life. One has to wonder if any crime was committed at all. The vast majority of "rape" claims by hysterical females are totally fraudulent. A whole hate industry has sprung up to encourage, exacerbate, and support fraudulent rape claims, the "rape crisis center" industry. They feed and encourage fraudulent rape claims in order to get public funding to promote their anti-men hate. It would be surprising if 8% of claimed rapes had anything at all to do with reality. Females are hysterical liars who use fraud and fiction every day for all manner of hidden and often irrational agendas. In the case of Mr. Fappiano the only evidence that any crime had been committed were the testimony of a blue gun thug and his hysterical lying wife. Neither of them are reliable witnesses. A blue gun thug is trained to lie every day as part of his job requirements, according to evidence presented to and affirmed by SCOTUS. The alleged rape victim, the blue gun thug's wife, is a lying hysterical cunt who is less likely to know the difference between total fiction and truth than her lying blue gun thug husband. Can any female who marries a blue gun thug have any credibility or sanity at all? Like tens of thousands of other good MEN, Mr. Fappiano's life was destroyed by a lying cunt, a lying blue gun thug, an evil County Persecutor, and an agent of Satan wearing the black robes of hell.

While Bob applauds the minimal attempts of The Innocence Project which uses DNA testing to overturn false convictions, their efforts are too small to effectively address the massive problem in our nations. Almost two centuries ago the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, their notorious state prison, and freed all the political prisoners. They also beheaded or hanged the evil government lackeys who sent men there and those who ran the prisons. With over two million men in prisons today in the USA, most of them there for the sole "crime" of being born male, it is time for Americans to Storm the Bastille! Its time to release all the Fapianos who are rotting in hell in the hate war against men. Its time to forget all the whining hate mongering of the misandrist blue gun thugs, media manginas like O'Really and Nancy Graceless, forget all the lies of the politicians and the agents of Satan in black robes of hell. Its time to free all MEN from the Bastille, Auchwitz, Fulsom, Attica, and other hell holes.

Why are so many men so vexed?

Like many readers Bob has noticed the high number of school shootings lately. In one week there was a man in Montreal who attacked females in a college, a man who singled out and shot females in a middle school in rural Colorado, and a man who shot all the girls in a one-room Amish school in Pennsylvania. One feature of recent school shootings that is now being noticed by the media is that the man with the gun separates out the females, often sending the boys out of danger, before the killing begins. Another Canadian, Marc Lepine left a long note saying that he was counter attacking the feminists who had ruined his life and driven him out of the college he wanted to attend. December 6 is now celebrated as International Marc Lepine Day in English speaking countries around the world.

For several years we have seen serial killers who kill females. Some notable examples were Ted Bundy, the Green River killer, and the BTK killer who was recently arrested. You may remember that the blue gun thugs were never able to "solve" any of the BTK killings until 20 years later he finally turned himself in.

While the major (misandrist) media and politicians use the school shootings as another excuse to spread misandry, Bob asks another question. What is there about today's females that so vexes men that some would sacrifice their own lives to take revenge by killing some of the females? Obviously men don't just up and decide to go on a killing rampage against females. Someone who just goes nuts and starts shooting is indiscriminate, shooting anyone. No, the recent killings have a common rational signature, they are targeting females. What is it that is causing the extreme anger against females?

Can it be the feminist elementary school teachers who have replaced Dick, Jane and Spot with new reading that teaches sexist misandry along with basic reading? Can it be the school systems that encourage females to believe, "Boys are bad, throw rocks at them" which has angered two generations of men? Can it be the females who have destroyed the majority of our familes and left the boys to be raised without fathers? Is it the new cultural definition of "family" as "a mother and her children" which no longer even recognizes the value of boys and men as fathers of OUR children? Is it the violent child abuse that so many boys suffer from mothers and mother's latest fuck because his father is not available to protect him? Has it anything to do with the "sexual harassment" training that men are required to attend at work, training that reinforces the feminist "men are bad" and "women are victims" dogma. Does the anger of men have anything to do with the TV networks which hammer away every day on the message "men=bad, women=victims." Are young men in schools angry because so many intelligent boys have been ignored and shunted aside into "Special Education" classes while the school pampers, supports, and rewards less intelligent girls? Maybe it’s the arrogant selfish bitch attitude that young women now all express in their day to day dealing with men, attitudes that they have been taught and which are reinforced daily by the whole society.

Maybe it is the combination of all of those daily insults? For a hundred and fifty years organized feminism has waged a hate war against men and boys. Most of our lives begin with violent sexual mutilation ordered by mothers. Our families have been ruined by her feminist female insanity. We men, when we were boys, suffered violent child abuse in huge numbers in female headed homes. Our needs are ignored and neglected. Our mass media focuses on what "hurts women" while demonstrating a total lack of concern for far more severe hurting of men. Millions of our brothers rot in hell hole prisons while feminazi and manginas like O'Really rant on FOX and elsewhere about judges who don't sentence men to far worse punishment than any female ever gets. Our government renews the VAWA by unanimous vote, supporting misandry and criminalizing all men without any exception from either political party.

Maybe it is a combination of all the hate that has been dumped on MEN over the past century and a half by all the schools, movies, TV, newspapers, government, and the arrogant selfish bitch cunts in our daily lives. Maybe that is why a few men are fighting back against the feminazi hate onslaught we all experience. Maybe a few men are so angry that they aren't going to take it any more. Maybe that is why there are more than a few bloggers and Internet correspondents who see the mass killing of female school girls as a good thing, as a counter attack in the century long hate war of females against boys and men.

As stated in the legal notice, Bob does not advocate the mass killing of hate mongering cunts or any other illegal act. However, Bob does sympathize with the men who have been so abused and are angry beyond even a good man's ability to take it any longer.

Increasing the quantity of anti-men hate, such as the feminist have done in Canada using Marc Lepine as their poster boy to hate, will increase the number of mass killing of feminazi females. Instead of increasing misandry, the government and the media needs to tone down the attacks on men. Good MEN and females who want to live in peace with men should reclaim our society, overturn the feminazi hate, restore decent families and give boys a fair shake in our schools. Until that happens, December 6, International Marc Lepine Day will continue to be celebrated in blood across the English speaking world. They feminazi and their female sympathizers, the arrogant greedy bitches, will reap the rewards of their hate war against men.

Armed robbery goes bad

In Spokane, WA, an armed robber in a blue suit destroyed a woman's minivan, and the pig loving media is now whining because she hasn't paid for his injuries. Read story

According to media reports, blue gun thug Rick Dobrow was riding his motorcycle, chasing and attempting to rob the driver of a SUV through a construction zone at a high speed when he crashed into the side of a minivan driven by another woman. The minivan was badly damaged, its occupants traumatized and injured. The only good that came out of the crash was the serious injury to the scum sucking blue gun thug. It is unfortunate that he survived. In a more enlightened age, armed highway robbers were captured and hanged by decent citizens.

As most readers of The World According to Bob are aware, about half of blue gun thug car chases result in injuries or property damage. About 1 in every 25 blue gun thug car chases results in death. It is very rare that blue gun thugs should ever chase anyone. A decision to start a car chase is a very serious matter, but the blue gun thugs love the adrenaline rush, the flashy lights, and the massed pigmobiles screaming down side streets. Much of the time it is the robbery victim, who is injured or dies, crashing off the road accidentally or being deliberatly crashed by the murderous blue gun thugs. Sometimes it is the blue gun thugs themselves who crash in their senseless high-speed chases. This time, blue gun thug Dobrow saw a golden opportunity to rob a passing motorist, doubled take for robberies that occur near construction. So throwing caution to the wind, and in total disregard for the lives and safety of the public, armed robber Dobrow decided to chase down and rob the SUV driver. Unfortunately his thrill of the chase was interrupted when he couldn't control the over powerful taxpayer paid motorcycle and he ruined a passing female's whole day by destroying her minivan. The intended robbery victim, the SUV driver, got away.

Now the whining scum suckers on ABC channel 4 are whining that the woman whose minivan was destroyed has not paid for the blue gun thug's medical costs. They expected that her insurance would compensate the gun thug for destroying her care and damaging her life. They should have offered to compensate the poor female who's car Dobrow destroyed. His wantonly reckless car chase is always a danger to the public. Many people who are engaged in nothing more than going about their daily routines have their property destroyed or their lives lost because the blue gun thugs are playing chase. Bob is seriously offended by the city of Spokane's refusal to compensate the victims of their hired blue gun thug. Bob is offended by the ABC media jackals who whine about the poor injured blue gun thug who's arrogance caused his own injuries, and whine that the innocent woman has not paid for his medical bills.

To fairly assign and settle the costs of this wanton destruction the management of the blue gun thugs, a RICO criminal conspiracy, should have to compensate the female minivan owner with RICO triple damages including her pain and suffering and punitive damages. The damaged should be paid out of their own pockets, not just robbed from more travelers as they like to do. They should have to pay the City of Spokane out of their own pockets for the cost of the motorcycle that their reckless disregard for safety destroyed. The mindless idiots at ABC Channel 4 ought to be fired for promoting violence against the people. And Dobrow ought to be put out of his misery. There is no point in funding the medical industrial complex to save the hide of an armed highwayman who ought to have been hanged in the first place.

Similar crime goes on every day in every city. The blue gun thugs of Los Angeles, CA, are infamous for their daily high speed chases, most of which end in violence. They all ought to be caught and hung.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gun thug stiffs a whore

Boston blue gun thug forces sex on prostitute and fails to pay. For more than a century, since the blue gun thug armies were created late in the 19th century the blue gun thugs have taken "favors" from local merchants without paying. The blue gun thug walking a business district could pick up an apple at the green grocer, accept a sandwich from a restaurant, or take a fiver from the hardware store. Merchants who complained were denied "protection" which rapidly turned into physical destruction, beatings, or arrests. One blue gun thug, Michael LoPriore, extended "favors" for "protection" to take sex from a prostitute. Read story

The management of the blue gun thugs recognizes that their job is to protect females, not to extort or control females. Females are the bosses. So gun thug LoPriore will plead guilty to some minor charge and move to another state to continue his career as a blue gun thug. If he had murdered a MAN, no charges would have been filed nor would he plead guilty to anything. Blue gun thugs beat men to death every day with impunity. Their job is to destroy men. Taking a blowjob from a whore without paying is a serious crime.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Close the barn door, the horse has left!

There have been 3 school shootings in the last few days. In Bailey, CO, a man entered a middle school and raped a few girls before shooing one and himself. A high school student near Madison, WI shot the school Principal. In Paradise, PA, a man walked into a one-room Amish schoolhouse and shot several young women, killing three. Read Story

After each incident teams of blue gun thugs "investigated" thoroughly, appearing on TV, and using all that high priced thug equipment. Did the investigations prevent crime or stop any killing? Did they protect anyone? Did they prevent the students from being shot and killed? Not on a bet. The blue gun tugs never protect anyone. In fact, they have proven to SCOTUS that they aren't in the business of protecting anyone. That "protection" nonsense is a LIE they whine about in front of TV cameras after citizens have been killed. What they have done is to take away our means of self-protection and left us and our children vulnerable to any nutter who attacks. We can't protect ourselves and our neighbors any more. The blue gun thugs don't protect anyone. Now we have these bizarre killings by nutters who operate with impunity. After the crime is done, after the nutter has killed himself, then and only then the blue gun thus "investigate" to waste tax paid time and pretend to be doing something.

Beaten to death for taking a leak.

A Portland, OR, man was beaten to death by blue gun thugs for the apparent "crime" of public pissing. James Chasse Jr. was apparently taking a leak when a blue gun thug spotted him. For his horrible crime, the blue gun thugs used a Taser on Chasse multiple times and then beat and kicked him until he stopped moving. They hauled his unconscious body down to their Multnomah County jail and then after some time decided to sent his body to Portland Adventist Hospital where he was dead on arrival. Read Story

The final cause of death, according to Oregon State Medical Examiner Karin Gunson, "broad-based blunt force trauma to his chest." As a state employee Gunson toes the blue gun thug line and without any factual basis said that the officers obviously did not mean to kill Chasse. She declared the obvious murder, "accidental." Lying cunts in public office always support and protect the feminazi blue gun thug army. It appears to any sane person that a gang of thugs beating and kicking a MAN until he stops moving are not intending to shake his hand. The only thing accidental about the murder of Chasse was the appointment of a lying cunt as State Medical Examiner.

Once again the blue gun thugs demonstrate that they are the worst criminal murderers in our communities. Assault, beatings, armed robbery, extortion, imprisonment, family destruction, and murder, all are crimes committed every day by the evil Gestapo in blue suits. They lie all the time and have no honor like decent men. Its time for decent MEN to confront the evil in blue at every opportunity. Honest MEN need to destroy these armed gangs before they happen to see you or me taking a leak.


Portland, OR, news media has reported that the particular blue gun thugs who beat Mr. Chasse to death for taking a leak have a long history of extreme violence against the people of Portland. Both have been repeatedly involved in many citizen complaints and lawsuits because of their extreme violence against decent people. Repeated beatings that leave victims as bloody pulp barely alive, random shootings, any level of violence against the people has been routinely encouraged and paid for by the Chief gun thug, with the bill sent to the same sorry citizens who are the victims of their murderous atrocities. The evil scum sucking blue dogs roam the streets in terrorist packs looking for victims, and when they find one he is liable to wake up dead, or wish that he had. Two of the worst violent criminals in the blue street gang are Christopher Humphreys, and Sgt. Kyle Nice. Both of these lying evil dogs are violent terrorist filth with violent psychotic personalities. They earn their livings beating, maiming, and killing on the streets of Portland. They should be impaled for their crimes, if only to protect decent people. .

The people of Portland would be far better off, far safer, suffer far less violence and cruelty, if the whole lot of the blue gun thug gang was impaled along the river, or at least run out of town. And men like Mr. Chasse would be alive today. Read story