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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pervert FBI thugs fight Internet freedom

Internet freedom is continually at risk. The blue gun thugs hate freedom. They are constantly seeking ways to control, dominate, and restrict a free people. According to a recent story, the FBI gun thugs conducted a fraudulent Internet web site for the purpose of distributing child pornography and then arresting any MAN who fell for their trap. In this assault on MEN, the FBI gun thugs have destroyed 125 men so far.

The excuse they used this time is their old lie of "protecting the children." If you look past their lying pigshit, none of the MEN arrested had anything to do with harming children. The people distributing child porn were the FBI gun thugs. If anyone should be arrested in this police state hysteria, it should be the psychosexual perverts of the FBI fraud. Normal decent people understand that psychosexual pathology includes both an unnatural fascination with deviant sex, and an unnatural fascination with other people's sexual conduct. Those who spend their lives "fighting porn" have the second sexual pathology, that of unnatural fascination with other people's sexual conduct. Their sexual pathology allows them to view and distribute all of the most offensive pornography after which they criticize, "tisk...tisk..tisk..." everyone else involved.

In this case the production and distribution of child porn was done by pathological FBI perverts. None of the MEN arrested had anything to do with children. None of their actions hurt any child. The blue gun thug FBI, however, were distributing child porn. If, by some stretch of nonsense that hurts the child who's photo was taken years ago, then it was only the FBI who were hurting children. Bob is concerned that the usual lie, "to protect children" is used as an emotional appeal to side step rational thought and condemn and crucify men. The definition of "children" is often greatly distorted by blue gun thugs and media when they can crucify men. For example, CBS recently produced a "special report" about on-line predators seduction of "girls." Listening carefully to their prattle, it became obvious that their working definition of "children" was adult women between ages 16 and 26. Nevertheless CBS whined for two hours about "protecting children" from "predators." Like CBS, the FBI uses "protecting children" as a popular LIE to distort their predation and destroy men.

Rational people might also question the whole concept that sex always hurts children. Psychologists and CPS lesbofeminists say that children who enjoy sex have been "sexualized." By "sexualized" they mean that the child has learned about sex, and learned that sex is enjoyable or even very pleasurable. In their "protect the children" view of life, a child who has been sexualized, learned about sex, has been horribly harmed. Like many self-righteous perverts they have taken it on themselves to prevent children (and everyone else) from enjoying life. A child experiencing pleasure is abhorrent to them. A child who has learned that sex is very enjoyable, been "sexualized" is likely to continue enjoying sex and therefore must be stopped before they enjoy their lives. Bob certainly doesn't advocate adults screwing children, but Bob does advocate dropping the irrational hysteria, the self-righteous domination, and the "for the children" lies that are used so often to deflect rational thought. Bob has never met anyone who, when speaking truthfully about their own youth, wasn't experimenting with sex when they were 8 or 10 or 12. Every child does it. None of them are hurt by it. You weren't hurt when you experimented with sex at about that age. Neither was anyone else Bob has spoken with. Its time for the lies and hype to stop, and for reason to return. Its time to tell the psychosexual psychotic perverted porn-fighters of the FBI and other blue gun thug organizations to cram it up their arses. Real MEN don't buy their hate lies. We would all be better off without these evil goons working to destroy freedom on the Internet and destroying MEN in our communities.


Anonymous C said...

To "protect the children", is the oldest overused emotional blandishment.

It is emotional blackmail, it is a red herring and a logical fallacy, all at the same time.

They (illegal FBI) divert/dissimulate criticism from themselves, even though they created /made the smut and filth to deceive and trap curious men who did nothing but click on a link!

The unhealthy, illegal-psychosexual "FBI" agents construed/constructed this deviant/devilish, manipulative plot against curious men.

This is a Peter and the Wolf situation we have here.
Someone cries wolf and there was no wolf hurting any one!

October 21, 2006 1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey now, children playing tag during recess might fall down and hurt themselves. We might as well ban all recess games.

Wait, that's already done.

October 30, 2006 12:51 AM  

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