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Thursday, October 12, 2006

FBI gun thugs fail again,

Once again the FBI has demonstrated its incompetence in "solving crime." Federal Persecutor Tom Wales made a lot of enemies as he devoted his life to sending men to hell. Wales was a regular part of the evil gun thug conspiracy, persecuting "criminals" who were rounded up by the FBI and other blue gun thugs. It was Wales' job to drag men before the agents of Satan in black robes of hell, provide all the lies and false excuses in an organized and offensive manner, and ensure that men were sent to Auchwitz, Leavenworth, Victorville, or any of a hundred of federal government hell holes. As the federal Persecutor, Wales worked hard every day to destroy men using whatever lies, deceit, falsehoods, and illegal fictions he could round up. He was a major part of the evil American Injustice System (AIS) that has more men in cages than any other country at any other time in the history of the world. As the sworn enemy of men, Wales had many enemies, all the good men of our nation.

Five years ago one if his many enemies came to his home and eliminated him from the anti-men army. He was only a foot soldier in the war against men. The anti-men army goes on without him. But it is always the foot soldiers at the front lines who do the killing and rain death and destruction. It is the foot soldiers who have to be killed before the Generals and Dictators can be eliminated. Wales was a foot soldier, working to kill, destroy, and hurt men every day. One of his intended victims, former victims, or potential victims fought back, returned his fire, and eliminated one more evil from our nation.

For five years the FBI has made Wales case a priority investigation. He was part of their AIS, one of them, their champion Persecutor. They have a million dollar reward for information about his death. They have wasted tens of thousands of hours of public funded investigation time and squandered many millions of tax dollars. But they have only succeeded in demonstrating that the blue gun thugs do not protect anyone, they do not solve crimes, and they are an evil which only serves to cause harm to the people. According to a published story, they have investigated thousands of wrong gun barrels for ballistics. They have harassed, surveilled, and intimidated an uninvolved airline pilot. Out of frustration they may very well invent some "evidence" and frame an innocent man to excuse their incompetence, but haven't done so yet.

Once again the FBI and other blue gun thugs demonstrate that they don't protect anyone. All they do is destroy, and prevent good MEN from protecting ourselves. We got along without them for all the millennia of human life before the 20th century. We would all be far better off without them.

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Blogger The Geezer said...

Well, Bob, you got part of it right. It is true that they have pissed way more money chasing this bogeyman than they would for some other drunk at the bar.

I have often wondered why some lives are seemingly worth more than others. Yes, you should not get killed while doing your job, even though you take offense to his job, but on the other hand, reasonable measures should be taken to find the perp, not some ongoing contest to see how much resources we can put into an investigation

Lastly, no one "entered into his house" They offed him via a shot from outside his basement window.

Picky, picky.

October 13, 2006 6:11 AM  

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