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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Armed robbery goes bad

In Spokane, WA, an armed robber in a blue suit destroyed a woman's minivan, and the pig loving media is now whining because she hasn't paid for his injuries. Read story

According to media reports, blue gun thug Rick Dobrow was riding his motorcycle, chasing and attempting to rob the driver of a SUV through a construction zone at a high speed when he crashed into the side of a minivan driven by another woman. The minivan was badly damaged, its occupants traumatized and injured. The only good that came out of the crash was the serious injury to the scum sucking blue gun thug. It is unfortunate that he survived. In a more enlightened age, armed highway robbers were captured and hanged by decent citizens.

As most readers of The World According to Bob are aware, about half of blue gun thug car chases result in injuries or property damage. About 1 in every 25 blue gun thug car chases results in death. It is very rare that blue gun thugs should ever chase anyone. A decision to start a car chase is a very serious matter, but the blue gun thugs love the adrenaline rush, the flashy lights, and the massed pigmobiles screaming down side streets. Much of the time it is the robbery victim, who is injured or dies, crashing off the road accidentally or being deliberatly crashed by the murderous blue gun thugs. Sometimes it is the blue gun thugs themselves who crash in their senseless high-speed chases. This time, blue gun thug Dobrow saw a golden opportunity to rob a passing motorist, doubled take for robberies that occur near construction. So throwing caution to the wind, and in total disregard for the lives and safety of the public, armed robber Dobrow decided to chase down and rob the SUV driver. Unfortunately his thrill of the chase was interrupted when he couldn't control the over powerful taxpayer paid motorcycle and he ruined a passing female's whole day by destroying her minivan. The intended robbery victim, the SUV driver, got away.

Now the whining scum suckers on ABC channel 4 are whining that the woman whose minivan was destroyed has not paid for the blue gun thug's medical costs. They expected that her insurance would compensate the gun thug for destroying her care and damaging her life. They should have offered to compensate the poor female who's car Dobrow destroyed. His wantonly reckless car chase is always a danger to the public. Many people who are engaged in nothing more than going about their daily routines have their property destroyed or their lives lost because the blue gun thugs are playing chase. Bob is seriously offended by the city of Spokane's refusal to compensate the victims of their hired blue gun thug. Bob is offended by the ABC media jackals who whine about the poor injured blue gun thug who's arrogance caused his own injuries, and whine that the innocent woman has not paid for his medical bills.

To fairly assign and settle the costs of this wanton destruction the management of the blue gun thugs, a RICO criminal conspiracy, should have to compensate the female minivan owner with RICO triple damages including her pain and suffering and punitive damages. The damaged should be paid out of their own pockets, not just robbed from more travelers as they like to do. They should have to pay the City of Spokane out of their own pockets for the cost of the motorcycle that their reckless disregard for safety destroyed. The mindless idiots at ABC Channel 4 ought to be fired for promoting violence against the people. And Dobrow ought to be put out of his misery. There is no point in funding the medical industrial complex to save the hide of an armed highwayman who ought to have been hanged in the first place.

Similar crime goes on every day in every city. The blue gun thugs of Los Angeles, CA, are infamous for their daily high speed chases, most of which end in violence. They all ought to be caught and hung.


Anonymous C said...

Take off the blinders everyone.

The transparent and subtle disguise that these liars wear(uniforms)does not make them any less thugs/robbers.

October 14, 2006 4:58 PM  
Anonymous C said...

In a more intelligent life, armed highway robbers were captured and hanged/or killed by whatever means necessary by healthy men with a sense of justice.

Take their
"halloween disguises"(uniforms)
away from them, and what are they?
Just like you and I. They have no legitimate status parading around and whooping up paranoia.

Just like you and I means they can do wrong.

They feel invincibility with their false sense of status.

But their actions are transparent to men who know what true justice is.

October 14, 2006 5:06 PM  

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