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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dr. Frankenstien's ghouls are a booming business

Dr. Frankenstein is alive and well and working in the purloined body parts industry. There is a booming business in stolen body parts. The ghouls will stop at nothing to hack off part of a body and sell it for big bucks. Its no wonder that decent people avoid the medical busine$$ like the plague. Read story

Be sure your living will, your last will, and your instructions to hospitals clearly says that you refuse to allow these ghouls to "harvest" you and sell your parts for their fiendish profits.

If you escape the medical industrial complex, many funeral directors are now robbing the bodies and selling parts and pieces before funerals. Nobody checks underneath Uncle Charlie's best suit to see if his whole middle is missing and replaced with straw. We live in an age where Dr. Frankenstein and his ghoulish fiends are at work everywhere, and getting very well paid for it.


Anonymous C said...

They are just witch doctors that act on hunches and "best guesses"
prescribing superstitious nonsense.

Drugs that actually hurt you because they are not natural they are man made dead chemicals.

Unquestioned Surgical insanity

redundant useless pointless information for e.g. "you're leg's broken, stay off it" gee thanks doc you fountain of all knowledge.

It is sickening that these twisted fucks actually keep dead people alive on IV/feeding tubes and kill the living with advertising and PhDs that are meaningless.

The fact is this: if you are healthy they do not make money.

Stay Healthy!

September 30, 2006 1:15 PM  

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