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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feminazi Censorship On The March

Feminazi “PC” censorship has come to so-called “open source” and “geek” software developers. A feminist hate group has been attacking and trying to silence men's speech in the realm of software developers and “geeks.” They have a blog run by self-proclaimed “Geek Feminists,” an obvious declaration of their ant-men sexism, misandry. On Geek Feminism Blog an October 8 article declares war on a long time free software developer, gamer, and antifeminist who goes by the Internet name of MikeeUSA. Anyone who has observed feminism in action knows that feminism is a sexist pro-women, anti-men hate program and that's all that it is.

One very common tactic of feminist hate is to pick on individual men one at a time. They claim that the man's opinions are “threats” and “violence against women.” They claim to be “victims” of his speech. They slander him far and wide and request that publishers delete his material, banish his comments and try to take away his ability to speak opposition to feminist misandry. The long standing feminist tactic is to attack one man at a time, and then the next man, and then the next. Every successful attack puts all other men on notice that our speech is not allowed unless we kowtow to feminist misandrist “PC” dogma. Opposing opinions are not allowed. A frigid chill is draped over the whole community of men as the misandrist censorship takes hole.

Since launching this particular hate campaign against MikeeUSA, they have succeeded in getting his software deleted from SourceForge, a site that exists to host and distribute free or open source software. Three years of MikeeUSA's work have been deleted. Was the deleted software hateful to women? Not at all. It consisted of map and weapon extensions of computer games that are popular among some gamers. Deleting MikeeUSA's work stops it from distribution. It effectively destroys 3 years of his work. It is a huge hammer to use basing a man for speaking against feminist misandry.

This kind of destruction goes far beyond just censorship. It is a hateful attack on someone's work product. Feminist success in destroying individual men freezes opposition to feminism. No man who wants to work in the free software or open source arena can afford to say anything negative about feminism out of fear that his other work will be deleted. It is the worst kind of hate, fear, and censorship.

According to a recent post on a blog called Armed and Dangerous, “Beth Lynn Eicher, had sought and achieved the suppression of public speech” by a man who has long been a member of the open software community but who opposes feminism. The author of Armed and Dangerous recites a lot of feminist anti-men hate dogma he got from Ms. Eicher, and seems to oppose censorship, but then he says that giving Ms. Eicher and her feminazi cohorts control over men and men's speech is a “solution.” Something is really rotten at Open Source community these days when its self proclaimed “elders” are toeing the anti-men hate and censorship line demanded by the feminazi.

This recent campaign to silence an opinion the feminists don’t agree with is a departure from the open forum nature that has made the Internet so valuable. Crossing the bridge into a censored and controlled forum allowing only ideas we agree with is a very dangerous step for all on the Internet. The ongoing hate campaign against MikeeUSA, the stalking, harassment, threats, libel, accusations, misquotes, and censorship is unfortunate and misdirected. If they disagree with his opinion they should post their own opinions and explain where he is “wrong.” The very existence of this hate/censorship campaign is a threat to everyone who uses a free and open Internet, no matter how strongly they disagree with his opinion.

The hate campaign against MikeeUSA has included but not limited to the following web sites:

Notes In The Margin

Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks

Geek Feminism Wiki

Geek Feminism Wiki hate page against MikeeUSA

2009 women in FLOSS discussions (a sexist misandrist site)

Deviant Art

Pastebin A collaborative web development site

FLOSS is an acronym standing for Free, Libre, and Open Source Software One might ask how “Free” any man can be when the femiNazi are watching our every word and demanding pressuring web servers into deleting any words they don't like.

Whether MEN agree with MikeeUSA or not, and his opinions are pretty radical for most MEN, the censorship of MEN's opinions should be an issuer for ALL men. When the femiNazi are allowed to silence one MAN for opposing feminism, they are a threat to all men.

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