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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Armed Revolt?

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck radio program he raised the question of whether or not Americans would revolt if the government took our guns away, or tired to. Its an interesting question, but the timing is a little off. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is not about "guns," its about "arms." Arms are the weapons of war that armies use. When Jefferson, Washington, and Adams wrote the Constitution they had all succeeded in using ARMS to overthrow a tyrannical government, and sought to protect for future citizens the ability to do the same thing if their new government ever became tyrannical. They distrusted governments, and rightly so. For a more in-depth analysis of the Constitution see 2nd Amendment. on The World According to Bob

The US government began taking our arms away in the 1930s, claiming to be "fighting crime." Since that time they have had government agencies who work every day taking the arms away from Americans, reducing our ability to overthrow a tyrannical government, them. Under the leadership of Clinton/Reno the FBI proved at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, that they are willing to shoot a man's children, wife, and even his dog if he possesses a weapon they don't like. In Waco, Texas, the FBI was willing to use poison gas ("CS" a form of Cyanide) banned by international treaty, WMD, to murder a whole village including men, women and children. In the past quarter century there have only been two governments that have used poison gas warfare on their own citizens, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and Bill Clinton's USA. The BATF and FBI murdered the village of almost 100 men, women, and children, because they possessed arms which were their protected Constitutional right citizens of the US. The FBI's and BATF's assault was criminal violation of the government's own fundamental law, its Constitution. In fact, the "F" in "BATF" is criminal by definition. It is a criminal violation of the US Constitution for the government to abridge the right of citizens to own and bear ARMS.

We aren't talking about hunting rifles either, the Constitution talks about regular military arms. In the language usage of the 18th century, "well regulated" meant to be kept in the manner of the "regulars" i.e. in the manner of the standing regular army. The US Constitution establishes the right of the people to own and bear regular military arms similar to those of the regular US Army, and the government is in criminal violation of its fundamental law every time they interfere with that right. The worst criminals in America are the gun thugs with blue suits and badges. They are the Gestapo of our police state government. They kill men, women, children and even shoot the dog.

This morning on one of the TV news shows they talked about a SCOTUS case involving a teenager who was chased by a gang of blue gun thugs because he was initially driving fast enough to be robbed by them. Since the teenager didn't stop and turn over his purse the blue gun thug gang eventually deliberately crashed into his vehicle causing him to be maimed for life, quadriplegic. Instead of defending their evil, the blue gun thug gang who destroyed the young man should all be caught and hanged by a mob of angry citizens. Of course they won't. Sheep. Baaaaaaahhh.

Would the people revolt if the government took away our arms? No, the people have gone meekly into servitude like so many sheep.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Coming Down

Bob didn't watch the Oscars last night, but it's hard to avoid all the media hype. The black film won "Best Picture" for typifying what's black and "in" in Hollywood. Algore won "Best Documentary" for his fictional film about "Global Warming." Bob is reminded that Hollywood, where nothing is ever real, is where Algore and his "Fear Factor" hysteria belong. An Inconvenient Truth belongs right in there in the horror film genre with Volcano, Friday The 13th Part 3, Impact, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I heard a radio news story a couple of days ago about one US state where the Governor had instructed their official Environmental Officer to stop using his title and saying he represented the state Environmental Office when saying that so-called "Global Warming" is a myth. Algore and Chirock say that all environmental scientists agree, so the Governor couldn't have his Environmental Science department disagreeing. The Governor chose to order his real scientists to shut up and let the leftist politicians and fiction filmmakers in Hollywood tell us about fictional science.

There were plenty of psycho babes parading in very expensive dresses, and some faggot was fawning over their gowns the next morning on "Today." Bob has to wonder if someone has to affect a faggot speech style to appreciate hot babes in expensive gowns. I guess men appreciate the hot babes, while old women and faggots go for the gowns. Do faggots naturally talk that way, or do they learn to affect the faggot accent in order to display themselves as psychosexual perverts?

There were men there too, of course. Men are the ones who make Hollywood possible. But the men all dress in dead black, like so many uniformed servants to the dressed up babes. Not too many centuries ago men in the court of King Louis wore robes of splendor, but today its dead black uniforms. Its not hard to see who rules the world today.

Also on "Today" today was a piece about Ophra's School for Girls in South Africa, a "Leadership Academy." To educate girls is to empower South Africa, or so they say while pandering to a predominantly female audience. Never once mentioned were the millions of uneducated poverty boys in South Africa who will be the men who will have to make or break their country's future. Females whine and parade a lot, but few if any ever make anything happen. The future of South Africa is in the hands of its future men, and their education is being ignored, like that of America's boys.

We had more snow this past weekend. I'm ready for summer. Its time to run naked through the woods.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Date Rape Drug revealed as fraud!

From time to time the feminazi hate machine pushes a "date rape drug" campaign to blame and accuse men. Females claim that they have been drugged by Rohypnol or other drugs, became unconscious, and were raped. Blue gun thugs have used these fabricated lies to capture and destroy men. College women are "educated" to distrust the men they go out with, to watch their drinks so that it can't be tampered with. Fear and hate of men is the message.

Now a 12 month study of women who claimed to have been drugged found that NONE of them were drugged. All of the women had willingly consumed too much alcohol and often willingly consumed other recreational drugs. None of them had been given a so-called "date rape drug" without their knowledge. Read story

Remember this study whenever you hear the lying cunts whine about "date rape drugs." Its all a pack of rape-hate lies. It’s a version of "blame the nearest available man" for their own willing drunkenness. Shame on them all.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's about the MONEY

Most American cities (and perhaps in other countries) have been installing computer traffic "ticket" machines at various busy intersections. The police state government claims that the devices promote public safety by fining anyone who hasn't cleared the intersection in time for the lights to change colors, but they always lie. The blue gun thugs always lie. They are like the old riddle about the one man who always told the truth and the other man who always lied. The riddle was to figure out logically which one was which. In real life its an easier riddle. The pig in the blue suit is the one who always lies. He lies so often that he no longer even knows how to tell the truth, and believes that truth is his lies. When he says that traffic fines are for the purpose of protecting the public it’s a bald faced lie.

The corrupt Mayor and Council use the computer fine machines as a greatly enhanced traffic tax Each computer collects over $100,000 per month in additional traffic tax. Citizens who weren't even in the city get erroneous fines. Thousands of citizens end up paying millions of additional taxes which end up in the pockets of corrupt criminal city officials. If your city doesn't have a computer traffic tax collector yet, you can bet your police state Mayor is drooling at the possible slush fund it would create. Greed always looks for more, and more and more.

In one city, Cleveland, there is a TV news crew who is actually reporting news. The reporters at Cleveland Newsnet 5 have previously reported that many of the fines issued in Cleveland went to people who weren't even in the city. The whole system is fraught with errors that fine wrong people who never get even a charade of a court appearance. Now Newsnet 5 has collected traffic collision data and found out that the devices do not increase traffic safety as touted. In fact, the computer ticket machines cause more accidents. Read story

In Cleveland, at intersections where the police state traffic tax machines were installed there were 28 collisions before the cameras were installed and 39 after the cameras were installed. That's an increase of 39%. The blue gun thugs LIE. The Mayor LIES. The computerized ticket machines HURT the people by causing MORE collisions at intersections in addition to emptying the purses of honest citizens going about their normal business. The only people profiting from the criminal traffic fine machines are the corrupt criminal Mayor and his criminal city administration.

Rear-end crashes are skyrocketing, and Cleveland is not unique. In Portland, Ore., there has been a 140 percent hike in rear-end collisions. Drivers approaching a computer ticket machine slam on the brakes to stop during yellow lights and cause accidents, cause injuries and property damage. The fault in the increase in collisions is the criminal traffic tax machines that lines the Mayor's corrupt pocket. Here are some "safety" rates from other cities with computerized ticket machines.

 Greensboro, N.C. -- 40 percent increase
 Anne Arundel County, Md. -- 41 percent increase
 Marietta,Ga. -- 51 percent increase
 Ontario, Canada -- 15 percent increase
 Winnipeg, Candada -- 58 percent increase

Your city either has computerized cash machines or your Mayor is considering the cash flow they generate. Any citizen who destroys, dismantles, or obliterates any of the criminal robbery machines is doing a public service and promoting public safety. Any citizen who destroys, dismantles, or obliterates the blue gun thugs who operate them or the Mayor who has them installed is doing a public service and promoting public safety. It wasn't so long ago that highway robbery was punished by hanging. Men, in those days were men.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hate speech invades men's domain.

Feminazi hate is taking over the men's room in New Mexico, USA. The feminist hate organization, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, MADD, in conjunction with the feminist government is stepping up its anti-men hate program. The NM Department of Transportation has purchased recorded misandrist hate speech devices which will be installed in men's room urinals at bars and restaurants around the state. The "Wizmark" devices were invented and promoted by Dr. Richard Deuchbag (866-949-6175) They are motion sensitive and play a pre-recorded anti-men hate message whenever a man, sober or drunk, comes in or walks by. No water is required to set them off.
“Hey there big guy, having a few drinks? Then listen up! Think you had one to many? Then it’s time to call a cab or ask a sober friend for a ride home. It sure is safer and a hell of a lot cheaper than a DWI. Make the smart choice tonight, don’t drink and drive! Remember, your future is in your hand.?

The message implies that all men are about to drive drunk, and is a part of the feminazi MADD hate campaign against men. The Wizmark hate speech devices were ordered by the NM Department of Transportation Read story

The New Mexico Department of Transportation is run by men-hating cunt Rhonda G. Faught. (505-827-5110) here She is the particular state official who has decided to use state money to purchase hate speech devices.

The MADD campaign has long been used as an excuse for the Gestapo to hold road blocks checking for papers for permission to pass (unless you are an illegal Mexican of course in which case you are exempt from paperwork.) Gestapo road blocks typically arrest 100 men for other "violations" for every alleged drunk driver they find. Two hundred years ago the USA was a free country. Now we have the criminal Gestapo holding criminal roadblocks demanding papers for honest citizens to travel the roads. The Gestapo in New Mexico even arrested a man in his own home and claimed that he was "driving under the influence" (DUI) because his car was parked in his driveway and he could drive if he chose to do so. The State Agents of Satan in black robes of hell tossed that one out, but it is typical of the mentality of NM Gestapo agents. In a turn of well deserved justice the Gestapo arrested a cunt State Legislator who was sleeping in the back seat of her car at a bar in Santa Fe because she was too drunk to drive home after a lobbyist party. A year before the same stupid cunt had pushed a law through the legislature making it just as illegal not to drive home, and paid the price.

Like most of the modern feminazi misandrist hate campaign, MADD uses some supposed public service or safety issue to spread misandry and send thousands of good men off to Auchwitz or some other hellhole prison. MADD is a continuation of the WCTU and other feminist campaigns of a century ago, angry at men, angry at men's behavior, and just plain angry at life. A list of their evil hate mongering misandrists in the New Mexico hate chapter is here. Since the early days of feminist hate in the 19th century feminist hate groups like WCTU and MADD have organized to criticize and outlaw normal manly behavior. They have focused on men who drink, ignoring women who drink. This latest hate campaign is the latest in more than a century of misandry, females spewing hate and trying to own, control, and subjugate men.

This new hate speech campaign is taking misandry to a whole new level. Bob suggests that our New Mexico readers ought to piss on the floor wherever the urinals have been turned into anti-men hate stations. Or better yet fill a bottle with piss and mail your opinion to Cunt Rhonda G. Faught at the NM Dept. of Transportation, 1120 Cerrillos Rd. P.O. Box 1149 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149. Let her know what MEN think of her hate speech. If you want to save stamps you can just mark it as your opinion of her urinal hate speech, put her name and title on it, "For Cunt Faught, NMDOT," and leave your opinion along the highway. Her employees will eventually come along and pick it up for her. While you're at it, you could also send a bottle of your opinion to Dr. Deuchbag and the officers of MADD.

The hate speech devices ought to be crammed up Governor Bill Richardson's ass, and misandrist hate spewing cunt Rhonda G. Faught of the NM Department of Transportation ought to be caught and impaled in the middle of the Santa Fe Plaza. Hate is a serious crime.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Islamic Jihad in Salt Lake City

Have you noticed that there is not much information being made public on the violent assault on the mall in Salt Lake City recently? Initial story here. In a shopping mall in Salt Lake City a young Islamic man named Sulejmen Talovic, originally from Talovici in Bosnia-Herzegovina went to the mall and proceeded to kill as many people as possible before blue gun thugs engaged and killed him. Mr. Talovic and his family had immigrated to the USA after they fled from Serbian attacks on Islamic villages in Bosnia during the Clinton administration. Little reported in American media was the reason for the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina was a religious war between Christians and Moslems. The USA came down hard on the side of the Moslems. Moslems had invaded and occupied portions of Christian Bosnia-Herzegovina several centuries ago during one of the many Islamic wars of expansion. In the late 20th century, after the withdrawal of the former Soviet Union, Christians found themselves in a position to finally kick out the invading Moslems, and proceeded to do so. The Clinton administration sided with the Moslems and used American military power to crush the Christian government. During that religious war, young Sulejmen Talovic fled with his family to UN refugee camps and later to the USA where he became a legal immigrant at age 10. Story here

At the age of 18 Mr. Talovic had lived in the USA for about 8 years. He had attended and dropped out of schools. He hated Christians for the loss of his home in Bosnia and for all the things that radical Moslems always hate Christians for. He listened to Islamic radical speeches on the Internet and in local mosques. He listened to anti-American political speeches coming out of Washington and became more and more hardened against the US government. He forgot that it was only US government intervention that had saved his life and that of his relatives a decade ago.

Hardened by hate and fueled by continuous anti-American rhetoric on the American media, young Mr. Talovic decided to become a suicide terrorist. He didn't have access to an explosive vest, so he armed himself with guns. He went to the mall and began executing as many Americans as he could, many of whom were Christians of some denomination. People in a mall are shopping, most are completely unarmed and completely at the mercy of anyone who chooses to do violence against them. Mr. Talovic had an easy time shooting random unarmed shoppers. One armed man, an off duty blue gun thug, confronted him and returned fire after Mr. Talovic had killed only 5 and wounded 4 more. Once some one man had stood against him further killing was delayed and finally stopped when a gang of blue gun thugs arrived and executed him.

Bob notes that Mr. Talovic had lived only with his mother in Salt Lake City and had spent his teenage years without a father's moral guidance. Story here In the US mass media you won't hear that he was an Islamic terrorist attacking innocent people in a mall in a Jihad attack similar to suicide bombings in Israel or Baghdad. The major media in the US is working hard to sweep the story off their pages and forget the whole thing. Islam is "a religion of peace" in their distorted minds. The USA should stop its war on terrorists they say, because it won't happen here, and its politically incorrect to recognize the dead people in Utah as victims of Islamic Jihad. The US media doesn't like to talk about the facts of religious war in Bosnia, and they really don't want to mention religious warfare in Salt Lake City.

What's in a name?

Barack Hussein Obama is running for President of the United States. He opposes the war in Iraq, where Sadam Hussein was overthrown and hanged. His father was Muslim. Barack Hussein was raised in Indonesia and attended an Islamic religious school (madrassa). The anti-Christians of the liberal left love him because he stands for all the leftist causes. He's a living fruit of miscegenation. He's Islamic by birth in the middle of an American conflict with radical Islam. He's Islamic by education while madrassas world wide are teaching anti-American hate. He even has the same name as Saddam Hussein who was the former President of Iraq. Why don't we just call all our troops back from Iraq and turn our government over to the Baath Party?

Happy Lupercalia to all

According to legend, in about the 7th century BCE two infants named Romulus and Remus were abandoned in the woods. They were saved from starvation and death by a she-wolf named Lupus who took them back to her cave and suckled them. The two boys survived and went on to become the founders of Rome. In honor of Lupus saving Romulus and Remus, Romans created a festival called Lupercalia which was celebrated every year on the ides of February. (The "ides" in the old Roman calendar is the middle day of each month, or the 14th of February.) Lupercalia was eventually celebrated throughout the Roman Empire.

The annual celebration of Lupercalia began when the men of the city, town, or village would gather at a cave outside of town to prepare themselves. If no cave was available at some other convenient place. At the cave men would slaughter and roast goats, drink copious amounts of wine and tell manly tales. They would feast on goat flesh, and fashion whips out of the goat hides. When they were well fed and well drunk the men would adorn their naked bodies with a few straps of goatskin and head into town.

Meanwhile the women would prepare themselves with baths, fragrant oils, and presumably some quantity of wine also. When they heard the shouting and singing of the approaching men, the women would run naked into the streets, bend over, and turn their naked behinds toward the approaching men. Men would run through the cities or towns, and upon finding a woman would lash her with the goat skin whip until her behind was good and pink, or give her a good fucking before moving on to the next woman. The whole celebration of Lupercalia would be described today as a drunken S&M orgy in the streets. In those days, men knew they were men, and women knew they were women. The difference was celebrated, not obliterated.

As you might guess, the Christians who took over control of Rome and most of Europe after the decline of Imperial Rome were not so fond of drunken debauchery and public S&M orgies. But a really good pagan festival is hard to stop, especially one as debauched and fun as Lupercalia. It took more than a thousand years after the fall of Imperial Rome for Christian authorities to stop the public whipping and fucking on the ides of February. Like the other old pagan holidays Christian leadership substituted a Christian reason for the season. The whipping was said to be done for Christian penance instead of to arouse sexual pleasure. In some nunneries whips and flagellation on the ides of February continued for several centuries after the public fornication had been ended. Saint Valentine was claimed as the reason for penance on the ides of February instead of in honor of Lupus the she-wolf. Public display of reddened female behinds became stylized pink "hearts." Today we still celebrate the sanitized Christian substitution for a really fun holiday.

Happy Lupercalia to all of my faithful readers. It’s a shame we can't have a really fun drunken debauched S&M orgy in the streets to celebrate.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Rewards of Feminist Society:

A life of whoring, media whoring, and drug addiction finally caught up with Anna Nicole Smith this week. In a feminist matriarchal utopia Anna's life was the epitome of success. She began life as a "liberated" girl in a poor family, and soon found that the sex trade paid better than any other job an uneducated southern white trash could get. Anna worked the seedy side of Houston, stripping and whoring in dance clubs. During those years she whelped a bastard son, Daniel in 1987. A few years later, still working the sex trades, Anna sold her nude female image to Playboy Magazine, and she became Playmate of the Year in 1993. Despite her growing fame Anna continued to work in the Houston sex trade where she kept an eye out for johns with money. The following year, 1994, she caught the eye of a very rich and very old man, Mr. Howard Marshal II. Keeping her greedy feminist eyes on his bank account Anna professed her love, and there is nothing a feminist female loves more than a large bank account. She soon married Mr. Marshal and became co-owner of his entire fortune under feminist "equal property" laws.

Community property is one of the most important feminist revolutions ever to befall modern men. Community property is why women now own 65% of all wealth in the United States and 85% of personal wealth. Under feminist community property law, Anna became a full equal partner in ownership of Mr. Marshal's half billion dollar fortune that he had amassed through a lifetime of hard work and skillful investments. Within a few months after Anna's half billion dollar blow job, 89 year old Mr. Marshal passed on, and Anna became sole owner of his fortune. Before feminism, a man's fortune went to his sons who are part of his family, who he has raised, who know how to carry on his businesses, and who had taken care of him for years. Before feminism a man's late in life sex toy wife would be granted some further support out of his estate, but the estate would belong to his family. But all that changed under feminism which has always sought to destroy families and gain wealth for females. Anna's whoring faux marriage gained her ownership to the entire fortune. And ill gotten gains generally bode ill.

Anna's new feminist entitlement to Mr. Marshal's fortune so shocked his family that a series of lawsuits followed. The agents of Satan in black robes of hell, all the way to SCOTUS, affirmed the feminist mantra that a white trash whore is entitled to take over a man's fortune and send his family out to the street. While the lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell argued over her ill gotten fortune Anna craved limelight and began pandering more and more to media, becoming a media whore. She launched a "reality" show on TV featuring her own sordid life of drugs, sex, and sleaze. Of course all the mass media TV filth, tabloid readers, and other scum ate it all up. Her ugly puss was featured regularly on all the "talk" shows and "entertainment" that pacifies the ignorant masses as Gladiator death in the Coliseum once did. But Anna was still poor white trash and she was unable to handle her ill gotten wealth and fame. In public appearances her speech was becoming slurred and sometimes incomprehensible. A bad life of sex, alcohol, drugs, and shame were taking their toll.

Her pathetic sordid life began to unravel in 2006 when she became pregnant again, father unknown. In ancient Celtic law there were several kinds of marriage. The last kind was that of a pregnant whore, and Celtic law provided that support of a whore's child is her own responsibility. Regular readers of The World According to Bob will understand that a whore making a baby is, in essence, a marriage because it is the sexual union that creates a child. However, a whore's marriage is the lowest level of marriage in Celtic law and creates no further obligation on the father. That was then, this is now. Under feminist law, even a whore may claim "child support" if she can figure out which one of her multitude of sperm donors is the biological father of her baby, and in some jurisdictions even if he is not the father.

Anna's pathetic sordid life was unraveling rapidly early in 2006 when she and her bastard son Daniel, now a 20 year old drug addict, traveled to the Bahamas where she intended to deliver her new bastard out of sight of paparazzi and TV cameras. In one day her bastard daughter was born and her bastard son died of drug overdose. Hangers on, lieyers and body guards had become her excuse for a life. A few months later it ended. Anna Nicole Smith died in a Florida hotel after only 40 years. All her life she had admired Marilyn Monroe, and finally followed her idol into an early death.

The fortune that Mr. Marshal amassed by a lifetime of hard work will probably pass to Anna's infant bastard daughter. She is "empowered" by feminist law, and it will destroy her as well, but probably not in as much of a spotlight as the sordid life of Anna Nicole. Feminism and the mangina legislatures who pander to feminist voters gave her Mr. Marshal's hard earned fortune for a few months of blowing an old man, but they did her no favors, and in the end it killed her. Another whoring scum sucking feminist bitch returns to room temperature. Goodbye, and good riddance.

The story of Anna Nicole Smith's capture of Mr. Marshal's life's savings, taking it away from his family, is only one of a landslide of dishonor among inheritance disasters. In a similar widely publicized feminist takeover by another feminist the Rams are now in St. Louis instead of Los Angeles because the young slut who inherited the fortune didn't like Los Angeles, and had no loyalty to her departed husband's friends, family, or city. For the sake of our children and families, and even for our late in life wives, we men need to eliminate the feminist "community property" laws and restore primary inheritance to the oldest son. Feminist community property law female inheritance destroys property and families, and hurts everyone involved.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Global Stupidity is now Irreversible

If you listen to Chicken Little, Algore, Jacques Chirac, and their talking head media wanks, all the arctic sea ice is melting. Polar bears are dying out because they have no ice to fish from. Melt water is about to raise ocean levels world wide, and flood low lying parts of Florida, India, etc. In Paris, French President Jacques Chirac said. "We are in truth on the historical doorstep of the irreversible." Here The left wing nutballs may think its "irreversible," but if you are trying to buy fish this winter, its already been reversed.

According to reports from North Sea and Icelandic fishermen the Arctic ice pack has extended farther south than any time in the past 40 years. Fishing ports in Iceland have been blocked by polar sea ice, and polar bears have returned to Iceland riding the southward spreading sea ice. The spreading arctic sea ice is causing a shortage of fish in fish markets in North America and Europe because fishermen have been unable to fish.

Have you read or heard any of this on the US leftist media? Not a word. The same media that brings us weather forecasts so lame that they can't even get today's weather right by looking out their window is ranting on about how melting arctic ice is "irreversible" even while southward spreading arctic ice closes off fisheries that have been ice free for decades. The only thing that is apparently irreversible is the coming Global Stupidity, and that problem is still getting worse every year.

Also see Bob's previous article on Global Warming, and the one about Schooling vs. Education. Global Stupidity has become Irreversible.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Global Warming?

I just read a USA Today web site about a new and much ballyhooed propaganda piece on so-called "global warming." Here On the USA Today web site the graphic shows that the average temperature in the year 670 was 57.3368. And in fact all the temperatures are show with 6 digits. In the year 640 it was 56.6186 degrees, according to their study. Right away I was suspicious. As a man who majored in physical science in college I know that you have to have extremely accurate data to report six digit accuracy. I would be very surprised if they have any actual data accurate enough to distinguish between 56 degrees and 57 degrees in the year 670, especially since thermometers wouldn't be invented for close to another thousand years. History of thermometers. The chart says that the data is estimated from ice core samples, which give only a very isolated single point approximation. Extrapolating that to a 6 digit statement of global temperature is scientific nonsense.
My second concern is that their graph does not show the "mini ice age" which gripped the earth from the 12th century until the 16th century. The mini ice age eliminated the wine industry in England and eliminated the Viking colony on Greenland, among other world wide effects. In the 1970s, after 4 decades of steadily declining global temperatures, a popular topic was "The coming mini ice age." All the dire projections in the 1970s, based on half a century of declining global temperatures, were that we could expect another 500 years of significant global cooling. The graphic data did not show the 500 year mini ice age, and neither did it show the half century of declining global temperatures in the first half of the 20th century which precipitated the "coming ice age" predictions of the 1970s. There is something amiss in their report, or at least something left out, maybe it leaves out inconvenient truths.
On close inspection of the reported data I find no accounting for global climatic events such as volcanoes. In 1816, for example, there was a "year without summer" and several years of global climatic disruption caused by a volcano named Tambora in SE Asia. A volcanic eruption in 1815 caused widespread famine across Europe, Asia, and parts of America that pushed political changes in several countries as local peasants blamed their governments for the climatic problems. The "year without summer" continued to cause record cooling for several years. Its not shown on the data presented to support the latest hysteria, "global worming." The data also doesn't show the effects of many other global climatic events caused by other volcanoes or meteors which happen every century or so. A skeptical reader such as myself wants to see the data include all the data, not just that which supports their latest conjecture. Bob began to ask himself why they had left out the inconvenient truths that aren't in their published data.
The bottom line in their notes on their temperature chart contains an explanation of their "cooked" data, "This chart uses a combination of scientific estimates, actual meteorological data, and computer simulations." Lets look at what they are saying. Scientific estimates are what we called "WAGs" or "EWAGs" when I was in college, or "Educated Wild Ass Guesses." While an EWAG, or "scientific estimate" may sometimes point a researcher in the right direction, it is never a valid research result or scientific finding. A publication that claims to be based on "scientific estimates" is no better than political garbage. Then they claim to have used some actual meteorological data in their report, and that's nice, but what about their last piece, "computer simulations?"
Bob is also not without some expertise in computer simulations, which should never be confused with facts. A computer simulation is a high tech way for an artist to paint a picture of his biases and previously assumed outcomes. Computer projections take the persons WAGs and extrapolate them to six digits in multiple graphic colors. Any of the input guesses can be changed, and they are only somebody's guesses, and the projections come out to completely different results. When they say that their results are "based on …. computer simulations," they are telling us that they have nothing to report but their wild ass guesses, which are based more on their political positions than on science.
This report and other publicized hysteria about "global warming" are not scientific fact, and in fact are scientific nonsense. For example, they political film "Inconvenient Facts" makes a big deal about Antarctic sea ice being reduced while ignoring the fact that Antarctic land ice has never been thicker. The rest of the "inconvenient facts" have been debunked as well, but you won't learn about it from the hysterics. None of the so-called scientists who play Chicken Little over "global warming" have an explanation for what caused the little ice age of the 12th century, nor why it ended half a millennia latter. If their "scientific estimates, actual meteorological data, and computer simulations" can not explain actual recorded climatic changes, then it provides very little confidence as a predictor of climate.
Finally, Bob is not convinced that global warming would be a disaster even if it happens. Warming is probably a boon where a historic mini-ice-age led to global famine. A study published some years ago by environmentalists at UCLA concluded that global warming would cause more rain in many desert areas and longer growing seasons in many cold regions. For people who freeze through negative temperatures all winter in North Dakota or Moscow, Russia, an increase of 5 or 10 degrees would be welcome, and the "computer models" promise the most warming in these areas.
In conclusion, the hysteria (a well-gendered term) over so-called "global warming" is political double talk without scientific basis. Even if it happens it will be 99% caused by natural variations in solar output and such things as volcanoes. The hysterical media and so-called scientists (they aren't) ought to be told to take their report and cram it where the sun don't shine. The report ignores sunshine anyway so that would be an improvement.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dumb as a post!

Boston blue gun thugs proved once again that they are as dumb as a post. An advertising agency has been placing small lighted sign boards along roadways in several cities. The devices have been in place for two or three weeks in Boston; New York City; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Boston, MA, on January 31, 2007, state, local and federal blue gun thugs shut down the Boston University and Longfellow bridges, and blocked maritime traffic from the Charles River into Boston Harbor. Bomb squads scrambled throughout the city and its suburbs, snarling traffic and mass transit in the city. Blue gun thugs are so stupid they mistook the sign boards which are similar to a child's "LightBrite" toy with a bomb. They also demonstrated that they are so blind (despite public claims that they are professional observers) that they hadn't noticed the sign boards for weeks. Read story

Boston blue gun thug management and political jerks are a dumb as the posts in blue suits too. Boston Gun Thug Commissioner Edward Davis called the stunt "unconscionable," which describes the action of blocking traffic by the blue gun thugs, but not the sign boards. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino called it "outrageous" and the product of "corporate greed," which also far better describes the stupidity of his own employees. Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, a Boston-area congressman, added, "It would be hard to dream up a more appalling publicity stunt." Yes, a more appalling display of blue gun thug arrogance and stupidity would be hard to dream up. Assistant Lieyer General John Grossman called the light boards "bomb-like" devices, demonstrating his own lack of competency for his job.

Maybe we should have a contest for the dumbest schmuck in Boston. Is it Mayor Menino the dumbest in Boston? Is Gun Thug Commissioner Edward Davis more dumb than Mayor Menino? Or, is Democratic Rep. Ed Markey dumber than both of them. This is the same city that continues to elect a gigolo and a drunk driver who can't navigate a bridge on his way home to the US Senate. Probably it’s the dumb thug in the blue suit. They are even dumber than the average Boston voter.

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