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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dumb as a post!

Boston blue gun thugs proved once again that they are as dumb as a post. An advertising agency has been placing small lighted sign boards along roadways in several cities. The devices have been in place for two or three weeks in Boston; New York City; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Boston, MA, on January 31, 2007, state, local and federal blue gun thugs shut down the Boston University and Longfellow bridges, and blocked maritime traffic from the Charles River into Boston Harbor. Bomb squads scrambled throughout the city and its suburbs, snarling traffic and mass transit in the city. Blue gun thugs are so stupid they mistook the sign boards which are similar to a child's "LightBrite" toy with a bomb. They also demonstrated that they are so blind (despite public claims that they are professional observers) that they hadn't noticed the sign boards for weeks. Read story

Boston blue gun thug management and political jerks are a dumb as the posts in blue suits too. Boston Gun Thug Commissioner Edward Davis called the stunt "unconscionable," which describes the action of blocking traffic by the blue gun thugs, but not the sign boards. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino called it "outrageous" and the product of "corporate greed," which also far better describes the stupidity of his own employees. Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, a Boston-area congressman, added, "It would be hard to dream up a more appalling publicity stunt." Yes, a more appalling display of blue gun thug arrogance and stupidity would be hard to dream up. Assistant Lieyer General John Grossman called the light boards "bomb-like" devices, demonstrating his own lack of competency for his job.

Maybe we should have a contest for the dumbest schmuck in Boston. Is it Mayor Menino the dumbest in Boston? Is Gun Thug Commissioner Edward Davis more dumb than Mayor Menino? Or, is Democratic Rep. Ed Markey dumber than both of them. This is the same city that continues to elect a gigolo and a drunk driver who can't navigate a bridge on his way home to the US Senate. Probably it’s the dumb thug in the blue suit. They are even dumber than the average Boston voter.


Blogger Martha said...

I do not think they reacted the way because they are dumb. I think they are so dishonest and bored with their pathetic jobs they knew these were not bombs but went thru the motions just to get their rocks off and act like they were actually important. Anybody with half a mind could tell these are not bombs. It is the same as firefighters starting fires to act like heroes by "saving" everybody. I truly believe these dickhead cops knew but acted like they were the "heroes" of the day. It is pathetic!!

February 03, 2007 11:19 AM  
Anonymous C said...

this just proves that the only appeal to be a thug is first qualification: to sign up AND second qualification: to be a complete and total moron.

February 05, 2007 4:00 PM  

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