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Monday, January 22, 2007

Unacceptable Brides

The Discovery Times Channel is now running a program about marriage in India. In India, brides and their families have to pay a dowry equal to $10,000 to $20,000 or more. Men demand and obtain large cash payments in order to agree to marry. In India, marriages are arranged by matchmakers who negotiate between parents of young women and those of young men. According to Discovery Times, many young men abandon their brides shortly after the weddings. Even the large cash payment, it seems, is not enough to convince a young man to keep the brides. If that weren't enough, the nation of India has recently been adopting strict new laws on "domestic violence" which allow wives to have their husbands arrested without trial on her accusation. Many Indian husbands have reported on Internet chats that their wives are threatening them with false accusation and arrest unless they obey her orders.

In a nation where women can not marry unless their family pays a huge dowry, a dowry already so large that many Indian families can't afford it, Bob can only ask what the new feminist laws are going to do for the brides? What sane man would take a woman into his life if she can, on a whim or emotional fit, legally destroy his life? The Discovery Times Channel reported that many Indian men are abandoning their wives within days or weeks of the marriage. Discovery Times did not mention the brave new misandry in Indian law, but how can the young men not be noticing it. Will tomorrows parents of girls ever be able to pay enough to buy a husband for them? Bob really can't see how. Even before the new feminist laws Indian women were becoming so unacceptable that they had almost priced marriage out of their lives. With the new misandrist laws, only a damn fool would marry one even with a very large dowry. Can cash paid to his parents compensate for being sent to the hell of an Indian prison? It is very doubtful.

And what of American men? Why should American men agree to marry the spiteful, misandrist bitches that American parents have raised? Shouldn't American men ask for a large dowry before agreeing to marriage? Why take in their cow without being paid for her boarding? Based on laws of probability, she is likely to be out screwing other men and bearing some other man's son despite her marriage. She is likely to destroy her marriage within 10 years. When she does, the law in the US will give her his house, his car, his bank account, and his children. The law in the US will give her control of his future earnings for the next 20 years. And that is only his fate if she hasn't gotten him arrested and tossed into prison for false "domestic violence" complaints.

Bob suggests that American men need to start demanding a large dowry before considering marriage to any of the spiteful arrogant feminist raised bitches passing for brides in the USA. The value of the required dowry should be equal to the value of the house, care, and bank account she intends to claim for herself in 5 years. It should be large enough to also pay for the 20 years of so-called "child support" payments she intends to collect. The dowry must be paid to the young man's father for safe keeping because if the groom owned it, her agent of Satan in black robes would simply give her title to it along with all his other property. There are men in prison in the USA today who have been in prison more than 10 years because they are unable to pay the huge fictitious sums demanded by these evil bitches. And, maybe like so many men of India today, the unacceptable brides should be given back to their parents.


Blogger Martha said...

Men everywhere should go on strike. Just masturate to porn and leave the fem-hags alone. It wouldn't be long before the whores come begging!!!

January 24, 2007 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bob

Your blog is amazing

Permit me to add more to Your analysis on the GREAT INDIAN scene

- Dowry IF AT all existent is in Rural India

- When a totally un educated woman marries a man [who is generally educated and earning and has assets], she automatically gets a share of all that he owns and earns from the date of marriage

- Women VERY OFTEN try to marry upwards...otherwise how would you expect a PAYMENT from the woman, in a country where there are MORE MEN than women ? [please check the demographics]

- This marrying upwards leads RURAL women to LOOK for a suitable male. Some - rather very few OF THESE suitable sacrificial lambs are paid and hence dowry

- Now... there is a whole legal and para legal industry that has gone about making this DOWRY LOOK much larger than real.

- THERE ARE 10S OF 1000S of FALSE cases where the women have left their husbands [repeat women LEFT the husband and NOT vice versa] BUT HAVE falsely claimed that they were driven out.

- Reasons for marital break up are similar all over the world, ... they are mis-understanding, utterly wrong expectations .. earlier boy friends etc etc ..

- but whatever the REAL reason the unscrupulous among the women and the un scrupulous among lawyers are converting these cases to FALSE DOWRY CASES

- why ?

- because India law is so blind that the law permits corrupt police to immediately arrest the husband AND !!! even his aged mother, sister etc !!!

- Many men have been cheated and literally robbed by this law

- take my case for e.g.

- I'm willing to live with my wife

- I've state so in a sworn petition to the court

- I've stated this to the judge AND the marriage counselors appointed by the family court

- My wife earns a fat 5 figure salary in India and REFUSES to come and live with me

- She is employed, lives in an apartment with a swimming pool, park etc below, .... She drives a car, ...parties, is WELL educated, can speak English fluently, is seen with the latest of IPods .... still claims that I DROVE HER OUT for an approx 17,000/- USD dowry. [actually she earns more than that PER YEAR !!!!]

- why ?

- she wants to milk me and start afresh (sic)

- there are 10s of 1000s of such FALSE cases that are floating all over India

- Tell your amerindian friends "....beware of marrying an Indian woman ..." !!!!


January 27, 2007 3:48 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Vinayak:
A while ago I had a friend from India. He was working in the USA at the time. He made the mistake of trying to stop his German wife from beating their children. She called the blue gun thugs and falsly accused him of "domestic violence." He spent 2 weeks in jail and had to abandon his family and return to India. The kids were left being beaten by the violent German mother. It is disappointing that Indian law now oppresses men and our families in a similar manner.

January 27, 2007 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

iNDIA LAWYS are pro women.
Wife leagally gets the share in husbands ancestral property. Whereas husband do not get anything from wifes ancestral property, so this was given at the time of marriage.

It is so bad that India husbands can never get a divorce. Wife can get a divorce easily, police threaten go to jail on lots of non bailable laws, or sign divorce papers.

January 28, 2007 9:20 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Anonymous: You are right about India. In the years since independence from England, Indian law has become extremely misandrist. Its a shocking example of the horrors of female rule.

January 28, 2007 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you think India is bad, please check out this story I just came accross:
"Falsely Accused? And then some...", reads slightly Negative. I don't mean it to be. I was, (correction: I AM) a happy person in life. But it is Life's frustrations which cause us to be negative. Which is truly where my dilemma begins and unfortunately, won't be over for quite some time(according to my attorney!!) My frustrations as well come from the same types of stories I have read on this website, so I feel right at home. Two years ago, I would have thought you were all a bunch of babbling, Cry-Baby Idiots. However, I share way too much in common with my ordeal as most of the postings I read on this site. You see, My soon to be ex-wife is listed and referenced a few times on this site as well as thousands of other Websites, Blogs, and The Network Media, The Associated Press and Newspapers, Magazines, and once on a T-shirt that I saw!!
Below is the L.A. Times article and below that is the section that was on this site...

False rape report leads to 1-year sentence
A Dana Point woman accused six men of abducting her, but a video shows her orchestrating some of the sex.
By Mai Tran
Times Staff Writer
November 10, 2006

A Dana Point woman who told police she was kidnapped at gunpoint and raped by six men was sentenced Thursday to 360 days in jail after
confessing that she had made up the crime.

Tamara Anne Moonier, 30, was arrested after one of the men brought forth a video that showed the woman was a willing participant in a night of sex. In court Thursday, a tearful Moonier pleaded for leniency and said she was remorseful. Moonier, who works as a receptionist at a woman's fitness center, said she had suffered from mental illness, depression and bipolar disorder since her teenage years, and is on prescription medication. She is currently in divorce proceedings and a custody battle for her 14-month-old child.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Carla M. Singer said that if Moonier was well behaved during the first 90 days in jail, she could serve the
remaining time under house arrest, officials said. Moonier was also ordered to repay more than $2,000 to the state for financial aid she received for being an alleged victim of violent crimes.

Moonier, who had no criminal history, pleaded guilty in July to two felony counts of making false police reports and one count each of perjury and
grand theft. She was facing a maximum of four years and eight months in prison. Moonier went to Fullerton police June 6 and reported that she had been abducted outside a bar at gunpoint then taken to an unknown location and raped, authorities said. But police later determined that she agreed to go to a house and have sex with the men, which was videotaped.

One of the men showed police the 40-minute tape that depicted Moonier orchestrating some of the sex, authorities said. Deputy Dist. Atty. Paul Chrisopoulos said the woman's punishment was not harsh enough.
"I wanted her to serve all year in custody," Chrisopoulos said. "She exposed these men to a lifetime in prison. To serve a year in prison is minuscule to what she was accusing these men of."

The six men, who were not arrested or charged, would have faced life sentences had they been convicted.
Copyright 2006 Los Angeles Times


Dana Point woman recants rapes (7/26/2006, Orange County Register)

A woman who accused six men of kidnapping and raping her at gunpoint two years ago admitted she made it up, after TAPED SURVEILLANCE was provided to police by one of the falsely accused men. The six men were never charged or convicted in the case. The false accuser was charged with grand theft, perjury, making a false claim to the state (for funds intended for domestic violence victims), and making false statements to police.

Yes, I was married to this person. I notice that this site shows us that this is a Positive Development for Men. It would be, except for the reason I chose to write about this woman. Let me explain, I am going to paste in a little of the e-mail I wrote to John last night:

The Reason I am writing you is to inform you and possibly your readers, Interesting information about this woman and her family.

To Start Tamara Moonier and her Mother state that she is innocent and she took a Plea Deal to avoid a conservative Jury so she would not get more Jail time, they (The Moonier House of Whores-Tamara and her mother Wendy Moonier) also state that Miss Tamara has had Great Behavior in Jail and will be getting released on March 2nd at only 59 days of Time served on her year long sentence given by Judge Carla Singer who states that Tamara Moonier can be released to House Arrest for her remaining 9 months of custody. (For anyone believing Poor Tamara wasn't really Raped, I would like to point out that the Internet is a great Resource tool and it also allows us to Read Transcripts of Tamara Moonier's Gang-Bang Film Debut.) I would like to further point out in the L.A. Times Article stating the same as above about Judge Singer's Sentence for Miss Moonier, How was she able to only do less than 60 days in Jail? So does this mean she gets more credit than any other inmate for "Time Served and Calculated for GOOD BEHAVIOR" So, This means Good Behavior for her is: She did not accuse anyone of Rape while she has been in Jail!! This is an outrage!!

Tamara Moonier and her family have been falsely accusing every male Human Being (I heard a shameful story about a dog and cat once, but that is for another time) that has come in contact with her family, including her own family members: Father, Uncle, Grandfather, husbands, and even boyfriends) for the past 20+ years of Rape and Molestation. I have countless signed affidavits and countless (literally several hundred) pieces of proof. I have written statements proving and alleging that Wendy Moonier (Tamara Moonier's shining example of a mother) and Tamara Moonier have coached Tamara's Daughter into accusing Tamara's 1st ex-husband of molesting her. (by the way, Tamara lost custody of that daughter in 2001), I won't mention the child's name because she is a child, but let me point out that the apple does not fall far from the Tree!! This same child tried to accuse me as well, which she was probably coached as well by her Mother and Grandmother until her Lie was caught by some kind of Therapist that they were all seeing at the same time. Wendy Moonier has also paraded her daughter's on the national Talk-Show circuit doing shows like Geraldo, Montel and a long list of others except Jerry Springer, (Their producers would not give me any information on past shows unless I agreed to go his show. Do I really need to tell you what my answer was?) She brought her kids on to these shows for various topics and all about related to the same topic, Either Rape/Molestation/Tamara and her family had no male figure in her life (an actual topic)/ and to tell the world that they are victims!!

This woman and her familly are not VICTIMS, they are PREDATORS!! Let me re-cap the last 7 months of my life: This woman left me 3 days before she plead guilty to her crimes, since then, I have spent the last 7 months and 10's of Thousands of Dollars trying to get custody of our 20 month old son from this above mentioned lunatic. I haven't even mentioned about her "Bi-Polar Disorder" (Yet, the night is young)

Have you ever known anyone with this illness? It is like living with all of the inmates from "One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest" but worse, those patients were at least entertaining. The night before she left me, I had to pull about 2 bottles of pills out of her mouth and stop them from going down her throat. Because she was going through her trial and I was married to her, I did not call the police because I did not want to see her get locked up, I have since changed my mind. (by the way, let me point out that SHE LEFT ME, not the other way around, but our marriage is another story) To go back to my custody battle, the judge agreed to Joint Custody because the judge in our case has to order what is called a 730 evaluation, which is an in depth evaluation on both parents to determine what is best for the child...My attorney also informed me that California courts tend to favor Woman. My attorney assures me that an Evaluator will definetely see through Tamara and I should end up with Custody. Tamara Moonier should have never gotten any Kind of Custody in any way, shape form or anything. Tamara Moonier has already lost custody of one child, gave up another for adoption, and she and her family continue their abuse on any man coming into contact with them, they try to take their money, morals, and anything else they can get their hands in or on. All I want is for this child to be raised by a person who has morals, Values, does not falsely accuse people of doing horrible things to gain money and fame, and above all a decent human being: My Vote is ME!! I don't want child support from Tamara, but I also don't want to pay Tamara Moonier's Living expenses for the rest of my Life, just because she wants a FREE RIDE!! Make no mistake about it, that is the only reason she wants any custody whatsoever: MONEY!!! It is probably why she committed her crime in the first place, remember she defrauded the Victim-Witness Funds!! So, until this 730 evaluation is completed, I have to pay for Tamara Moonier's apartment because she has nowhere else to live except her Mother's house in La Palma, CA (The House of Whores) while she is on House Arrest. The Judge in my Custody case ordered this because he states if I really don't want Tamara Moonier's Mother having anything to do with raising this child, I will put my money up and show the court how important this is to me. This Child is the Most Important thing in this subject. I think there are lots of lessons to be learned here, but that is for another time...

When I met Tamara Moonier barely 2 years ago, I had no idea what I was to be in store for. We met on the Internet and she probably got pregnant our first weekend together. From that Weekend on Tamara would just Cry to get what she wanted, or in the end just Took it, like a thief in the night. I never imagined this would have ever happened to me. I could go on and on about this woman. That is it for now...I just wanted to tell my story and make sure this woman and her Mother never hurt anyone again. (Tamara and Wendy Moonier)

What a crazy justice system and world we live in...

My advice to anyone reading this:
1. Stay away from Internet dating
2. Get a good Pre-Nup. (not a pre-nup: A GREAT Pre-Nup)
3. You don't have toget married just because she is pregnant.
4. Most importantly VIDEO-TAPE YOUR Love-makin'

If this isn't enough to make you cringe, Here is one of the next posts to this story:

Tamara Moonier-False rape accuser
by charlesmoonier on Fri May 04, 2007 at 05:43:39 PM EST

I have a long confusing story, I will make this brief. I can explain more in detail if anyone cares. This is my niece. About 12 years ago, she made similar accusitions about my brother (her dad) and me. I ended up having to give up my daughter I had custody of, back to her mother in a terrible court battle. Tami made a telephone deposition to here in Az. and my ex wife, Barbara Ann Moonier (Hunt), Tamis' mother (Wendy Ellen Moonier) and soon to be ex (Barbara Ann Moonier (Heinssen) helped Tami dream up the story and had her tell it to Calif. and Az. authorities. C.P.S. got involved and kids here and in Cal. were interviewed. I spent the next 12 years being threatened by exes to be turned in for being a pedifile if I did't cooperate with various demands. Now that Tami has been exposed, I finally have enough strength to stand up in court and face a divorce decree modification for my daughters benefit.

I can forgive Tami for what she did. My concern is that Tami was just as much a victim as the 6 guys, my brother, myself and God knows how many others from the manipulation by her mom, Wendy and my two exes Barbara & Barbara. They are the real criminals.

Then her ex-husband writes this:

When will our Justice system stop criminals like these?! Why is it that our courts would grant this woman Joint custody of our child?! Let me repeat this: I AM FORCED TO ALLOW OUR CHILD TO BE HALF RAISED BY THIS WOMAN. I don't think there is a father or Mother out there that (with a good heald their shoulders) that would agree with letting this woman have anything to do with raising a child...These women Tamara and Wendy Moonier and now obviously a couple more Moonier women, keep destroying men's lives without any consequences or moral judgement!! And this is the person that the courts are forcing me to help raise our son.

At this point I would love to ask the public for help...NO I don't want Donations or Money, I need other stories like these, I need any type of Legal advice or help with my present Legal Team, I need people to come forward (Men or Women) to help stop this kind of Abuse toward anyone. If a man was doing this to a woman, it would be just as horrible!! I have heard a few statements like, "this guy is just trying to get back at his ex-wife" No, I just want a young child to not get emotionally or physically hurt by his obviously sick Mother and her family: Tamara and Wendy Moonier, and a few other sick Moonier women. and by the way, why is it that all of these women listed here are hiding behind their married names? They should all be ashamed of themselves!!

Then here is another entry by her Uncle:

I wanted to give a further update...I'm the uncle of Tami Moonier who falsely accused me of rape etc. A few weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to testify in California court against her and her mother Wendy Ellen Moonier on befalf of Alan (Tamara Moonier's ex-husband). After several of her 'witnesses' testified, coming out of the courtroom giving high-fives, I was called into the room. After a brief in-and-out, a switch with Tami in the room, and me back again, I was able to (for the first time) state the truth about her lies based upon a quote Tami made from an encounter we had a few years ago. The question was asked to her by her father, "Don't you have an apology for your uncle" This was in direct regard to her (slanderous) phone deposition made to an Arizona evaluator, Dr. Ronn Lavit accusing me of rape. Her response was, "Don't blame me, my mother made me say those things". For the first time in more that a decade, I felt like I was a free man. The horrible burden and threats from a previous wife, Barbara Ann Moonier (nka DeMartino) that she would support Tami's lies and have me thrown in jail here in Arizona is finally over!!!!! The false charges made by Wendy Moonier and Tami Moonier of domestic violence and enuendos of sexual misconduct by Alan (Tami Moonier's Ex-husband)were dropped immediately. One victory for the innocent. Now Wendy Moonier and Tami Moonier have also been in contact with Alan's (Tamara Moonier's ex-husband) ex-wife and other ex-girlfriends of his trying to convince them to have Alan's other daughter's testify against him with-No Doubt LIES, to besmerrch his good name. As I have said before, I beleive that my niece (Tamara Moonier) is a victim in all of this from a very sick woman by the name of Wendy Moonier. Have I mentioned that Wendy Moonier actually runs a child's daycare which is suplemented by the government, which I also have proof that she has defrauded the same government agencies with different scams to bring in her friends children to gain money... With all of this proof against her, why hasn't someone called the authorities regarding this woman!!

WOW!!! This is almost the most Unbeleivable story I have ever read! How sad for the ex-husband and every man that ever came into comtact with the MOONIER family!!

August 22, 2007 12:36 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to Anonymous: (August 22, 2007 12:36 PM)

There are serial false rape accusers in virtually every city and town in the United States. They get paid by taxpayers for being "victims" while the men they falsely accuse are destroyed. Evil scum County Persecutors like Filthy Turd Nifong and his ilk prey on young men and use known lying whores as witnesses. The AIS is way, way beyond justice.

A fair sentence for falsely accusing someone of a crime would be the sentence that the accused would have received if the accusation was proved. A false accusation for a very serious crime is a very serious crime. The lying scumbag whore in this case should be sentenced to 6 consecutive 20 years terms and if she ever gets out of prison to register as a "sexual preditor." That would be a fair sentence for falsely accusing 6 men of a serious crime.

A DA who brings a false accusation should share the sentence of the false accuser. DA's should be damn sure that a crime was committed and that they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt before they ever bring a case to court. The Nifong manner of using false accusations for "fishing" or to bolster election returns is a very serious crime and should carry a very serious punishment.

August 22, 2007 2:57 PM  

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