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Monday, January 15, 2007

Incompetent Bungling Fools


Bungling fools in blue suits have several other child kidnappings they have never been able to solve. Charles Arlin Henderson, who was 11 when he disappeared while riding his bike in 1991 has never been found. He disappeared from Lincoln County, Mo., less than 50 miles from the home of pervert faggot serial kidnapper Michael Devlin. Read Story Only after citizens finally led the blue gun thugs to Devlin last month has his other kidnappings started to be made public. The public would be far more safe if we were allowed to protect ourselves.

In Kirkwood, MO, Shawn Hornbeck Read story was kidnapped and held captive for more than four years. Regular readers of The Truth According to Bob are not surprised that incompetent blue gun thugs were unable to "solve" the kidnapping case nor locate Shawn during all that time. Shawn played in the yard of his captor's apartment, went to stores, and was left alone for hours every day while the captor went to work. The kidnapping was immediately reported to blue gun thugs because of gun thug lies about solving crimes and protecting people. Captor Michael Devlin had no problem calling and chatting with blue gun thugs in his St. Louis suburb over trivial events such as a neighbor parking in "his" space in the parking lot. For 4 years Shawn's parents hung their hopes on the false promises of the blue gun thugs. Even in plain sight, even phoning blue gun thugs to complain about parking violations, the abductor had no reason to fear them. Blue gun thugs had seen the abducted boy on several occasions. His photo had even been posted on myspace. Also see one of Shawn's on-line profiles Don't expect the blue gun thugs to find a missing child advertising himself on Internet web sites. The blue gun thugs couldn't solve a missing child case if the child was hiding in the back of their highway robbery vehicle.

Poor Shawn would never have been found if Michael Devlin hadn't captured a second boy, Ben Ownby. When that capture was made another young man (not the blue gun thugs) took careful note of the white pickup driven during the capture. Read story Neighbors of Michael Devlin located the captured boys and they were returned to their parents. Hoards of blue gun thugs immediately called in news media to parade and falsely claim credit for finding the boys. In fact, blue gun thugs prevented parents and neighbors from exacting justice on the captor who will become another long suffering captive in one of the state's hellhole cages. Instead of prompt justice the two boys and their families will be subject to an ordeal of lieyers and "proceedings" instead of being allowed to protect their families and render justice when their sons were captured. The whole case clearly demonstrates the incompetence and inability of blue gun thugs to protect anyone, and they leave our children the most vulnerable.

Bob wonders if Mr. Devlin was active in faggot rights advocacy. He's just the kind of sadistic pervert who thinks "gay marriage" should be legal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men support men. Men support men, all the time, or not at all. When Bob was the pre-eminent poster on Bob said this all the time. Devlin is a man, so Bob must support him. Men support men, all the time. No exceptions.

January 18, 2007 12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Bob. Note there is no privacy for these young men the way there is for abducted or allegedly sexually abused females. What has been heard in the media is pure speculation as to whether or not one of the young men sufficiently fought his captivity.

To anon 12:49 am...Is it ageism or a hetero sexual orientation that makes the young men's basic rights less important than Devlin's?

January 19, 2007 7:30 PM  

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