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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blood Sport as live TV

Lost Angeles Blue Gun Thugs chased down and murdered another unarmed motorist last night. Chasing down and capturing citizens has become regular TV programming in Lost Angeles. TV stations use helicopter film crews and live action gangs of blue gun thugs to titillated blood thirsty citizens in scenes reminiscent of Roman Gladiators being faced down and slaughtered in the Coliseum. Much of the time the conscripted gladiators are spared by the gun thug gangs, but all too often, among cries for blood, the innocent citizen is murdered at the end of the chase. Last night's blood spectacle was recapped by murderous gun thug sportscaster Lt. Paul Vernon who narrated a play-by-play rehash of the Lost Angeles blood sport. Read Story. Reminiscent of bloody spectacles in ancient Rome the men to be murdered are said to be "criminals" so that its supposedly acceptable to watch them being slaughered. There has been no trial, of course, for the dead "criminals." They have been selected for death at random from among citizens going about their daily business. The gangs of murderous thugs in blue gladiator outfits pick out a man on the highway, label him a "criminal," call in the TV film crews, and then chase him down and slaughter him for the evening's blood spectacle.

Bob has to wonder if the entertainment value of blood sports on our highways offsets the vale of the men who are selected at random, chased down, and brutally murdered for live entertainment. It really is the land of the lost.


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