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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The BIG MONEY Champion

I watched the University of Florida beat Ohio State University in the Tostitos BCS Championship Bowl last night. Ohio State Buckeyes played poorly after 50 days since their previous a game, and they lost the game. OSU now has a season record of 12 wins and 1 loss. The Florida Gators season record is 13 wins and 1 loss. They were crowned "National Champions" by the BCS officials, but Bob can't help but wonder why one team with one loss is "National Champion" while the other team with one loss is not.

Sure, Florida beat Ohio State, so you can argue that Florida is better than Ohio State, but Auburn beat Florida so the same argument would make Auburn the "National Champion." Auburn beat Florida 27-7. If Florida is champion for beating Ohio State shouldn't Auburn be champion for beating Florida, for beating the team that beat Ohio State? But Auburn lost to Arkansas and Georgia. Shouldn't Arkansas or Georgia be "National Champion" for beating the team that beat the team that beat Ohio State?

What about Wisconsin and Louisville that also only have one loss? Arguments that a team with one loss should be "National Champion" might also be applied to them. Wisconsin only lost to Michigan, but they beat Arkansas. Shouldn't the team that beat the team that beat the team that beat the team that beat Ohio State be "National Champion?" Wisconsin has a season record of 12 or 13 wins and only 1 loss, same as Florida, Ohio State and Louisville. And what about Louisville? The Louisville Cardinals lost only to Rutgers and are also 12 wins to 1 loss.

Bob can't help but wonder if any of the 12-1 teams are really National Champion. How can you call someone "National Champion" when they have been beaten, when their season record is essentially identical to a list of others. Bob fails to see how that makes any sense at all.

Now, only one ream remains unbeaten, and the question remains, what about 13-0 Boise State, The only undefeated team left standing after the BCS bowl season is Boise State. On the very same Tostitos Bowl field a week ago Boise State beat Oklahoma. And Oklahoma had beaten last year's National Champion, Texas.

It makes no sense to Bob to pick out one of the several "One Loss" teams as "National Champion" while ignoring the ONLY team with NO LOSSES, the only team that is UNBEATEN. Can Florida be truly "National Champion" with a once beaten record equal to a handful of other teams while the unbeaten team is not champion? Bob doesn't think so. The true champion this year is the little team that could, the team that won all its games including the Tostitos Fiesta BCS Bowl.

Athletic Champions of the Gridiron -- 2006

Boise State University Broncos. 13-0

On their road to a 13-0 season Boise State also beat Oregon State, the team that beat USC. When you cut through all the fog and sports announcer drivel, the real reason that the BCS calls Florida 13-1 "national champion" and not Boise State 13-0 is because of the MONEY. Football is BIG MONEY in the South East Conference, the Big Ten Conference, and the Big Twelve Conference. The BIG MONEY conferences don't make BIG MONEY if the champion is from one of the other conferences. College athletics is supposed to be about amateur students playing for the love of the game, but don't kid yourself. In the BIG MONEY conferences college athletics is all about the BIG MONEY. They lie and pretend that a beaten team is "National Champion" because the little team that beat all comers is not part of their BIG MONEY group. Neither is Bob. You can't buy the truth. University of Florida Gators are the Champions of Big MONEY. Boise State is the Athletic National Champions of the gridiron.


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