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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Product advisory

Bob likes to report on businesses that are exceptionally good, or exceptionally bad. Today's entry concerns a product that has stooped to deceptive labeling and fraudulent pricing.

I've been using Roundup brand weed killer on thistles and other weeds. It works pretty well. Spray it today and by tomorrow the plant is toast. I switched from the pre-mixed to the concentrate because I ran out of the pre-mix and had been using quite a bit. First I used half a jar of pre-mix that I have had for a couple of years. Reading label directions I had enough to mix two gallons of spray. I spent three hours in the yard spraying weeds and the next day they were as healthy as ever. I thought maybe the old jar of concentrate had deteriorated. So I went to Home Depot and was reading labels when the garden guy came over and suggested the "Concentrate Plus." A quart of Concentrate Plus costs twice as much as a gallon of pre-mix, over $20, but is supposed to make 5 gallons of spray. Well that sounded good, no point in paying for packaging and shipping for 96% water. So I bought the Concentrate Plus, went home, mixed it according to directions, and spent two more hours spraying weeds.

BUT!!! The concentrate didn't kill the thistles or all the other weeds! I followed the directions mixing 6oz per gallon of water. I applied it just like I had been doing with the pre-mix. It's been 6 days and two sprayings and the thistles are starting to look brown in places. Many of them look like they are going to survive.

So I compared labels and did the math. The premix is 2% active ingredients or 2.56 oz of active ingredient per gallon. The Concentrate Plus is 18% active ingredient. At 6 oz per gallon, mixed per directions, that is only 1oz active ingredient per gallon. To be equal to the pre-mixed I would have to put in a whole pint of Concentrate Plus per gallon. No wonder it doesn't work as well. Instead of making 5 equivalent gallons, the Concentrate Plus will only make 2 equivalent gallons of ready to spray weed killer. The product isn't worth crap. It's a waste of time and money, and it's damn expensive for a home use product. If you buy any of their Roundup crap, be careful to read the fine print and do the math. You need about 2.5 oz of active ingredient per gallon to kill your weeds. That would take 6oz of a 40% concentrate per gallon, or 16oz, a pint, of 18% concentrate. Do the math at your store. The pre-mix might just be cheaper.

I feel like I've been cheated when buying the Roundup Concentrate Plus thinking that it would make 5 equivalent gallons but it only makes 2 equivalent gallons or 5 of very diluted spray that doesn't work. I sent them a message from their web site telling them that I feel cheated by their deceptive labeling, and defrauded by the pricing based on false labels. I also am pissed because of all the time and effort I've wasted trying to kill weeds with overly diluted spray that doesn't work. 100 degrees in the shade last week and there I was out wasting my time in the heat. Pisses me off!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fault based divorce?

Someone asked Bob about his thoughts on "fault" based divorce. For the past half century females have destroyed their families in huge numbers through use of "no fault" divorce laws lobbied into existence by the feminazi during second wave feminism. They have been a social disaster of unimaginable proportions. But what about fault based divorce?

In the first half of the feminist century, women could divorce by accusing their husband of adultery. Often these accusations were no more true than the "abuse" lies that females now routinely tell to divorce courts on the advice of lieyers. Further, the husband's occasional outside affair or mistress is not a threat to the marriage and should not be allowed as a reason for the wife to destroy the family. I am reminded of French President Mitarand who's mistress and her children came to his official state funeral and sat in reserved seats in the 2nd row, behind his wife and her children. The existence of a mistress has never been a serious threat to a marriage, and before feminist domination was not construed as grounds to destroy the marriage and family. Contrary to feminist dogma, a man's occasional sexual adventures increases his sexual energy which he brings home to maintain the excitement of his marriage bed.

Neither should feminist lies about "abuse" be grounds for divorce. Throughout history of successful families the husband has been responsible for the family. The wife is instructed to be subjugated to her husband. When she picks fights and then calls a gang of gun thugs to beat up and torture her husband the family and the whole society suffers. The so-called "abuse" laws, VAWA, etc., are anti-family hate legislation that is intended to destroy families and to hurt men and children. Lieyers today advise females to lie about "abuse" and "child abuse" to the minions of Satan in black robes of hell in order to rob the man's property and bind him into indentured servitude, slavery, for the next 20 years. Lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes who work every day to destroy familes and hurt children should be eliminated from decent society. The wife who picks fights, or fails to subjugate herself to her husband in other ways needs his discipline and corrections. A good hard over the knee spanking is enough for most females, and it creates love and respect for her husband. If she resists simple punishment then he may use additional punishment as needed.

Bob focuses on the situation when females file divorces because women file 90% of divorces in the US, largely because they are now paid to do so. The first remedy is to stop the incentives for divorce. The first incentive that needs to end is the gift of half, or more, of the family property as a reward for destroying the family. The family needs the house, the car, the kitchen pots and pans, and the savings. If the unfaithful bitch wants to run off with the newspaper boy she should be able to take her shirt, the one she's wearing, and her shoes, and that's all. The husband who is trying to keep the family together should be able to keep the kids and all the family property and assets which are needed to support the family. A huge mountain of data shows that kids who are taken from their fathers by divorcing moms are hurt in every measurable way. Kids who stay with their fathers, even when mom leaves, do as well as being raised by two parents.

We need to remember that marriage is the arrangement for creating children and maintaining a stable home for them to be reared well. The reasons for divorce allowed during the years while the children are growing up need to be very limited. After they are grown the purpose of marriage no longer is important so divorces could be granted if either party no longer wants to maintain the marriage. After the kids have left the home its purpose is finished.

What are possible reasons for divorce during the child rearing years you ask. Serious criminal abuse of the children is one. If hindsight were foresight, Andrea Yates should have been booted out before she killed the kids. Sexual mutilation of children, starving the children, or excessively beating children are also valid reasons. A female who attempts to murder her husband with poison or violence loses her rights to her family and husband. In addition, the moment she bears a bastard, which should be found by routine DNA testing at birth, she has already divorced and violated her husband and family. The former husband has justification to boot the whore out with her shirt and shoes.

In general, neither a female's lie nor the husbands adultery should be grounds for divorce. Neither should the lies females now tell about "abuse." None of those lies should be grounds to destroy a family. Female lies are reason and justification for the husband to exert some physical control on the female, not justification for her to destroy the family. In general the children belong to the father and in case of divorce have a far better chance of success in life living with fathers rather than mothers. Divorce lieyers, gangs of blue gun thugs, CPS family destroyers, and agents of Satan should stay the hell out of a family's affairs. In ancient law including religious and secular laws, before feminism, the husband was responsible for the well being of the family. Part of his authority and responsibility was to protect and care for the wife. He could divorce her if she no longer was satisfied with the marriage or when she was not adequately participating in the marriage. Women are emotionally unstable. They have demonstrated in horribly destructive fashion during the past century that they can not be trusted to maintain marriages and families when allowed "no fault" divorce or even "fault" divorce. For the protection of the children, women should not be allowed to exercise their "PMS" emotions and destroy their families.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Marriage is about procreation

The Washington State Supreme Court yesterday affirmed the legitimate state interest in its statement that the purpose of marriage is to promote procreation and the raising of children. The court affirmed the state's Defense of Marriage Act while telling several lower court minions of Satan that they had significantly overstepped their bounds without any rational application of law.

Procreation and child rearing is a legitimate state interest. Defense of Marriage Act furthers that legitimate interest. The Legislature is entitled to determine that two faggots do not further that legitimate interest. All men and all females of the state may marry so neither is denied equal legal rights. Washington State Supreme Court.

Marriage and child rearing needs to be further strengthened by repeal of so-called "no fault" divorce and the evil of phony "child support" payments to females for destroying marriages. For more reading on saving marriage see The World Accroding to Bob, Saving Marriage

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Myth of pedophiles

On a men's issue discussion some feminist trained nomind posted a comment about men who are attracted to young women calling them by the feminist lie, "pedophiles." It occurred to Bob that we are constantly bombarded with feminazi fiction about young women and normal men who are normally attracted to them. Today's discussion aims to separate the cowshit from the sow manure, the misandry from criminal acts, and bring some sense about the hundreds of thousands of normal men who have been falsely accused and persecuted.

Let's look at who is and who isn't a "pedophile."
ped·o·phile n. An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.
child n. A person between birth and puberty

Females who have past their age of puberty are no longer children. In fact they have entered into their primary breeding years during which they are most able, physically, to bear and raise children. For all of human history until feminism young women were recognized as eligible to marry, and their families began helping them to find good husbands. Many religions, Jewish, Catholic, Islam, Protestant, etc., still hold "coming of age" rites for young women after they pass puberty. But now, instead of recognizing them as mature adults, their feminist trained families continue to treat them like children. Instead of being allowed to marry and get on with their lives, they are kept confined in state institutions, schools, for several more years. Young women are prevented from following their very strong natural desires for a husband and children. Many young women rebel against their mother who is preventing them from what they most want to do. It has become an axiom that teenage daughters are problems for parents. Of course they are. Their basic biological needs are benig blocked by force. A widely published major study reported that female fertility begins to decline after age 26 and declines rapidly after age 30. Feminist trained young women now believe that they shouldn't marry until age 28 to 30, after their primary fertility years are past. Feminists, controlled by dried up lesbian hate mongers, hate marriage, they hate young women whom they are jealous of, and they hate normal loving families. They have succeeded in creating huge disruption in the lives of normal young women.

The young women's lives aren't the worst evil that the feminazi lesbian hate mongers have wrought. Normal young men who are normally biologically attracted young women of baby making age are called "criminal pedophiles," and "sexual predators," and sent to prison. After years in hell hole prisons the normal young men are now "registered" as "sexual predators" for the rest of their lives. They become outcasts, unable to live decent normal lives in our communities. Feminazi TV propaganda hate teams broadcast reports about "sexual predators" in our communities. Gangs of blue gun thugs, the feminazi army, hound them relentlessly. Anti-men lies and hate oozes from TV news as they drool their lies and hate into our living rooms. And the mindless masses end up believeing the feminazi hate propaganda, like the man who posted on the men's group mentioned above.

Are there actual pedophiles? Maybe. According to psychobabble merchants there are. But actual pedophiles are very rare. A man biologically attracted to a female who is in the middle of her biological breeding years is the most normal man. He is not a "pedophile." Those LIES are nothing but evil feminazi hate.

Is there such a thing as a "sexual predator"? Hardly. The term has no actual meaning. It is used to impugn, to spew misandry, to claim that a man who is attractive to women is like a carnivorous animal. The term totally disregards the women's role in being sexually attracted to the man. Feminazi always blame the nearest man for whatever the hell women do. When a woman spends half a day putting on "war paint" and making herself "attractive," and succeeds in attracting a man, somehow he's a "sexual predator." A young woman of child bearing years who is following her natural instincts and seducing normal men, whoring, has not been "raped" except in the tormented hate filled minds of feminazi and their army of blue gun thugs. In a sane world her parents and society would be helping her to find a decent husband and life instead of pushing her toward whoring and seduction without marriage. Instead of attacking the normal man, who is concurrently deprived of available women for a wife, the society ought to place blame where blame belongs, on the feminazi and the feminazi trained family of the young woman who drive her to whore by prevented her from having a decent life.

Whenever you see TV talking heads spewing hate about "sexual predators" you know you are listening to one of the most vile kinds of misandry. You know you are not listening to decent honest people because they are lying scum broadcasting hate. Whenever you find someone who writes or says "pedophile" you know you have found another feminazi trained misandrist hate monger who believes that young women shouldn't marry or have children, and that normal men are criminals.

What can you do? You can phone the TV stations and let the management know that you object to their anti-men, anti-family hate mongering. You can object to hate mongers who you see in person or on discussions. You can talk to your friends who have daughters about helping them to marry when their bodies are ready instead of being caged like animals for another decade. Together MEN can win back our society.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gun Thugs need Gun control!

According to a recently published story three NYC blue gun thugs shot each other and a dog during a dispute with a landlord and a tenant. The dog was killed. The three blue gun thugs are reported in stable condition. Its yet another example of the massive incompetence of these trigger happy thugs. They aren't even safe from each other.

These incompetent thugs are given deadly force and sent out into our streets with a license to kill people. They protect no one and kill or injure many. They prevent honest men from protecting ourselves and our families. We would all be far better off if they were tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Dr Frankenstein is a pervert! DUH!

According to a complaint filed with the Los Angeles courts, Ken Rigberg, 27, charges that he discovered the pinhole camera during a June 2005 visit to Pasadena's Pacific Reproductive Services. see story Rigberg claims that he found a video camera hidden in the ceiling of a sperm bank's "donation room." He is suing Pasadena's Pacific Reproductive Services for negligence and emotional distress. Rigberg describes himself in the lawsuit as a "regular sperm donor" who went to Pacific "to provide an honorable and essential benefit to his community."

That kind of "sperm bank" is not "honorable service to his community." When children are created in laboratories from biological material collected by Dr. Frankenstein, they are "Frankenstein children" who never have the benefits of the spiritual union of father and mother at conception that creates a new soul for the child. Without the spiritual union of their parents the children become soulless abominations, Frankenstein kids.

In addition, the children thus created never know the love and care of their fathers. Artificial sperm banks are an immoral Dr. Frankenstein abomination and should not be tolerated in our communities. They pander to misandrist lesbians and other feminists who want children to play house with like getting a new doll.

I can't condone faggot or female perverts filming the donation room, but neither do I sympathize with some sick asshole who donates his children instead of conceiving and raising them. I wonder how he would feel if his child saw the film in 20 years. Here's you daddy. Here's how you were made. It's just sick, the whole perverted "fertility clinic" business.

Bob also notes that the usual customers of this sick fertility clinic business are 30 something females who have spent their baby making years following the false feminazi goal of "education" and a career instead of listening to their own bodies and marrying when they are fertile and can conceive children easily. They are also sick assholes who choose to create a "fatherless" Frankenstein kid in a desperate attempt to make a baby, any baby, before its too late. Instead of naturally forming a spiritual and physical union with a man these sick females choose Dr. Frankenstein. The whole rotten Frankenstein kid industry is sick from one end to the other and a symptom of a general societal dysfunction.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blue Gun Thug Violence on Steroids!

According to a published report the Chicago blue gun thug detectives "solved" cases by torture and beating of suspects. The used cattle prods on genitals, pretend killings, and other creative torture methods. Beating was routine. And of course, some "suspects" were murdered during the torture. Chief Detective Jon Burge was routinely praised by medial talking heads for his fictitious success in "solving crimes."

It would be surprising if this kind of blue gun thug brutality, torture, and murder was unique or unusual. Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. Routine torture of prisoners is standard operating procedure from Chicago to small town America. From Miami, FL, to Spokane, WA, the blue gun thugs torture prisoners day after day and murder those who don't survive the severe beatings.

According to the Chicago press reports the violent gun thug detectives "solved" many cases by torturing witnesses into confessing and testifying in thousands of false convictions. Many thousand innocent MEN now rot in prisons because of the outrageous fraud that Burge and the Chicago blue gun thugs have done to the public.

Every one of the evil blue gun thugs in Chicago ought to be lined up and shot. They deserve no less from honest citizens.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Terrorist raids up 1,300 percent

Paramilitary raids of private homes are up 1,300 percent. Gangs of armed gun thugs dressed like military troops instead of the usual blue gun thug suits now terrorize an estimated 40,000 homes per year, according to published estimates. Many of the people who live in these homes are wanted for trivial crimes with no record of violence. Often they kill people, that's what they do. Frequently they raid and terrorize the wrong house because of wrong information and addresses. But even the "right" house the raid is usually wrong. Most of their terror attacks don't make the news, and very few make anything but the local news.

These way overly armed gun thugs need to be sent home to learn some manners. Most of the time a polite knock on the door during normal business hours would accomplish the same thing without terrorizing anyone. But they love to use up all that fancy violent gun thug equipment. They love to run around playing soldier, pretending they are attacking the evil empire. It's like computer games, only it's real innocent people who are being attacked and killed.

Our fathers got along without the blue gun thugs until the last part of the 19th century. We could get along just fine without them today. Honest citizens would be far safer and far better off without them.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Marriage and rape

For the past 50,000 years since human evolution created our species of behaviorally modern humans, marriage in all clans, tribes, cultures, religions, and nations has meant sexual access of a man with a woman to create children and families. The successful creation of the next generation is hugely important to every society. Our ancestors developed the institution of marriage to encourage and support the production and successful raising and education of the next generation. It has been conjectured by anthropologists that marriage was one of the most important reasons our ancestors were able to take over Europe and Asia by eradicating Neanderthal and Homo Erectus residents already there.

Marriage has always been a three way bargain between the man, the woman, and the clan, tribe, or culture in which they lived. The man agrees to protect and support the woman and her children. The woman agrees to accept the man's sperm and then bear and raise the children which result. The man gains sexual access and satisfaction in exchange for his labor and his sometimes risky protection. The woman gains sexual satisfaction, a father for her children, and his support and protection while she devotes her labor to the children. Generally both partners agree to do all the many life chores to raise their family. The community, clan, tribe, or culture agrees to accept and support their family and assist in their efforts to raise the next generation.

Marriage is an important bargain for everyone involved. It has been speculated that Imperial Rome eventually failed because marriage became so unpopular that there weren't enough Romans left to continue such a large empire. No family, clan, or society is more than one generation away from oblivion, and there are always other populations ready to take over. Marriage and the successful production of the next generation is hugely important.

The importance of marriage and the meaning of its bargains was clearly understood by all until feminism began it's anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-men hate campaigns in the middle of the 19th century. Feminists opposed marriage and claimed, "Marriage oppresses women." In truth, marriage was the social institution that had allowed women to progress from animals hiding from predators in trees and caves to the dominant species on the planet. Nineteenth century feminist had become so "oppressed" that they no longer spent their time doing actual work and had the opulence and luxury to spend their time fermenting hatred of the very men and institutions that had provided them with their riches.

Feminists wanted to abrogate all the promises women made in marriage. They, of course, still wanted all the marriage benefits. At the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848 they adopted the goal of allowing women to leave their husbands, take the children, and still be supported by him. If you look closely at that resolution they waive off the woman's agreement to join in a life long family. It waives off her obligation to raise his children in a family, and asserts that the woman has the right to take his children away from their father. After a century of lobbying new law they had created so-called "no-fault" divorce, or divorce at will. Women under the new feminist laws could abandon their marriage vows on a whim for no reason at all, and in fact women today file 90% of divorces, breaking up most families, usually for reasons amounting to boredom or sexual lust for a different man. Divorce laws require the former husband to support her and her children by alimony or fraudulent "child support" laws, now a major industry for government and private agencies.

But even being legally able to abandon marriage will wasn't enough for anti-marriage feminists. They didn't want to promise anything at all in a marriage. To the lesbians who control feminist organizations the thought of sex with husbands is the worst part of marriage. "Sleeping with the enemy," is how women fail at feminism, according to their dogma. In the minds of radical lesbian feminists, "All sex (with men) is rape." So a wife is being raped by her husband every time they do sex. And since marriage requires her to do sex with him, in their twisted hate filled minds its absolute rape. So to abolish sex in marriage they came up with the concept of "marital rape." According to this sick lesbian anti-marriage law, a man can be charged with "rape" by his wife if she was coerced or pressured to do sex some night when she had a headache, or was withholding sex as a form or emotional domination. Many men have been tried and convicted of "marriage rape" in the United States, and all husbands now know that they no longer have the right to sex with their wife as part of a legal faux marriage under feminism. In California the legislature just passed a bill strengthening the "rape" laws allowing female misandrists to charge their ex-husband with "rape" six years after their divorce.

But can sex between a husband and wife ever actually be rape? No, it can't be. The crime of rape requires a couple of things. First there has to be sex, and second, there has to be a lack of consent on the part of the female. In the age old understanding of marriage the female consented to accept the man's sperm and bear his children in exchange for his support and protection. When she was asked if she accepted this man as her husband she made her choice and granted her permission. To become marred she said "I do" or similar words. Her consent to sex with this man has been sworn before her family and friends and before her priest and her gods. Her consent to sex with this man has been signed on witnessed documents and recorded with the state, as state that exercises legal permission over who may marry and who may not. Sex between a husband and wife can never be rape because she has granted legal and moral permission, and agreed to accept his sperm and bear his children. She made a free choice as a responsible adult and gave her permission for sex with this man. If she changes her mind, as feminazi often do, she can get a divorce and abrogate her marriage vows. While she is still married, a husband can not rape his wife, morally, ethically, or physically.

In the US and other places where "marital rape" laws have been passed they have negated marriage. Marriage has become illegal in those places. The female no longer agrees to accept his sperm and bear his children. She still is entitled to his support and protection, even long after the whore leaves him for the next guy she fancies. It is not a marriage. It does not grant him the benefits that marriage grants to a man. And the current legal ceremony fails to give her any of the obligations that marriage has always asked of women in exchange for the benefits received. It is no wonder that they contemplate "gay marriage." When marriage is not marriage, then it hardly matters that perverts play games with the sham that is left.

The result of feminist anti-marriage hate has been a abrogation of marriage in most parts of the US. Whenever the law books have "marital rape" then they don't have marriage. There is not and can not be a rape of a wife by a husband.

Men should read laws of states and nations before they marry or take their wives to such places. The laws exclude and prohibit marriage in those places. It's not marriage, its slavery of men and that’s all that it is.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

MGM Discussion.

There is an ongoing discussion of Male Sexual Mutilation, MGM, on a doctor's blog site here Dr. Maurice pretends to be undecided about MGM while criticizing those who are angry with the mutilations that were done to them as children and supporting other doctors who write that they have personally hacked up the sex organs of many children.

The MGM discussion came out of a previous discussion called "I hate doctors" in which Dr. Maurice found that so many angry people hate doctors because of MGM that he started a separate forum for that topic.

There is a congressional bill introduced every year to extend the current prohibition on FGM to include the torture and sexual mutilation of boys. Dr. Maurice includes a copy of the text of that proposed legislation on his web site.

It is an ongoing conversation with many contributions. Bob has written several comments for the discussion. Some of them are repeated below for Bob's loyal readers, along with one of Dr. Maurice's responses. Despite all the angry people who hate doctors for MGM, Dr. Maurice continues to call the angry mob "pathological" for their anger about MGM and doctors who hurt children. If you feel strongly that the sexual maiming of little boys has to be stopped before the next child is violated, perhaps you should give the Jewish doctor Maurice a piece of your mind. Here are a couple of things that Bob has added to their conversation:

At Wednesday, July 12, 2006 8:59:00 AM, Bob said...
From AMA, American Medical News, Vol 39, No 40, dated October, 1996. The article contained the following quote:

“We as humanitarians and particularly as gynecologists, cannot allow females or any group of patients to be mutilated. I’m afraid that this is even more basic than religion. This is humanitarian.”
John C. Nelson, MD, AMA Trustee.

I wholeheartedly agree with the wisdom of this statement, but can not for the life of me resolve the abject hypocrisy that it represents. Upon comparing this dictum to the million and a third of boys who are mutilated by members of the AMA every year, I find their sincerity very, very hard to comprehend. Perhaps men/boys are not “any group of patients?” In the very misandrist eyes of the AMA and it's members, a hundred million sexually mutilated men and boys do not rise to the level of "any group of patients."

Perhaps saving boys/men from genital mutilation is not humanitarian because we are not even people?

I wrote to the AMA Medical News editor and to Dr. Nelson in 1996 asking why men don't rise to the level of "any group of patients." I got no answer. Their misandry is so deep that a hundred million sexually mutilated men are completely overlooked. To the misandrist AMA, only women are human.


At Wednesday, July 12, 2006 9:14:34 AM, Bob said...
In fact it was Jewish doctors who were largely responsible for the evil of promoting massive universal sexual mutilation of little boys in the USA. During W.W.II the Nazis identified Jews by their sexual mutilations, but some American Christians had been sexually mutilated so some European Jews claimed to be Americans to escape the Nazis.

After that war and the widely published horror about the Nazi Holocaust, American Jewish doctors campaigned hard for universal sexual mutilation of boys/men so that Jews could not be sorted out. Many Jewish doctors sought out membership on medical committees and then claimed to be reviewing medical information while they in fact were promoting anti-men violence for personal reasons. The Jews promoted decades of lies and deceit in the medical community over the maimed bodies of a hundred million American boys and men. One can understand their fear of the Holocaust, but it does not excuse their own leadership and participation in the sexual horrors being perpetrated against a hundred million helpless little children. In fear of the Nazi Holocaust, American Jewish doctors created one of their own.

Yes, a small percentage of American men were being sexually mutilated prior to WW II, but it was a very long way from the universal "routine" practice promoted by the Jewish medical community after the war. Jewish doctors like Maurice love to look the other way and pretend that they are having a rational discussion of the horror of child mutilation. The blame needs to be laid where it belongs, right at their Jewish child abusing feet.

Ancient religious sacrifice is not an excuse to torture and maim children. Ritual sacrifice of children should have been left in the past many generations ago. Barbaric ritual sacrifice is not tolerated for female children regardless of religion, as Dr. Nelson and the AMA points out, see Bob's previous post. Instead of promoting massive sexual torture of a hundred million innocent little boys, Jewish doctors should have demanded that all forms of Holocaust be ended. They became as guilty as those they feared.


At Wednesday, July 12, 2006 12:12:15 PM, Bob said...
One of the huge reasons why the AMA, the AAP, and their members haven't admitted that MGM is serious violent sexual child abuse is the matter of civil liability. Like sexually mutilated fathers these organizations and their member would face psychological and financial consequences if they had to admit malpractice. Psychologically an individual doctor would have to admit doing serious psychosexual violent crimes against hundreds of children. But financially is where the real resistance comes. If the medical community ever admits the obvious and acknowledges that MGM is sexual child abuse they could be subject to a class action suit or suits by every victim. Malpractice suits are already a large concern in the medical business, but nothing they have ever experienced would be on this scale or cost. In the US there are something like a hundred million sexually mutilated men and boys. If I were on the jury I would think that something like a million dollars for each victim might be adequate compensation, but trial lawyers could ask for much more. Even at a modest million dollars per victim, there are so many victims that the psychosexual perverts who hack up children, together with their hospitals and insurance companies could end up owing a hundred trillion dollars to their victims. That much debt would break them all.

The financial liability for a century of deliberate malpractice done to little children is staggering. They can't afford to admit their mistakes. So they try to bury their mistakes like all doctors do. Only this time they bury the mistake by continuing the lies. Denying that it was a mistake means that they have to keep pretending their lie, that it is "good" for the sexually mutilated children and men. Instead of ethics they choose the money. Even the term "bioethics" has become an oxymoron.

And the violent bloody sexual mutilation of helpless little children goes on and on.

Doctor's heal thyselves!


At Wednesday, July 12, 2006 1:16:00 PM, Bob said...
You are right that the MDs are on the front lines of "child abuse." They are on the front lines in more ways than one. MDs are required to report injuries that appear to be child abuse, but the violence they do to children are excluded.

There are two kinds of child abuse, reportable child abuse and actual child abuse. What doctors report are the reportable child abuse. But the laws generally exclude medical treatment by a licensed physician so they ignore all the child abuse done by doctors. It's actual child abuse, but it's not reportable child abuse (as long as it actually is done for medical treatment). When a doctor hurts a child and it is not actual medical treatment, then it is actual child abuse whether or not the doctor wants it reported or not.

In the State of Florida, for example, sexual child abuse resulting in permanent injury to the child's sex organs is a death penalty crime. The law excludes bona-fide medical treatment. However there is a very serious question whether sexual mutilation of a healthy normal child is medical treatment at all. In common medical definitions medical treatment has to be done as the result of an illness or injury. Medical treatment does not include actions by a doctor unrelated to an illness or injury. For example, an OBGYN is prevented from doing penile insertion into a healthy female patient and calling it medial treatment. If the medical business were ever forced to admit that hacking up the sex organs of healthy normal little children is not medical treatment, a bunch of Florida doctors could be in a world of legal trouble. A parent's consent does not constitute either medical treatment or justification for child abuse. In my opinion, the doctors who hack up the sex organs of healthy normal little children for money, or for psychosexual perversion, all ought to be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. Sexual child abuse with permanent physical injury to the child is a very serious crime. A white coat does not change it at all.

Doctors heal thyselves!


At Thursday, July 13, 2006 6:33:48 AM, Bob said...
This discussion reminds me of the fictional work "120 Days" by Marquis de Sade. In his fiction psychosexual perverts hacked up the sex organs of children for their own demented gratification. For his evil fiction, de Sade was sent to prison where he spent the rest of his tormented life.

There are some real difference between the horrors discussed on this forum and the evil that de Sade wrote about.

The big difference is that de Sade's characters were fiction. These evil perpetrators are real and the screams of the mutilated little children are real.

In 120 Days, de Sade's characters kidnapped children and hid them away in a castle to avoid public knowledge of their demented acts. Even the twisted mind of de Sade couldn't imagine such evil being done with public knowledge. But today they openly hack up little children's sex organs and pretend that it's acceptable. They have "polite, civil" discussions about evil that two centuries ago couldn’t' be openly written in fiction without the author being sent to prison.

In 120 Days, de Sade's characters hacked up the sex organs of a few dozen children. Today they sexually mutilate children by the millions.

I am left wondering. If writing the fictional account of sexual torment and mutilation of children is a crime that decent society punishes by sending the author to prison, what should the punishment be for the abject evil that openly performs the horrors of the fiction?


Here is Dr. Maurice's reply:

At Thursday, July 13, 2006 7:45:45 AM, Maurice Bernstein, M.D. said...
To those visitors who have asked me to engage in discussion about aspects of the male circumcision issue, I thank them for their request but I have to decline. I must admit that in my entire medical career, male circumcision was not a medical or social issue in my thinking or my practice. I have never performed circumcision and more importantly for some on this thread, I have never ever recommended circumcision. Further, this thread on my blog was not started by me but started by other visitors on the “I hate doctors” thread.

With regard to the issue of male circumcision, as yet, I have no opinion one way or the other. I am still trying to learn the facts by those writing to my blog. I therefore have nothing to contribute to the issue itself at this point.

Nevertheless, I can say that I find the very manner of expression of views by some of my visitors is of such a character to turn off rather than turn on other visitors, including myself. (You don’t forcefully pound someone over the head with your arguments and expect them to remain conscious.) As a physician long in practice, I see an almost pathologic fervor and anger expressed by some of my visitors on the topic. If this represents a daily expression in their private lives as well as here on the blog, I worry for them about their social relationships and personal medical health. Such chronic long-standing anger is not at all healthy in terms of mental health and cardiovascular disease as examples. I would give the following medical advice: “cool it!” ..Maurice.


And then Bob said:

At Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:51:48 AM, Bob said...
Dear Dr. Maurice,
You said, "As a physician long in practice, I see an almost pathologic fervor and anger expressed by some of my visitors on the topic."

You blame the victims of the abject horror of sexual mutilation for their anger. You look the other way and pretend that the evil sexual crimes against children are something to "make up my mind" about. You are the one who fails the test of civility, of compassion, and even of reality. Your comment is an example of the kind of callous disregard for real people and real suffering that is why so many people hate doctors. Whether you hold the knife yourself or merely look the other way while your colleague hacks up another child is irrelevant. You are part of the medical establishment and share their collective crime.

It's not the many angry people who are the problem, Doctor. It is the violent sexual child abusers who are the problem. They, the ones who hurt little children for sick sexual gratification and money, are the ones with dangerous pathological problems who need the psychological reassignment. They are the reason for the anger by decent people. They are the criminals who have hurt so many. And you, Dr., by your cavalier attitude and "I haven't made up my mind" crapola about massive medical malpractice are PART OF THE PROBLEM!

In almost half a century of angry men talking nice and polite to the medical business you doctors have closed your ears and turned your backs and continued the massive crimes against children.

In almost half a century of organized groups asking politely for the violence done to children to be ended, you doctors have ignored every one and continued the evil child abuse. You "haven't made up my mind" while the children scream and the money keeps pouring in.

No, doctor, your studied indifference to the screams of the children and the angry shouts of decent people have gone unheard far too long. The time for you to listen politely and clean up your own profession is over. It's time for decent citizens to take action, violent action if necessary, to clean up the feasting filth and stop your horror show against our children.

After almost half a century of being nice, being polite, and being totally ignored, many decent people are no longer going to be nice with your kind of Holocaust against children. It is time for decent people to make you and your kind change. Evil that feeds on the tortured flesh of children can not be allowed to continue. That kind of tormented evil does not deserve to live on the streets with decent human beings. They must be eradicated to save our children.

Maybe thirty years in the slammer or a nice tight rope will get your attention. Polite words certainly have not and will not.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A few Good MEN!

A century ago when E. Belfort Bax wrote about the evils of feminism he complained about "MEN bashing." Today, advocates for MEN talk in a feminized language and speak of "male bashing." For a century feminist schoolmarms and college English Professors have worked to eradicate MEN from the culture and "MEN" from our language. The word "MEN" is becoming rare in the public discourse. For example, while driving home today I hard the following on a nationally syndicated radio talk show, "A black woman has a better chance of being elected President than a Mormon male." Note that women are "women" but MEN are "males."

The word "MEN" shows that the object spoken of is human, and implies qualities, such as strength, courage, honesty and honor considered characteristic of manhood. Its use shows a bit of respect on the part of the speaker. In contrast, the word "male" refrains from acknowledging that the object spoken of is human, categorizing him simply as a reproductive animal. Feminists have sought to create a dual society where females are fully human with rights and needs, while "males" are sub-human beasts of burden who have no rights and who exist only to server the females. It hasn't been a well planned conspiracy, but that hasn't made it less effective. Almost all our children are now taught by feminist misandrists throughout K-12 education and beyond. They have eschewed the respect due to MEN and taught our children to say "women and males." The textbooks and readers used universally in our schools have been selected for it's dehumanized teaching about MEN. Feminists believe that "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." They accept the work and support of "males," cats, dogs, cattle, and other animals, but do not respect "males" even as much as their cats. The talking heads of our media have learned the new feminized anti-men language. If you listen to the words spoken by talking heads, the word "males" is used far more often than "men." Most female talking heads won't ever say "men" for any reason.

So Bob has begun using "female" instead of "woman" because it shows the reader how language can be respectful or disrespectful. We MEN should not accept the disrespect shown by the use of "males" instead of "men." We need to demand that the speaker or writer acknowledge our humanity instead of categorizing our kind as animals. Write to the media. Object to school teachers and professors. A national syndicated radio talk show that speaks about a "black woman" vs. a "Mormon male" is patently offensive regardless of what other point he was trying to make.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Storm the Bastille

On July 14, 1789, the citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, a notorious prison where men were sent for opposing the tyrannical government. It was an important part of the French Revolution where the rule of the King was overthrown and French democracy began. During the revolution thousands of members of the oppressive former government, and those who opposed the new democracy were summarily parted from their head by a guillotine. The storming of the Bastille is commemorated every year on July 14.

On July 14, 1789, the storming of the Bastille immediately took on a great historical dimension; it was proof that power no longer resided in the King as God's representative, but in the people. The French revolution was largely inspired by the American revolution. The people of France saw that it was possible for a free people to throw off the chains of a tyrannical government. The three values of liberty, equality, and fraternity became the motto of the new order.

Today we are once again bound by the chains of tyranny. Our government has abrogated much of it's constitution. The freedoms promised to a free people are long gone. Millions of American men rot in hell hole prisons for fictitious crimes which can only be called a refusal to live in bondage. The time has come for a new generation of Americans to storm the Bastilles in our country, to free millions of political prisoners and separate the forces of the evil tyranny from their heads.

Storm the Bastille! Break out Lady G. She has a ton of work to do.

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!

Screaming hysterical hate

Bob has been receiving a very large number of hysterical (a well gendered term) hate messages from raving lunatic females. They violate Bob's rules for comments so they don't show up on the comment pages. They have been set off by Bob's call for women to be supported in their desires to be wives and mothers. The hysterical raving females scream insults, calling young women who choose the wife path instead of the whore path, "captured," "controlled," and "slaves." They call loving husbands and fathers, "abusive," "controlling" and worse. Their screaming shows just how far today's women have come down the road of misandry and away from sanity. They hate marriage and families with a burning passion. They hate husbands and they hate women who have chosen to be wives instead of hateful whores like them. It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. So much hate; so many lost female lives.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Saving Marriage

In his recent book Before the Dawn : Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors, Nicholas Wade recounts the history of our behaviorally modern human species. Now tracked by modern DNA research history now shows that our genetic ability for essentially modern behavior began among African people about 50,000 years ago, give or take a few thousand. Among the modern behavior developed by our ancestors was complex language and the institution of marriage. Marriage in all clans, tribes, villages, cultures, religions, and nations ever since has meant the pair bonding of men and women. The society recognizes and supports the sexual joining of a man and woman that makes the children which will be the next generation of the family, clan, tribe, or society. For fifty thousand years our ancestors across all races and religions have known what marriage means. Marriage has been an important of the social structure that allowed us to take over the earth, eliminate previous near-human species and dominate over other animals.

The age old universal institution of marriage came under attack beginning in the middle of the 19th century when men-hating feminists declared, "marriage oppresses women." Over the next century and a half feminazis lobbied for anti-marriage and pro-divorce changes to law and custom. Feminazi have conducted a well organized and well funded destruction of marriage and in doing so have created massive human suffering. Some of the anti-marriage changes include so-called "no-fault divorce" which allows women to abrogate their marriage on a whim whenever the grass looks greener somewhere else. Divorce laws, including court ordered precedent allow the woman to take the husband's home, car, bank account, children and everything he has. Not satisfied with all of his property, divorce laws bind him into indentured servitude (slavery) forcing him to pay alimony or the faux alimony called "child support." If she doesn't bother to get married in the first place feminazi law requires the government to take his money and pay her for her children as substitute for having a husband.

New feminazi laws also have taken away the husband's recognized right to sexual access to his wife. He can be charged with "rape" on her whim. They have taken away his right to have a woman bear his children. She may legally abort all his children, and bear children of other lovers, which he will be legally required to support. For those who think this is female behavior is uncommon, DNA tests by the Association of American Blood Banks show that about 30% of tested children have DNA not belonging to the supposed father. She may take away all his children, and he will be charged with "kidnapping" if he interferes. She may beat him and/or his children at will, and if he defends himself she can have him arrested for "domestic violence." She will likely accuse him of "domestic violence" out of spite and pure fiction while getting divorced because lieyers advise her to do so. The majority of "domestic violence" accusations are pure fiction or result from her violence.

Another effective way that feminazi have worked to destroy marriage is to prevent young women of marriageable age from getting married until they are "educated" in feminism and misandry, and are becoming too old to bear children successfully. Under the guise of "education" they required young women to eschew marriage in favor of schools where feminist dogma is heavily taught. Schools hand out birth control and abortion information because the natural sexual drives of young women can not be eliminated. Young women are applauded in schools for lesbianism, for sex without marriage, and for aborting their children. They are encouraged to become whores and have a long series of "relationships" and one night stands instead of a husband and family. Young men of marriageable age are called "pedophiles" and charged with "rape" as heinous criminals for having relationships or marrying women of marriageable age. Tens of thousands of MEN now rot in prisons and resister as "sex offenders" for NORMAL male behavior, wanting to marry and have families with normal young women. Young marriagable age women are promised a career and "success" in some dead end company job if only they will give up the meaningful and deeply satisfying life of a mother and wife. Even with all the free birth control and abortions young women have a biological drive for motherhood. They now bear half or our next generation without being married. The feminist dominated society has succeeded in preventing them from marriage, but not managed to completely eradicate their DNA coded biological desire for babies. A hundred million bastards is an unprecedented human disaster, the holocaust of feminazi hate.

Under feminazi law many men are eschewing marriage, and women are bearing bastards as the majority of children. Children born without a decent family and father are so much less likely to succeed in life that it ought to be criminal "child abuse," but of course it is rewarded by the feminazi government. Other feminists tell the young whores that they are "empowered" by whelping 4 bastards by 4 different fathers, of whom the young whores think they know the names of two or three. Uncounted millions of children are suffering for the heinous hate of the feminazi, and when grown they perpetuate the social disaster that their lives have become.

Even the feminazi attack on marriage hasn't totally destroyed the institution. In conservative and rural areas and among those who have morals, values, and religious traditions the institution of marriage is still valued. True, the feminazi have generally changed the marriage laws there too, but they still cling to an age old vision of marriage. So now along come the sexual pervert rump riders and lolly lickers. They want their sordid sexual perversion to be accepted by decent people and not criticized for the psychosexual perversion that everyone knows it is. So they have mounted a well funded campaign to eradicate the age-old meaning of marriage, eliminate the very purpose of marriage, and substitute a sham called marriage. Under their advocacy marriage won't be the sexual union of man and woman that creates children and creates our racial future. Under fagot/lesbo plan, so called "same sex marriage" has noting to do with creating family or bearing children at all. Under fudge packer and cunt eater advocacy marriage will become a list of legal rights and government benefits rewarded for their perverted sexual lust for each other.

The feminazi, of course, support the psychosexual pervert anti-marriage campaign because it coincides with their hatred of men, children, and marriage. The leaders of feminism have always been pervert cunt fisting lesbians who can't bear children without a man, the "enemy" who they hate. They see marriage as "sleeping with the enemy." So they hate the fundamental human institution of marriage and side with the psychosexual perverts in the campaign to destroy marriage. Feminist schoolteachers strongly promote fagotry and the feminist end of marriage as it has always been known. Young minds are fed on sham arguments and false definitions of marriage. They are taught the false fagot definition that marriage is a list of government benefits rewarded for lust, and not that marriage is the social institution that creates children and families.

Since feminism peaked in the 1980s some decent people have been trying to reclaim our society and restore basic human customs to our lives. Even as perverts and feminists campaign to destroy the remnants of marriage some decent people work to restore part of what has already been destroyed. In the Congress, Republicans have continually proposed a "Defense of Marriage" constitutional amendment because left wingnut perverted agents of Satan in Black robes from hell have been using false arguments about constitutional law to promote the pervert/feminist agenda. As glaring examples, the perverted state of Massachusetts and the whole country of Canada no longer have real marriages. In those place the agents of Satan in black robes of hell have violated the people's trust and abrogated the institution of marriage. But all is not hopeless. In today's news there were two court decisions affirming marriage laws. In New York and Georgia the pervert/feminist anti-marriage hate conspiracy sought the aid of the minions of Satan in black robes from hell and were rejected. At least in those places there are some vestiges of marriage left. Their rates of bastards are still slightly less than 50% despite strong feminist training of young women. Their legal structure still recognizes marriage as a value for families and our future. Now if we can, as a nation, as a culture, as a society, and as decent human beings restore marriage as the fundamental structure of our society. We have a century and a half of organized hate to undo, but working together we can undo all the destruction of our society. One of the fundamental human behaviors is that MEN can work together for the good of our clan, tribe, and village. We MEN must work together or we will die alone. We MEN must reclaim our families and marriages. We MEN must save our children and wives from the evils of femininazism and sexual perversion. We need to begin now.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rethinking Families and Education

Throughout history women have divided themselves into two classes, wives and whores. Wives are respectable honorable mothers and the female head of our families. Whores are mistresses, camp followers, dancers, prostitutes, courtesans, entertainers, and saloon entertainment. Wives eschew flagrant sexuality and devote their lives to their husbands and families, keeping the family home, bearing and raising the children, sometimes working in the family business. Whores turn away from honor, family, virginity and husbands, and are flagrantly sexual with several or many men. Courtesans are high class whores who often are the most educated women, substituting book learning and an empty career in society for the deep emotional satisfaction of a family. Today's young women are all taught to be courtesans, educated whores.

Instead of marriage, young women of marriageable age are guided and cajoled to spend another decade, and then have a career in business. They are given pills and other devices that allow them to have sex with many men without becoming mothers. Neither the cajoling or pills word very well because young women are biologically driven to conceive children, so of our children are now born to single whores and live lives of crime and sorrow. Instead of a full rich life of a wife and mother today's whore society has a long series of meaningless affairs and "relationships." If they do eventually marry late in life, after their fertility years are starting to decline, their minds and emotions have become so callous and distorted that they make poor wives. Most soon destroy the late marriage, like it is nothing more valuable than another of their affairs. An eye-opening look at today's whore class women can be found at Answerology dot com where the whores ask each other questions about how to get more sex and other similar questions.

Ask yourself, is this the best way we can raise our daughters? Is this the best way we can develop families and raise our next generation? My answer is no, it is hard to imagine a worse life for daughters or their children. Bob would like to suggest a better way.

We need to start with the realization that we want our daughters to be wives, not whores. As a society we need to teach girls the truth that the lives of mothers and wives is a full, rich, wonderful life that contains a bounty of life long emotional satisfaction. It provides the kind of satisfaction that only watching one's own children grow and prosper and bring grandchildren home can give. We need to teach girls and boys that the life of a whore, even a high class courtesan, is a life of emptiness and despair. We need to reorganize our schools to reflect our values, to support marriage and families, not as a training place for whores as they are today.

For most girls and boys basic education, or primary education, is sufficient. Even primary education has many aspects of child care rather than education. A huge portion of it is a waste of time. Children learn as their minds age, so 5th grade work can't be done until age 11 whether the child skips grades 3 and 4, or attends everyday. Girls should be taught basic reading and writing, grades 1, 2, and 3 at about the age they are today. But the next 3 or 4 years are time wasting. They would be better served learning about life working as a maid or similar apprenticeship with a woman or family. From age 9 to 12 girls should be encouraged to spend two or three hours a day reading and writing, but the rest of the day they could earn their own way while learning important lessons they will need in life by being apprenticed to an adult mother. At 12 and 13 they are no longer girls and are becoming young women. They should be taken back to school and learn poetry and grammar, music and song, and importantly cooking and homemaking. Having avoided the time wasting years they will be able to graduate from primary education, 8th grade, about the same time young women do today. Instead of continuing on into the "education" of whores, families and schools should encourage them to marry and begin their own families. Most will still be virgin brides who haven't sacrificed and divided their hope of emotional bonding. Schools and families could hold social events where young women could meet prospective husbands, most of whom would be over 20.

It is important for young men to become financially secure before taking a wife, so the young men will need to follow a different path than young women. Boys also are wasting a lot of time in primary school, and can become youthful workers in businesses or farms. Coming back to school at age 12, boys can continue to complete primary education. Then boys should be given a choice between a college path or an industrial path. Those choosing industrial path should be steered into apprenticeship in a trade, business or industry, perhaps the same that they spent previous years as children. It takes several years for a young man to complete his apprenticeship and become a journeyman skilled in his craft and earning a man's wages. It takes several years for a college man to complete his studies and begin a successful career. Only then will these men be ready to take wives. These men, no in their 20s, are ready to meet and wed the young women who are ready to become wives.

Let's face it, most of the youth now in our High Schools are just wasting their time. They are deliberatly being kept off the labor market, and the women off the marriage market, to keep them from competing with older men and women. But our economy can absorb young workers, we no longer need to keep them off the market. Better that young men should be employed and young women be getting on with their families than wasting years in confinement, doing drugs, forming gangs, and becoming whores and criminals.

Don't youth deserve and need to be educated you ask. Sure, but not the way they are now. Free public schools should offer education to any who wish to learn and get out of the prison business. When a woman's children are grown she will be in her middle to late 30s, and will have several decades to get book education and a business career if she chooses. Millions of women following the false feminist goals of education first have tried to have a family later only to find out that female biology doesn't work that way. Women can have a family first and get an education later, but fertility clinics make a huge industry trying to help desperate older women who have found out that time, tides, and their bodies don't wait for feminist agendas. Female fertility starts to decline after age 26 on average and declines rapidly after age 30. She can not spend her first 30 years getting "educated" and having a career, and then turn around and begin her family. Millions of women have followed that foolish feminist dream, and found out too late that it's too late. Older students always do better in colleges now than do youth. The public schools should teach classes based on grade level material, not based on the age of the students. If it is a public policy to educate the whole society to read and write, then reading and writing classes should be offered to all who don't know how to read and write, not just to teenagers. As a society we need to encourage and reward women who will be the mothers of our grandchildren. We need to encourage and reward them for becoming mothers first when their bodies are strong, fertile, and ready for the stress of childbirth. We need to stop forcing women to postpone their families until it's too late.

As a society we need to rethink our institutions that work against families, harm our children, and make our lives worse. We have to stop forcing our daughters into the life of a whore.

Steps needed:
1. Recognize that our daughters should be wives and mothers instead of educated whores. Our grandchildren need families. They should not be the bastards of single mother whores.
2. Change the school industry to be based on grade level of material, not on age of students.
3. Repeal anti-men hate laws that punish men for marrying women of marriage age.
4. Revisit old "child labor" laws and repeal those which stifle youth and prevent boys and girls from learning to be honest working citizens.
5. Guide young boys and girls of 9 or 10 years age into gainful employment, and especially room and board positions where they can learn lessons never found in books.
6. Return youth to book learning schools at about age 12 to 14 to finish Primary education, including instructions in life specific knowledge.
7. Encourage young women to marry at about age 14 by organizing social events with older men who can support a family.
8. Encourage young men about age 14 to become apprentices or to choose high school and college careers. Thereafter encourage young men who have graduated their apprenticeships or colleges to choose young wives and support families.
9. Revise divorce laws to prohibit divorces based on female hissy fits or boredom before their children are grown and married. Divorce before the children are grown should be allowed only under the most extreme circumstances.

Bob understands that this proposal is sweeping in its scope and it is unlikely to be adopted by the powerful people whose jobs are dependent on the current dysfunctional process. However, the current disaster of families and children has grown to enormous size and uncounted millions. Drastic changes have to be made to save our children and grandchildren.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Pink Pansies race to condemn Mack

Pink Pansies are racing to condemn Darren Mack. When Darren Mack counter attacked against evil Judge Weller (see Bobstruth ) many men on the Internet publicly applauded.

But the self-proclaimed leaders of MEN kowtowed to the gun thug mentality and condemned Mack. Radio host and columnist Glen Sacks immediately condemned Mack for his bravery in the face of the enemies of men and demanded that other men do likewise. In a second column Sacks repeats his condemnation. see Sacks column. Sorry Glen, you lead MEN by figuring out where we are going and getting there first. You don't lead men by sniveling at the crotches of feminist gun thugs and left wing Satanists in black robes.

Now "Ifeminist" and false friend of men, Wendy McElroy of FOX news has written demanding that fathers condemn Mack. She's following the FOX anti-men editorial policy. McElroy's feminism shines brightly in her column in the last paragraph where it's the dead wife that is the trump card for McElroy. In her "I" feminist mind, only women matter, and in this case it's only Mrs. Mack who mattered. Buzz off toots, when MEN need some sorry cunt telling us what to do, we'll let you know.

The Men's movement is alive and well. The real MEN's movement began and has grown by MEN who don't listen to the apologists, female diverters, and counterfit leaders who's goal is to appease feminist injustice. The MEN's movement isn't going to listen to these milquetoast feminists who pretend to be part of us. Their rush to condemn a hero of men shows their true color, pussy pink.

Time to rethink families and marriage.

According to a CBS story a seemingly normal 13 year old sixth-grader Christina Long routinely solicited men for sex on the Internet. "On the Internet, she used provocative screen names and routinely had sex with partners she met in chat rooms, police said."

According to feminist mythology Christina is "too young" to decide that she's horny and wants sex. According to feminist hate and evil gun thugs, lieyers, and agents of Satan, all the MEN she solicited are evil rapists who should be put in prison for the rest of their lives. The feminazi hate laws are a fraud. Of course young women decide every day that they want sex, and every day, like Christina, they solicit older men to satisfy their little cunts. The tragedy is that every day evil men hating bigots destroy the lives of men who's NORMAL sexual desire led them to the clutches of equally NORMAL young women.

For all of human history, before feminist hate, young women regularly married and began their families at about the age of Christian Long. Marie Antoinette was 13 when she married the King of France. Pocahontas was 12 when she married John Smith, formed a political alliance, and saved the Virginia colony. From primitive tribes to the palaces of Queens young women have always been ready to begin marriage and family. One only has to look at the biology of women to understand when most of our foremothers began their families. Female fertility, the biological ability of women to produce children, begins about age 12 or so for most women. Female fertility starts to decline after age 26, according to recent large scale studies. The biological years for women to be married and birthing their children is from age 12 or 14 to age 26. It is really hard to mess with mother nature. Young women have a very strong biological desire for babies, for husbands, for sex. When young women are prevented from normal marriage and sex their sexual energy sidetracks into destructive ways. Many fight with parents, rebel, or just find sex and have babies without being married. In the distorted world of feminist hate, marriage oppresses women, so young pregnant teenagers are "empowered." Poor 20 something females with two or three bastards from two or three different men, who's names they may or may not even know, are the success stories of feminism.

Christina was a pretty normal young woman of 13 years, according to the CBS story. She went to school, was a cheer leader, and needed to get laid from time to time. She was prevented from having a normal sex life by the radical feminists and their evil young women-hating, men-hating laws, so she had to find alternate ways. One of the first things horny young women learn is that it is illegal, a very serious "crime" with a horrendous punishment, for any honest man to satisfy her desires. When getting between her legs is a serious crime, only criminals will risk providing the manly action her body craved. Young women are drive, by law, to seek out criminals as boyfriends. When love is a crime, only criminals can give her love. All of normal men who Christina solicited on the Internet are "CRIMINALS!" according to the feminazi and their evil gun thugs and county persecutors. Men with a future can't afford the risk, so to satisfy pussy Christina sought out the dark side of the Internet. She cavorted with drug dealers, gang bangers, and illegal aliens, men who live outside the law. The law drover her to them by preventing her from having normal relationships with normal decent men.

In the end, one of the criminals that Christina sought out did her in. We don't know if he thought she was going to tell about their relationship which would have sent him to prison for the rest of his life, so he silenced the witness. Many young women are killed for exactly that reason every year. A sane law would allow the man to make some other choice besides murder or life in prison. The accused man was an illegal alien, a man living outside the law, a man experienced in avoiding legal notice.

The CBS story says that Christina's death was an accident resulting from sex in a car instead of a decent bed. How different her life would have been if she had been allowed to become a wife with a regular acceptable sex life. How different her life would have been if our culture accepted and encouraged marriage and families instead of the anti-family, anti-men hatred of feminist "marriage oppresses women" dogma. Christina's death may be laid right on the doorstep of feminism. Without their evil she would have been able to find a decent life.

In the 21st century decent people need to look at the 50% of children being born bastards, at the millions of divorced and broken homes, at human devastation that feminism has wrought and say "enough." It's time to rethink the whole notion of preventing young women from marriage and families.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gun thugs cannibalism

The news story reads, "Utah Patrolman in Charge of Drunken Driving Unit Cited for DUI."

It couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole. The blue gun thugs are so self righteous, lying to themselves and others, calling decent hard working men, "bad guys." But they have no loyalty, no morals, and no longer even know what honesty is. The other blue gun thugs are just as willing to destroy him as any other man. It's a shame he lived through the crash when he wrapped the police car around the concrete barrier.