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Friday, July 21, 2006

Dr Frankenstein is a pervert! DUH!

According to a complaint filed with the Los Angeles courts, Ken Rigberg, 27, charges that he discovered the pinhole camera during a June 2005 visit to Pasadena's Pacific Reproductive Services. see story Rigberg claims that he found a video camera hidden in the ceiling of a sperm bank's "donation room." He is suing Pasadena's Pacific Reproductive Services for negligence and emotional distress. Rigberg describes himself in the lawsuit as a "regular sperm donor" who went to Pacific "to provide an honorable and essential benefit to his community."

That kind of "sperm bank" is not "honorable service to his community." When children are created in laboratories from biological material collected by Dr. Frankenstein, they are "Frankenstein children" who never have the benefits of the spiritual union of father and mother at conception that creates a new soul for the child. Without the spiritual union of their parents the children become soulless abominations, Frankenstein kids.

In addition, the children thus created never know the love and care of their fathers. Artificial sperm banks are an immoral Dr. Frankenstein abomination and should not be tolerated in our communities. They pander to misandrist lesbians and other feminists who want children to play house with like getting a new doll.

I can't condone faggot or female perverts filming the donation room, but neither do I sympathize with some sick asshole who donates his children instead of conceiving and raising them. I wonder how he would feel if his child saw the film in 20 years. Here's you daddy. Here's how you were made. It's just sick, the whole perverted "fertility clinic" business.

Bob also notes that the usual customers of this sick fertility clinic business are 30 something females who have spent their baby making years following the false feminazi goal of "education" and a career instead of listening to their own bodies and marrying when they are fertile and can conceive children easily. They are also sick assholes who choose to create a "fatherless" Frankenstein kid in a desperate attempt to make a baby, any baby, before its too late. Instead of naturally forming a spiritual and physical union with a man these sick females choose Dr. Frankenstein. The whole rotten Frankenstein kid industry is sick from one end to the other and a symptom of a general societal dysfunction.


Blogger Felix_phl said...

Well said! The whole problem of infertility is a man-made one; women aren't making babies when nature intended them to (15-30). If a bunch of 70 yr olds started complaining they couldn't conceive, would we subsidize clinics for them, too? That's not "infertility", it's nature functioning as intended.

July 21, 2006 10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos again, Bob!

July 21, 2006 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the children worldwide desperately needing to be adopted, why waste time on expensive fertility procedures?

July 21, 2006 4:43 PM  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

I haven't talked about this for a long time but this story really hits home with me. Some feminists found out where I lived (I have since changed residences) and put hidden cameras throughout my house. They spied on me while I used my computer (they even got into my email account and sent a poison pen email to a masculist friend of mine and he,thinking it was from me,now filters out my email. I tried sending him an email that is how I found out about it being filtered out. Fortunately a friend of mine let me use his laptop (at HIS house so I knew it was safe) and changed the password so they couldn't get back in (I'm glad they didn't change the password or I would really be fucked,not only that but a lot of MRA's would probably be pissed at me especially if they received one of these poison pen emails)) and just living my daily life. Some of these cunts don't like the term "feminist" so they use the term "traditional women" and we all know that "traditional women" will fuck men over just as well so that is no fucking guarantee that you won't get fucked over even if they use this label. I have learned from this experience that: women will do whatever they want because they know they will get away with it (I tried to report this to the police,not only would they not take me seriously they suggested I see a shrink),that as man today (with the dating and marriage strike going) you could be subjected to female predators (especially if you're an MRA as we are their favorite targets) so take precautions. I do take precautions today both online and off that I have learned that I have to do this to not only safeguard my privacy but to also safeguard the privacy of my online friends as well. My advice online: have a firewall or other security measure installed on your computer (I didn't at the time and they got me for it),don't use your ISP's email account as they can find out your ISP and make trouble for you so use a proxy email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail. I also use a proxy server,just in case. Offline: Be aware of the surroundings in your house (especially the ceiling),notice any changes no matter how subtle they are be suspicious of the little changes ( a few times when we returned home I found one of the small plastic outside tables pushed against the wall,which is 5' 5",which separates my families unit from the common areas and carports. This wall is not big enough for MEN to need assisstence to climb over but not WOMEN as women would not be tall enough to hop this wall on their own. I was looking for stuff LEAVING the house not being added to it. How do I know it was feminists? Because my copy of "The Myth Of Male Power" came up missing and I looked everywhere and I know it didn't leave the house on my authority so some fucking cunts took it. I know I wasn't robbed by theives because nothing of value was taken only that book and that book wouldn't get the theif much money for it so it wouldn't be worth it,to a thief that is.) as the little changes can spell big problems and big problems is what they want to cause us. Also be aware of other people around you,do they display a sense of "disdain" to you? (especially if this is coming from females) and you didn't post your picture on the internet (you can if you want but it would violate the advice I'm offering) and now they are displaying this attitude from what you think is "out of the blue". What may have happened is that they found you,outted you as an MRA (an enemy to them and their girlfriends) and they try to ridicule you in front of other people. If these bitches are followers of Diana (Roman mythology) then you may be in serious trouble and I would suggest changing residences as fast as you can (I did it twice to escape their asses) if you can't do this then go through your residence with a fine toothcomb and inspect the fuck out of it,especially the ceilings,not only for your privacy but for ours as well.

Don't take what I'm saying lightly,they aren't getting asked out like they used to and some of them know we organized the dating and marriage strike and they are extremely PISSED off about this,don't think I'm exaggerating because I'm not. Make no mistake we are in a WAR and they know if we fall regular guys don't stand a chance and that is what they are hoping for. They won't blame feminism for shit because they are getting their free goodies and they know we are a threat to the lifestyle they currently enjoy and they don't want to give this up. Not only will they refuse to give up this lifestyle they will FIGHT like hell to keep it,as we have seen. They have connived people into believing they are a noble cause and that we are evil and because of this they have gotten society on their side (this is the same society that they hide the facts from because they don't want to lose that support) meaning they are going to pitch us curves to confuse and mislead us,so be careful. Don't take what I'm saying lightly in fact I would say WATCH YOUR BACK AND BE AWARE. Remember,we are their favorite target so watch out.

July 24, 2006 8:13 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to MM:
I hear you bro. I'm as worried about the blue gun thugs as I am the feminazi. Blue gun thugs hate MEN who speak out against their evil police state tyranny. The feminazi too, like you say, have always tried hard to silence MEN who won't go quietly into the night. Bob's address is on Yahoo and Hotmail crossreferenced. But a skilled cyber detective credentials from the blue gun thugs could track it down.

Keep the faith bro. When GOOD MEN remain silent, evil always wins.

August 01, 2006 1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some men are infertile/impotent and want their wives to have sperm donors

August 06, 2006 1:32 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous: (August 06, 2006 1:32 AM)

Some few men may want their wives to have sperm donors, but very, very few, although most are presured or blackmailed by their wives. Even if that were the case every child should be the product of the spiritual union of man and woman. Dr. Frankenstein is still a pervert.

August 08, 2006 10:02 AM  

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