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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Faggot Foley exposed. His hate legislation remains.

No wonder the Congress is so badly misandrist feminist. They have had a pervert faggot from Florida using his political power to wage war against decent normal MEN while he secretly conducted perverted sexual contacts with teenage pages. Pervert fagots hate decent straight men as much as the feminazi do. Faggot pervert Congressman Foley from Florida used his congressional power to pass some of the worst anti-men hate legislation of the past half century. He was a founder and co-chair of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus which he used to spread and promote the worst kind of anti-straight, anti-straight men legislation. All the while he was engaging in perverted rump rider sex with under age men, the same youth he claimed to be "protecting." He sponsored extreme bizarre misandrist hate legislation including the Volunteers for Children act, the Sex Offenders Registration Act, and several others. Foley ought to be tarred and feathered and then impaled so his faggot asshole can enjoy the last days of his perverted life. Read Time story OR read CNN story

Bob also notes that Congressfagot Foley is a representative of Florida where blue gun thugs use massed force to rob and murder citizens. See Bobstruth on murder in Florida

The Democrats grovel at the feet of feminazi. The Republican faggots pretend to support men while they pass some of the worst hate legislation every conceived. Neither party is worth a shovel full of bull crap.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got one evil thug, a million more to go.

In Lakeland, Fla., a blue gun thug attempted an armed highway robbery today, September 28, 2006. The robbery victim was willing to hand over his purse to the armed highway robber to avoid trouble. But, as regular readers of The World According to Bob are aware, blue gun thugs are seldom satisfied with just taking someone's money. This Gestapo thug began investigating to see if he could excuse violent assault and imprisonment of the motorist. "Is there any way to destroy this MAN's life?" he wondered. The motorist wanted no trouble so he ran off to avoid a confrontation. Now the Gestapo thug smelled blood. Another MAN to send to Auchwitz or some other hell hole. A second gun thug and a tracking dog arrived to form an armed gang of blue gun thugs. Now having the courage of a gang, and the gang mentality, the two dangerous violent thugs chased the innocent motorist into the woods. read story

The motorist had been driving along, minding his own business, not bothering anyone, when he was stopped, assaulted, robbed, and chased by a violent gang of blue suited thugs and their attack dog. Instead of allowing himself to become another "shot himself" fatality the man finally turned and fought off the armed assault. He had done everything in his power to avoid conflict and end the situation peacefully. He had offered to turn over his money to the armed robbery. He had abandoned his car and possessions to their thievery. He had run until the gang had cornered him and he had no where else to run. In desperation and faced with a very violent armed assault by thugs and an attack dog the MAN had finally used his own gun and fought back against evil. In desperation he managed to kill one of the evil blue gun thugs, wound the other, and kill their attack dog. For his bravery in the face of the enemies of MEN, for his gun control under fire, and for the elimination of an armed criminal highway robber, the unnamed hero is awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award May he be long remembered wherever good men gather.

The blue gun thugs from half of Florida have again abandoned all other so-called "duties" and turned out a massive army of blue suited goons bent on the death and destruction of MEN. They are the armed robbers who hold up travelers on our streets and highways. They are the armed blue suited thugs who come to our doors and take our children. They are the evil that lurks in the back streets and keeps free men from being free men. They are the lying scum who don't know truth from their lies and have no honor like honest men. They are the police state Gestapo that are the enemies of a free people. The blue gun thug army will probably eventually track down and crucify the brave hero who fought back against their tyranny. They hate brave MEN more than anything else. Tyranny can only live while free men are afraid to fight back. May they all rot in hell.

The massed Gestapo army of Florida hunted down and has murdered a desperate scared man who only ever wanted to avoid violence. Led by arch villain Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the blue gun thug Gestapo army brought in armored vehicles, tanks, to search the wooded area where a scared man was hiding. Read Story From the beginning he had only ever tried to escape their violent attack, choosing to run and hide whenever he could, and being relentlessly pursued by a violent street gang baited with the smell of blood. In the end they found him hiding in the woods and mercilessly murdered him in a hail of automatic weapon fire. The evil bloodthirsty Gestapo in blue suits would not stop their violence until they had destroyed another peace loving man. They didn't even know his name. He was just another passing traveler they tried to rob on the freeway. May his soul rest in peace.

Whenever the blue gun thug army is massed in your area with violent murder in their hearts, it is the civic duty of all GOOD MEN to interfere with them as much as possible. Evil can only live when GOOD MEN do nothing. When you seen their evil assault, get out on the street and get in their way. Tell them to go home and stop the violence. Demand that they stop the killing. Do whatever you can to interfere with their killing spree and protect the innocent MAN who they are bent on destroying. In addition, its time for all MEN in Florida to phone criminal slimeball murderer Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and tell him what you think of the murder of good men. Phone Governor Bush and tell him the same. These violent gangs in blue are destroying our communities, the lives of millions of good man have been destroyed. Which one of us will they choose randomly on the freeway to destroy next?

Murderous lying Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd went on TV today and vowed to take more revenge on many more MEN in Florida, all the friends of the good man they robbed, assaulted, and murdered this morning. Judd said that the same good MAN had previously been assaulted, robbed, captured and caged by the lying blue gun thugs. It is understandable that he ran yesterday rather than be beaten and caged again. It is a credit to the unnamed murder victim that he managed to take down violent thug Vernon "Scum" Williams. Williams had been a criminal blue gun thug for more than 12 years and had robbed, beaten, and violated many, many good men over that time. Evil can only triumph when good men fail to act. The gang of thugs is promising to continue their revenge attacks on every friend of the man who they murdered. Who will be next?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A MAN never votes for a cunt.

Fall elections are coming up rapidly. Lying political ads dominate TV time. Their ads are long on emotional appeal and very short on anything resembling rational thought. Incumbents pretend to serve the local needs despite having ignored the people of their state and district. Our local Senator, Maria Cuntwell, claims to "believe in" many more government paid programs but of course she hasn't done any of it during her last term. The only thing she has actually done was to co-sponsor the VAWA, anti-family hate legislation. Men never vote for any cunt.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Recent research has demonstrated some of the differences between men and women that everyone has known intuitively since thought became rational. Men have larger brains and are more intelligent. A man's brain is something like 20% larger on average than a woman's brain. Most of the extra size of a man's brain is in his gray matter, the frontal part of the brain that is used for reasoning and rational thought. Large scale analysis of college entrance test results show that an average man is about 4% more intelligent than the average woman. Well, some might argue, that doesn't mean that an exceptional female won't be as smarter as an average man. If you could be sure that you only selected exceptionally intelligent females and were unable to select exceptionally intelligent man that argument would hold. Chances are that the person selected for political office will be somewhat more intelligent than average for his or her sex, and hence the MAN will probably be smarter than the female candidate.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Not only are female's less intelligent on average than men, but they are driven more by emotions than reason. A wealth of scientific research has shown that the most active parts of female brains are the parts devoted to feelings. Female writing, novels, books, school essays, and all female literature focuses on feelings. Females avoid discussions or thoughts about reasoning because their brains aren't good at it. Females are good at noticing how a baby is feeling, but very poor at reasoning out the economic systems that will provide an economic base to support all the babies. Men understand economics and power, the primary functions of government.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Females do not understand and are unwilling to participate in war or power politics on an international level. The classic female response to war is to lie down and fuck whichever MAN wins. If the Nazi, Arabs, Huns, Romans, Tutsies, English, or space aliens win the next war it won't matter to the female mind. If they kill her father, brother, and husband it won't matter to the female mind. She is happy opening her legs and breeding with a winner. Her dead father, brother, and husband were losers anyway. She is afraid, cowering, and unwilling to assert and protect the place of her nation, state, or even family. She can not be counted upon to take decisive action to save our nation when attacked.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Those who are excepted from military combat have no standing to make decision to send soldiers into war. Females in the military are excluded from combat assignments. Female officers have no moral right to order troops into battle while being excepted from the risks of war. Throughout history the King was expected to be at the front lines of battle, earning honor among MEN. The King earns the right to govern by his honor and willingness to fight for his people. No cunt ever has taken that responsibility, they fuck the winners. They have no moral standing to rule.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. For all of history females have divided themselves between wives and whores. The whores have been camp followers, prostitutes, entertainers, and courtesans. Often the whores were educated as men were learning poetry, literature, and could discuss philosophy with men. Wives learned home economics and took on the responsibly for running an efficient home and family. Feminism has turned virtually all young women into whores, sent them to schools to learn the literature and arts of courtesans instead of to our homes and families. Fathers today send their daughters to colleges instead of into the home of a good husband. Whores running for office are offensive to the moral decency of men.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. Men are conditioned by a million years of evolution to take care of and protect our wives and families, to take care of our tribes and nations. Women, on the other hand, are conditioned by evolution to look out for themselves, to accept the protection of men as if its their rightful position. Females don't know how to protect and care for their village, tribe, or nation. When females get elected to public office they create greater and greater benefits for women and make more restrictive laws to hurt men and destroy our lives. Their inbred resentment of the strength of men and feminist hatred of men drives their votes. Selfish narcissistic females make the worst kind of representatives.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. In my district there is a congresscunt running for reelection. She is from the party that I would otherwise support, but a MAN from the other party is far better than a cunt from my party. And we aren't fools. Both parties pander to misandrist female voters. Female suffrage was the worst mistake of the past century. Female suffrage in Germany led to W.W. II. In America female suffrage has destroyed families and hurt millions of children. It leaves our nation vulnerable to attack by anyone with balls. Our congresscunts and their mangina lackeys haven't the balls to oppose anyone.

Women's place is in the home, the private sphere, taking care of a man's home and family. A MAN does not vote for a female for any public office no matter which party, no matter which lies she tells. She will not represent the MEN of her district and she will hurt you, your brothers, and your family.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Periodic Housekeeping Notices

All posts of Bob are rhetorical in nature only, and should not be construed in any other manner. Bob does not advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence, assault, or any other criminal or illegal acts. All opinions on this site are protected political speech under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

Comments from readers are generally welcomed on Bobstruth. Comments must be germane to the topic. If you wish to comment, make sure your comment is about the topic, and preferably adds information or reflective views about the topic. Comments which amount to ad-hominem insults or criticism of either Bob or one of the other comment authors will be deleted summarily. In addition, comments which are primarily quotations of scripture will be deleted.

To the feminazi who read Bob's truth, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity to offer any comment other than the usual feminazi attack on the person. Too bad, toots. I get a laugh from your hisssy fit, and then it gets deleted.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dr. Frankenstien's ghouls are a booming business

Dr. Frankenstein is alive and well and working in the purloined body parts industry. There is a booming business in stolen body parts. The ghouls will stop at nothing to hack off part of a body and sell it for big bucks. Its no wonder that decent people avoid the medical busine$$ like the plague. Read story

Be sure your living will, your last will, and your instructions to hospitals clearly says that you refuse to allow these ghouls to "harvest" you and sell your parts for their fiendish profits.

If you escape the medical industrial complex, many funeral directors are now robbing the bodies and selling parts and pieces before funerals. Nobody checks underneath Uncle Charlie's best suit to see if his whole middle is missing and replaced with straw. We live in an age where Dr. Frankenstein and his ghoulish fiends are at work everywhere, and getting very well paid for it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Beaten, caged, and violated one time too many.

Bonnie Woodring had a hissy fit and called the blue gun thugs, the female's Gestapo, to beat up and cage her husband, Woody. It was not the first time that Woody had been beaten up, humiliated, captured, caged, and abused by the thugs in blue. The blue Gestapo had been after him most of his life. His first attempt at a family had ended ten years before when his first wife had a similar fit of hysteria and destroyed his family by calling out her blue gun thug gang. Instead of collapsing entirely Woody was a strong resilient man who kept trying. When he got away from the evil cages of the gun thugs he enrolled in college and studied sociology and criminal psychology. Eventually he met and married another woman, Bonnie, whom he thought would be a better wife than the first. He even agreed to support her bastard child if she would be a good wife. But his hopes for a normal life were soon dashed. Bonnie was as emotionally disturbed as any self centered misandrist female. The ink was hardly dry on the wedding vows before she was picking fights and trying to control and dominate Woody. Eventually she escalated the fights and in a hysterical fit called on the female's army of blue gun thugs to beat up, violate, and cage poor Woody. He managed to escape their cages but his life had again been ruined by an emotionally unstable female and her blue Gestapo army.

Beaten, caged, abused, violated all at Bonnie's request by her violent thugs, Woody finally fought back and put an end to her offenses. Bonnie was not the first, his previous attempts to live a normal life had ended in similar manner when his life was destroyed by an evil female having an emotional outburst and calling out her dogs against her husband. How many times can a man accept the violence, beating, and cages of the blue gun thugs who dance at a predatory female's beck and call? How many times can a predatory female call on violent thugs to beat up and cage her husband before he fights back? Bonnie learned the hard way that there is a limit to the amount of violent domination that a man will take, and she had exceeded it. Read Story

It’s a shame he didn't take out any of the blue gun thugs while he had the chance. If any of you readers happen to see John "Woody" Raymond Woodring hiding from the blue gun thugs, please help him as much as you can.

Friday, September 22, 2006

NBC -- On-Line Predators

NBC's news show, Dateline, is running a badly misandrist hate show called To Catch a Predator. The real predators are the misandrist Dateline psycho perverts, Chris Hansen and his staff, who pose as 14 yo women on-line to prey on men and send them to hell. Backed by a gang of blue gun thug psychos, a host of good men are lured by on-line sexual predation. According to their report, there are now commercial companies who specialize in pretending to be young women and preying on men. All of these evil agents of Satan should be eliminated from a decent society. They are sick evil hate mongering bigots who spend their lives working to destroy men. Bob has sent them a message letting them know that their kind of anti-men hate is very offensive to good men.

Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:45:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bob Allen"
Subject: Hate is not entertainment
I saw your psychosexual pervert, Chris Hansen, on Today this morning. What kind of a dangerous psycho hate mongering sexual predator pretends to be a 14 yo girl to spread hate and destruction by trapping men? You people are really, really sick.
YOU, Dateline, Chris Hansen, and your whole anti-men hate program, are the dangerous sexual predators. You are disgusting media filth.
YOU are the psychotic violent sexual predators who ought to be destroyed. Your anti-men hate and perdition is sick, disgusting and offensive. You do not belong among

Bob recommends that you write to Dateline and let them know how much you are offended by psychopervert Chris Hansen and their psychosexual on-line predation on good men. Hate is always evil. Hating MEN is the worst evil.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frothing at the mouth misandry.

The State of Arizona has gone way past sanity in its hatred of MEN. Arizona legislators, blue gun thugs, persecutors, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell are pursuing an anti-men assault that is comparable only to the Nazi eradication of Jews in occupied Europe. In a recent example they found Morton R. Berger, a middle age father and family MAN who had in his possession 20 pictures of young women in sexually poses. Like many men he had accumulated a small collection of pornographic pictures over several years. As everyone who surfs the web knows, pornography is omnipresent on the web. Through most of the 1990s pornography was by far the largest financial income for the web, and pornography profits supported most of the web infrastructure. Most web surfers also know that women are half of the customers of Internet pornography in addition to being the majority of the actors who earn their livings producing pornography. Do they ever arrest women for their production and consumption of pornography? No. NO!, and Hell NO! Those evil agents of Satan who use pornography as an excuse to send someone to hell only hate MEN. They hate all MEN. They use pornography as an excuse to destroy MEN.

Before you go any father, Bob has assumed that you, my reader, is familiar with Internet porn. It is difficult to be on-line very long without getting spam mail inviting you to porn sites. Virtually everyone who has spent any appreciable time on-line over the past decade has surfed over to a porn site just to check it out, perhaps after a promise of "free" downloads. Then there are the Usenet, IRC, chat groups, and other free sites which exist for sharing porn pictures and video clips. Many young people today have their own video cams where they produce and share live action videos of themselves, many of which are pornographic. If you, my reader, can honestly say that you have never viewed, checked out, visited, or seen pornographic images on the Internet please add a comment letting us know that you exist and telling us how you have avoided any exposure to sexually explicit images.

Morton R. Berger had collected numerous pornographic images over several years. According to the Arizona persecutors, 20 of his images featured young women or girls, younger than 15 years old. Many young women of that age are the ones who are demanding sex from their boyfriends and making babies without husbands. See Of Course they want sex. While many fathers and mothers don't approve of girls and young women acting sexual it is a fact of life. Shit happens. Shit is dirty, but everybody does it. Sex is dirty, but everybody does it and it doesn't hurt anyone. Shit and sex are part of life. Sometimes, often, taking a nice shit feels good. Sex almost always feels good. That's why people do sex, and why people of all ages do it. In their tormented psychotic minds the hate mongering misandrists have seized on the chant of "protecting the children" to justify the massive destruction of MEN. Does it hurt a child if a middle age man surfing the Internet downloads an image of a young woman engaged in sex? Not by any sane stretch of imagination. Only in the psychotic hate of the most evil misandrists can the chant of "protecting the children" have any relevance.

Was Morton R. Berger hurting children. NO! Not even the misandrist psychos have alleged that any child was hurt. Was Morton R. Berger a pedophile pervert who focused on children. NO! Not even the misandrist psychos have alleged that he was a pedophile or a pervert. On the contrary, all the evidence clearly shows that Morton R. Berger was a NORMAL MAN who worked hard every day taking care of his family. Like the majority of NORMAL MEN AND WOMEN he occasionally looked at pornographic photos and had a NORMAL sex life with his wife. Yet he was singled out and destroyed by the evil Arizona agents of Satan in blue goon suits and black robes. Read Story Morton R. Berger's family has been destroyed. He has been sentenced to 200 years in Auchwitz or some other evil hell hole. His case is blatantly sexist, they never prosecute females for similar so-called crimes. The case is not about protecting children. The case is not about enforcing "the law." The case of Morton R. Berger is about destroying MEN, as many MEN as possible. It is the result of evil tormented psychotic minds of hate, feminists who hate men, and their government lackeys who hate men with a hate so strong they froth at their mouths and can not see the abject evil they do.

To the decent people of Arizona, the people who feel good when they have a nice shit, the people who love the desert, the people who work every day to take care of their familes, and to the good people who enjoy normal natural sex, its time you spoke out to your elected officials. Its time to demand that they stop the hate, stop the hatred of men, stop sending men to hell. Its time for an angry mob of decent MEN to pick up our pitchforks and axes, and storm the castles of evil hate mongering government officials.

Its time for an angry mob of decent MEN to round up the daemons of hate and impale them in front of their nests. Send them back to the hell from whence they came.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of course they want sex.

A web site called "Answerology" is like Dear Ann Landers advice column, except everyone can ask and answer questions about relationships, sex, and just about anything else. Here is a question posted on September 19, 2006. Read here

An Alternative Girl (Female, Houston, 29-35, Who Cares?) asked:
I found out yesterday from my cousin (he is 13 yrs old) that his girlfrined got mad at him and threatened to break up with him if he did not have sex with her so he told her to hit the road. He talked to me about this and told me he just doesn't feel he is ready and that he is not gonna give in on the pressure his friends are giving him to have sex. I am soooo proud of him!!!I'm glad to be here for him to talk about these things (He doesn't feel comfortable talking to his parents they are very old school)

As you can see from the question there are 13 year old young women who are not only choosing sex but demanding sex from young men. If the young man had consented he could have been a criminal rapist, sent to prison for 10 years, and had to register as a "sex offender" for the rest of his life. The hatred of the feminazi war on boys and men is full of lies and false crimes. Young women of course are old enough and do choose sex. In fact, as described above, they often demand sex. It is not "rape" when a young woman asks for and receives sex. It is not a crime when a man, of any age, complies with her demands. The crime in these situations is the evil hate mongering blue gun thugs, feminazi, and agents of Satan in black robes who use it as an excuse to destroy men. All of them need to be destroyed by any means necessary.

Islam is at war with us.

Western nations and western religions have continued to seek peaceful resolution to the continued Islamic holy war against all non-Islamic people. But it takes 2 sides to make peace. If only one side refuses to fight, and the other side comes to conquer, the side which won't fight can only surrender. Pope Benedict asked for peaceful discussions to resolve long standing conflicts, but Muhammad demanded that his warriors kill anyone who refuses to subjugate themselves to his religion. Many people have claimed that Islam is a religion of peace, but that claim is belied by the Koran which demands war against all nonbelievers. One can argue that Islam is not a united religion, much like Christianity there are many factions. But all Islam has one holy book, one true teaching of Muhammad, and it commands all believers to kill nonbelievers. There were many demonstrations against Pope Benedict when he quoted an ancient scholar and suggested discussions. To show their true nature Islamic groups have again threatened all western people with death. Read story

Al-Qaida in Iraq and its allies warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that he and the West were "doomed" and proclaimed that the holy war would continue until Islam dominates the world.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council, an umbrella organization of Sunni Arab extremist groups that includes al-Qaida in Iraq, issued a statement on a Web forum about the pope's remarks last week on Islam. The authenticity of the statement could not be immediately independently verified.

"You infidels and despotic, we will continue our jihad (holy war) and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism when God's rule is established governing all people and nations," the statement said.

The group said Muslims will be victorious and addressed the pope as "the worshipper of the cross" saying "you and the West are doomed as you can see from the defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere ... We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax, then the only thing acceptable is a conversion (to Islam) or (killed by) the sword."

We are at war with Islam no matter what our President says, because Islam is at war with us. Islam is seeking to build armies, nuclear bombs, and to use all manner of death and destruction to destroy and conquer our peaceful nations. Our government pretends that we are not at war, to our peril. We must recognize that we are at war and counter attack now while we have superior technical and logistic advantages.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dog gone -- and good riddance

Duane "Dog" Chapman, the self-proclaimed world's most-famous bounty hunter who achieved notoriety nabbing thousands of bail jumpers was arrested Thursday for allegedly jumping bail in Mexico. He committed the crimes of unlawful detention and deprivation of freedom. Chapman violated Mexican law by capturing Andrew Luster, who was living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Chapman's son, Leland, also was arrested Thursday, as was colleague Tim. read story

Luster had been vilified because he fucked three women without their active participation. He allegedly used drugs to coerce females into participating in sex. Lester was being crucified by the feminazi gun thugs and the evil agents of Satan in black robes of hell when he moved to Mexico. For three alleged incidents of sex he has been sent to some hell hole prison for 124 years. This massive unbalance of punishment fitting a crime makes the whole American Injustice System an total misandrist disgrace. Luster was "convicted in-absentia" on 86 charges involving drugging three women with the date-rape drug, GHB, and raping them. Luster is serving a 124-year sentence. The term "in absentia" means that the AIS ignored the US Constitutional rights of Luster to a fair trial, or any trial at all. Their blood lust is all the excuse the AIS needs to destroy the life of a man.

Most of the million dollar bail paid by Lester was given to the female gold diggers. If any sex actually occurred it was very high priced sex, far beyond reason. The million dollars is far beyond reason. If any of the "victims" allegations were true a fair penalty ought to be equal to the market price of sex, the alleged crime, maybe a couple of hundred dollars each. The blue gun thugs and California county persecutor both have their hands in the till and take thousands. read story

Sniveling dog Chapman and his criminal quisling friends should be sent to some Mexican hell hole for their destruction of a MAN. The CA county prosecutor, blue gun thugs, and agents of Satan in black robes need to be rounded up and impaled on the public square by decent citizens. And the lying overpaid whores should have their heads shaved and impaled right along with them. Its time for all GOOD MEN to reclaim our nation, our cities, our familes, and our self respect.

Kill them all now while we still can.

Almost every day we hear Islamic voices calling, "Death to America." Broadcast daily on Al Jezera and other Arabic language television networks the calls for "jihad" go on and on. And almost every day we read that another suicide bomber has sacrificed himself for Allah and killed another dozen or more men, women, and children. Al Jezera broadcasts another Bin Laden tape threatening to destroy the US unless all Americans convert to Islam. The Koran teaches the words of Muhammad, that any who do not convert to Islam should be put to death, and fundamentalist Muslims believe the teaching of Muhammad.

Bob first read the Koran more than 40 years ago as a young college student. It was obvious to me that the primary message of the Koran is to encourage men to join the army of Muhammad and conquer the world so that Muhammad could live in wealth and leisure with many wives and slave girls. Muhammad promised all men that they would receive the blessings of heaven if they die in combat, sacrificing their lives for the glory of Mohammed's conquest of the whole world. I remember one chapter that was apparently tacked onto the end of the Koran. It criticizes wives for objecting to their husbands' sexual dalliances with the slave girls. I got a great laugh over that one. It was not hard to speculate what was going on in Mohammed's family when he was "divinely" inspired to add that chapter.

For most of the past several centuries the followers of Muhammad have lived in relative peace in their part of the world. But a century ago a new fundamentalist movement began to preach the old war scriptures, teaching that no good Islamic man will live in peace with a non-Islamic neighbor, teaching that it is the duty of every Islamic man to spread Islam to all the world and kill anyone who won't convert. They preach "Jihad" or holy war against all their neighbors, and especially the USA because we have defended religious freedom.

This past week Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th century emperor who spoke out against violent jihad. Immediately the violent Islamic millitants are greatly offended. read here

Outside the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta, police looked on as protesters stood behind the gates waving flags while organizer Heri Budianto shouted, "God is great." "Of course as we know the meaning of jihad can only be understood by Muslims," Budianto told the crowd. "Only Muslims can understand what jihad is. It is impossible that jihad can be linked with violence, we Muslims have no violent character." Meanwhile, authorities were investigating the motives of Molotov cocktail attacks on three churches in the West Bank city of Nablus, following a day of Palestinian protests against the pope's remarks. Who do they think they are fooling by lying that "Muslims have no violent character."?

To demonstrate that the pope was wrong, and Islamics are not violent, they have murdered an Italian Nun in MOGADISHU, Somalia. Read story. She was shot in the back at the hospital where she served mothers and children. No level of vilence is too great for radical Islamics.

Closer to home Fidel Castro's brother, Raul Castro, unleashed a stream of anti-American invective to leaders from two-thirds of the world's nations as Cuba assumed leadership of the Nonaligned Movement summit. read story Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and several other national and organizational leaders shouted threats and insults to the United States. The Islamic world has a goal of a global Islamic state. They will sacrifice themselves willingly to kill anyone who refuses to subject himself and his family to their cruel domination. They correctly observe that most Americans have no will to fight, not even to defend our families. America and the rest of the west is run by pussies and manginas, gutless wimps who have no more mind than guts. We are sold out to the Islamic hoards.

There is no question that peaceful coexistence with radical Islam. Our only choices will be to convert, to die, or to fight and win. We now have a strong technological advantage in warfare, and advantage that may prove fleeting as history goes on. The time to fight is now, while we can easily carry the day. The time to kill the Islamic jihadists and their mobs of supporters is now. Kill them now while we have a technical advantage. Kill them now while our forces can kill them before they kill us. Kill every last one of them before they kill and enslave us.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cleansing our Society of evil.

One of our female readers wrote some questions for Bob.

"I would like to know your comments on a few terms and phrases. #1. Restraining order #2. Anger Management Class #3. Women's Center For Domestic Abuse and finally #4. NOW ( National Organization of Women ). And what can we do to a woman that has destroyed her family, her husbands reputation, and betrayed her children's trust through her addictive lies, her sociopathic ways, and her self- centeredness. What can be done with in the system to change the way men are looked at? And how can these men protect themselves from the feminazis that won't let things go and move on."

The world according to Bob: At their Seneca Falls Conference in 1848 feminists adopted a long range goal of breaking up their families, leaving their husbands, taking away his children, and still forcing him to support them. It took them more than a century to fully realize their goal, but today families are as good as dead, and men have become indentured servants (slaves) to the females who destroyed our families and took our children. The items you ask about are all part of the feminazi domination of men and destruction of our families.

Restraining Orders are illegal judicial edicts issued without recourse to justice in violation of the US Constitution. They are usually based on lies by emotionally psychotic females and on the criminal advice of divorce lieyers. They are used to take away the civil rights of men by criminal judges and feminazi wives. A restraining order can be issued without any regard for truth or need, solely on the basis of an emotional female who says that she "fears" a man. The man is given NO opportunity even to dispute her lying accusations. Often divorce lieyers advise women to lie to courts and obtain a restraining order on her husband for the purpose of establishing a fraudulent trail of fictitious "abuse" to get a better divorce judgement. An evil agent of Satan in black robes who signs a restraining order is a criminal who has appointed herself as the enemy of all men and families. The same is true for the lieyers who prepare the documents and the blue gun thugs who enforce them. It is moral and right for any decent human being to eradicate these evil criminals by any means necessary. They are an evil blackness that should be cleansed from our society.

Anger Management Classes are psychobabble nonsense used by the forces of evil to control and dominate men. As part of their campaign to emasculate MEN to prevent real men from taking manly action against the evil agent of Satan in black robes and her evil cohorts they force men to attend psychological brainwashing emasculation called by the lie, "Anger Management Class." They are taught by scoundrels who earn their livings hurting men and children as agents of evil. Their victims do need to learn to control their anger, they need to use righteous anger to attack and eliminate the evil in black robes, lieyers, and gun thugs who are the enemies of families and men. Men need to learn to control and focus our anger, not to be emasculated and dominated. An angry man can not manage his weapons effectively.

"Women's Centers For Domestic Abuse" are a hate industry which feeds and lives on hate. Their stock in trade is anti-men hate. The woman who invented such women's centers and established the first one has advocated equal shelters for abused men because the women who came to her shelter were usually the perpetrators of domestic violence, not the victims. By then the hate industry no longer wanted to listen to its founder. These centers violate all civil rights laws by discriminating against men on the basis of sex, but criminal government officials look the other way when men are the victims of sex discrimination. The staff of these hate institutions are another part of the evil that should be eradicated from our society. It is moral and right for any decent human being to eradicate these evil criminals by any means necessary. They are an evil blackness that should be cleansed from our neighborhoods.

NOW ( National Organization of Women ) is a sexist hate organization. Hate is their message. They are funded by illegal government payments in violation of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act. Their officers are mostly dyke lesbians who hate men and hate mothers and familes. Their message is hate. Their propaganda is emotional appeals, half truth, and outright lies. No lie is too blatant for them to publish as if it were true. There is no decency or honesty in any part of it. They are the enemies of all families, including wives and husbands. Bob once dated a female who was an officer of her local NOW chapter. She and her friends couldn't understand why their lives were so screwed up. They wanted men and familes, but their politics of hate drove men away. They had been fed the lies about "equality" and "rights" and couldn't understand why they couldn't have families and children when they lived on misandry. Their century of lies teaches young women to waste their baby making years foolishly chasing a business career, getting "educated" instead of getting married. Their feminazi laws have been instrumental in destroying marriage as it had always been known, and very badly hurting generations of children as well.

All of the evil agents who devote their lives to the institutions mentioned are the enemies of decent men and women. Their goals are to destroy our families and our children. It is moral and right for any decent human being to eradicate these evil criminals by any means necessary. They are an evil blackness that should be cleansed from our society.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chicago criminal gangs wear blue.

Bob has been trying to report topics other than the evil criminal activities of the blue gun thugs, but day after day their evil just keeps festering and spewing across our land. Day after day the evil in blue kills, destroys, and otherwise harms the good people of our communities. Today we read that blue gun thugs from Chicago were using their badges to get into homes where various crimes were committed including beatings, robbery, and kidnapping of citizens. All are charged with multiple crimes over several years. It would be bad if it weren't so common among those who put themselves above the law and are generally immune from normal citizens protecting ourselves.

Here's the story. Unfortunately you have to register with the Tribune to read it.

It took numerous federal lawsuits over several years to force the blue goon officials to take any action, and even now they are covering up for many more violent terrorist gun thugs in blue who are equally guilty of many crimes of violence against decent hard working people. Our fathers got along without the blue gun thugs for all of human history until the late 19th century when feminism made them into the protectors of misandrist feminists and the female hate army in blue. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be far better off without them.

How many young MEN can evil destroy?

In Milwaukee, the lying blue gun thugs combine with misandrist feminazi hysteria to turn a young female's blowjobs into "gang rape." Read story here OR here

A 16-year-old female was telling the younger female what sex acts to perform, mostly blowjobs, according to the published story. The younger female "chose" which of the several young men she would do blowjobs on. Her chosen activity is not "assault" nor "rape" in any credible stretch of honesty. Last time I looked, "rape" had to include sexual union of male and female, not just oral stimulation. Whatever it was, it wasn't rape. Nor was it "assault" either. A willing participant is not being assaulted.

In the lying feminazi words of the blue Gestapo her willing participation has been turned into "sexual assault," and "gang rape," The evil in blue suits is attempting to destroy the lives of 20 innocent normal young men. The misandrist hate mongering Associated Press juxtaposes her willing participation in sex with a gang of young men beating someone to death with a shovel. The inclusion of actual violence in the story about willing participation is intended to falsely link it to violence in the minds of the reader. Over the recent Labor Day weekend they had 28 murders in their city, but the blue gun thugs and Associated Press focus on sex and young women.

Whatever conservative readers think of young women doing oral sex, it has apparently become commonplace among many inner city youth. To single out the young men and make them into some kind of violent criminals for accepting the young female's willing sexual pleasures is a most heinous miscarriage of justice. The blue gun thugs, the county persecutor, the lying bigoted Associated Press, and everyone else involved ought to be summarily fired for malfeasance of their positions.

Monday, September 04, 2006

JonBenet never did get laid.

We've been getting a lot of comments about JonBenet Ramsey lately. For more than a decade now, the hysterical hate media has used JonBenet for a poster child to spread hate and fear of men. Recently they engaged in a feeding frenzy when some nutter claimed on the Internet that he had screwed her and then been responsible, accidently, for her death. Its time to take a more sober look at the whole sordid affair.

When alive, JonBenet's mother had her dressed, painted, and paraded as an adult female whore in pretend "beauty" contests held in several cities. Little JonBenet was trained to act and look as if she was an adult sexually attractive female of diminutive size. JonBenet had become a whore in appearance and action even if not in sexual fact. In Bob's opinion, such "beauty contests" for girls are child abuse, and everyone involved is a child abuser. They make young girls into painted whores, pushing them into adult appearance and action far younger than is reasonable or kind. The mother of JonBenet was primarily responsible for what had been done to her daughter, how her daughter appeared, and what eventually happened to her daughter.

It is normal for men to be sexually attracted to females who act as if they are inviting sexual attention. A female, of any age, who appears to be an adult whore strutting her sexual attraction before the world is going to attract male desire. As an old truth used to observe, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." JonBenet wallowed in the "kitchen" of female sexual display. Since she was, underneath her costume and paint, too young for sexual heat, she had no business wallowing in the kitchen of desire. But her psycho mother pushed little JonBenet into the life of a trollop on display, and in the end she attracted the lust she had openly encouraged.

One day in the basement of her parent's home, according to far too many news reports, some unknown man acted on her sexual pandering and tried to screw the little trollop. A good screwing is usually a boon to any female, and one who spends her life as a trollop on display should expect a good screwing from time to time. Despite all the hysterical feminazi raving, sex almost never hurts any female regardless of circumstances and usually provides physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction. Even when taken by force she understands that a man has chosen her and risked his life perhaps for her female charms. She is likely going to brag about "my rapist" for years and years, because it’s a story about how powerful and desirable she was as a female. Unfortunately for little JonBenet, according to the published reports her young cunt was not large enough to accommodate the man's organ so he ended up cuming in her pants instead of in her cunt. Her life as a trollop was, in reality, just pretend. She actually wasn't yet grown large enough to sexually function as a woman. She had succeeded in her act as a trollop and attracted a man's lust, but it was hollow success because she never did get the good screwing that an older woman could have enjoyed. Of course Bob expects all the rape-hysteria feminazi to whine that rape in hurtful and not a boon to females. But Bob remembers the common advice that my grandmother's generation passed on to my mother's generation before feminist rape-hate had taken over, "When rape is inevitable you might as well lie back and enjoy it." Despite all the rape-hate hysteria of the feminazi, sex is enjoyable, and forced sex is often the most enjoyable physically and emotionally for females. My grandmother's generation knew that. They hadn't been trained in hate lies by the organized hate of feminism. Unfortunately for little JonBenet her female parts were too small to function, so she didn't get the sex she had managed to attract with all her sexual costumes, makeup and parading.

What was the man to do then? He had tried and failed to fuck the little pretend whore. Under feminazi rape-hate, the law now requires that his life be destroyed and he be put into hellhole prison for the rest of his life. Once he had tried to fuck the little tart, her accusation would destroy his life. He was then required by law to silence her as a witness or face an extreme penalty. So poor JonBenet never lived long enough to grow up and enjoy the sexual pleasures she pretended to represent. A living witness to a man's sexual desire would allow the blue gun thugs, the feminazi Gestapo, to send him off to Auchwitz or some similar hellhole. To save himself the law only allows him to escape by silencing the witness. Poor JonBenet met her untimely end because of extreme over-punishment for a man who acts on his reasonable manly desire for a painted trollop. If he had to pay "50 shekels" as prescribed in the Christian Bible for raping another man's virgin daughter he could have paid his fine and little JonBenet could have continued being the trollop until she succeeded in getting laid. Since he hadn't actually been able to screw the little girl's cunt, a smaller fine of 10 shekels might have been more reasonable. But such is not the law under raving hysterical feminazi hate. Under hate law, men have to silence the witness or be totally destroyed. Poor JonBenet paid the price for feminazi hate, as do many young women.

The local blue gun thugs did what they called "an investigation." Of course they are largely incompetent bumbling assholes who's level of "investigation" is only effective when they assault and beat up an innocent man on the street. When a rape accusation is made the blue gun thugs normally arrest the first man they find on the street who fits a general description, white/black male about 5'10", and torture him into confessing. Most of the time there never was an actual rape, just some bitch making up a story so she can have "my rapist" to brag about with other women. When there is an actual rape or attempted rape such as JonBenet, the blue gun thugs are not competent enough to gather evidence and solve the "crime." Bob has called for a moratorium on rape persecutions until rational discussion can replace the raving hysteria of feminazi rape-hate. In a more sane world JonBenet could have grown up, been 16 years old by now, and been getting laid regularly like normal females.

The whole sordid mess is a tragedy. JonBenet never did get laid. The blue gun thugs demonstrate their total incompetence. The hate mongering media has a feeding frenzy. And some innocent man half way around the world is arrested and dragged to Bolder, CO, because he makes a foolish comment on the Internet. Those most responsible for JonBenet's death, her mother, the blue gun thugs, and the feminist rape-hate advocates, will never face their responsibility.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gun thug attacks NFL Chargers.

An off duty San Diego blue gun thug chased down and shot Chargers linebacker Steve Foley. Foley was driving home with his girlfriend to his upscale home in Poway, a community northeast of San Diego. Off duty gun thug from Coronado, an exclusive residential community near San Diego, saw the ball player driving home and diverted his evening to chase Foley. Three times Foley stopped and three times the gun thug, intent on destructive violence continued the chase. The blue gun thug from Coronado failed to call local gun thugs as required by blue gun thug procedures. Instead, with blood lust violence in his head, he chased Foley down and shot him. Eventually Foley arrived at his home where the blue gun thug confronted and shot him several times. Linebacker Foley has had surgery for wounds to his leg, arm and chest, and is expected to survive. Lying gun thug officers are making wild claims about "assaulting an officer" when the facts show that Foley and his girlfriend had repeatedly and consistently attempted to flee from the violent gun thug bent on destruction, and consistently tried to escape confrontation. See story. The gun thugs also arrested Foley's girlfriend, who's apparent crime was yelling at the gun thugs to stop.

How many men will suffer and die before the decent people wake up and defend ourselves, our communities, and our families from these evil violent thugs in blue suits.

Colorado persecutes traditional father.

Colorado has convicted and sentenced a Saudi man for employing a female servant as traditional Islamic families do in his country. Read story He and his wife brought their maid from their home in Saudi Arabia to Colorado where she continued to be employed. Homaidan Al-Turki was sentenced to 20 years in Colorado hell hole prisons. His bail during the trial was paid by the Saudi government. He refused to apologize in court stating rather that he had committed no crime, and that the court had convicted him of following Islamic religious law as the leader of his household. Although presented as Islamic tradition, the traditional leadership of fathers and husbands spreads far beyond Islam. Before feminism the right and leadership of the husband and father was recognized by common and statutory law in all nations. Now it has been all but exterminated in feminazi dominated nations.

Feminazi county Persecutor Natalie Decker used her position to destroy another family and another man for acting manly and taking charge of his family. All MEN in Colorado need to fight the tyranny and misandry of their government. Its time to storm the Bastille, to release all the political prisoners of the feminazi, and to break out Lady G for the evil oppressive feminazi hate based government that put them there.

The Rocky Mountain News, a very misandrist Denver newspaper, is withholding the names of the female, whom they refer to by the feminazi term "victim," and publishing the name of the MAN. Female=victim, man=villain in the feminazi world view of the Rocky Mountain News.

More typical Gun Thug violence

In a Chicago suburb an investigative reporter was assaulted and beaten by a gang of blue thugs one summer night. The apparent reason was because the FBI had been interested in his investigation of facts and people who might be related to the 9/11 attack on the USA. He was harassed for days, then attacked, beaten, Tasered, arrested, locked in an iron cage, verbally abused, and charged with phony gun thug catch-all of "resisting arrest" and "assaulting a police officer." The illegal criminal assault by the gang of blue gun thugs, with assistance from the Fire Department, took place on his front lawn, without a warrant. Read story here or here

The blue gun thugs do not protect any US citizen. They violently abuse, assault, rob, and destroy. They are men without honor for they always lie and have no morals. Most people believe that we have always had blue gun thugs for "protection," but in fact the blue gun thugs were invented only a little more than a century ago as a means for corrupt politicians to control and abuse the people. They are the same in every town, in every city. They control the people with violence and intimidation. While I was in Albuquerque, NM, on my recent vacation, the blue gun thugs were beating up patrons exiting a local down town bar. The bar owner began video taping the gun thug violence, and he was illegally arrested for his very legal filming of gun thug crimes. They control the people with violence and intimidation. A nation that once was a free people has become a corrupt and tyrannical police state.

It is time for decent citizens to stand up against their violence, to toss the corrupt politicians out of office and eliminate the blue suited thugs from our towns and cities.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Gun thug ambush overturned

UPDATE 9-09-06
Thousands of evil police state troops, the blue gun thug army, have succeeded in capturing Bucky Phillips. At a cost to the people of uncounted millions of dollars he was cornered by dozens of paramilitary gun thugs with dogs and helicopters. The incompetent thugs had failed to find him for five months during which time he had overturned their ambushes against them. In a scene reminiscent of the Nazi Gestapo hunting down the last Jews in Warsaw, citizens in NY and PA had been stopped, searched, and forced to show papers to justify their travel for several weeks. May all the Gods bless and protect him.

UPDATE 9-07-06
The evil police state G-men of the FBI have put Bucky Phillips on their "10 Most Wanted" list. They are the same evil that shot innocent women, children, and dogs at Ruby Ridge and used internationally banned "WMD" poison gas (CS)to kill dozens of women and children at Waco. Several other posts on The World According to Bob describe some of their many atrocities against the citizens of the USA. Its time for decent citizens to throw off the tyranny of evil police state violence. The lot of them would look good impaled on posts along the Capitol Mall in Washington.

UPDATE 9-03-06
Violent evil blue gun thug Joseph Longobardo died today from wounds suffered when his intended ambush of Bucky Phillips backfired. He was shot in the leg Thursday night while laying in ambush near the property of a former girlfriend of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips. He died at a Buffalo hospital, a day after his leg was amputated, with his wife at his side, State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett said. Read story. May he rot in hell where evil belongs.

One brave MAN fights back against NY State blue gun thugs. According to a recent report, here, Ralph “Bucky” Phillips has been fighting back against a huge gang of armed violent thugs who are wasting millions of tax dollars trying to destroy him. In the latest clash two gun thugs set up an ambush hoping to catch Bucky unawares if he approached his girlfriend's home, violating her privacy and security although she had not broken any of their oppressive laws, when their planned ambush was turned against them by Mr. Phillips. In blue gun thug lies, they call their ambush a "stake out." They spew more lies by claiming that Bucky had ambushed them. An honorable MAN tells the truth. Blue gun thugs only lie. Instead of killing Phillips or sending him to hell for the rest of his life as the two blue gun thugs hiding in ambush had intended, he won the conflict, upset their ambush, and got in the first shots against both of them. Despite the evil efforts of hundreds of murderous violent gun thugs, Mr. Phillips fights on bravely..

The blue gun thugs are NEVER that concerned when a normal citizen is killed, they never spend more than a few hours investigating. Only when a decent citizen fights back against their ruthless oppression do they drop all other activities, robbery, gang beatings, family breaking, and general oppression of citizens to focus their efforts on the resistance to their police state reign of terror. The massive illegal searches, roadblocks, and other oppression is reminiscent of Nazi violence in occupied countries a half century ago.

In honor of his bravery and action above and beyond the average MAN, Mr. Ralph "Bucky" Phillips is hereby awarded the coveted:

Mr. Ralph “Bucky” Phillips

May the evil blue gun thug gangs never rest in peace while real MEN are still found in our nation.

Set up while walking down the aisle.

How dangerous is marriage today? A recent news story reports the case of Deric Gendron, of West Brookfield, MA, who was arrested at his own wedding, and after posting bail was again arrested later the same day, his wedding day, because his new wife had already filed a restraining order against him. Read story For unfortunate Deric, marital bliss didn't last until the reception. The wedding cake had not even been cut when his malicious new wife was already taking legal action against him backed by the feminazi Gestapo in blue suits. Most of the original charges amount to being beaten up by the blue gun thugs who were called to his wedding reception. In blue gun thug lingo, a man whom they beat up has "assaulted an officer." Now under VAWA, the wife's act of filing a restraining order illegally takes away most of his constitutional rights. It sets her up for a profitable divorce, giving her half of his pre-marriage assets, and makes him a "criminal." He's a loser. Any man who marries under today's anti-men laws is a loser. Evil Mrs. Gendron and her blue suit Gestapo are the only winners.

Its time that real MEN started to take back our towns, our cities, our nation, and our familes.

How bad is it? Evil is lose in our land.

How bad are the blue gun thugs in a typical American city? The following three horror stories came from a single edition of the Rocky Mountain News, a Denver, CO, newspaper.

Murder by TaserOn Friday, August 4, Lafayette, CO, gun thug John Harris murdered Ryan Wilson after Wilson was allegedly seen near some marijuana plants. In typical blue gun thug fashion Wilson was chased down and killed by numerous gun thugs in blue. Harris shot and killed him with a Taser device. Read story here.

The blue gun thugs excuse their violence by claiming that Wilson had been the subject of previous gun thug persecution, as if a history of being persecuted and abused by blue gun thugs now justifies any manner of continued gun thug violence.

In another CO case, on August 18, Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputy used a Taser to murder 34-year-old Raul Gallegos-Reyes, who was been locked up in the county jail. The blue gun thugs locked him in an iron cage and then murdered him. Rampant violence against MEN continues day after day. The blue gun thugs are the archetypes of evil in our society. Story here.

Overall, the blue gun thugs commit more violence, more murder, and destroy far more lives than they protect. Millions of good men rot behind bars, those who were not just murdered on the streets and in the cages like Mr. Wilson and Mr. Gallegos-Reys. Decent citizens must begin to reclaim our towns and cities from these violent murderous street gangs.

Anti-MEN hate squads in Colorado.

Brighton, CO, Blue gun thug Chief Clint Blackhurst said his department spent more than 1,400 man hours working on false rape accusations, but he still refuses to name the criminals who filed the false report nor have charges been filed against them. Hundreds of hispanic MEN were profiled and targeted, harassed, arrested, photoed and fingerprinted, and risked false conviction for "rape" because two filthy cunts wanted attention. Read story here.

The two pieces of feminazi filth obviously had suffered no injury from the alleged rape, and in fact rape almost never injures the female other than hurt feelings for losing dominance over men. Yet the blue gun thugs, apparently acting under the direction of feminazi organizations according to statements published in the Rocky Mountain News, profiled and harmed hundreds of hispanic MEN in a weeks long frenzy of anti-men hate. The blue gun thugs claim, "we had no choice," is one of the most common LIES used by their criminal gangs. Of course they had and made a choice. Anyone with half a brain tied behind their backs knows that the majority of "rape" claims are fiction. It would be surprising if 8% of alleged "rape" had any basis in fact at all. Of those 8% there is almost never any injury suffered by the alleged "victim." In real life females brag about "my rapist" because it makes the claim that some man valued her enough to risk his life and future to get between her legs. A female who claims, "I was molested as a child," is actually claiming to have been so sexually attractive that men couldn't leave her alone even when it was a serious risk for men to screw her. But other than hurt feelings, and renewed bragging rights among females, she suffered no actual harm from having sex with the man making the decision.

Rape claims become serious harm when gangs of blue gun thugs, the feminazi Gestapo, use it as an excuse for violent assaults on MEN.

The two lying filth cunts from Brighton, CO, ought to be publicly exposed and listed permanently on the "Sexual Predator" lists, with all their neighbors warned to avoid contact with them. They are obviously a serious danger to any man who they ever meet. However, in our insane, female first, world of gun thug Gestapos and anti-men hate, these two admitted criminals are still being protected and their names withheld by the Rocky Mountain News and other media. Shame on you editors, you stink as bad as the gun thugs and lying scumbucket cunts.

As for the MEN-hating blue gun thugs, they are agents of evil and hate. Our fathers got along without them for a million years until late in the 19th century. We don't want them, we don't need them, and we all would be a lot better off without them.

Denver gun thugs MURDER a father and his child.

On August 8, Denver gun thugs issued an "Amber Alert" because Elias Santistevan had gone to his mother's home and picked up both of HIS children. As most fathers have now learned, the term "Amber Alert" is primarily a massive overkill by blue gun thugs used to take our children away from their rightful fathers. So-called "Amber Alert" is a yellow-bellied hate crime against families and fathers. Denver blue gun thugs so fiercely hate the concept of fathers taking care of our children that they mounted a massive hunt for this father who's "crime" was to care for his children.

When the blue gun thugs learned that Santistevan and his children were staying with a co-worker in a NE Denver apartment they responded with massive paramilitary assault teams, including snipers trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Read the story here.

Once the paramilitary pig squads had the apartment surrounded they opened fire. In the ensuing gunfight both Elias Santistevan and his oldest child, 5 year old Deion Santistevan were killed. The blue gun thugs, who always lie about everything according to statements they filed with the SCOTUS, claim that Elias shot himself and his child. Who fired the fatal shots is irrelevant. The blue gun thug anti-men hate mongering murderers armed with snipers and firing all manner of bullets into the apartment had no business there in the first place. A father taking care of his child IS NOT a crime. His death resulted from the CRIMINAL persecution of a father by the violent criminal gang in the blue suits. Outraged decent citizens ought to round up every last one of the violent murderous gun thugs and have them impaled along Colfax Avenue by the State Capitol Building in downtown Denver, starting with murderous men-hating gun thug Chief Gerry Whitman. It's time for decent citizens to take back our cities and towns and make them safe again for fathers and our families.