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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Better Dead than Dad

Child custody officials including CPS lesbitches and the agent of Satan in black robes of hell ensured that the father didn't get custody of his children. They are now dead.

In Nassau County, on Long Island, New York, a little girl and two little boys had been beaten repeatedly over several years. Their grandmother and their father repeatedly reported the violent child abuse to CPS lesbitches. Of course that did no good. The evil of CPS would rather children be beaten to death than to allow them to live with their loving protecting father. Crazy nutcase mom threatened to kill the children several times before, and claimed that MTV was telling her to kill her children, but the CPS lesbitches always believe that children are better off dead than with their dad. In response to repeated calls from the children's grandmother, CPS workers had visited the children only the day before they were murdered, but had concluded that custody of a deranged violent murdering mother serves their goals better than a father's love. After the CPS lesbitches left, mom took a knife and cut up little Jewell, 6, Michael, 5, Innocent Jr., 18 months. Their little bodies were left in pools of their own blood. Their loving father weeps for his dead children. The CPS lesbitches mark three more notches in their count of children destroyed and fathers who don't get our kids.

Read NY News More NY News More NY News

Mommy murder is the leading cause of death for boys under 5 years old. How many dead and beaten children will it take for the people to learn that children belong with their fathers? CPS lesbitches and evil agents of Satan in black robes of hell work every day to destroy families and kill children. The good people of Long Island, NY, need to get really angry and impale every last one of the children killing agents of Satan in black robes of hell who are destroying so many families. We all need to demand that our children be returned to their fathers where children were loved and protected for millennia before feminazis and their evil femernment stole our children during the 20th Century. How many dead beaten and cut up children will it take before we all learn. Children belong with their fathers.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Too Stupid to Ride a Harley

Senator Hitllary was whining her way through Fort Worth, Texas, today, February 22, 2008. Whenever a VIP comes to town the senior blue gun thugs always turn out to parade in front of any TV cameras which may be around. They use all their blue gun thug authority to disrupt traffic and interfere with the everyday business of the people. A couple dozen blue gun thugs were escorting the stupid cunt to some speech or other when one of Texas's worst lost control of the taxpayer's motorcycle he had been trusted to ride.

Blue gun thug Victor Lozada Tirado had gotten behind the parade and was speeding to catch up, probably trying to wave to cameras instead of watching where he was going. Gun thug Tirado hit a concrete barrier, not far from where President Kennedy died. They select gun thugs for having low intelligence, and this dumb schmuck wasn't competent to ride a motorcycle. A stupid thug not smart enough to ride a Harley tried to escort a cunt not smart enough to go home.

Every day the charade of parades and speeches pretends to the people that we have some authority to control our government. Instead we have legions of gun thugs in blue suites beating, robbing, and destroying men in every American city, every day. The destruction of one blue suited thug not smart enough to ride a motorcycle is a small step toward freedom, but there is a million more in the evil gang.

In Fort Worth they will have another parade of gun thug gang members, and whine that the dead pig died “in the line of duty.” I guess the “line” of duty runs right into a concrete barrier -- SMACK! May he rot in hell with the rest of his evil brotherhood of Satan.

Published story here

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Friday, February 15, 2008

How Many Times Can YOU Kick the Dog?

We see today all the media ranting again about another shooting, this one at Northern Illinois University. A Mr. Stephen Kazmierczak armed himself for battle and attacked an auditorium full of females students and their Professor. Except for finding pundits to blame the massacre on video games, and recounting that Mr. Kazmierczak had been made to take mind depressing drugs, they have not given us any concrete information about the battle. But let Bob fill in a few blanks. It was a counter attack in the feminist war on men. So far, all the names I've seen of victims have been female. NIU has a large and well organized anti-men hate Department that offers undergraduate and graduate hate-men training for females. Their hatred of men has spread to other departments such as English and Social Studies where Mr. Kazmierczak was a student. Read news here

The NIU Hate Men Department sponsors distribution of “I Hate Men” buttons and stickers intended to be warn and posted all around their campus. When you Hate Men long enough and often enough, when you kick any dog hard enough and often enough, you better watch out because the dog may bite. For more information and education about the evil festering hate promoted by the US Government and taught by NIU and hundreds of other universities read Professing Feminism by Koertge and Patai.

The Hate Men department also sponsors the NIU Women's Rights Alliance, another in their programs to promoted domination by females and subjugation or slavery for men. Here is a photo of one of their Hate-Men demonstrations. Obviously, on "V Day," the hate babes couldn't even control the day. NIU Hate Line

Thursday, February 14 was the day of the scheduled Sisterhood Collage Project, to be held in the Blue Room of the NIU Women's Resource Center. Their Vagina Monologues rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday, February 16, the day after they died.

Feminists lost another battle in their long running hate war against men yesterday at Northern Illinois University. Only one day before their scheduled practice for Vagina Monologues, a hate-men play their cozy little hate training institution was the location of the latest counter attack by a man who had been kicked around one time too many and fought back.

Here's an observation for the feminazi hate mongers who may read The World According to Bob YOU LOSE! You cannot win your war on men. You can only up the ante and find more and more of your sisters face down in pools of their own blood. Your gangs of blue gun thugs cannot and will not protect you. They aren't even on your side. They will only come later and parade in front of cameras to milk you and men out of our money. Your hate war can only be won by ending it. You can not win by winning. Your battle between you feminazi hate mongers, hate training professors, and hate sisterhood can only be won by giving up.

Tear down your Women's Resource Center. Stop your distribution of hate-men buttons and Vagina hate-men training. End the war. It's too bloody already.

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The People Fight Back

At Evergreen College, in Washington State, free citizens fought back against the police state tyranny of the blue gun thugs. A sick blue suited sow attacked a young man during a Dead Prez concert on Friday, February 15, 2008. The blue suit sow captured and chained the man who had been minding his own business. Angry men in the crowd turned the gun thug's sowmobile upside down and removed her radar robbery device and computer. The young man was rescued from her chains.

Angry mobs of good citizens are fighting back against the police state tyranny in whatever way they can. Evil gun thugs work tirelessly in shifts 24/7 keeping people controlled and oppressed. But here and there people are demanding freedom. More gun thugs from the Thurston County Sheriff soon arrived and were fought off with rocks and improvised weapons. The gun thugs of Thurston County, led by arch villain Sheriff Gary Edwards, are the same who have previously conducted treasonous attacks on soldiers of the United State at nearby military bases. Free men are not men under control.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Space War?

Today I found the following article on Yahoo News.

US: Broken satellite will be shot down
WASHINGTON - U.S. officials say the Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March.

The Associated Press has learned that the option preferred by the Bush administration will be to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy cruiser, and shoot down the satellite before it enters Earth's atmosphere.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the options will not be publicly discussed until a Pentagon briefing later Thursday.

I read this piece 2 or 3 times trying to figure out what they meant. First, a sate lie in orbit cannot be “shot down” like some airplane. It's in free fall already. It's already falling under the full force of gravity. An airplane is held up by wings and engines. Stop the engines or cut the wings and it falls. A satellite has no wings or engines and is falling free all the time. The reason a satellite stays “up” is because it's moving sideways so fast that by the time it falls “down” it's already gone past the earth, so “down” just takes it around to the other side.

If a missile were shot at the satellite and hit it, there would be collision of some kind. Most of the missile is likely to go right through the satellite, punching a hole like a rifle bullet only much faster. Various pieces will fly off in all directions. After being hit by a missile, some parts of the satellite will be slowed down. The slower moving parts will still be falling free toward the earth but no longer be moving fast enough to miss, and will hit the atmosphere at many thousand miles per hour. Other parts of the missile and satellite will splash off in other directions, causing a cloud of space junk in random orbits higher or lower than the original satellite. The collision just gets more messy if you put a bomb on the missile. You can damage or destroy a satellite in orbit, but you can't really shoot it “down.”

The second question is about the ship and the missile. Navy cruisers don't normally carry missiles capable of reaching out to orbit altitudes and capable of intercepting satellites. For several years the US government has been developing missiles for intercepting ICBM missiles. From time to time we have read news stories about anti-ICBM missile tests over the pacific. But to date this is the first time I have read about any nation using a missile to intercept and “shoot down” a satellite. Some interesting questions come up. Is this one of the anti-ICBM missiles they are using or a secret space war weapons system that we've never been told about? What is it doing on a navy cruiser? Has the secret space war weapons system, or the anti-ICBM missiles been deployed to the fleet already?

To actually “shot down” a satellite in orbit you have to physically slow it “down.” Conceivably you could meet it with a secrete military space war rocket craft, have some astronuts fasten some retro-rockets to it, and then fire the rockets to slow it's forward speed. It would still hit the atmosphere at a very high speed and come down in a fiery reentry, but at least you could control where it landed.

You can't just “shoot” it “down.” You have to slow it down. A missile fired to crash into it or to explode on contact will destroy it but leave its pieces in thousands of random orbits, some falling sooner, and some falling later than the whole. The reason that near earth satellites eventually fall is because there is always some small forces slowing them down. Over time they slow down until eventually their free fall happens before they get past the other side of the earth and the drag of the upper atmosphere becomes larger and larger until the atmospheric drag becomes severe and they slow down rapidly. You can't “shoot down” a satellite, you can only slow it down. You can destroy it or make a big mess out of it. Hitting it with a missile will make a big mess out of the satellite. It will not shoot it down.

The damaged satellite is a military secret designed for spying or communication or some other secret space war purpose. It apparently suffered a rocket failure on launch and never reached the required speed and altitude. It's too low, dragging the upper atmosphere, slowing down, and coming down soon. I'm sure that the military is very concerned that it may fall in Asia or some other unfriendly country and much of the secret technology will fall into the wrong hands. Rather than shooting it “down” with the missile, the plan may be to destroy it sufficiently so that the technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

I, for one, would be disappointed if our government had not been working on an array of secret space war technology. We haven't heard much from the “Skunk Works” since the “Stealth Fighter” was made public a couple of decades ago. The Air Force canceled it's Space Shuttle program in around 1990, but what have they done since? Is there a secret military space war program with secret stealth space ships and astronuts? I would be disappointed in our government if there isn't.

We will never know the facts behind this cover story. The military is going to do something with missiles fired from a ship somewhere. They are going to intercept a military satellite that is likely to fall in the wrong place. After that, we will probably never know just what is going on, but its interesting to speculate.

Read Yahoo story here

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Social change isn't made with tempered voices

Glenn Sacks published his February 12 newsletter today. In his lead article he reports that Darren Mack was sentenced to life in prison for wasting his ex and attempting to kill the agent of Satan in black robes of hell who had destroyed his life. Before shooting the agent of Satan Mack had his ability to earn his living taken away by function of the illegal VAWA prohibition on ownership of arms after being served with a "DV" restraining order. Mack's living had been earned as owner of a pawn shop dealing in used guns and ammunition. He was out of business. At the same time the evil agent of Satan ordered Mack to pay continuing slave payments to his ex, payments based on the income which he was prevented from earning. Mack stood up and acted manly. He offed the bitch and went after the agent of Satan. His biggest mistake was using a small caliber weapon (.223) to attempt a shot through the agent of Satan's window. Small high speed rounds are easily deflected by glass. As a gun dealer Mack should have known better and used something like 30-06 to finish off the agent of Satan. Instead he chose the "modern" .223 rifle and the agent of Satan survived. That was a shame.

In June, 2006, Darren Mack was the recipient of the coveted Golden Bull Award for his heroism and bravery in the face of the enemies of men. Read How Many Families has Weller Desoryed, One Too Many.

In today's column Glenn Sacks applauds the life in prison sentence for Mack. He also repeats his criticism of real men who have continued to applaud Mack for his bold and forthright manly action against the evil enemies of men. Sack's criticism of men's activists displays a growing gulf in the Men's Movement. A few men are speaking out loudly against the veil empire of the state oppression of men, while "moderate" men like Sacks continue the "reasonable" discussion that has resulted in ratchet success by feminists for 170 years. See Pink Panseys Race to Condemn Mack

Another clue to the difference between the moderate voices like Sacks and the growing number of manly voices is found farther down the same column. Glenn quotes NOW-NY President Marcia Pappas, "Social Change isn't made with tempered voices." In the Men's Movement, Glenn Sacks is the tempered voice. He criticizes men who refuse to temper our voices. We are the voices for change while Glenn and his tempered compatriots are agents for continued feminist achievements. We will not be tempered. We will not shut up and go away. Glenn Sacks and his "hoard" needs to read is own f'ing column and get a clue. Social change is not made with tempered voices.

She concludes with a common feminist adage, "Well behaved women rarely make history." The same is true for well behaved men. History is the account of those who are not well behaved. The men's movement will get exactly nowhere on the backs of men who are well behaved.

From Glenn's Feb 12, 2008 newsletter, "Social change isn't made with tempered voices."

From Glen Sacks
Darren Mack Gets Life Sentence; Major Spanish Political Party Calls for Lower Taxes for Women
February 12, 2008

Justice Is Served: Darren Mack Gets Life Sentence
Background: In June 2006, Darren Mack (pictured), a wealthy Nevada father who was involved in a divorce, stabbed his estranged wife to death and then executed a well-planned murder attempt on a Nevada judge. Mack shot and wounded the judge but failed to kill him. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, when police searched Mack's residence they found he "had bombmaking materials in his bedroom" as well as "several boxes of firearm ammunition." At the time of Mack’s murder spree, I wrote:

“I condemn without qualification the crimes allegedly committed by Darren Mack in Nevada last week. Mack was angered by his divorce and custody case. Some on the not insubstantial lunatic fringe of the fathers' rights movement see Mack as some sort of freedom fighter. Most of the commentary by other fathers' rights advocates seem to be of the ‘he couldn't take it anymore and snapped’ variety.

“I don't buy it. Though everyone is focusing on Mack's attempted murder of a judge, everyone seems to forget that he first stabbed and killed his estranged wife. After murdering her, he shot the judge through the judge's third-floor office window with a sniper rifle from over 100 yards away. That's not ‘snapping’--that's premeditated murder. Mack is not a good man trapped in a bad system. He is a bad guy. Because of men like him the system had to create protections for women,

It wasn't the rope and a tree that Darren Mack deserved, but it was close enough. Friday Darren Mack--who stabbed and killed his estranged wife as his little daughter played with her toys upstairs--was sentenced to life in prison.

Mack first tried what I called the Mary Winkler defense, making the unlikely claim that he slashed his wife's throat in self-defense. How Mack defending himself against Charla necessitated then driving to the courthouse and trying to kill a judge in a well-planned, methodical way was never explained.

Douglas Herndon, the Nevada judge in the criminal case, explained that he let Mack speak for quite a while before his sentencing, and that Mack expressed "no remorse" for his crimes. According to the Associated Press:

"In handing down the sentence, Herndon cited the heinous nature of the crimes and Mack's lack of remorse.

"'The truth is Mr. Mack is guilty of these crimes, but he doesn't want to hear anything about that,' the judge said.

"Mack on Thursday reiterated claims that he acted in self defense when he slashed his wife's throat in the garage of his southeast Reno townhouse.

"He also has argued that he was coerced by his former lawyers into the plea deal, and suggested the attorneys, prosecutors, investigators and law enforcement officers who investigated the case were corrupt.

"Herndon said while he allowed Mack to go on at length, he never said what the judge hoped he'd hear: 'I'm sorry.'"

My position on Mack has inspired a lot of hostility from some posters on other men's and fathers' rights blogs, which tells you more about some of these guys than you'd like to know. One of the many idiotic statements made is that, based on my position on Mack, when fathers are mistreated in the family law system, I don't think they should resist.

Here is the letter from NOW-NY President. Men need to learn from their experience and stop being "temperate."

Social change isn't made with tempered voices
Albany Times-Union, February 7, 2008

My response to Kathleen Parker's Feb. 3 criticism of the Jan. 28 NOW-NYS press release (and while I am at it, my response to anyone who believes I should have kept my mouth shut about Sen. Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama), I say the following:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul and most other feminist leaders had their critics, even within their own movement.

There will always be those who speak their truths and, on the other hand, those who temper their voices to please others. I am not the latter.

Anyone who knows me knows that I, along with my NOW-NYS organization, will continue to speak the truth without apology.

No social change was ever made by those who compromise their beliefs.[/b]

If the great activists of the suffrage movement had listened to their more timid "temper your voices" sisters and brothers, women would still not have birth control, abortion, or the right to vote. Indeed: "Well-behaved women rarely make history."

President NOW-NYS

Glenn Sacks has been the tempered voice throughout the whole Mack affair and trial. Glenn continues to be the tempered voice on many other men's issues. In this issue Glenn again condemns other men's advocates who are not so tempered and demand change in a loud voice. But Glenn even quotes the real wisdom of the disagreement in the community of men's advocates. "Social change isn't made with tempered voices."

For more than a century feminists have demanded change in loud, shrill, offensive voices while men have been polite, reasonable, and losing. A tempered voice gets lost and his cause gets ignored. NOW President Marcia Pappas understands that you have to be loud and untempered to make social changes. A few men's blogs and men's advocates have figured it out. We no longer will be cowed into being polite, being tempered. We will speak our truth loud and untempered, and we will demand change from the feminist dominated police state under which Darren Mack was being destroyed. Mack had been crucified by the evil police state. His right to earn a living was taken away even while he was ordered to pay huge slavery payments to his ex. He was headed straight to debtor's prison for being unable to pay the evil female who destroyed his family.

Come on Glenn, read you own column and learn from the successful NOW advocates you quote. Men are demanding social change, and we aren't going to get it with tempered voices. Read your own column Glenn. It's right there. We MEN can't make social change with tempered voices.

Friday, February 08, 2008

You Can Fight City Hall

Several recent comments on The World According to Bob and on other men's discussion groups have asked what action men can take against the evil oppressors. They have most of the guns, ours have been taken away in large numbers. But some small arms remain in the hands of patriots. What can men do, they ask. Are men defeated? Have we no option but to lay down and be bound into slavery in a gynocracy? The US Constitution has been abandoned decades ago. The evil FBI will shoot your child, your wife, and even your dog to take away your arms. They will use poison gas spread by tanks and helicopters to kill whole villages of men, women, and children without hesitation. There are no depths to which the government won't sink to destroy free men. Are the men of America and the west just completely lost?

This morning news reports on a man who got fed up and started fighting back against the fascist conspiracy and blue gun thugs of his local femernment. In Kirkwood, Missouri, Mr Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton had had enough. Over several months he had been given 150 “tickets” for speaking his mind at the City Council Meeting – a place that supposedly invites free men to join together and speak their truths. More recently, Cookie had been bodily thrown out onto the street by the blue gun thugs at the bidding of the criminal officials. Trying to obey the laws, Cookie had filed a petition for free speech in Federal Court, but the agent of Satan in black robes of hell there just laughed at his plea and tossed free speech out of court.

Our government is supposed to be created by the people, and be of the people. Power is supposed to come from the people. The right to assemble and petition our government is one of our most basic rights. The right to meet with our elected officials, to go to the government and tell them our views, is fundamental to a free people. But in Kirkwood, Missouri, as in a hundred thousand other towns and cities across America, the people are shunned, banished, arrested, beaten, brutalized, and silenced. The pig sucking media tells us we can't fight City Hall, but they are wrong. Cookie Thornton didn't give up. He decided to fight.

The City of Kirkwood had been making war on Cookie for years. It apparently began in the 1990s when corrupt city officials gave paving contracts to outside contractors instead of to Cookie's local paving business. "They just gave him what I'd call the scraps," Cookie's brother Arthur Thornton said. For complaining about the corrupt government , the blue gun thugs issued thousands of dollars worth of “tickets”

Over the years the city war was conducted by blue gun thugs of Kirkwood issued over 150 “tickets” for frivolous charges such as “illegal parking” in his own driveway or the lot across from his home. City Lieyer, Kenneth Yost, now deceased, had a long history of attacking Cookie, backed by corrupt fascist Mayor Swoboda. Cookie began attending”public” meetings of the corrupt city government and publicizing their wrongdoing. The City responded by issuing more phony “tickets.” Their illegal “tickets” amounted to thousands of dollars in fines over the years. Finally the City began having Cookie arrested, chained, and dragged out of their “public” meetings. Finally, the fascist Mayor and the crooked City Lieyer learned that they had pushed their war against a real man entirely too far.

"The only way that I can put into context that you might understand is that my brother went to war tonight with the people, the government that was putting torment and strife into his life," Thornton's brother, Gerald Thornton, told KMOV-TV of St. Louis after the attack was over.

When Cookie arrived at City Hall there were the usual blue gun thugs guarding the doors. The same blue gun thugs who had tossed him to the street. Cookie plugged them both. Here was a demonstration of effective gun control. Cookie hit what he aimed at. Blue gun thug Tom Ballman was shot in the head, May they both rot in hell where they belong. Once the blue gun thugs had been cleared out of his way, Cookie went to the City Council meeting from which he had been bodily tossed out of on previous occasions.

First he plugged fascist Mayor Mike Swoboda. Then he plugged Public Works Director Kenneth Yost who was in front of the fascist Mayor. Cookie then fired at City Lieyer John Hessel who had presented the fascist City position to the federal agent of Satan in black robes of hell. When those three were face down in pools of their own blood, Cookie moved behind the desk where the council sits and fired more shots at council members, all of whom were co-conspirators in having his rights violated and having him tossed out onto the street. Council members Michael H.T. Lynch and Connie Karr were also were hit. About that time, more of the blue gun thugs showed up and assassinated Cookie before he finished with the fascist Council.

By the time he died, Cookie had laid waste to two blue gun thugs and three members of the fascist government. Fascist Mayor Swoboda was in critical condition at a local hospital and may yet meet his Satanic master. Pig sucking Journalist Todd Smith was wounded and in satisfactory condition. Even as he died by the hand of some blue gun thug, Cookie Thornton proved that you can fight city hall. For his courage and valor, and his manly action in the face of the enemies of free men, Mr. Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Golden Bull Award

Mr. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton

For courage, valor, and manly action

In many places today there is talk of revolution. On the web site of supporters of Ron Paul for President they distribute CDs called “Revolution 1, and Revolution 2. Our government has failed us, that is certain. We are ruled by fascists and tyranny. We are no longer free men. The government has legions of gun thugs in blue suits and sneaking around in plain clothes willing to destroy millions of men to maintain their police state power and continue their extermination of free men. Some men try to work within the system to make changes and recapture our nation and our families. But the power of evil is not easily dislodged. For decade after decade men who try to work within the system have been laughed at while the evil rolls on and on. Ron Paul's supporters are hoping that his voice will have a chance, but the evil fascists and their media accomplices make him evaporate. Day after day the media panders to the fascist government and its gun thugs. Day after day they call good men “bad” and call evil good. Day after day they toss good men out to the street, and silence good men who would run for political office.

On Friday, CBS, CNN, FOX, and other leftist pig sucking media the talking heads leveled a torrid verbal attack on Cookie's brother, Gerald Thornton for his statement quoted above. These bigots claim to be “news” but their opinion rants are worse than the least editorials. The days when TV talking head were “news” are long gone. They have become fascist propaganda machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are a huge part of the problem that real men need to fight against.

What could good men do about the evil tyranny of a fascist government. One needs to look at the lessons of history. In Stalingrad, snipers stopped the army of the 3rd Reich. None of them dared show themselves or a hidden enemy laid them low. In Kirkwood, MO, a single man lets the fascist city government know that they can't just push people around. Ron Paul says that American men are “sheep.” They gather in herds while the dogs circle and snap at our heels. As long as men are sheep and not men they will continue to destroy us and our families. Only when good men wake up and start fighting city hall things will change. Our families have been destroyed, our children are held in prisons, our sons and daughters have no future, and our evil fascist government grows more powerful every day.

Bob does not advocate any sedition, revolution, violence or illegal acts. Bob is merely an observer of the human condition, reporter, and philosopher. See the Legal Notice in the left column.

Story about the City's WAR against Cookie here

Read more of Cookie's story here

Monday, February 04, 2008

Where have all the old maids gone?

UK feminazi, Ms. Laura Nolan has published a whine in the London Times lamenting her inability to find a husband now that she’s 35 years old. Her feminazi friends can’t find husbands either. She, of course, blames it all on men, whom she calls “males” in her opening subtitle. If she had a clue she would be more respectful but she doesn’t really think of us as “men.” We are just some animals, “males” who should have been subjugated by her feminist power. Article here

Poor Ms. Laura. She’s been living the feminist life, spewing hate on the media, blaming men for all her troubles, eschewing marriage for decades while she pretends to be happy competing with men for jobs. Now in her 30s, she’s looking around at last and finding the landscape isn’t the utopia that she and her feminist sisters have been promising. She’s getting old, her body is drying up, and she has no family. Her future stretches forward as a meaningless daily grind earning her own food and shelter, and going home alone to watch tele by herself. Like so many old maids she and her sisters have wasted their lives, and she’s running up against the awful truth. Her biological alarm clock just struck 11:50.

But Ms. Laura hasn’t yet figured out that its all her own fault, and the fault of her feminist sisters. A wiser woman might have learned, as Bob recently published, that what women really want is to have children and a good family. She might have figured out that feminist “education” and a man’s job is a dead end life. She might have, but she’s been so full of bigotry of feminism and misandry that she has not figured it out.

Ms. Laura projects what mush be some creeping awareness. She says, “Men are like eggs. They must hatch or go bad.” But sadly the reverse is true. Females are actually eggs, they have a limited time to breed or go bad. Ms. Laura is coming up hard upon the "go bad" part of her female life. The men of her age are not biologically going bad yet, but she is. The men of her age might still have a wonderful family if they were introduced to an eligible young woman of child bearing age, and if Ms. Laura’s feminazi law didn’t make them into criminals for marrying the young woman. No, the men aren’t going bad yet, but Ms. Laura? Her eggs are becoming history.

Ms. Feminist Laura is finding out the hard way that what men want is what men want, now that some feminist thinks men should want. What men want is not up to her. Laura and her feminist friends can pound sand. Men don't want her. Boo Hoo. Men don't want to be roped into supporting an old dried up bitch for the rest of our life.

Ms. Feminist Laura does not understand the meaning and purpose of marriage. Ms. Laura thinks that marriage is about “love” and about finding “Mr. Perfect” who will kiss her ass and take her crap for the rest of her life. Feminism taught her that lie decades ago, and it never will be true. The purpose and meaning of marriage for men, and for young women too, is to join together biologically to make children and a family. That means an eligible female is ready to attract a mate during her biological baby making years, from age 14 to 26. None of feminisms anti-men, anti-marriage hate messages will ever change the biology of life. All the lies and hate can do is to make young women into the old tired sorry bitches that Ms. Laura has become. Ms. Feminist Laura explains that in her research she reviewed personal ads by men, and she found that men who want mates advertise for females of age 24 to 26. Surprise! Men want fecund females ready to make our babies, even men in their 30s and 40s.

Men who have survived in the gynocracy for 30 or more years know that most married men find their wives getting a divorce to “find myself” and taking his kids and money. Their father probably suffered that fate. Most of their friends who married were divorced, and some more than once if they were foolish enough to try again. By mid-30s there are few men left who are willing to risk their lives and money for a female. It’s a losing bet.

What does Ms. Laura think she brings to a man anyway. She can no longer make his babies. Marrying her would mean giving up any thought of ever having a family. She asks a lot. She wants him to support her as she gets older. She’s tired of working. It’s not the glamour she was promised. So she asks for his support and promises him a financial drain. But what does she offer. She blames the men for being “boys,” but what does she offer to them for their hand in marriage? Does she think a man wants a feminist bitch who thinks of men as “males,” and is still blaming men for her own failures instead of trying to become the kind of female that a man would want? Life doesn't work that way.

If a young woman finds a good husband and marries during the first part of her biological marriage years, age 16 for example, she will have a grown up daughter by age 35. Instead of lamenting that she still can’t find a husband, a good woman of 35 years would be helping her daughter find a good husband, or perhaps welcoming her grandchild. In a more sane and less feminist culture, a female of 35 would have raised her family, married her daughters off, and be taking pride in her grown up sons. She would perhaps be enrolled in university getting that education she always wanted, exploring art and literature, or taking a well earned holidays to the Mediterranean. She could be living a full, rich, wonderful life, but poor Ms. Laura is a feminist, reaping the rewards of feminism, old, alone, and full of rapidly rotting eggs.

Poor Ms. Laura Nolan. She is feminist. She eschewed men when men would have her. She became a hardened self-righteous feminazi bitch who no man would want. She frittered away her youth and her eggs, her womb unused. Now her biological alarm clock has gone off ringing in the end of fertility for her and her sisters. She blames men, of course. Feminazi always blame men. It must be because men are spoiled like rotten eggs. It must be because men are “boys.” It must be anything but the feminist horror that has guided her life.

May she and the rest of her vile feminazi hate bitch sisters reap the old age that they have sown, old, poor, unloved, and alone.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Suicide or Murder!

Thinking of suicide. Can’t decide how to do it. Just call the blue gun thugs. They will be happy to blow you away.

In Tacoma, Washington, the blue gun thugs were called to a home on Lighthouse Lane after a man’s wife reported that he was suicidal. To deal with the suicidal man, the blue gun thugs do what they do best, they shot and killed him.

It is a typical blue gun thug exercise. They surrounded the man with a military style “special weapons” team and then threatened and taunted him for several hours until they got a clear shot. BAM! Another man dead.

We don’t want them, we don’t need them, and we all would be far better off if the whole rotten blue suit gang was exterminated.

Read story here

Blue Gun Thugs Ineffective.

In Tinley Park, Illinois, blue gun thugs closed the barn door after the horse had run off, and then went around the neighborhood terrorizing the innocent -- according to a recently published story.

An armed man killed 5 fat cunts who were shopping at a Lane Bryant store. Lane Bryant is the fat broad store. Despite constant claims of “protection” the blue gun thugs were completely ineffective in protecting any of the fat broads. Whoever shot them calmly walked out. He was long gone by the time the blue gun thugs showed up. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to exercise their gun thug brutality and parade in front of TV cameras, the blue gun thugs terrified more female shoppers in the nearby Target store.

The news article identifies one of the dead fat broads as a Social Worker. That’s almost like getting two birds with one stone. A fat broad who spends her life accusing men of “child abuse” and sending the blue gun thugs to take away children and send men to hell has been dispatched from her life of destruction. Her beloved blue gun thugs were unable to help her. They are effective at taking children from fathers when they arrive by surprise with an armed gang, but their promises of “protection” are worse than lies.

The chances are that the fat broad killing will never be “solved.” They may pick some randomly selected SOB off the street and torture him into a confession. Today they are probably already torturing several men hoping one will crack. It will allow them to parade in front of TV cameras.

When considering this story a man needs to rethink the morality that we have all been trained in by our feminist mothers. In femland any harm to a female is extreme harm. In femland, any harm to a man is trivial. In the feminist century, morality was turned upside down. In mother’s teaching, as in mass media film and “news,” women matter, men are disposable. For the past century men are killed by the hundreds and it’s trivial, but a female being killed is extremely valuable. Even in the John Wayne flicks it was “moral” to lose the lives of 20 men to capture or save one young cunt. That morality is completely backward. Few of the great men of history would have valued a cunt even close to the value of a man. Those who did lived to regret it. Alexander the Great conquered most of the middle east and treated females like useful property. Julius Caesar got into trouble when he got mixed up with Cleopatra instead of sending the contentious bitch back to Egypt. The Trojans got into a heap of trouble over Hellen. But did the Spartans ever stand their ground because they were whining over some feeble cunts? Not! Did Genghis Khan let the cunts get in his way? Nope, he captured another wife from each city he conquered. Lets face it. The dead fat broads are just a few more dead cunts. Its really not a loss to any man worth his salt. A dead fat broad social worker may even be a large benefit to the society as a whole. She won’t be out destroying another man’s family next week.

I know that it violates all the femland morality your mother taught you, but this is an opportunity to reconsider the feminist morality that values females and devalues men. That is upside down. Men are the ones who make the whole of humanity possible. Men are the reason we aren’t living in the jungle trees like other monkeys. Men invented every advance from chipped rocks and spears to space vehicles. Men create all the food, shelter, transportation, fuel, machines, and every other necessary supplies that sustains human life. Females are parasites who contribute their wombs, and that’s it. They are animals who make babies, make more men, and only with a man‘s participation. In these days of six billion people on a small overpopulated planet females are worse than useless. The population needs to be reduced to less than half a billion breeding females for a sustainable future. Never mind what your feminist mother told you. Men are valuable. Females are not. Fat broad social workers are really, really not valubable. That is the real morality.