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Friday, February 08, 2008

You Can Fight City Hall

Several recent comments on The World According to Bob and on other men's discussion groups have asked what action men can take against the evil oppressors. They have most of the guns, ours have been taken away in large numbers. But some small arms remain in the hands of patriots. What can men do, they ask. Are men defeated? Have we no option but to lay down and be bound into slavery in a gynocracy? The US Constitution has been abandoned decades ago. The evil FBI will shoot your child, your wife, and even your dog to take away your arms. They will use poison gas spread by tanks and helicopters to kill whole villages of men, women, and children without hesitation. There are no depths to which the government won't sink to destroy free men. Are the men of America and the west just completely lost?

This morning news reports on a man who got fed up and started fighting back against the fascist conspiracy and blue gun thugs of his local femernment. In Kirkwood, Missouri, Mr Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton had had enough. Over several months he had been given 150 “tickets” for speaking his mind at the City Council Meeting – a place that supposedly invites free men to join together and speak their truths. More recently, Cookie had been bodily thrown out onto the street by the blue gun thugs at the bidding of the criminal officials. Trying to obey the laws, Cookie had filed a petition for free speech in Federal Court, but the agent of Satan in black robes of hell there just laughed at his plea and tossed free speech out of court.

Our government is supposed to be created by the people, and be of the people. Power is supposed to come from the people. The right to assemble and petition our government is one of our most basic rights. The right to meet with our elected officials, to go to the government and tell them our views, is fundamental to a free people. But in Kirkwood, Missouri, as in a hundred thousand other towns and cities across America, the people are shunned, banished, arrested, beaten, brutalized, and silenced. The pig sucking media tells us we can't fight City Hall, but they are wrong. Cookie Thornton didn't give up. He decided to fight.

The City of Kirkwood had been making war on Cookie for years. It apparently began in the 1990s when corrupt city officials gave paving contracts to outside contractors instead of to Cookie's local paving business. "They just gave him what I'd call the scraps," Cookie's brother Arthur Thornton said. For complaining about the corrupt government , the blue gun thugs issued thousands of dollars worth of “tickets”

Over the years the city war was conducted by blue gun thugs of Kirkwood issued over 150 “tickets” for frivolous charges such as “illegal parking” in his own driveway or the lot across from his home. City Lieyer, Kenneth Yost, now deceased, had a long history of attacking Cookie, backed by corrupt fascist Mayor Swoboda. Cookie began attending”public” meetings of the corrupt city government and publicizing their wrongdoing. The City responded by issuing more phony “tickets.” Their illegal “tickets” amounted to thousands of dollars in fines over the years. Finally the City began having Cookie arrested, chained, and dragged out of their “public” meetings. Finally, the fascist Mayor and the crooked City Lieyer learned that they had pushed their war against a real man entirely too far.

"The only way that I can put into context that you might understand is that my brother went to war tonight with the people, the government that was putting torment and strife into his life," Thornton's brother, Gerald Thornton, told KMOV-TV of St. Louis after the attack was over.

When Cookie arrived at City Hall there were the usual blue gun thugs guarding the doors. The same blue gun thugs who had tossed him to the street. Cookie plugged them both. Here was a demonstration of effective gun control. Cookie hit what he aimed at. Blue gun thug Tom Ballman was shot in the head, May they both rot in hell where they belong. Once the blue gun thugs had been cleared out of his way, Cookie went to the City Council meeting from which he had been bodily tossed out of on previous occasions.

First he plugged fascist Mayor Mike Swoboda. Then he plugged Public Works Director Kenneth Yost who was in front of the fascist Mayor. Cookie then fired at City Lieyer John Hessel who had presented the fascist City position to the federal agent of Satan in black robes of hell. When those three were face down in pools of their own blood, Cookie moved behind the desk where the council sits and fired more shots at council members, all of whom were co-conspirators in having his rights violated and having him tossed out onto the street. Council members Michael H.T. Lynch and Connie Karr were also were hit. About that time, more of the blue gun thugs showed up and assassinated Cookie before he finished with the fascist Council.

By the time he died, Cookie had laid waste to two blue gun thugs and three members of the fascist government. Fascist Mayor Swoboda was in critical condition at a local hospital and may yet meet his Satanic master. Pig sucking Journalist Todd Smith was wounded and in satisfactory condition. Even as he died by the hand of some blue gun thug, Cookie Thornton proved that you can fight city hall. For his courage and valor, and his manly action in the face of the enemies of free men, Mr. Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Golden Bull Award

Mr. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton

For courage, valor, and manly action

In many places today there is talk of revolution. On the web site of supporters of Ron Paul for President they distribute CDs called “Revolution 1, and Revolution 2. Our government has failed us, that is certain. We are ruled by fascists and tyranny. We are no longer free men. The government has legions of gun thugs in blue suits and sneaking around in plain clothes willing to destroy millions of men to maintain their police state power and continue their extermination of free men. Some men try to work within the system to make changes and recapture our nation and our families. But the power of evil is not easily dislodged. For decade after decade men who try to work within the system have been laughed at while the evil rolls on and on. Ron Paul's supporters are hoping that his voice will have a chance, but the evil fascists and their media accomplices make him evaporate. Day after day the media panders to the fascist government and its gun thugs. Day after day they call good men “bad” and call evil good. Day after day they toss good men out to the street, and silence good men who would run for political office.

On Friday, CBS, CNN, FOX, and other leftist pig sucking media the talking heads leveled a torrid verbal attack on Cookie's brother, Gerald Thornton for his statement quoted above. These bigots claim to be “news” but their opinion rants are worse than the least editorials. The days when TV talking head were “news” are long gone. They have become fascist propaganda machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are a huge part of the problem that real men need to fight against.

What could good men do about the evil tyranny of a fascist government. One needs to look at the lessons of history. In Stalingrad, snipers stopped the army of the 3rd Reich. None of them dared show themselves or a hidden enemy laid them low. In Kirkwood, MO, a single man lets the fascist city government know that they can't just push people around. Ron Paul says that American men are “sheep.” They gather in herds while the dogs circle and snap at our heels. As long as men are sheep and not men they will continue to destroy us and our families. Only when good men wake up and start fighting city hall things will change. Our families have been destroyed, our children are held in prisons, our sons and daughters have no future, and our evil fascist government grows more powerful every day.

Bob does not advocate any sedition, revolution, violence or illegal acts. Bob is merely an observer of the human condition, reporter, and philosopher. See the Legal Notice in the left column.

Story about the City's WAR against Cookie here

Read more of Cookie's story here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The women are our enemies aswell; they applaud when men are destroyed or mutilated, they campaign for more and more, sexual harrasment, rape, marital rape, domestic violence, divorce, etc laws.

75% of the population is anti-man. We will have to kill and or subdue this population (the feminist women and their supporters). The thing is that there are few females that don't hate men, if they were to be revenged there would be only a 5% female population over the age of 10.

February 08, 2008 1:13 PM  
Blogger Uzem & Luzem said...

It is only by the grace of God that the following perfect storm has not yet occurred in American history:
a. The wrong man pushed to the brink with
b. A fully automatic weapon
c. A few thousand rounds of ammo &
d. A very soft target with no way out.

Sadly, 'The System' has put in place all of the necessary ingredients for such a catastrophe to occur so it's only a matter of time before one of the 50 million U.S. slaves turns on his oppressors and officially declares war.

February 08, 2008 6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The thing is that there are few females that don't hate men”

I believe Anonymous is right on this!

A society cannot push its females in to be in direct competition with its males and not expect all hell to break loose! When the women are told constantly by the feminists that they are not further along in the work force than they are currently, they can only do one thing, hate men! Of course a lot of this hate is subliminal, the same way the average man has been brainwashed in to thinking that a desirable woman is one that is advanced career wise and in other ways similar to a man.

Liberals can say what they will about the way the people of the past thought, but at least they were free to think what was on their minds, not what some liberal brainwashed them to think, right, wrong or other wise! They also had enough common sense to realize what would happen if a society encouraged its women to compete against its men!

America is becoming less and less free! Notice that your gun rights are disappearing more and more by the day, every time someone commits a gun crime such as the Virginia Tech massacre, new gun laws are passed! This is reminiscent of Great Britain, a place where the “Feminist” Neo-cons will have you believe that if that iron Balled Feminist, Dyke, Margaret Thatcher were still running things all would be well! Of course if you listen to today’s version of what passes for “conservative”, you will be told that you are as free as ever and that only liberals and the ACLU hate the “Poor innocent police” who are just trying to do a thankless job that no one else wants to do? (I despise the ACLU, but if they serve one only one good purpose, it is to keep the cops in line!) Of course the “cop hating” ACLU liberals are keeping the “poor, innocent” cops from doing their job effectively”, all the while the “wonderful police” are blowing away, tasering, and billy clubbing people, on a daily basis! People who didn’t need to die, and are getting away with it! Just watch an episode of “Cops”; this would be very reminiscent of what it must have been like growing up in Nazi Germany! If cops were smart they would do everything in their power to take this show off the air! It does them no favors and makes them look like the enforcers of big government that they are! Of course, they are not smart! They simply outgun you and have Big Brother and his financial support backing their evil ways so that the feds can enforce their tyranny!

I myself am looking to either move so far out in the middle of no where to get away from our oppressive government or possibly get out of America all together, our government lies to us about what it is like in other countries! However, people who leave America and go to some of these other countries often find that they are quite different, and quite less restrictive than our government owned media leads us to believe that they are! Yes; I know what you hard core patriot types who do not want to face that America is no longer the country it used to be are thinking? (Get the hell out if you don’t like it here!) You call in to the shows of phony conservatives such as Mark Levin and Sean Hannity who are telling you that America is as free as it has always been and vote Republican and all will be well? You know who you are! You mindlessly call in to these jokers and refer to them as “Great One”, and “you’re a great American,” how does calling a radio show make you a great American? Are today’s conservatives that stupid? You will not even realize it when all of your rights; gun or otherwise are gone and everyone is forced to carry a national ID card with a RFID tag so that the government can track your every move! All in the name of the “War on Terror,” which if it were true, the first thing the government would have done would have been to close the massive leak between Mexico and the U.S.! “Conservative phony” George Bush complete with “Feminist wife” Laura, are doing no such thing now, are they!

The fact that Hillary Clinton could even be considered a serious presidential candidate, and will likely win in 08 tells you that there is no hope for America!
Of course, 40 years from now, America will still be called America; however, you will not recognize it. It will look and feel like a third world country!

February 09, 2008 9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"America will still be called America; however, you will not recognize it. It will look and feel like a third world country!"

So I'll be poor, but will have a few young wives who obey me and will have whatever type of machinegun, sholder fired missile, artillary piece I wish to have, all at low low russian subsidised prices?


Fuck, that sounds almost like heaven.

And there will be factories that produce actual manufactured goods too?

February 09, 2008 11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“So I'll be poor, but will have a few young wives who obey me and will have whatever type of machinegun, sholder fired missile, artillary piece I wish to have, all at low low russian subsidised prices?”

I hope you’re right Anonymous (From Anonymous February 09, 2008 9:21 PM)

I suppose what would have to happen in order for it to be that way would be for our government to spend itself in to bankruptcy! Which at the rate things are going will not be in the too distant future! Government would then have no choice but to reduce its size therefore releasing it tyrannical strangle hold (Hopefully) on its citizens! Hopefully the military will remain intact enough to keep some semblance of national security so we don’t find ourselves being invaded by other countries and wind up in a “Red Dawn” type situation!

There would then be few high paying jobs left for women to steal from men on Affirmative Action type hand outs and little reason left for the feminists to encourage women out of the home and in to the work force to compete with men! Who knows, the family may even make comeback?

With the economy and real estate market being what they are right now, this would be a good time folks to pay of as many of your bills as possible and hone up on your survival skills!

February 10, 2008 10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norway objects to the execution of husband murderess by Iran:
United Press International

OSLO, Norway, Jan. 2 (UPI) -- The government of Norway lashed out at Iran Wednesday for executing a woman convicted of killing her husband.

Rahele Zamani, 27, was reportedly hanged at the Evin Prison in Tehran, prompting Raymond Johansen of Norway's Foreign Ministry to tell the Aftenposten newspaper's Web site a diplomatic protest would be filed.

"We will now contact Iran's ambassador (to Norway) and protest this barbaric act," Johansen said.

Zamani had testified she had been physically abused by her husband for several years as they raised a 3-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

"It's just terrible that these two children must now grow up without a mother or father," Johansen said.

Johansen acknowledged Norway as a small country had limited diplomatic influence, but said the protest was "important for the internal opponents of the death sentence in Iran."

I applaud Iran's execution of this woman who murdered her husband. It is good that Iran at the very least takes revenge upon women who kill Men. It would be better still if Iran executed all female women's rights activitsts in it's domain, and then expanded that program to encompass the entirety of the world.

The fact that Norway has decided to object to the execution of this woman shows that the government of Norway is an enemy of Men. If the women of Norway also agree that this woman should not have been executed they too are enemies of Men and should be wiped from existence (murdered).

The husband of the woman had the right to hit her to dicipline her and force her to obey him; woman was made for Man, not Man for woman and women are to obey their husband as they obey the Lord.

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Liberties.


February 10, 2008 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK Government To Terminate File Sharers' Net Access

Do the Men of that country want that? No. Then why are they doing that? Because, after this revolution it is not the intellectuals per-se who will be placed against the walls but the media workers: those who brainwash our wives and daughters and even sons to hate men (and themselves).

When will this nightmare end?
Never, it will never end. No one is ever going to raise a finger except to press down upon a letter key.

It will never end.

Men are slaves (to women and their supporters: the state) from here to eternity.

February 12, 2008 8:33 AM  

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