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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blue Gun Thugs Ineffective.

In Tinley Park, Illinois, blue gun thugs closed the barn door after the horse had run off, and then went around the neighborhood terrorizing the innocent -- according to a recently published story.

An armed man killed 5 fat cunts who were shopping at a Lane Bryant store. Lane Bryant is the fat broad store. Despite constant claims of “protection” the blue gun thugs were completely ineffective in protecting any of the fat broads. Whoever shot them calmly walked out. He was long gone by the time the blue gun thugs showed up. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to exercise their gun thug brutality and parade in front of TV cameras, the blue gun thugs terrified more female shoppers in the nearby Target store.

The news article identifies one of the dead fat broads as a Social Worker. That’s almost like getting two birds with one stone. A fat broad who spends her life accusing men of “child abuse” and sending the blue gun thugs to take away children and send men to hell has been dispatched from her life of destruction. Her beloved blue gun thugs were unable to help her. They are effective at taking children from fathers when they arrive by surprise with an armed gang, but their promises of “protection” are worse than lies.

The chances are that the fat broad killing will never be “solved.” They may pick some randomly selected SOB off the street and torture him into a confession. Today they are probably already torturing several men hoping one will crack. It will allow them to parade in front of TV cameras.

When considering this story a man needs to rethink the morality that we have all been trained in by our feminist mothers. In femland any harm to a female is extreme harm. In femland, any harm to a man is trivial. In the feminist century, morality was turned upside down. In mother’s teaching, as in mass media film and “news,” women matter, men are disposable. For the past century men are killed by the hundreds and it’s trivial, but a female being killed is extremely valuable. Even in the John Wayne flicks it was “moral” to lose the lives of 20 men to capture or save one young cunt. That morality is completely backward. Few of the great men of history would have valued a cunt even close to the value of a man. Those who did lived to regret it. Alexander the Great conquered most of the middle east and treated females like useful property. Julius Caesar got into trouble when he got mixed up with Cleopatra instead of sending the contentious bitch back to Egypt. The Trojans got into a heap of trouble over Hellen. But did the Spartans ever stand their ground because they were whining over some feeble cunts? Not! Did Genghis Khan let the cunts get in his way? Nope, he captured another wife from each city he conquered. Lets face it. The dead fat broads are just a few more dead cunts. Its really not a loss to any man worth his salt. A dead fat broad social worker may even be a large benefit to the society as a whole. She won’t be out destroying another man’s family next week.

I know that it violates all the femland morality your mother taught you, but this is an opportunity to reconsider the feminist morality that values females and devalues men. That is upside down. Men are the ones who make the whole of humanity possible. Men are the reason we aren’t living in the jungle trees like other monkeys. Men invented every advance from chipped rocks and spears to space vehicles. Men create all the food, shelter, transportation, fuel, machines, and every other necessary supplies that sustains human life. Females are parasites who contribute their wombs, and that’s it. They are animals who make babies, make more men, and only with a man‘s participation. In these days of six billion people on a small overpopulated planet females are worse than useless. The population needs to be reduced to less than half a billion breeding females for a sustainable future. Never mind what your feminist mother told you. Men are valuable. Females are not. Fat broad social workers are really, really not valubable. That is the real morality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Females shouldn't be reduced to that number because then men would not have nice toys to screw. They need to be enslaved, however, to the service of men.

February 03, 2008 2:47 PM  
Anonymous someguy said...

I live near Tinley Park and heard about this incident. You seem pretty angry but is it because you weren't raised with proper femaninst values? shame on you Bob :P jking

They died, I heard... honestly I'd rather hear about more interesting things like rapeman

February 03, 2008 11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Bob doesn't have daughters. Imagine a father telling his daughter everyday that she's a "worthless cunt". That her life has no meaning except to "share her cunt" with a spoiled man who lords himself over her and makes fun of her.

February 04, 2008 6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because you go in Lane Bryant doesn't mean you're heavy. Just because Bob goes in a Catholic Church, doesn't mean he's Catholic.

February 12, 2008 6:42 PM  

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