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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Space Aliens

Someone asked Bob what is his opinion on flying saucers, UFOs and space aliens.

There are a few possibilities

1. Flying saucers doing faster than light travel are impossible. No society will ever visit any other. Neither will we. Probable.

2. There are no other peoples that have a rate of increase on any other world, we're the first. Not likely.

3. There are people on other worlds, but over billions of years they are all developing at the very same time as us, give or take a millennia or two. Very unlikely.

4. There is at least one other planet in the universe with alien life that has a positive rate of population increase... and...flying saucers are possible...and...flying Saucers are cheap. If so, Space Aliens would have visited and populated all the other planets a very long while ago, and continuously. Did they occupy our planet and kick the dinos out? No. Then its very unlikely.

5. There is at least one other planet in the universe with life that has a small but positive rate of population increase... and...flying saucers are possible...and...flying Saucers are expensive. (see note) If so, the other peoples will probably never visit most of the planets -- and probably have never visited us. Possible.

Out of the possible, and logical answers, on the whole my guess is that number 1 is the one that it correct, but 5 is also possible. The others are so unlikely that the probability is vanishingly small.

[“expensive“ means that the price is so large that an average family cannot afford a serviceable model for themselves. An expensive ship takes a large government investment in each one. ]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some knowledge on this topic, you should go read the articles on and they'll explain more thoroughly the current situation with alien abductions.

Now as for space travel and all that let me tell you Bob, humanity is perhaps the most wasteful civilization ever to exist!

Ever heard of manufactured obsolence aka planned obsolence? Here's the link

What we are is a race that manufactures things to wear down, that way we can sell more later and get paid money. By doing this however we don't recognize the fact another civilization would almost certainly not be making a habit of the same act. Indeed I think they'd be much better at making things last longer hence the financial limitations you speak of would decrease dramatically.

Imagine a microwave that never, ever, ever wears down? Or a car that runs forever because it's built only with the needed components and nothing flashy that might break later on?

The more complex something becomes the more entropy will play a role in it's demise, unless you limit the parts involved in the construction.

So I submitt to you any really advanced alien civilization would likely need UFO's to travel to another planet, thus we see them now. It's actually what you'd expect from a visiting species, they would need something to transport themselves here right? Basically a container.

There are so many reasons UFO's and aliens would be more believable than not. Humanity is just limited by it's social development to only do things based on payment, if another race existed and did things only for the benefit of the race itself? Well imagine what they'd accomplish.

January 31, 2008 1:15 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to darksidzz:
Thanks for the link.
I'm not sure that making things simple would make them last forever. Wearing down is consistent with natural laws of entropy. Even very simple machines and objects, such a just a coin in your pocket, eventually wears out.
If some species has a finite populaiton growth rate of 1% per century, for example, in a very short time they would need to colonize all the planets in the universe. Some species or most species may choose not to continue expanding, but all it takes is one which chooses to expand. Over billions of years a very modist expansion rate becomes a really, really huge population. Either they are expanding in the very unlikely time period that we are, or spaceships are too expensive for the general population.

January 31, 2008 5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

women not elligable for death sentance in russia while Men are:
No crime has a mandatory death sentence; each of the five sections mentioned above also permit a sentence of life imprisonment as well as a prison term of not less than eight or 12 (depending on crime) nor more than twenty, years. Moreover, men under the age of 18 or above the age of 65 as of the time crime was committed, and all women, are not eligible for a death sentence. [1]

January 31, 2008 5:57 PM  
Anonymous Someguy said...

Bob what are your thoughts on blogging from work and getting caught? Should that person be fired or warned, is it a big deal?

January 31, 2008 11:35 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to someguy:
The situation for blogging from work depends on your work. If you are an hourly employee and are being paid for a number of hours of work then spending your hours doing blogging instead of work is a serious problem for which you may be fired.

If you are a professional salaried employee who is paid for doing a particular amount of work rather than hourly, then its not really the boss’s concern if you take a break now and then and relax by blogging as long as you are performing the assigned work in a satisfactory manner. By law, professional employees are not paid extra for working more hours nor docked for working fewer hours. The professional employee needs to get the assigned work done, but after that his time is his own.

If you are an officer of the company or otherwise represent the company they you need to be careful not to besmirch the reputation of the company by your blogging.

February 01, 2008 7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do Jews always try to take their old testament laws and then spin them so they are pro-women rather then pro-men (as they are with the OT standing alone).

Here a Jew is using the talmud (a bunch of writings by Jewish Rabbis) to attempt to twist and nullify old testament law. I can see why people hate the Jews today: they do not respect the pro-men law of the old testament and try to subvert it using pro-woman bullshit their rabbis made up... just like christians do today:
allonyoav says:
Sigh- will people ever stop misquoting this law? Probably not.

The law was that if the girl was raped, her raist essentially became her indentured servant. How so? He "married" her in that he had to give a full dowry to her father and she came to live in his house BUT he had all the obligations of a husband towards her (to feed, clothe, provide her with shelter etc) while she had no obligations towards him- absolutely NONE. In fact, it went so fat that if she found seombody else to marry her, she could force him to divorce her (and he had to pay the divorce settlement as well!) so she could marry the person she preferred. Also the fifty pieces of silver here refer to Shekel Italki and was around a years worth of support- plus he also paid further damages directly to her for pain and suffering, for giving her a bad name (we see it even today- how many people like to claim that it was somehow the victims fault in a rape? That she must have done something, dressed provocatively, danced provocatively etc to attract the rapist) and a third payment for any injuries. On top of all that- she could force just a payment of damages without the marriage if she chose- it was her choice. This sitaution and the exact parameters of how the payments etc form the basis of Chapter 1, Masechta Kesubos (thats a tractate of the Talmud dealing with the legalaties of the marriage and pre-marital rights, contracts etc)

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The talmud was created post 0 AD by rabbis who believed in equality and tolerence among men and women and others.
Similar to modern christians.
Both feminists. All anti-man.

February 01, 2008 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Rash said...

The reason we can be sure there is intelligent life out there is because none of it has ever tried to contact us.

February 05, 2008 12:52 PM  

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