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Thursday, September 29, 2005

GOP hoist on their own petard.

What goes around comes around, as my mother used to say. Today we read that Republican House Majority leader DeLay has been indicted by a Democratic politically motivated prosecutor and his grand jury. "For GOP, a troubled year gets worse. DeLay indictment represents significant blow to Republican Party," MSNBC.

A very few years ago it was DeLay and the self-righteous talking Republicans who were impeaching Bill Clinton in a politically motivated sham trial. The right way to practice politics is to present good candidates, support issues that the people want, take care of the people's business and campaign for election. The wrong way to practice politics is to trump up phony or trivial legal charges against your opponent from the other party. During the Clinton impeachment hearings, Bob strongly advised the GOP and their talk radio supporters that they were opening a huge can of dirty politics worms that they would live to regret. As DeLay has now learned the hard way, what goes around, comes around. The Dems can play the dirty politics game too, and the Reps who practiced filthy politics trying to oust Clinton by means other than elections now richly deserve their comeuppance.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Why feminists won

I don't know which is worse, the feminazi demanding that the VAWA be renewed, or the faux men's groups concurring with the feminazi by demanding the VAWA be renewed, but with a nod toward men? The VAWA is the worst piece of anti-family, anti-men hate legislation every penned. And yet, many men are willing to stand by and watch a million families be destroyed every year and millions of men's lives be destroyed because "my daughter" might be saved some day. The following was posted on the Yahoo group "American Union of Men," in response to this question:
"Bob, I'm don't know if you have any women in your life such as a daughter, but the fact remains that there is abuse and any abuse is wrong. I have a daughter, as do a lot of men in this and other men's groups. As a dad, I am concerned about the welfare of my daughter. As the saying goes, "a son is a son until he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life." My daughter is 22 and I will forever worry about her. I'm personally not interested in placing her at risk and taking away something that may benefit her. Because VAWA has many finger prints of the feminazi's, it doesn't mean that it's not a benefit to some women, " Tom B.For more than a century the feminazi have played to "white knights" like Tom B who ride to the "rescue" of daughters. Their little prima-donnas have become the worst kind of spoiled brats with little hope of having a decent marriage or family. With a father who puts a little girl on a pedestal, puts her before sons, is willing to sacrifice the lives of a million men because some day she MIGHT benefit from VAWA (for acting like the bitch she was raised to be) his daughter is most probably an example of the typical young female today. A spoiled misandrist brat who is unfit to be a wife or mother, and from whom every young man would be well served to run as fast as he can. I am so sorry for his daughter and for any man who marries her. She will probably eventually marry some poor sap, and then call for the blue gun thugs after tormenting him into "psychological violence," get a restraining order, destroy his life, and blame him, not her father, for the destruction of her life. I am sorry for young women today. They have been raised to be spoiled bitches, they didn't start out that way.

Evil misandrist Jane Crow laws get passed because "white knight" men pander to the whining feminazi in hopes of "saving" their daughters. What they really have accomplished is the destruction of families and the rising dominance of single mother poverty.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who, what, when, where, why, and how?

That used to be the guide for news reporters. They needed to answer those questions as part of their story. Not so any more. Today's TV "reporters" and I put it in quotes because that's not what they are, no longer tell us the answers to any of the important questions, who, what, where, why, and how. I see CNN, FOX, and the others running film clips from somewhere, sometime, something, over and over, while the voice over blathers on with some inane drivel. They NEVER tell us anymore what the pictures are about, when they were taken, who the people are, why they were there, or how things got there. For example, tonight on CNN they did a piece about the REPORTERS feelings after seeing tragedy in New Orleans. One reporter was on a bridge talking about how some people have died, and they showed a body under a tarp. Did they tell us who the dead man was? When had he died? When was the film shot? What caused his death? Where he was located? Why he had died? Or How he came to be dead on the bridge? Not a bit of it. The dead body was just filler. Their "story" was about the FEELINGS of the reporter.

In the subsequent half hour CNN blathered on about contaminated water without giving any details concerning relative contaminants, and about how some "celebrities" have come to New Orleans to get into the limelight about the human catastrophe. Meanwhile on the screen they were showing a half hour of file footage taken over the past week or more showing scenes of flooded buildings, people in boats, etc. No word was spoken about who, what, where, why, or how of any of the people in the video.

I may be wrong, not likely, but it seems to me that TV news has sunk to the lowest level in the history of news reporting. All the fundamentals of news reporting have been tossed out in favor of emotional pleas and "human interest" discussion.

Come on you media people. Have you no professional competence at all?

Where will the Saints go?

With all the completely incompetent local, state, and federal governments, and the huge disaster in New Orleans, we are finally getting to the real and important questions.

Where will the Saints move?

Temporarily the Saints are practicing in San Antonio, but that's probably only temporary.

Salt Lake City has no NFL team, neither does several other cities.

The N.O. Superdome will likely be torn down, accofding to the LA Governor.

Even if they wanted to return it will be a year or more before there are any fans to support a team, and several years before a new stadium can be built. I doubt very seriously if they will ever go back to New Orleans. Where do you think the Saints will move to?


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Just Stand There and Cry.

We have all seen the graphic images of the disaster in New Orleans repeated over and over by nonstop cable news channels, or broadcast in special programs by the broadcast networks. The toll in human suffering is shocking. As several media have said, Americans ought to be ashamed of what happened in New Orleans. Yes, we should be ashamed, but not because "help" didn't arrive soon enough. We ought to be ashamed because our PC politics, unspeakable graft, corruption, and political stupidity set it up and it played out.

Bob is going to tell you how it really is, not the white washed politically correct crapola that the media is willing to say. The people of New Orleans and Louisiana caused their own disaster. They caused it by decades of living on welfare instead of going to work. They caused it by electing the most stupid, corrupt, and incompetent officials they could find while rejecting those who could be counted on in a crisis. For years they were happy with their "poverty" living on the government dole, their officials raking in billions of federal tax dollars taken from hard working Americans in other states, and giving it to those who have figured out how to vote themselves a living rather than working for it.


First some background. The city of New Orleans was flooded before, in the flood of 1927 about the same area of the city were flooded in much the same way. It's a major reason why most of the oil business moved to Houston and the Texas coast. A city below sea level along a river that sometimes floods and in the path of fairly frequent hurricanes is a disaster waiting to happen. Everybody knew it was going to happen. Several major publications such as National Geographic Magazine published the exact scenario LAST YEAR. The whole story complete with expected fatalities had been published as a feature story in the New Orleans Times Picayune in 2002. Everybody who chose to ignore years of warning bears responsibility for being caught by the disaster. Even the poor and infirm can evacuate in 3 years, but they used the Picayune for fish wrap and stayed put until it came in across the gulf.

What did the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana do with the knowledge that their below sea level city was a disaster waiting to happen? They did exactly nothing. They didn't prepare emergency plans. They didn't stockpile supplies. What they did was to siphon off almost all the funding that the federal government sent for flood control improvements and redirect the money into a sea of graft and corruption. Year after year the federal government, that's tax payers like you and me, sent billions of dollars to improve flood control in New Orleans, and year after year it disappeared into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their lackeys. They did have a small cadre of dedicated dike (levee) patrol who worked with the US Corps of Engineers to maintain the levees that were in place, but the pumping stations were woefully inadequate, frequently broken down, and subject to failure by flood or electrical outage exactly when needed most.

Racial Problems

We have witnessed the Congressional Black Caucus whining and ranting about how black people are suffering. TV pictures show us that almost all the hundreds of thousand people caught by the New Orleans flood are black. When the city was evacuated many of them were the people who were too poor to own cars and could not evacuate. These are the people who had earned their livings by voting for corrupt politicians and believed that the mythical "they" owe them whatever they need. The Congressional Black Caucus is playing to their constituents whining about racism that supposedly causes such disasters to fall heavier on black people. Yes, there is a reason that so many more blacks are suffering, but it's not because of racism. The people left behind in the flood of New Orleans are almost all black because white people WORK for their livings and take care of ourselves. White people don't sit on our porches and expect some mythical "they" owes us. White people elect mayors like former NYC Rudy Giuliani who get things done rather than corrupt black welfare frauds like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. When the storm comes to their door, they sit and wait for someone to take care of them, because that's all they know how to do. New Orleans is 65% black, and 35% on welfare because it's predominantly the black people who are the lifetime welfare addicts. Politicians can't even mention these problems because the racially charged media crucifies any public figure who talks about it.

The Buck Starts Here

When someone is in trouble there is a chain of responsibility. The first person responsible, the person with the most responsibility, is the person in trouble. People are responsible to take care of themselves. Throughout the South most people are taking care of themselves. In towns and cities all across the path of hurricane Katrina people hunkered down during the storm, and started the very next morning clearing away the damage and getting on with their lives. But in New Orleans and Louisiana the "you owe me" crowd believed that it was someone else's responsibility to take care of them.

When a city is in trouble it is the city itself, headed by the Mayor who is responsible to take care of his city. If the city is overwhelmed the State headed by the Governor is responsible to help the city. As a last resort, when all other efforts have been insufficient, the federal government can come help out. But the first responsibility is with the people, the City, and the State. Let's look at how New Orleans and Louisiana prepared for and handled a disaster.

When the hurricane approached New Orleans and Louisiana ordered an evacuation of all coastal areas, including the city. The evacuation was indiscriminate, essential service people were evacuated along with everyone else who could get out. No provision was made for relief efforts, and more importantly, no effort was made to ensure essential necessary services. The poor and car-less were told to get to the Superdome and Convention Center for shelter, but no food, water, sanitation, or organization was set up at those places to accommodate and sustain the thousands who had been told to seek refuge there.

"Why is no one in charge?" asked one frustrated evacuee at the Ernest Morial Convention Center, where thousands have waited days for help. "I find it hard to believe.", Friday, September 2, 2005

When disaster came to New Orleans and Louisiana Mayor Ray Nagin didn't have the horsepower to act. He had never actually done anything in his life but collect welfare and line his pockets with graft. He could do nothing but hurl angry shouts at "someone" who had not rescued his city.




Unlike NY Mayor Giuliani, Nagin didn't get immediately to work taking charge and saving his city. All he could do was to curse and shout and blame everyone else but himself. Half of his police force resorted to looting stores to stay alive because nobody in charge of the city or the police had even begun to round up supplies such as food and for water days after the hurricane. The other half the police force turned in their badges and evacuated. And Mayor Ray Nagin blamed everybody but himself, everybody but the elected official who was responsible for HIS city. On Friday CNN news helicopters filmed a firefighter company they reported as the first firemen they had seen attacking one of the many fires in New Orleans since the flooding three days before. On Saturday, CNN reported that the first and only fire crew fighting a fire in New Orleans the day before had come all the way from Los Angeles, California. New Orleans and Louisiana firefighters were nowhere to be found while the city burned. And black welfare Mayor Ray Nagin blamed everybody but himself, everybody but the elected official who was responsible for HIS city.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin took the extraordinary step Thursday of sending a message through the media -- which he termed a "desperate SOS" -- advising the crowd at the convention center to march over the Crescent City Connection bridge to the west bank of the Mississippi River to find relief in neighboring Jefferson Parish. "The convention center is unsanitary and unsafe, and we are running out of supplies for the 15- to 20,000 people," he said. Later in a radio interview, Nagin was even more direct. "I keep hearing that it's coming. This is coming. That is coming. My answer to that is B.S. Where is the beef?" "God is looking down on all this and if they are not doing everything in their power to save people they are going to pay the price," Nagin said., Friday, September 2, 2005

What, we might ask, was the Governor of Louisiana doing to help New Orleans? She was doing what every pussy does in a time of crisis, she stood there and cried. She has no balls, and is unable to act in an emergency of this nature. When people elect politically correct female Governors they are ignoring the real job of Governor is to take charge and act with authority and responsibility, and to do whatever is necessary in emergency situations. Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco is a pussy with no balls. She cried. Alabama and Mississippi governors called out their National Guards to assist local police forces and residents. Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco cried. The people of New Orleans were starving, dying in the streets, desperate for food and water, and Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco cried. Desperate starving people of New Orleans took to lawlessness and looting, and Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco cried. When the crisis is over she will thank the "cowboy" President Bush for riding to her rescue, but when the chips are down the people can't count on a pussy to act. Like all pussies have since the beginning of time, when only bold authoritative action could save the day, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco is a pussy, she stood there and she cried.

The state of Texas and city of Houston offered to house people from the New Orleans dome in it's facilities, but by then neither the black welfare Mayor of New Orleans nor the pussy Governor of Louisiana were capable of rounding up some busses to move the people. One teenage black man commandeered a bus from a school parking lot, "I found a key in the office and matched it to a bus" drove around picking up 80 people, and drove them to Houston. The bus is still sitting in a parking lot in Houston, CNN TV, 9-1-05. Could black welfare Mayor Ray Nagin have commandeered all he school busses and had 8,000 people driven to Houston in round trips every 12 hours? He could have if he had half the personal ability that former NYC Rudy Giuliani has. But as a corrupt black welfare whiner, Mayor Ray Nagin just didn't have the gumption that even one teenager had. All Mayor Nagin could do was curse the darkness.

An even more import mistake than sending a hundred thousand refugees to starve in the dome and the convention center, New Orleans evacuated essential and necessary service people along with everyone else. Of immediate concern was the evacuation of the small cadre of levee maintenance men, the men who maintained the levees, fixed small leaks before they became large breaks, and kept the city from being flooded. On the morning after hurricane Katrina the levees protecting the city were battered but still holding. A levee patrol and some volunteers filling sand bags could have averted the disastrous flooding that has caused most of the damage and human suffering. But the levee workers were out of town, had been evacuated. They should have been sheltered in a safe building as critical services. But the black welfare Mayor had NO PLAN to preserve services, not even those that kept his city above water. When the water started pouring over the levee nobody was there to notice. Instead of whining and hollering "Save me, Save me" he could have commandeered ten thousand street people and gotten them to fill sandbags. When my father was young in another time and place it was not uncommon for able bodied men to be commandeered in an emergency to fight forest fires or build levees. But black welfare Mayor Ray Nagin didn't have the horsepower even to begin saving his city. He and his black welfare constituents lived all their lives believing that it's someone else's responsibility to take care of them, so when action is needed to save their city and themselves, all he could do was curse the federal government. Instead of calling for able bodied men stuck in refugee centers, mobilizing the people of New Orleans into work gangs saving his city, black welfare Mayor Ray Nagin was a total disaster. When the people counted on him for leadership, even his own police force finally turned in their badges and left town.

[Update: Bob has now learned that black welfare Mayor Ray Nagin abandoned his city and fled to Baton Rouge during the worst part of the crisis when his leadership was most desperately needed.]

Bush Steps In

After a few days it became apparent that the local and state officials in Louisiana were incapable of even beginning the work necessary to save their people. Welfare Mayor Ray Nagin had broken down completely and could only curse the darkness. Pussy Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco could only stand there and cry. Massive private and FEMA relief efforts were being shot at because of the complete lack of local organization. After a couple of days it became apparent that Louisiana local and state governments were totally ineffective so the last line of responsibility, the federal government, was going to have to take over every aspect of their jobs.

Where the New Orleans levee maintenance department had been evacuated the US Corps of Engineers was sent to fix their levees. Where welfare Mayor Ray Nagin's police force had been abandoned and left the city, thousands of military police were sent to keep order. Where nobody from New Orleans but a black teenager could commandeer a bus to evacuate people to Houston, the federal government sent hundreds of busses. Where none of the local or state officials of New Orleans and Louisiana could round up food or water for the people, restore order, or provide necessary supplies even for their own police forces, G W Bush has stepped in with a massive takeover and rescue effort unprecedented in recent US history.

In neighboring states all this isn't necessary. The local and state officials are getting on with the tasks of cleaning up and restoring their communities. Corporations such as Wal Mart, Home Depot, and others are rushing to reopen stores in damaged areas and put people to work restoring life to normalcy. Yes, they have a ton of work to do, and yes, the orderly FEMA support will be put to good use, but it's people getting on with the job, getting to work, taking care of themselves. Only in New Orleans with it's corrupt black welfare Mayor, in Louisiana with it's incompetent pussy Governor have they been completely incapable of coping with the aftermath of a storm -- a storm that everyone knew would eventually happen.

Final Responsibility

And finally, who is really responsible? The people of New Orleans and Louisiana who elect incompetent officials because they know how to milk the government for handouts. These people voted for these very officials. The welfare poor of New Orleans voted for a black welfare Mayor. The politically correct people of Louisiana voted for a pussy for Governor. They are reaping what they have sown. You will hear all the usual political hacks blaming President Bush, trying to turn every disaster into political hay, but the responsibility for each person starts with the person. Each person chose to live in a dangerous area subject to severe storms. Each person in New Orleans chose to live in a city below sea level, and voted for an incompetent black welfare Mayor. Next in line, the elected officials of New Orleans are responsible for their incompetence and complete lack of action. After local officials, the State Governor of Louisiana is responsible for the safety and protection of her state. Just stand there and cry, someone will come to save you eventually.