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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buy a Horse, while there is still time!

The "tipping point" may be at hand. Mr Bill Gross, sometimes called “the bond king,” founder and manager of PIMCO’s $237 billion Total Return Fund, dumped all of the fund's holding of US Treasury bonds by the end of February.
Read TIME Magazine story here.

Spin mongers are trying to save the economy by convincing people that The Obama hasn't killed the economy entirely. TIME story here.

Not long ago there were TV ads from an investment company called E F Hutton. The ads said, “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” Maybe that was true, and maybe not, but investors do listen to what others are doing, and when the biggest and most profitable Bond Fund decides to get out of US Treasury bonds, people will listen.

For the moment, the Federal Reserve Bank is printing dollars to prop up the US Economy. The Obama borrowed more money, sold more bonds, in February than the Bush Administration did in an entire year. The Obama continues to spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave, like tomorrow will never happen.

The founder of Home Depot was interviewed on TV yesterday. He advocated buying horses immediately while you still can. When, not if, the economy crashes you won't be able to buy gas for your car, so owners of horses will still be able to get around.

Regular readers of The World According to Bob will recall that Bob has waned of this happening for several months. Bob has previously recommended stockpiling food and ammunition, and whiskey for trade goods.

The “tipping point” forecast by such notables as Fed Chairman Bernanke may be at hand. Hang on to your hats, its going to be a ride.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Build your homes on the hilltops, you idiots!

Update April 6, 2011
From AP Story, Japan failed to heed the warning of their ancestors.

tsunami warning
Warning Carved in Stone

On high ground above towns, cities, and 30,000 people washed away by last month's earthquake and tsunami stand stone markers erected by ancestors. The stones warn "do not build your home below this level." or, "High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants." Their ancestors tried to warn them the same warning that Bob often tells people. Modern Japanese failed to heed the warning of ancestors and built on low flat land by the sea.

Its s natural human tendency. Humans tend to build their homes in the easiest and least expensive places. Its easy to build housing developments on flat, soft, land.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans enjoy the bungalow by the beach, the cottage down my the stream. Beach front lots are desired. Waterfront addresses get premium prices.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans plant farms on the mud flats along the rivers and streams, and then build their homes close by their fields. The flat area near a stream or river is wonderful farm land. It has many feet of top soil brought there by frequent or occasional floods of the stream or river. Ancient Egyptians relied on annual floods to renew fields and water their crops.

Its a natural human tendency. The mud by the river grows the best crops. The lahar from the local volcano is relatively flat, good for crops, and easy to build a home on.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans plant farms on the mud flats by the river, or the low places by the sea. As time goes by more people settle there and pretty soon there is a village, town, or city all build on the flood plain. They call it a “flood plain” for a reason.

Its a natural human tendency, but its really stupid and it can kill you.

Over the past few days we have been watching video from Japan where an earthquake cause a tsunami that eradicated all the beachfront homes, and all the flat land homes near the sea. See before and after photos here. In most of the films and still photos of the damage there are hills and higher ground that didn't get flooded, and didn't have homes or buildings. Like most sheeple, the Japanese follow the natural tendency to build their homes, villages, cities, and commercial buildings on flat land by the rivers and seas.

While Bob has a lot of sympathy for those who lost their lives, or lost their homes and are now suffering, Bob has to point out that its their own stupid fault for building or buying in the most likely place to suffer that damage. Its not like every Japanese did not know that a serious earthquake and tidal wave was just a matter of when, not if it would strike. They knew that sooner or later their homes, towns, and cities would get swept away by an earthquake and tidal wave, but they built or bought homes and businesses there anyway. Stupid F'ing idiots!

Japan has no monopoly on human stupidity. In the US, there are homes built all along the Mississippi river. Hello? Anyone home upstairs? It is going to flood. The only question is when will it flood. In Washington state there are cities build on the lahars down hill from active volcanoes. Hello? Anyone home upstairs? Its going to erupt. The only question is when will the next lahar eradicate the city and everyone in it.

For many years Bob has been preaching the wisdom of building homes on higher ground. The Indonesian tsunami a couple years ago would not have caused a hundred thousand deaths if the people had built on the hills, not on the beaches. Many foolish people continue to live on the flat plain, waiting for “The Big One” to wipe them out.

In your life, you do not have to be a sheep waiting for the axe to fall. Bob lives on a hilltop, high above the flood plain. Bob lives where there are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no floods, and no lahars. Its a little more expensive to build up here, but often the land is less expensive than the ocean front or river front land. Don't be a stupid fool, or a dead fool, like so many who's homes, villages, and cities are sitting ducks for the next natural disaster that everyone knows is coming.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Keep your Filthy Government Hands off my Clock!

A long time ago in a land far, far away, there once were free men.

Tonight the government, and all the socialist main stream media, tells us that the time will change tomorrow. We are supposed to line up like sheep and set all our clocks forward before their police dogs bite our ankles.

This is the government that is drunk with power. They control every part of our lives from our birth in a government licensed faculty controlled by a government licensed staff, to our burial in a government licensed cometary by a government licensed undertaker. The F'ing government ought to be minding its own F'ing business.

We are generations of slaves trained to obey in youth indoctrination centers, trained to respond to a bell, trained to obey authority, trained to snivel and dance for every small “gold star” approval. Well, this author has had enough.

You want to get up an hour earlier in summer, fine. Get up whenever the hell you like. But keep your god awful filthy mitts off my life.

The F'ing government goons can take their time change and cram it up their arses.

Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to throw the bastards out, or throw them under a bus along with their evil police dogs.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


The US House of Representatives proposed very modest 1 1/2% cuts in spending in a Federal budget that borrows 40% of its spending. The US Senate voted it down.

In 1775 the Continental Congress adopted a resolution, “Any government that takes one tenth part of a man's wealth, in total of all taxes, is tyranny and should be overthrown.” The current US Government passed that limit a long time ago. They are become tyranny.

Despite the angry shouts of millions of tax paying Americans, despite mobs of TEA Party voters who overturned Democrap control of the People's House, the government continues to borrow and spend like a drunk on holiday. Even the Republican leadership of the People's House, put in power by TEA Party activists and Americans who ran for Congresses to save our nation, will not listen to the very loud voices of the American people.

Media talking heads and pundits warn that failure to accept Pretender Obama's ruinous spending spree will “shut down” the government. They talk about it like its the pending sword of Damocles hanging over the people. They talk like shutting down the Federal government would be a huge disaster. They are some of the best known liars on earth, men who earn their livings by lying.



After several days of Internet discussions about the consequences of shutting down the government I have not found any serious problems. We have 50 states (not Obama's “57 states”) that all have equivalent necessary public services. The states have road and highway departments. States have health departments. States have police and National Guard army units for defense. States have agricultural extension services to promote and inspect food production. States have social services and schools. When you really look at what our Federal government does, is to steal and waste our money. They rob us with crushing taxes, and then “give” maybe half (a generous estimate) of it back to states. The Federal government also enforces 75 volumes of Federal Regulations that stifle business and kill industry across America. Unfunded Federal mandates have bankrupt virtually all 50 states.

If we SHUT DOWN the IRS and their crushing taxes, shut down enforcement of the 75 volumes of regulations, get the government out of our lives and off our backs, WE THE PEOPLE would enjoy a new era of prosperity and productivity. Our states would be freed from the crushing burden of unfunded federal mandates. Our local taxes could be greatly reduced. Our states would again be solvent.

Shutting down the US Government would save $3,800,000,000,000 this year alone.

Shutting down the US Government would save every American man, woman, and little child $11,000 this year alone. That's $44,000 per family.

The time has come. Write to your Congressman and demand that they SHUT IT DOWN. No FY 2011 Continuing Resolution at all. No FY 2012 budget. No increase in government debt. Just shut the whole damn thing down and get it off our backs and out of our pockets.



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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What if they do "SHUT IT DOWN FOR 6 MONTHS?"

Whenever I go to Yahoo News and read a story about the US Government budget arguments going on in Congress, there is always a chorus of angry Americans who shout "Shut it down!" Or "SHUT IT DOWN FOR 6 MONTHS!"

Yahoo is pretty liberal, but they now have thousands of very angry comments on every story from people who would rather just shut down the whole government than accept Washington as Usual.

I'm starting to think that might be a good idea. Its being done in Egypt and Libya. Get rid of the old government for 6 months, fire all the bureaucrats, and toss out 50 volumes of government regulations. Fire the secret police. Then hold some new elections in 6 months, nobody from old government allowed to run, and start over.

All my life I've been voting for politicians who promise to "lower taxes" but what they always mean is to slow the rate of tax increases. The government gets bigger and bigger and bigger, the "ratchet" effect. It never gets smaller.

I would assume that all the States would continue to function during a federal government shutdown. They would retain control of roads, bridges, and local schools. They would, however, be freed from the crushing economic burden of unfunded federal mandates

So should we toss it out, clean the slate, reprint the Constitution, and start over? Do we deserve freedom as much as Egyptians and Libyans?

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Monday, March 07, 2011

End Tax Funding of Libtard Broadcasting

Ms. Vivian Schiller, NPR (National Public Radio) President and CEO, addressed the National Press Club today. She dodged all the questions regarding endemic libtard bias at NPR. Many TEA Party and Republican Congressmen are saying that that the public should not be funding leftist political advocacy, or any political advocacy broadcasting. The new TEA Party House of Representatives eliminated all government funding for NPR and Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Ever since their inception, NPR and CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) have had a strong left or socialist bias. The bias shows up in what story they choose to tell, what things they say about the story, and who they hire to tell the story. When questioned by the National Press Club, Ms. Schiller refused to comment about how many or what percentage of liberals they have on their staff. It is basic human nature that anyone with a strong political opinion will believe that “neutral” is mostly what they believe. A broadcaster cannot have a neutral perspective if all their employees are socialists. The one conservative voice at NPR, Mr. Williams, was recently fired for speaking also on FOX news. Mr. Williams was also the only black man at NPR.

NPR and CPB are feminist libtard dominated. They continually broadcast anti-men hate along with their libtard agenda. Bob recently wrote to the local CPB station to complain about misandrist programming, but their mangina manager opined that “issues of interest to women” are not misandrist.

Public Broadcasting began in the 1960s when there were only 3 network channels on TV. It was believed that an alliterative outlet for many other programs was needed. All that has changed today. Instead of 3 networks we now have hundreds of cable and dish channels, and dozens of broadcast (antenna) channels in large markets. The need for public funding for broadcasting is long gone.

Broadcasters have a right to have a bias, but not with public money. There is no right to force conservative Americans to pay for libtard broadcasting. Just as commercial radio has conservative voices such as Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, so could private broadcasting have liberal voices. That is the essence of freedom of speech in the US. What is very wrong with PBS and CPB is that they are funded by robbing all Americans with tax laws.

The US Senate needs to approve HR-1 spending bill voted by the People's House. It cuts about $60 billion from current spending including elimination of publicly funded socialist misandrist propaganda broadcasting.

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dear Congressman -- Another Good Idea

Dear Congressman,

Hers is another good idea. What if IRS Income Tax, government laws, and government regulations are option? The Democraps could raise taxes every time they like, and none of us good people would care.

With optional taxes the Democraps could send in their money to pay for all of their socialist programs. No problem. Let them enjoy their high taxes.

With optional laws and regulations, RINOs and Democraps could enact a million pages of oppressive government law and regulation designed to stamp out businesses, prevent incomes, destroy initiative, and create an ever increasing dependent class. The libtards could adopt all the laws and regulations they like and no free men would care.

This idea is so good,
it should have been thought of years ago.

In a country that calls itself "land of the free" an optional government is the essence of free men. Let those who want tyranny and oppression, high taxes and a nanny state have as much as they like. No problem. Just don't let it be forced on men who would be free.

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Dear Congressman -- An Open Letter

Dear Congressman,

Here's a good idea that is going around on the net.

Just CANCEL the FY 2011 budget. If the Democraps don't want HR-1, just walk away. Get on with working on a FY-2012 budget. Let The Obama whine about not having any authorized funding until October 1st.

Democraps failed utterly to adopt a FY-2011 budget in the 111th Congress that they controlled. Now its time for the 112th Congress to be working on FY-2012. Its all their fault. The People's House did your part passing HR-1 the Whole Year CR, but if the Democraps don't want it, then WE THE PEOPLE are the big winners.

Canceling a FY-2011 budget would save WE THE PEOPLE a ton of our tax money, maybe half a trillion in spending would be saved. It would teach Democraps that WE THE PEOPLE are serious about cutting spending. MILLIONS of TEA Party voters would stand up and cheer. This suggestion is all over the web, it appears multiple times in comments in every recent news story about government budgets.

Last week many conservative columnists opined that House leadership is caving in. And its true. Don't cave.

HR-1 is there if the Democraps want it.

So tell Boehner to inform the Senate that you all are going to work on FY-2012 and never look back. Then hold a victory party. If they accept HR-1 or not, its a VICTORY for the people!

WE THE PEOPLE will stand up and cheer if you, Boehner, and the House come through for us. Just walk away and let the Democraps whine.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lying SCUMBAGS do it again.

Two decades ago Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush promised prospective voters, “Read my lips. No new taxes!” Once elected he forgot his promise to the people, caved in to Democrats in Congress, and approved new taxes. In doing so he taught a whole generation of voters that ALL politicians are lying scumbags who promise one thing and do quite another once they get to Washington. Finally, out of desperation, many of the old lied to voters had another go at changing our government. Millions of older voters formed the TEA Party, and millions of young voters who had not been lied to by the elder Bush scumbag still believed. We elected a new class of TEA Party Republicans to Congress in 2010. But now..... the same old lies and spending is happening again.

For more than a week all the media and political libtards have been whining about “shutting down the government” because, so they say, “There isn't time to negotiate a budget.”

Last year the Democrat controlled 111th Congress failed utterly to pass a FY 2011 budget for the government. On the last day of the lame duck session, as they adjourned for a Christmas break, they passed a Continuing Resolution allowing Obama to continue spending at 2010 levels until March 4, 2011. Well that date is coming up this Friday.

The House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans due to the election of a lot of new TEA Party members. Two weeks ago the House debated and passed a Whole Year Continuing Resolution, HR-1. To become Law the House budget has to be approved by the Senate and The Obama. Since that time the Senate and The Obama have been whining and crying that the government will “shut down” after March 4 because they “don't have time” to adopt a spending bill.

If they are concerned about having time to deal with the government's budget, one might ask what the Democrat controlled Senate is doing to meet the Friday deadline. After taking last week off, and Monday, the Senate is scheduled to be in session on Tuesday and for the rest of the week. While wondering how much progress the Senate is making on the federal budget, I tuned into C-SPAN2, the Senate channel, this mourning. Is the Senate hard at work on the budget? LOL. Don't be silly. This is the same Democrats who failed to adopt any FY budget last year.

This morning, Tuesday March 1, with government facing a “shut down” if they don't compete budget action by March 4, the Senate is spending Tuesday debating the always exciting topic of Patent Law. Patent Law is very exciting. They teach whole classes in Pat ant Law in law school. Many Senators probably still have textbooks on Paten Law they had to buy when in Law School. Discussing Patent Law is probably as exciting as waiting for the 4:48 train, or counting goals in a 0-0 soccer game.

Democrats in the Senate and the major media, MSM, will blame Republicans and the House for “shutting down” the government. According to MSM reports, Republican leaders are willing to capitulate and give up their historic debate and adoption of HR-1. Their promise to “CUT SPENDING” was a sham to fool voters. They seem to be lying scumbags like the rest of the filth in Congress.

With the Senate debating Patent Law instead of passing HR-1, the People's House should be holding firm to their historic CR debate. Shame on the Republicans for caving in. Shame, shame, shame1

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