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Monday, March 07, 2011

End Tax Funding of Libtard Broadcasting

Ms. Vivian Schiller, NPR (National Public Radio) President and CEO, addressed the National Press Club today. She dodged all the questions regarding endemic libtard bias at NPR. Many TEA Party and Republican Congressmen are saying that that the public should not be funding leftist political advocacy, or any political advocacy broadcasting. The new TEA Party House of Representatives eliminated all government funding for NPR and Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Ever since their inception, NPR and CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) have had a strong left or socialist bias. The bias shows up in what story they choose to tell, what things they say about the story, and who they hire to tell the story. When questioned by the National Press Club, Ms. Schiller refused to comment about how many or what percentage of liberals they have on their staff. It is basic human nature that anyone with a strong political opinion will believe that “neutral” is mostly what they believe. A broadcaster cannot have a neutral perspective if all their employees are socialists. The one conservative voice at NPR, Mr. Williams, was recently fired for speaking also on FOX news. Mr. Williams was also the only black man at NPR.

NPR and CPB are feminist libtard dominated. They continually broadcast anti-men hate along with their libtard agenda. Bob recently wrote to the local CPB station to complain about misandrist programming, but their mangina manager opined that “issues of interest to women” are not misandrist.

Public Broadcasting began in the 1960s when there were only 3 network channels on TV. It was believed that an alliterative outlet for many other programs was needed. All that has changed today. Instead of 3 networks we now have hundreds of cable and dish channels, and dozens of broadcast (antenna) channels in large markets. The need for public funding for broadcasting is long gone.

Broadcasters have a right to have a bias, but not with public money. There is no right to force conservative Americans to pay for libtard broadcasting. Just as commercial radio has conservative voices such as Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, so could private broadcasting have liberal voices. That is the essence of freedom of speech in the US. What is very wrong with PBS and CPB is that they are funded by robbing all Americans with tax laws.

The US Senate needs to approve HR-1 spending bill voted by the People's House. It cuts about $60 billion from current spending including elimination of publicly funded socialist misandrist propaganda broadcasting.

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