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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lying SCUMBAGS do it again.

Two decades ago Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush promised prospective voters, “Read my lips. No new taxes!” Once elected he forgot his promise to the people, caved in to Democrats in Congress, and approved new taxes. In doing so he taught a whole generation of voters that ALL politicians are lying scumbags who promise one thing and do quite another once they get to Washington. Finally, out of desperation, many of the old lied to voters had another go at changing our government. Millions of older voters formed the TEA Party, and millions of young voters who had not been lied to by the elder Bush scumbag still believed. We elected a new class of TEA Party Republicans to Congress in 2010. But now..... the same old lies and spending is happening again.

For more than a week all the media and political libtards have been whining about “shutting down the government” because, so they say, “There isn't time to negotiate a budget.”

Last year the Democrat controlled 111th Congress failed utterly to pass a FY 2011 budget for the government. On the last day of the lame duck session, as they adjourned for a Christmas break, they passed a Continuing Resolution allowing Obama to continue spending at 2010 levels until March 4, 2011. Well that date is coming up this Friday.

The House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans due to the election of a lot of new TEA Party members. Two weeks ago the House debated and passed a Whole Year Continuing Resolution, HR-1. To become Law the House budget has to be approved by the Senate and The Obama. Since that time the Senate and The Obama have been whining and crying that the government will “shut down” after March 4 because they “don't have time” to adopt a spending bill.

If they are concerned about having time to deal with the government's budget, one might ask what the Democrat controlled Senate is doing to meet the Friday deadline. After taking last week off, and Monday, the Senate is scheduled to be in session on Tuesday and for the rest of the week. While wondering how much progress the Senate is making on the federal budget, I tuned into C-SPAN2, the Senate channel, this mourning. Is the Senate hard at work on the budget? LOL. Don't be silly. This is the same Democrats who failed to adopt any FY budget last year.

This morning, Tuesday March 1, with government facing a “shut down” if they don't compete budget action by March 4, the Senate is spending Tuesday debating the always exciting topic of Patent Law. Patent Law is very exciting. They teach whole classes in Pat ant Law in law school. Many Senators probably still have textbooks on Paten Law they had to buy when in Law School. Discussing Patent Law is probably as exciting as waiting for the 4:48 train, or counting goals in a 0-0 soccer game.

Democrats in the Senate and the major media, MSM, will blame Republicans and the House for “shutting down” the government. According to MSM reports, Republican leaders are willing to capitulate and give up their historic debate and adoption of HR-1. Their promise to “CUT SPENDING” was a sham to fool voters. They seem to be lying scumbags like the rest of the filth in Congress.

With the Senate debating Patent Law instead of passing HR-1, the People's House should be holding firm to their historic CR debate. Shame on the Republicans for caving in. Shame, shame, shame1

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Anonymous Atlanta Roofing said...

Mr. McConnell tells us that the only people not sacrificin¬g during the economic downturn are federal government workers. Obviously, he's forgetting Wall Street, lobbyists, corporate executives and the ultra-rich¬. All of whom are doing just fine. And come to think of it, he and his fellow fellow senators aren't feeling a lot of pain either. Does anyone actually take what this man is saying seriously?

March 10, 2011 1:21 AM  

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