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Sunday, February 20, 2011

People's House Votes to Cut Spending

The 111th Congress controlled by Democrats failed utterly to pass any budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 which runs from October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011. Usually the Congress passes individual budget authorization laws for each department of government, and usually passes them before the end of the previous FY. The Democratic 111th Congress passed NO department budgets at all. In desperation they adopted a so-called Continuing Resolution (CR) allowing all government departments to continue spending money at FY 2010 levels for 90 days. Then since they failed again to adopt a budget in the lame duck session after elections, so they passed another CR right before their Christmas vacation, and then adjourned. No other Congress has ever failed utterly to adopt a budget for the government. The CR expires on March 4, 2011. Many Democrat Congressmen were voted out of office in the November 2010 elections.

The 112th Congress was convened in January 2012. The usual agenda for a new Congress is to debate funding for the following year. Instead, the newly elected Republican House of Representatives had to begin by cleaning up the mess left by the irresponsible Democrats. American voters had sacked many of the irresponsible Democrats and elected TEA Party conservative Representatives to replace them. The new TEA Party Representatives had a public mandate to CUT SPENDING and get the government's fiscal house in order. The new TEA Party Representatives gave a majority rule in the People's House to Republicans, but aggressively informed old time Republican leaders that business as usual in Washington, DC, was at an end.

The People's House leadership created House Resolution (HR) 1 as a Whole Year Continuing Resolution and sent it to committees to review spending for each Department and determine an acceptable spending level below requested levels. When the various committees reported their piece of the total CR back to the Rules Committee they were assembled into the largest spending bill ever to be considered by the US Congress. In a radical departure from the back room process of prior Democratic leadership, the proposed HR 1 was posted on-line for 3 days so the people could read it and know what the People's House is doing.

HR 1 was presented to the People's House for an open process public debate during the week of February 15th. The whole government budget was debated day and night all week. Hundreds of amendments that had been published in the Congressional Record (available on line) were brought up and debated. Some proposed amendments of both Democrats and Republicans were approved, and some were rejected. The whole process was open for the public to watch on C-SPAN.

Instead of the back room process of the Democratic 111th Congress, there was no "Louisiana Purchase," and no "Nebraska Compromise." There was NO earmarks or "pork" projects. For the first time ever there were individual Congressmen competing to cut the most funding out of the Government budget. Debate on amendments went on day and night all week. By the time they finished considering all amendments and adopted the Whole Year CR at 4:40 AM Saturday, February 19, they had cut over $100 billion from The Obama's budget proposal.

The Whole Year CR did not consider so called “entitlement” programs such as Medicare or Social Security. They did include defense and security spending, and made cuts in both.

All of the liberal/socialist whiners are screaming and crying because the People's House voted to cut several of their socialist giveaway programs. Several of The Obama's power grabs were specifically defunded. The People's House specifically prohibited spending on salaries for any government employee administering Obamacare, pushing Global Warming Cap and Tax, and several other socialist project. All the socialist Main Stream Media (MSM) propagandists have been threatening that the People's House budget will shut down the government because the Senate or The Obama will reject the authorized funds. Leftist spenders and those who live with their hand out to the government purse are in denial. They still are trying to convince each other that the TEA Party Republicans are not serious. They look back to 1995 when the Big 3 TV Networks controlled information for Americans and could control the people's knowledge of government. Those days are gone. Most young Americans now get most of our information from Internet sources. We know the truth. We are not fooled by lies spewing forth by the usual liberal wanks on CBS, CNN, or FOX.

The People's House has Constitutional authority and responsibility to originate and pass a spending authorization for the government based on the will of the People's Representatives. It will be offensive and dangerous for the Democratic Senate or The Obama to shut down the government by refusing to accept approved funding for the remainder of FY 2011. Screaming and crying liberals will try to blame Republicans for their failures, but the people know. We stayed up all night, all week, watching the People's House debate amendment after amendment and finally adopt funding for the government. Now we are watching the Senators. They had better vote to accept it or they better get to looking for another job. The People won't tolerate more of the same old business as usual from the old Washington liars.

Millions of TEA Party Americans all across the country are shouting, “SHUT IT DOWN!” They point out that shutting down the whole government for 4 years while still collecting taxes would eliminate the debt. Many TEA Party Americans want The Obama to be forced to buy his own gas for his limo. That's a little overly optimistic, but the spending cutters are not done. Right before the end of debate in the People's House, at 4:00 AM Saturday morning, some Congressmen proposed an amendment to make another deep cut across the board. House leadership got them to withdraw their proposed amendment, but they stand ready to demand even larger budget cuts if the Democratic Senate or The Obama refuse this budget.

Bob suggests that if The Obama vetoes the HR-1, the Whole Year CR, approved by the People's House, the People's House should just pass it again with an amendments to block any spending on pens at the White House.

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Anonymous sth_txs said...

Well, I can't say I think that much of the tea party. The local fresmen from my area voted to extend the patriot act despite claiming to respect the Constitution.

I'm glad I did not bother to vote last November. It makes little difference who is charge at this point.

Besides, $100 billion in cuts, maybe? The Republic is saved.

February 23, 2011 6:23 PM  

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