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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dear Congressman -- An Open Letter

Dear Congressman,

Here's a good idea that is going around on the net.

Just CANCEL the FY 2011 budget. If the Democraps don't want HR-1, just walk away. Get on with working on a FY-2012 budget. Let The Obama whine about not having any authorized funding until October 1st.

Democraps failed utterly to adopt a FY-2011 budget in the 111th Congress that they controlled. Now its time for the 112th Congress to be working on FY-2012. Its all their fault. The People's House did your part passing HR-1 the Whole Year CR, but if the Democraps don't want it, then WE THE PEOPLE are the big winners.

Canceling a FY-2011 budget would save WE THE PEOPLE a ton of our tax money, maybe half a trillion in spending would be saved. It would teach Democraps that WE THE PEOPLE are serious about cutting spending. MILLIONS of TEA Party voters would stand up and cheer. This suggestion is all over the web, it appears multiple times in comments in every recent news story about government budgets.

Last week many conservative columnists opined that House leadership is caving in. And its true. Don't cave.

HR-1 is there if the Democraps want it.

So tell Boehner to inform the Senate that you all are going to work on FY-2012 and never look back. Then hold a victory party. If they accept HR-1 or not, its a VICTORY for the people!

WE THE PEOPLE will stand up and cheer if you, Boehner, and the House come through for us. Just walk away and let the Democraps whine.

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