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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dear Congressman -- Another Good Idea

Dear Congressman,

Hers is another good idea. What if IRS Income Tax, government laws, and government regulations are option? The Democraps could raise taxes every time they like, and none of us good people would care.

With optional taxes the Democraps could send in their money to pay for all of their socialist programs. No problem. Let them enjoy their high taxes.

With optional laws and regulations, RINOs and Democraps could enact a million pages of oppressive government law and regulation designed to stamp out businesses, prevent incomes, destroy initiative, and create an ever increasing dependent class. The libtards could adopt all the laws and regulations they like and no free men would care.

This idea is so good,
it should have been thought of years ago.

In a country that calls itself "land of the free" an optional government is the essence of free men. Let those who want tyranny and oppression, high taxes and a nanny state have as much as they like. No problem. Just don't let it be forced on men who would be free.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Problem with this is is that the libtards would go broke if they were the only ones paying for their outlandish schemes and they would force the rest of us to help them.

March 08, 2011 12:25 PM  

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