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Friday, March 11, 2011

Keep your Filthy Government Hands off my Clock!

A long time ago in a land far, far away, there once were free men.

Tonight the government, and all the socialist main stream media, tells us that the time will change tomorrow. We are supposed to line up like sheep and set all our clocks forward before their police dogs bite our ankles.

This is the government that is drunk with power. They control every part of our lives from our birth in a government licensed faculty controlled by a government licensed staff, to our burial in a government licensed cometary by a government licensed undertaker. The F'ing government ought to be minding its own F'ing business.

We are generations of slaves trained to obey in youth indoctrination centers, trained to respond to a bell, trained to obey authority, trained to snivel and dance for every small “gold star” approval. Well, this author has had enough.

You want to get up an hour earlier in summer, fine. Get up whenever the hell you like. But keep your god awful filthy mitts off my life.

The F'ing government goons can take their time change and cram it up their arses.

Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to throw the bastards out, or throw them under a bus along with their evil police dogs.

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