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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What if they do "SHUT IT DOWN FOR 6 MONTHS?"

Whenever I go to Yahoo News and read a story about the US Government budget arguments going on in Congress, there is always a chorus of angry Americans who shout "Shut it down!" Or "SHUT IT DOWN FOR 6 MONTHS!"

Yahoo is pretty liberal, but they now have thousands of very angry comments on every story from people who would rather just shut down the whole government than accept Washington as Usual.

I'm starting to think that might be a good idea. Its being done in Egypt and Libya. Get rid of the old government for 6 months, fire all the bureaucrats, and toss out 50 volumes of government regulations. Fire the secret police. Then hold some new elections in 6 months, nobody from old government allowed to run, and start over.

All my life I've been voting for politicians who promise to "lower taxes" but what they always mean is to slow the rate of tax increases. The government gets bigger and bigger and bigger, the "ratchet" effect. It never gets smaller.

I would assume that all the States would continue to function during a federal government shutdown. They would retain control of roads, bridges, and local schools. They would, however, be freed from the crushing economic burden of unfunded federal mandates

So should we toss it out, clean the slate, reprint the Constitution, and start over? Do we deserve freedom as much as Egyptians and Libyans?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping for just a simple shutdown of "non-essential services," like the one in the 90's. (Incidentally, they got it back up instantly, once they saw that nobody noticed the difference) But I like your idea much better. It's not going to happen, but I like it.

March 08, 2011 5:55 PM  
Anonymous sth_txs said...

It would be an interesting experiment.

I'm sure the gas would stop at the local station, grocery stores would close down, the electricity shut down, right? :LOL:

March 09, 2011 2:37 PM  

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