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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Space Aliens

Someone asked Bob what is his opinion on flying saucers, UFOs and space aliens.

There are a few possibilities

1. Flying saucers doing faster than light travel are impossible. No society will ever visit any other. Neither will we. Probable.

2. There are no other peoples that have a rate of increase on any other world, we're the first. Not likely.

3. There are people on other worlds, but over billions of years they are all developing at the very same time as us, give or take a millennia or two. Very unlikely.

4. There is at least one other planet in the universe with alien life that has a positive rate of population increase... and...flying saucers are possible...and...flying Saucers are cheap. If so, Space Aliens would have visited and populated all the other planets a very long while ago, and continuously. Did they occupy our planet and kick the dinos out? No. Then its very unlikely.

5. There is at least one other planet in the universe with life that has a small but positive rate of population increase... and...flying saucers are possible...and...flying Saucers are expensive. (see note) If so, the other peoples will probably never visit most of the planets -- and probably have never visited us. Possible.

Out of the possible, and logical answers, on the whole my guess is that number 1 is the one that it correct, but 5 is also possible. The others are so unlikely that the probability is vanishingly small.

[“expensive“ means that the price is so large that an average family cannot afford a serviceable model for themselves. An expensive ship takes a large government investment in each one. ]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Families, Fathers and daughters

Fathers are the people who have traditional and historic responsibility for raising daughters. Many fathers are confused these days. Most of today's fathers have been raised all their lives by feminist indoctrinated mothers, feminist schoolmarms, and feminist propaganda media. Most of today's fathers are confused on their goals for their daughters, are confused on what a good father ought to be doing for is daughter.

Last year Bob advised a young woman to eschew the false feminist program of “education” instead of marriage, and a man's business career instead of raising her family. Bob advised her to ask her father to help her find a good husband. Unfortunately for her, her father had been thoroughly indoctrinated by feminist dogma and he verbally abused his daughter for having the good sense to ask for his help to have a good life.

Many fathers today are confused and mislead about their role as fathers. Most fathers want to help their sons and daughters but have been told lies about the appropriate goals for a daughter. Young men grow up being fed the nonsense lies and propaganda of feminism, and most fathers believe what they've been told. Most fathers believe the feminist fiction that daughters need to be encouraged to waste the productive years of their life going to feminist dominated “schools” which are little more than warehouses for young adults. Most fathers now believe that their daughter is supposed to attend college or university, get her own apartment, pursue a man's traditional career, and become independent. It is the lies taught by feminists who oppose families and marriage. Bob is here to tell them the truth about a father's role in his daughter's life. Feminist lies hurt daughters as much as they hurt sons. Fathers need to oppose feminists and ignore their lies.

The first thing fathers need to know is that females have always been divided into two classes, the wife class and the whore class. The wife class of females has always been good and decent, partners for husbands, and mothers of good children. The whore class of females has always been the underclass, the camp followers, the entertainers, the sluts and one night fucks. The whore class has often been “educated” with men's reading, writing, music and other entertainment skills. They have been called courtesans and old maids. The whore class has worked in brothels and taught school. They fuck for money, or just for fun. Their children are bastards, raised by mothers without a father's love and guidance. Often the whores don't have any idea who the father of her bastard was. There are few fathers who want their daughters to become whores. Most fathers want their daughters to become good wives and good mothers.

The second thing fathers need to figure out is that the feminist life plan of “education,” independence, and a man's career is the whore's life plan, not the good wife's life plan. A father who encourages his daughter to “stay in school,” go to college, get a job, etc., is pushing his daughter into whoring and a whore's life. A good father encourages his daughter to become a good wife and mother, not a whore.

The good wife life plan begins when she passes through puberty and becomes a biologically adult woman. Usually that is about age 13 or 14, and has been that age for thousands of generations of women. Feminists lie. Biology doesn't lie. Your daughter's body is telling you she's ready to be a good wife and mother. Your daughter's body is that way because that is how women have lived for thousands of generations. Bodies don't lie. Compared to other mammals, age 14 is very old to begin bearing children. The females of most species start being mothers at age 3 or 4. Only human females wait another decade, until age 14 or so, to be biologically ready to be mothers. Fathers need to look and listen to their daughters, see that she's ready to be a woman, and disregard the feminist lies that are intended to destroy her family and turn her into a whore. A good father wants his daughter to become a good wife, to bear and raise good children, and to live a full, rich, wonderful life. A good father doesn't want his daughter to grow up and become another whore.

The next thing fathers need to understand is that while his daughter is ready to be a wife and mother during her teenage years, young men are not ready to be good husbands at the same age. The requirements for young fathers are quite different from those of young mothers. A husband needs to be educated and established in a career so he can support and protect his wife and family. A good husband needs more worldly knowledge and maturity than the biological ability that a mother needs. Over many ages and thousands of generations young women have married men who are older than they are, perhaps a decade older or even more. For all human history until the middle of the 20th (feminist) century, most females married men who were a decade older than they were. A typical female of 14 to 16 years of age would usually marry a man of age 25 to 30. Before feminist propaganda became “what everyone knows' that age difference was the standard life plan for wives. Young women have a built in biological ability to be attracted to older men. It is the life plan that promotes good marriages, good families, and the best life for a man's daughters. Today's feminists call it “criminal.”

Finally, a good father needs to remember that his responsibility as a father is to find a good husband for his daughter and turn responsibility for her over to the husband. Just as he accepted responsibility for his wife from her father, he needs to give his daughter to a good husband of her generation. In traditional marriage ceremonies the Priest asks “Who gives this woman to be married?” The traditional marriage transfers responsibility for the young woman from her father to her husband. The father gives her away at the marriage ceremony and after that is no longer responsible for her support. The father's goal has been achieved. His responsibility is over. His fatherly responsibility has passed to the next generation. That is the goal and responsibility of a good father. Unlike the feminist lies, the transfer of his daughter to a good husband allows his daughter to have full, rich, wonderful life as a wife and mother.

Unfortunately most fathers today have been taught to raise their daughters as whores instead of as wives. Fathers push their daughters to “stay in school” instead of to get married. Fathers encourage daughters to be “independent” as a feminist whore, to get a man's career instead of a husband. She ends up having her own apartment, fucking men she picks up at bars, doing sex in the city as a common whore. She thinks she will eventually find a husband at age 30 or so, and a few manage to leave the whore's life to go back to the wife's life, but even then most are not able to live as wives. The whore trained females go from man to man blaming him for their failures. But the serial husbands are not to blame. The feminists who prevented them from living the life of a good wife are to blame. The feminists who lied to mothers and fathers, who convinced young women to “stay in school” instead of getting married, who led them into a whore's life instead of a good wife's life are to blame. Millions of unhappy, lonely, broken women are the result of the failure of feminist lies. Today we have almost half of the children in the US born as bastards to whores. We have almost half the marriages failing because the feminist whore female has lost her ability to bond emotionally with one man. She treats sex like a commodity, and her cunt is always for sale to the next man. She became a trained whore instead of a good wife and mother. That is not the life that any father would want for his daughter.

There are always two classes of females, the wife class and the whore class. A good wife marries when she becomes biologically ready. She shares her cunt only with her husband and opens her womb to bear his children. She doesn't sell her cunt to many men for money and for fun. She doesn't eschew marriage during the years when she is able to form strong lifelong emotional bonds with a husband. She doesn't “stay in school” to learn the letters and poetry and courtesans skills of high class whores.

A good wife is a woman of value to the society. She is living her life creating a good future for the whole culture. She is a value and positive model for all women, and respected by all good men. She is a contrast to the whore class females. A whore has no value to the society other than to provide men with entertainment and as an overnight fuck. When a man's wife is raped it causes great harm to the man. His exclusive use of his wife's cunt is broken, and the hot fucking time she has with another man remains as a permanent risk for his marriage. Likewise when a man's unmarried daughter is raped she becomes less valuable to other men as a future wife, and the man will have a harder time finding as good a husband for her. In Biblical law a man who rapes another man's daughter must pay her father a fine, and perhaps marry the daughter. It alloted the cost to the father and provided for a daughter who had become less marketable as a wife. Biblical law does not provide a penalty for a man who rapes a whore, because no harm is given to any other man. She may likely enjoy the fucking she gets, and even if not enjoyed another slice off a cut cake causes no harm. Rape of an unmarried and eligible daughter is a property crime against her father, but rape of a whore no crime worse than failure to pay for commercial service. Even if a whore is killed it is no loss to the society, no family has been damaged. A whore has no value for the future of the society, and another dead whore is no loss.

When a man's wife files for divorce and goes whoring there is little he can do under a feminist dominated government. Feminists enacted “no fault” divorce laws half a century ago as part of their campaign to destroy marriage and families. Feminism is led by lesbian men hating bitches and whores. They hate good wives and good families as much as they hate men. When a feminist female destroys her family under feminist “no fault” divorce on a whim laws, she is given “custody” of her husband's children. The divorced ex-wife is now a single female with no husband, she is immediately transformed from a wife to a whore. She has given up the life of a good wife and chosen the life of a whore. The chances are she was already living as a whore, fucking other men behind her husband's back. Leaving her husband only makes her identity as a whore official. Its the chosen feminist life.

The feminists claim that a female can “have it all” if she eschews a good life as a mother and wife. They are wrong. Millions of old lonely females will never have the babies and family they put off and put off for the false feminist dream. Even with the services of the hugely expensive fertility clinics that are now a big industry, millions of females are just too late. The irony is that females can have it all but only if they work with mother nature, not against their bodies. A female who marries and bears her children during her biological baby making years will have her children grown and married off before she is 40. She will then have several decades to go to college, get a PhD, and have that life she was promised by the feminists. She can have it all, but only if she is a good wife and not a feminist whore.

When a wife leaves her husband to be a whore, under feminist law she also takes her ex-husband's children. A man's daughter is taken from him by the feminist state. She no longer is his daughter to be given in marriage to a good husband. When the state takes a man's daughter she is forced into a whore's life with her whore mother. The feminists have won, they have claimed another girl for the whores life in the sisterhood of feminist whores. There have always been two classes of women. Today there are few good wives and many whores. Instead of marriage the daughter will sell her cunt for a good time at a party or after school. She may be raped and it is no crime because her cunt has become public. Feminism and her feminist whore mother have destroyed her. The father's responsibility no longer exists. His daughter is gone along with the responsibly he once had for his wife.

The feminists who oppose families and marriage are winning our daughters. They demand that daughters be prevented from becoming good wives. Finding a good husband for an eligible daughter is now illegal in most parts of the US. Feminist laws force fathers to wait until the daughter has been indoctrinated and turned into a whore before she is allowed even to try to find her a husband. They make men of eligible age into criminals for meeting and marrying eligible women. Then they pretend that marriage is unsuitable for young women because the young men they were allowed to marry were not old enough and responsible enough to be good husbands. The whole feminist system is very badly messed up.

A father of a daughter needs to remember the responsibility of a father, and to fight against all opposition who would destroy his daughter or turn her into another whore. A good father needs to fight any whore wife who files for divorce and tries to take his daughter from her father. A dead cunt never gets custody, and a dead whore is no loss to anyone. Fathers must resume their responsibility to help daughters find good husbands who will take over responsibility for the young woman during her biological baby making years. Unlike the father of the young woman mentioned above, fathers need to help their daughters find a good life as a good wife, and help them to avoid the feminist whore life that is promoted by the feminist dominated culture. Remember there are two classes of women. Which class would a father want for his daughter? Probably not the life of a whore. What life do you want for your daughter?

Brokeback Rump Rider Bites the Dust

One of the stars of the faggot propaganda film, Rump Rider Mountain, has reaped the final reward of a life of psychosexual perversion. Australian actor Heath Ledger found drugs and faggots in the sordid world of films and actors. He used his short pathetic life to promote the evils of the gay agenda and rump rider action. See Hollywood Filth. Hollywood used its money and skills to defame generations of decent hard working American men who raise cows and provide us all with the food we eat. Instead of being thankful to the real men of America, Ledger crapped on them with his lying twisted perversion film.

The sordid psychosexual excuse for a life of a Hollywood glory hole doesn't last very long. Heath Ledger died this week, his sick twisted mind and filthy drug ridden body collapsed under his excesses. Rump riding and drugs are a short road to death. Ledger lasted only 28 years. The world is rid of another Hollywood faggot. Depending on your religious beliefs he will either spend eternity in Hell or be reincarnated as a cockroach. Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish.
Read news story

UPDATE February 6, 2008
The autopsy tests on faggot Ledger were released today. He died of an overdose on several of the various drugs that were part of his sordid sick entertainment life style. Drugs, faggotry, perversion, he led a really sick disgusting life. The world is a nicer place with him planted 6 feet down.
Story here

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Faggot Public Sex

In Citrus Heights, California, the Public Sex faggots have been driving children out of Tempo Park. The park is supposed to be a place where children can play soccer, but the children now are constantly confronted with rump riding perverts meeting and humping each other in public places. "I'm out here maybe five, six hours a day and there will just be constant traffic coming through the park," soccer trainer Simon Sheppard said. Citrus Heights is NE of faggot central San Francisco, near the state Capital in Sacramento. Bob has no problems with faggots who get together in private to practice perverted sodomy if they want to destroy their lives. But the “Public Sex” part of the gay agenda harms the community and especially children who would be enjoying soccer and other games in public parks. We the people should not tolerate any of that kind of public perversion. Let them live their sick sordid lives in private, not in places where decent people live and play.

Read Story here

You can read more about the gay agenda and faggot public sex here

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Amber Hate Hits New Low

The so-called “Amber Alert” system is a feminazi program designed to spread hatred of men across America. It hit a new low this week in Trumbauerville Borough, Pennsylvania. The blue gun thugs declared an “Amber Hate” incident when a father picked up his daughter on Main Street. Anti-men hate has reached such a level in many parts of America that fathers are routinely seen as “criminal.” In Trumbauerville some man hating bitch saw a father pick up his daughter and immediately assumed that any girl getting into a man's car was in trouble. She called out the blue gun thugs who reacted in their usual violently excessive manner. They spread hate and corruption across Pennsylvania using the hate system known as “Amber Hate.” Read media story

The hate-men program of the blue gun thugs called “Amber Hate” needs to be torn down and sanity restored where hate now rules.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Senatrix Shuns Constituent Fathers

A generation ago Dr. Martin Luther King led demonstrations against a government that turned its back on the rights of black Americans. He was often arrested for violating the Jim Crow laws that enforced segregation.

For this generation men are the new hated class. Jane Crow laws enforce violent and pervasive destruction of men throughout America.

In Syracuse, New York, a courageous man named John Murtari has led a non-violent protest against the Jane Crow bigotry that hurts so many fathers and families. For the last couple of years John has been asking politely to meet with the US Senator from New York to present his case for Congressional action to restore freedom and equal rights for men in the United States. They propose a Family Rights Act which they hope to have introduced in the Congress. They are trying to work within the government process by meeting with their elected Senatrix and asking Ms. Hitllary to listen to their story.

For more than 2 years the Senator from New York, feminist Senatrix Hitllary, has refused even to meet with John and his group of fathers. John has been arrested and spend weeks in jail because he refuses to end his peaceful requests at the Federal Office Building in Syracuse, New York, where the Senatrix from New York has an official office. Read web site

To mark the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, John Murtari again led a peaceful protest at the Federal Office Building in Syracuse, was arrested, and spent another 2 days in the government's hellhole prison. The government is again in criminal violation of the US Constitution, Amendment I, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” John Murtari's right to peacefully assemble in front of the US Government office building, to display signs and request a meeting with their elected Senatrix has been violently abridged. The “security” forces, agent of Satan in black robes of hell, and federal persecutor are criminals breaking the fundamental law of the United States.

After more than 2 years of peaceful petitions one might be tempted to think that a US Senatrix would find time to meet with a group of her constituents. After all, her official position is to represent their views and needs to the Congress of the United States. One might be tempted to think that, but Senatrix Hitllary only represents feminazi from New York. She does not actually represent any man from New York, nor any woman who opposes feminazi programs. For more than two years Senatrix Hitllary has declined even to acknowledge the peaceful petition of the group of Father and Kid's Rights advocates whom she legally represents. She has not even had the respect to officially deny their request for a meeting. All she would have to do is to give them 5 minutes to present their case and then to thank them for their concern as Congressional Representatives usually do to their constituents. Senatrix Hitllary has not even had the manners to refuse a meeting.

One might also think that the media might report Senatrix Hitllary's stonewall program against fathers and children. One might be tempted to think that her political opponents such as the “Stop Hitllary” campaign by FOX News's Sean Hanity might mention her stonewall approach to families, men, and children. But you would be wrong if you thought that even FOX news is not so misandrist that they put destruction of men ahead of partisan politics. None of the mass media will even mention the anti-men, anti-fathers, anti-family, anti-children hate agenda of both major political parties and all of the major media.

The leftist feminazi media will not mention the continued stonewalling of New York constituents, and criminal violation of Constitutional law by Senatrix Hitllary and the government.

In honor of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, John Murtari was again arrested peacefully at the US Federal Office Building in Syracuse, New York, while peacefully assembling on the sidewalk in front of the building and holding a sign with a petition to meet peacefully with his elected Senatrix. This coming Monday is our national holiday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. As you celebrate, Bob asks you to take 5 minutes to remember that evil Jane Crow laws and criminal bigots in the government are still alive and well today. A generation later they target men, families, fathers, and our children of all races. Jane Crow is the new bigotry in the United States.

When you hear about the election campaign of Senatrix Hitllary, remember the peaceful petition by her constituents in New York whom she sends armed criminals out to arrest instead of agreeing to hear their petition. Remember that she represents the worst anti-men bigotry ever to have major support in the United States. And always remember that no real man ever votes for a cunt.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

No woman is illegal.

Yesterday Bob was listening to political commentary on radio when they started talking about Sen. Hillary's campaign stop at a Mexican restaurant. While munching some tacos, Ms. Hitllary listened to the views of employees and other patrons. One man supposedly complained about immigration policy, “My wife is illegal.” Sen. Hitllary responded with her very sexist view, “No woman is illegal.” It was an offhand unscripted comment that clearly demonstrates the sexist female view of “equality.” In the femzi mind if Sen. Hitllary, only WOMEN are always legal, but men are not included. A man with similar views on open borders would have said something like, “Nobody is illegal.” When a cunt is elected, she represents cunts. She does not represent “everybody” or any man. She does not belong in public office. Her kind of prejudice should be sent home to her family, to mind her kitchen. No man should ever vote for a cunt.

Read media story

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Cleaning up the Marines

The femnags have been telling us for years that females are as good as men, as strong as men, just like men. They have demanded “equal” (read “special”) treatment in many men's occupations. One special treatment occupation that puts all Americans in danger is the “equal” females in our military. Big, big, mistake!

When a military unit goes into combat, the last thing they need is a bunch of non-combat females tagging along and taking up the space that should be filled with more combat soldiers. A military corps that officially has, for example, 80,000 soldiers, now has only 60,000 men and 20,000 non-combat ready females. When the 60,000 men go out to confront the enemy, or if they are ever needed to defend our homeland, they will be spread too thin, there will be holes in their lines. They will be much more easily outflanked and defeated. But its even worse. The 20,000 females don't just make holes in the number of available combat troops. The females require protection and disrupt communication. A study by the US Army concluded that their regulations on “sexual harassment” of their females have disrupted effective communications between soldiers and compromised combat effectiveness. That's a PC way of saying that the femnag imitation soldiers file so many false “harassment” complaints that the men won't even talk to them out of fear of a false “harassment” complaint ruining their military career.

The public learned of the horrors of lying females in the military a few years ago when an annual Navy aviation convention called “Tailhook” became a huge scandal with stories of sordid sexual contact between men and females. The females told wild stories of unwanted sexual harassment, all of which destroyed the careers and lives of many good men before they were eventually found to have been total fabrications of the lying bitches. We taxpayers lost our investment in years of training, and lost the services of some of the world's best combat pilots. The lying cunts who caused the scandal got rewarded. The major media played “Tailhook” on their front pages for months, until the fraud was uncovered after which it was noted once on the back page. Bad men is front page news. Bad females is hardly worth a mention.

We have been getting whiny feminist stories in our media this week about a “pregnant marine” who turned up dead. Lance Cpl. Maria Frances Lauterbach was pregnant against marine corps regulations. Young females want babies, and being around all those studly men makes their wombs want babies even more. They supposed to be taking birth control pills if they want to screw the men, but so many young females think with their wombs. Getting pregnant is a violation of regulations, with an official punishment, but of course females are systematically rewarded and never punished for that kind of regulation violation. Fucking with the men is against regulations too, but the military only ever punishes men for fucking the females. They don't punish the females for fucking the men. That wouldn't be “equal” for the PC femnags.

Ms. Lauterbach apparently left a suicide not, but the blue gun thugs are saying that she had been killed. To avoid official sanction for getting pregnant she had filed a false “rape” charge against the nearest available man. Filing a false rape accusation has been a well known excuse for pregnant females since they started getting pregnant. We Americans were treated to the specter of “Roe vs. Wade” which is arguably the most famous legal case ever to come to SCOTUS. It centered on “Roe's” false rape story created to divert attention from her getting pregnant from enthusiastically fucking some hot guy she met. Females have always thought with their wombs and claimed “rape” to their family when they come home pregnant.

This morning on ABC they interviewed the family of Ms. Lauterbach. The TV talking heads and the family are alleging that the Marine corps “had not protected” Ms. Lauterbach sufficiently. Bob was astonished to hear that accusation. Bob thought that the Marie Corps was supposed to be protecting America. Bob thought that Marines were a corps of strong combat trained men (and females) who were there to protect our nation and all of us. Bob grew up hearing stories of heroism about Marines who captured enemy islands or held a hilltop against overwhelming odds. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli the US Marine corps have been a force nobody should dare trifle with for more than two centuries. And now we are told that a Marine Lance Corporal should have been “protected.” Hello? Who is protecting whom? It is a very sorry day when the US Marines have gone from the meanest fighting men ever to a corps of sniveling pregnant females who needs to be protected.

I remember a story from Seattle a few years ago when a dozen or so local bullies saw what they thought were two skinheads at the mall. Much to their regret they had mistaken jarheads for skinheads. The dozen bullies thought it would be fun to beat up a couple of skinheads. Blue gun thugs eventually rescued the remaining bullies and called EMS for the rest. The two US Marines hadn't broken a sweat. Now we are told by national and local media that the pregnant Marine should have been “protected.” One has to assume that the protection would have been provided by the MEN Marines, who will be busy protecting female Marines and neither of them will be doing the job of protecting the United States from all enemies.

Feminism has caused real and serious problems for all of us. Feminist PC crapola has allowed females to invade our military forces, to waste 20 percent of the effectiveness by filling combat numbers with non-combat females, to render the remainder of the armed forces less effective because they are required to “protect” the whiny ineffective females, and because they are justifiably afraid to fraternize with or even speak with the females.

Eliminating a whiny false rape accusing cunt from the US Marine Corps was doing a public service to all Americans. That's one fewer waste of Marine Corps resources. Semper Fi!

Read Media Story Here

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

DV Pig Gets His

In Miami a blue gun thug DV detective was found dead in his bullet ridden pigmobile. Gun Thug Detective James Walker, 30, was found in an alley by North Miami Beach. He had been working the “Domestic Violence” division of the Miami Blue Gun Thugs. “His car had been filled full of holes,” said spokesthug Schwartz.

Walker had spent his days and nights as the armed muscle behind the feminazi anti-family hate laws. He earned his living beating up men, husbands, and locking them in chains. He counted on general cowardice of American men and the overbearing violence of the blue suit gang to ensure his own safety. He counted wrong. Somewhere in Florida is a Real MAN who didn't just lie down and die when the blue gun thugs came to his door. Somewhere in Florida is a Real MAN who let the pig have what he so richly deserved. We don't know who he is, but he is a man who focused his anger on the predatory evil who worked to destroy his life for fun and greed.

One down, many thousand to go. Other evil scum like James Walker are still out there destroying our families and the lives of men every day. They are bought and paid for by the federal government under slush fund hate laws like VAWA. But today, men can breathe a little easier, for there is one fewer evil pig out destroying families. May blue gun thug Walker burn in hell where his evil master, Satan, has called him home.

May all that is sacred bless and protect the courageous man who put a stop to evil.

Bob never advocates any kind of criminal acts, I'm just an observer of the human condition and author of political opinion.

News story here

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Underground Railroad Rescues Fathers

Daren Wilson (not his real name) was an ordinary man living a good life. He had worked hard to pay his way through college and now had a decent occupation. He had gotten married to a female he met in college and now had a couple of children. They had bought a nice home in the suburbs and managed to put a little money aside for retirement investments. But his wonderful life was about to explode. Daren's wife, Sandy, had grown bored with her SAHM lifestyle. She had begun frequenting on-line feminist pages and reading women magazines about how divorce can “empower” females. She had her first affair shortly after the marriage when she got the hots for a carpet layer Daren had hired to recarpet her home. She wasn't really sure that both kids were Daren's.

The divorce hit Daren blindsided like a ton of bricks. He never saw it coming. One day he found the locks changed on “his” home. He soon was served with a restraining order alleging domestic violence and ordering him not to get within hundreds of yards of his wife or children. Her lieyer had encouraged her to file a fictitious allegation of “abuse” to make a paper trail and increase her justification for custody of Daren's children. It didn't take the court too long to strip Daren's life of everything he had worked for. She got custody, routine in the “family” court. Sandy got the house, the car, the savings account. Daren was ordered to pay most of his take home pay to her for so-called “child support” which she spent on crack, entertainment, and new shoes. Daren found a one room hole to live in and managed to find an old beat up car that still ran. After taxes and “child support” he had to survive on about $600 per month. He ate mostly beans and rice, when he could afford it. As bad as Daren's life had become, it was going to get worse.

Daren made the mistake of driving by his children's school, just to see them. He was arrested for “stalking” and spent time in jail. The jail time resulted in losing his job, and he was unable to keep up with the child support payments. His dismal life of indentured servitude, slavery, was no longer possible. He was ordered to appear in court where he expected to be sent to debtor's prison until he paid his back “child support.” Some men have been in debtor's prisons for more than 10 years, still unable to pay. An estimated half a million American men rot in debtor's prisons today, most of them will never be able to pay the “child support” orders. The bureaucracy of “enforcement,” courts, lieyers, and prisons doesn't really care about Daren's money. They get paid by the federal government to destroy the lives of men on a head count basis. Daren's life was gone, and his body was about to be gone too, slammed into hell and the key thrown away.

That was when Daren found the underground railroad. Whenever slavery is practiced as the legal process, it eventually creates a support organization for escaped slaves. Slavery usually generates an underground railroad to help slaves escape. It's not a real railroad of course, with iron tracks and snorting locomotives. An underground railroad is a chain of safe houses, secret meeting places, way stations, and hidden transportation that allow an escaped slave to move by night though and around official slave catchers. One such underground railroad which now has been created to help men like Daren is The Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile (PAFE).

A man in Daren's place has very few options. He could have remembered the old adage that “Dead Cunts Don't Get Custody” and taken care of his children before all the divorce trouble began, but Daren was a non-violent man who had believed in the system. He hadn't learned the truth about the feminazi divorce system until too late. He could have acted like John Malvo did after his second family was taken from him, gone on a shooting rampage and taken revenge on the evil society that works every day to destroy men and families. But Daren was a peaceful man. He could have joined the French Foreign Legion, long a retreat for men with a past they want to forget, but Daren was a peaceful man. Daren needed to find a non-violent way to start over after his life had been so ruthlessly destroyed by feminism and their evil agents of Satan in black robes of hell.

Daren found PAFE. He was quietly moved through several safe houses in different locations to cover his route. He ended up in an undisclosed country with a new identity. He eventually found a new job with his new identity and now lives quietly. He often still wonders about the children that he still loves and cares about, but they were taken from his life by evil feminists, and he had no way of even seeing them again.

Daren is not alone. About 250,000 North American men have been helped to escape the slave catchers in the US and Canada so far, mostly from the US. Bob was surprised by the reported numbers, but not surprised by the existence of the underground railroad. Slavery always creates runaway slaves and good people will try to help. Most PAFE escapees live in European countries with new identification and identity.

The US now has an estimated 500,000 men in debtor's prisons for falling behind on their slavery payments. Add to that 250,000 men who have escaped on the underground railroad and the magnitude of our problems begins to be clear. The feminazi destruction of marriage and enslavement of men is a societal disaster unprecedented in human history.

A government that works hard to destroy families and bind men into slavery is evil in its core. Has any of the widely publicized political candidates been willing to speak about the millions of destroyed families and enslaved men? LOL. Do old tired sows have wings?

Bye Bye Power Babes

For those of you men who enjoy movies, you have probably noticed that there have been many films lately that feature completely ridiculous karate babes. The invincible bimbos are able to defeat a whole gang of Ninja warriors without working up a sweat or breaking a nail. Besides for the absolute stupidity of expecting the audience to believe that any bimbo could, or would, be such a fabulous fighter, the Kung-Foo chick flicks have been bombing at the box office. Our willing suspension of disbelief is stretched beyond even a distant tie to credibility, and we're voting with our ticket purchases, or lack thereof. For examples, both Jodie Foster's The Brave One and Nicole Kidman's The Invasion bombed at the box office recently.

Hollywood film producers have been turning out Kung Foo chick flicks by the bushel basket full over the past couple of decades. Many of Hollywood's elite are pussy boys and fagots who believe that females are rightfully the rulers of men. Their distorted sense of reality has shown up in their films. Besides for the Kung Foo chick flicks, many of the rest have had female leads with men as weak, emotional, pseudo female support cast. The new genre of films show off their very distorted “women rule” feminist view of reality. But it couldn't last forever. At the highest level of the film industry are the big studios who are more concerned with accountants and profits than promoting a sick political agenda. The big studios are counting beans and pulling the licenses of their most bigoted producers.

Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead". Robinov's poorly performing Superman Returns was criticized for its girlie-man portrayal of the superhero. Of course the feminazi are throwing a hissy fit. Females dominating men plays to their distorted sense of how the world ought to be. Their trouble is, money talks louder than hissy fits. Read story

Its time to put the Kung Foo babes back into tight pants and low cut tops, and let them fall for strong resourceful leading men again. The realistic portrayal of females in "action" film is to stand there and scream during the fight, and then breed whichever man wins. Almost nobody of Bob's generation will ever forget Ms. Pussy Galore, a marshal arts instructor who went a few wounds with James Bond and ended up getting herself happily laid down in the barn. Neither chicks nor men want to see films about girlie men or Kung Foo babes. Its good news that Hollywood's money men are beginning to wise up.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Affordable Health Care For All

America needs to improve medical care while doing something about the horrible medical industrial complex. Just yesterday Bob was told about a man who went to a hospital for a 3 year follow up of a bypass surgery. While there the hospital gave him a drug resistant staph infection and a blood infection. The poor guy almost died. He will take weeks to regain some semblance of health. And what’s worse, the statistics on bypass surgery is that it DOES NOT extend life, on average. The average 5 year life expectancy after bypass surgery is no better than without bypass surgery. The surgery patient gets NO expected increase in life expectancy, but does get a guaranteed 6 months of severe physical pain and suffering. He also gets a severe depletion of his life savings, which the medical busine$$ takes.

For decades the AMA has held a tight monopoly on medical treatment, a monopoly authorized and ensured by the federal government. Breaking the monopoly of a single provider pricing at extreme “pay or die” prices should be a first priority. Breaking the pharmaceutical monopoly should be second. A month’s worth of pills that costs $0.25 in Africa will cost $25 in Europe and $250 in the US. The monopoly pricing must be broken, and Americans must be able to buy from low priced sources at home or abroad. Better information is needed. People need to be told before their $400,000 bypass surgery that the average patient doesn’t live any longer, but does suffer 6 months of surgical pain. People need to know that hormone treatments given to females for 40 years kill more patients than they save. Men need to know that prostate tests have more false positives than correct readings, and that even if you know you‘ve got it, there is no effective treatment for prostate cancer. The US medical business is fairly good at fixing broken bones, but beyond that they are often worse than useless.

For some years we have heard numerous Democratic politicians whining about guaranteed medical care for everyone. But NONE of them is even willing to talk about actually doing anything to improve medical care. All they ever propose is to write a massive blank check to the medical industrial complex at taxpayer expense. The medical industrial complex, AMA, doctors, hospitals, and drug companies all pay huge sums to campaign funds to buy politicians.

Hussein Obama plans to write a blank check for universal health care Here

Senatrix Hitllary plans to write a blank check for universal health care Here

John Edwards plans to write a blank check for universal health care Here

Bill Richardson plans to write a blank check for universal health care Here

On the Republican side there is a little less uniformity, some attempts at innovation, and fewer proponents of blank check solutions.

Senator McCain advocates restructuring the medical industrial complex to bring competition into health care. Here

Rudy Giuliani focuses on “insurance” coverage which, again, is simply writing a blank check to the medical industrial complex. He talks about “innovative approaches” but missing is any thought of breaking the AMA monopoly or the pharmaceutical monopoly. Here

Mike Huckabee recites much of the same old saw about improving “insurance” blank check medical care. No improvement there either. Here

Ron Paul talks about making health care more affordable by elimination of government regulation, but has no specific proposals. He also does not mention breaking health care monopolies and monopoly “pay or die” pricing. Here

Fred Thompson talks about innovation lowering costs and reducing regulations to allow competition. No blank check is proposed Here

Mitt Romney is a big city liberal who’s narrow vision focuses on ways to pay the blank checks demanded by the medical industrial complex. Here

Bob’s suggestions
1. We need to break the AMA monopoly on doctor education and licensing. High prices are maintained by limiting the number of doctors and unreasonably extending the difficulty of new doctors in medical schools. End the government sponsored AMA quota system that limits medical school enrollments. Allow medical schools to train as many doctors as they are capable of training.

2. We need to allow some lesser practitioner for lower technical medications. Routine medications should just be available from trained pharmacists. Stitching up cuts and bruises doesn’t need 6 years in medical school. Save the high priced doctors for the highly technical or unusually difficult, non-routine, injuries and illnesses.

3. Surgery should be subject to the same kind of “safe and efficacious” standards that drugs are subject to. Hundreds of thousands of needless or harmful surgeries should just be eliminated, surgeries that do not prolong life or increase quality of life.

4. “Heroic” end of life care should be drastically reduced. One report said that 80% of “health care” is spent in the last 6 months of people’s lives, after which they die. Much of the time the only effect of the “treatment” is to reduce the quality of life during the person’s final few months, and to empty their life savings into the bank accounts of the doctors.

5. Medications should be available on Internet order from the lowest cost provider, whether American or off shore. A month’s supply of pills that costs $0.25 in Africa should be available by Internet order for about a buck plus shipping. The $250, pay or die, pricing of American monopoly pharmacies must be broken. There is no reason to require me to pay another $100 to visit an AMA member for permission to pay $250 for overpriced medicine. I can read the manufacturer’s web site with all the “doctor” information just as fast as the AMA member can. I am the consumer who has to pay. I have a right to buy from the low priced supplier without government standing in my way.

I don't see any of the politicians talking about the real solutions that Bob has proposed. Only John McCain even talks about real reform, but his platform is not very well thought out.

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We’re Number 3!

Since 1931, Ford has been the #2 leading auto company in the US. Today we read that Toyota has taken over that spot. Ford has slipped to #3. Toyota's US sales rose 2.7 percent to 2,620,825 or 16.2 percent of the market in 2007 while Ford's sales fell 11.9 percent to 2,572,599 vehicles or a 14.8 percent share. Read story here

It’s hard to know what the many reasons are for the continuing slide of Ford. Part of the reason may be the Ford dealers who are creating a reputation as crooks and swindlers. My local Ford Dealer’s repair shop is as crooked as a three dollar bill. It doesn’t immediately cost a sale when the shop tells a female that she needs to spend $900 for an urgent safety repair on a part that her model of Ford vehicle doesn’t even have. In 2 or 4 years when she and her husband are thinking about replacing the old buggy, they are likely to look for a more honest dealer. Bob and his wife wouldn’t buy from the local Ford dealer if he was the only dealer in town. Bob doesn’t buy from lying crooks.

If one crooked Ford dealer is swindling customers, like he tried to swindle Bob’s wife, how many other potential customers are being driven away from ten thousand other crooked Ford dealers all across the US? Ford is either encouraging or tolerating, or at least not taking care to administer it’s dealers to protect its customer base.

And then there is the boycott of Ford by the Christian fundies. The American Family Association, a large Christian organization, has been promoting a boycott of Ford for the past two years because of Ford’s promotion and funding of gay rights groups. Here

Bob really doesn’t know how many sales the Christian boycott has cost Ford. I do not know how much of the company’s money and resources they spend promoting gay rights. However, I’m just thinking that just maybe Ford ought to be spending it’s money and energy designing better cars and administering its dealers rather than promoting gay marriage. How far is Ford going to slide before its management gets a clue?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Presidential Elections

Much of the popular media has focused on Presidential election campaigns recently. It is one issue that they can talk about that is germane to all Americans, so they talk endlessly. We are mostly sick of it but they talk on and on.

Bob is a cyber libertarian. Bob wants the government to get off our backs and out of our pockets. There are some legitimate government functions. The most important ones are listed in the US Constitution. Provide for the common defense. Establish immigration and border security. Facilitate interstate commerce. Most of the US Federal government is unconstitutional. Several of it's major divisions are illegal because they have no justifiable basis in constitutional powers of the government, the “Education” department, for example. Bob wants power returned to the people. Unfortunately for the people, most politicians and most government workers want power, and to expand government power.

Bob has noticed that the web pages loudly proclaiming support for “Women's Issues” are gone from several candidate's official sites. Before the 2004 elections such pages were everywhere. That seems to be changing, though some candidates may still practice blatant sexism. The candidates still put support “women's issues” into specific causes, but the bold front page support seems to have been toned down. I haven't seen any major candidate of either party that claims so support fathers and men yet. When I see one I'll vote for him.

On the Republican Side.

The major media loves John McCain because he's a supporter and sponsor of Open Borders and Amnesty for illegal aliens. Among Republicans he's sided with the Democrats in the Senate several times. He's about as close to a Democrat one can find who still hasn't switched parties.

Rudy Giuliani is a NYC liberal who ran a “sanctuary city” and pushed massive criminal attacks by some of the worst of the blue gun thugs. It's in his NYC where an unarmed man can be shot in the back 42 times. He favors gay marriage and “rights for women.” I'd rather vote for a desert rattler.

Fred Thompson is a former star of a fictional NYC pig show, pandering to the grossest “men are criminals” media whoring.

Mike Huckabee supports protecting the borders, ending amnesty cities, and punishing illegal aliens. He generally supports most conservative positions. Bob is concerned because his prior employment was that of a Baptist Preacher, and a theocracy is always dangerous. But, at least he's not a lieyer.

Mitt Romney is a big city liberal who recently “found conservatism.” He supports increasing the blue gun thugs war on men. He is a member of a “weird” secretive religious cult. Bob doesn't trust him.

Ron Paul is a libertarian who is generally good on most issues. His international policies leave a lot to be desired. One important purpose of government is national defense, and Paul has no clue.

On the Democrat side,

Hitllary is a cunt, and left wing feminazi. No cunt ever represents men's interests. No sane man votes for a cunt.

B. Hussein Obama is a Muslim infiltrator who would divert the USA onto the side of Al-Queda and radical Islam. If anyone ever saw a fiction called “The Manchurian Candidate,” it's coming to Washington. If you haven't seen it, this would be a good time.

John Edwards is a loser trial lieyer who made a fortune by raising the price of maternity care in the US by about 25%.

Bill Richardson is the only Dem candidate with any smarts. He has impeccable credentials in international politics. He single handedly rescued Americans in several hostage situations over several decades. When the North Koreans came to Washington to meet with the Bush Administration, they stopped first to visit Governor Richardson in Santa Fe, NM, for advice and counsel. He was also the first Governor to declare a “State of Emergency” on the US Border. Among Democrats he's the only one who would make a good President. Of course the major media hates him, which is another endorsement.

Bob can't really recommend voting for any of the political scum. None of them will publicly support families and fathers, nor oppose the police state oppression of men.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. We have had an eventful year in 2007.

The World According to Bob came under attack from feminazi because they are getting scared of MEN speaking our minds. The feminazi are used to having men’s opinion silenced by PC censors, but since the Internet more and more men are finding ways to speak the truth in the fact of feminazi hate lies.

Bob is reminded that New Years was celebrated on March 25 in 1776 when the US was first created. In those years people were by and large tied to agriculture. A “new year” began when it was time to start plowing and planting. For several thousand years New Years had been celebrated on Spring Equinox, not on (approximately) Winter Solstice. The Persians and their the Mithras religion, once popular throughout the Roman Empire, placed great emphasis on the astrological significance of Spring Equinox.

If you have ever wondered why October (meaning 8th month) is the 10th month on the calendar and December (meaning 10th month) is the 12th month on our calendar, it’s because they were named when Spring Equinox was New Years. A worldwide switch to Winter Equinox, and/or the end of December happened in the early part of the 19th century for reasons that Bob does not completely understand. If one of our readers knows why New Years was moved please let us know.

Happy New Year everyone.

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