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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Murder for hire

It has been a busy week. NYC Crime Boss Bloodberg's hired killers executed one man and tried but failed to execute his two friends on the streets of New York City. Murder for hire is a hanging crime. The Crime Boss is as guilty as the hired thugs who pull the triggers.

In Albuquerque Crime Boss Marty Chavez's hired killers murdered Jerome Hall who had been awarded, but was yet to collect a $307k judgement against the city for blue gun thug brutality. Mayor Marty's brutal gun thugs in blue suits shot him down on the streets before he could collect his award. Read story. The 307k was needed for Crime Boss Marty's pocket.

The FBI criminal gang made public a pile of evidence they collected from the "Unabomber" after his brother had turned him in. For almost twenty years from 1978 to 1995 the Unabomber had demonstrated the total inability of the FBI to "solve" crimes. Read story The totally incompetent "G-men" gun thugs never would have found him if his own brother hadn't ratted him out. FBI gun thugs excel in the murder of women and children and dogs in places like Waco or Ruby Ridge.

A Lorain, OH, mother, Heather Heck, abandoned her infant boy in an unheated garage while going away for a weekend of sexual pleasure with her latest fuck. The child was found by concerned neighbors. Read story Without a husband's control and discipline, women are out of control emotion driven children.

In Atlanta, GA, the story told by lying blue gun thugs to justify the execution murder of a 92 year old woman in her home began to unravel when their star witness admitted on camera that he had been pressured by the blue gun thugs to tell the lie they had given him. Blue gun thug murderers claimed that they had gone to the woman's house because a drug user had identified her as a drug dealer. The alleged witness told reporters that he had never been to the house to buy drugs or for any other reason. The lying criminals in blue had scripted the story and told him to repeat their lie. Read story. It is hard to comprehend why even the blue gun thugs would break into an old lady's home and shoot her down in cold blood. Nobody is safe, even in their own homes, while murderous blue gun thug gangs are on the lose to roam our streets. Murder for hire has no limits.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Death Camp guards charged

In good news, Florida has apparently closed one of its death camps for young men, but only after videos were published showing guards beating an inmate to death. Read CNN story Eleven months later the murderers have only been charged with aggravated manslaughter instead of the heinous murder of a caged young man. By the time it gets through the American Injustice System, AIS, they are unlikely to get any convictions for anything more severe than a runny nose. Killing inmates of a death camp is SOP. The only reason they are doing anything at all is to placate racist political groups because the dead man was black.

The state has an absolute duty to protect every man in its custody. Instead of protecting the millions of men it holds in hell hole cages and death camps, states condone and encourage violent racist gang warfare within the walls of their death camps.

Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature claims to have closed its death camps for young men and replaced them with camps more focused on education and counseling. CNN Story Call me a skeptic, but Bob wonders why such camps are needed. Prior to the middle of the feminist century our government did not maintain prisons intended for young men who are not considered old enough to get a legal job. They should be applauded for closing the death camps, but we haven't seen any significant change in the excuses for rounding up young men nor in the number of young men who's lives they destroy.

Bake until done

When a woman is not controlled and disciplined by men she is likely to become irrational and violent, even to her own children. Most of the mommy murders are quietly swept under the rug by the feminazi "news" media. Telling the world how violent and evil an uncontrolled female actually is. Once in a while a case of mommy murder is so bizarre that even the feminazi media is overcome by pandering to viewers and reports the heinous crime.

In today's news from Dayton, OH, we learn that one out-of-control female put her helpless little girl in the microwave and cooked her until well done. Read Story This unmarried mother put her innocent bastard on to cook. Then she began crying because she had "lost her child" as females often do to divert attention and gain sympathy of a gullible public. Even today after charges of aggravated murder were filed by the county persecutor, Ms. China Arnold, she is still crying before cameras. Boo fucking Hoo. She's lost her baby. She baked it until done in the micro. Boo Hoo.

The "Domestic Violence" hate industry has stopped husbands from providing effective protection for their children. Anti-marriage feminist laws have generally stopped young females from even bothering with a marriage. Ms. Fucking Whore Arnold didn't bother having a husband before bearing a child to baste in her microwave. A few years ago a friend of Bob's tried to protect his children from a violent wife's beating. He got between the children and the violent wife. He took the kids into the bathroom and locked the door. She phoned the blue gun thugs to have him arrested for protecting his children. He spent two weeks in prison and then was deported because he was an Indian immigrant. The violent abusive femi-nazi (German) wife got custody and all his money. She was then free to beat up the children without interference or restraint.

Every day children are drowned in bathtubs, wrapped in plastic bags and disposed of in dumpsters, left to freeze in garages, starved until dead, beaten with hammers, stabbed with kitchen knives, fed on rat poison, and killed in every way imaginable. Millions more children are beaten and survive. Every day out of control emotional females also assault and hurt children and husbands. Females are by and large, irrational emotion driven creatures who need strong effective discipline and control to become the good mothers and wives they can become. Modern hate industries have taken away their protection and control leaving them to flounder and become failures and murderesses. The disastrous destruction of families and the toll in dead and wounded children is unprecedented in human history.

Good men and females must take back our families and save our wives and children from the evil destruction of out of control female mommy murderesses. Good men need to constantly remind all elected officials that they have to clean up their act and restore decency to our lives and families or they will feel the righteous wrath of the people.

Most of what everyone knows is backwards.

A few decades ago a feminazi writer pointed out a basic truth of human nature, most of what "everybody knows" is not only wrong, its backwards. The stuff that people take for granted all the time is often more than just in error, it is opposite of the truth. For example, everyone "knows" that "police protect citizens." Not so. In a SCOTUS case with briefs from blue gun thugs from all across America, SCOTUS ruled that blue gun thugs do not protect anyone. That is not their job, their business, nor responsibility. Backwards.

Everybody knows that a good education will prepare you for success in life. Not so. What passes for "education" today is training in zombie like regimentation. It destroys your initiative and creativity and prepares you for a life of mediocre struggling instead of success. Backwards.

Everybody knows that women should wait until their mid-twenties to marry, after college. Not so. By her middle twenties her biological fertility is already declining and her psychological ability to bond with a husband to form a strong family has been seriously diminished. Backwards.

Everybody knows that women were the "victims" of evil "Patriarchy" for thousands of years. Not so. For thousands of years women have been pandered to, provided for, protected from the violence of war and the risks of daily work. Backwards.

How do all these backward myths get into our beliefs? Because we are taught them as children, like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. They are repeated so often as "truth" and never questioned that unlike Santa Clause we go on believing them. Many people still believe in Santa Claus deep down too, even while they know that its just a children's myth. We are told, we are taught, our media assumes the knowledge that "everyone knows," and it goes on and on.

How, you might ask does a thinking man ferret out the truth in a world where myth is dominant. Well, its not easy. One technique is to try to catch the underlying myth of some news story or statement. What assumption is it based on. Once you have identified a blief that "everyone knows" try turning it inside oud and backwards. If the news story is based on the belief, for example, that fathers beat and abuse their children, try reversing it and see where that would lead. Assume for a moment that fathers protect their children. Is "fathers protect children" consistent with reality more than "fathers abuse children"? Many studies and huge mountains of real life data shows that children in two parent families, those children living with their fathers, suffer much less child abuse than children living only with their mothers or with mother and her latest fuck. Can it be that fathers really do protect children from abusive mothers and their otherwise sordid lives? Keep the reverse of what "everyone knows" in mind for a while, comparing it to facts and physical reality instead of myths. Most of the time the backward assumption fits real life and real facts much closer than the myth that "everyone knows." There is no such person as Santa Clause. Time to get over the children's myths they taught you in school.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Feminazi gun thugs stop a marriage.

UPDATE November 28, 2006
NYC Crime Boss, Michael Bloomberg, worked overtime yesterday and today attempting to placate the public and prevent justice for the victims of his violent criminal gangs. Read story here Bloodberg pretended to be "investigating" the blatant mass shooting of citizens by his criminal gangs. He characterized it as "unacceptable" in a pretence of siding with the people of NYC, while quietly rewarding his hired criminals with extra paid vacation. He tries to appear as if he's protecting the people and uses all the usual phony excuses like "investigation" to divert the righteous anger of the people of New York. An informed citizenry would storm city hall and impale Crime Boss Bloodberg along with his violent gang of thugs, perhaps line them up on poles down Broadway. NYC Crime Boss Bloodberg employs an army of 37,000 blue gun thugs. Impaling the criminals in a row every 50 feet would stretch all the way from NYC to Richmond, Virginia. But the citizens of NYC, like many places, are controlled and intimidated by blue gun thugs gangs, and mind controlled by state controlled media. It's like the once popular novel, Brave New World where "I'm glad I'm a Beta" was learned from birth on, conditioned into the public to placate and keep them under government control.

In previous times, a century or so ago, the Governor of the State of New York once sent a force into the city of New York to take over its Crime Boss and its criminal street gangs. Today, however, the State Governor ignores the violent gangs who roam the cities, shooting unarmed men in the back, in the sides, in just about everywhere until their second or third reload clip runs out of bullets. Citizens of NYC must reclaim their city and take control of the evil criminals who dominate and control its streets. The streets of our cities must be made safe for decent men and women to come and go without being robbed or shot down. Until the citizens retake our streets, and punish the evil blue suited criminals, more and more men will end their days face down in pools of their own blood.

Original Story
"Marriage oppresses women" is one of the long standing beliefs of organized feminism, but the Feminazi Gestapo's methods of preventing marriage have gone way too far. On Friday night the groom and a few of his friends held a last bachelor party at a NYC club. Shortly after the groom and two of his friends left the club for home they were accosted and gunned down in the streets by the feminazi army with blue suits.

According to published reports the blue gun thugs emptied their Glock 9mm automatic pistols into the three victims, reloaded their weapons, and then emptied the second magazines into the bodies of the unarmed groom and his friends. It is not an exceptional incident for the NYBGT. They have previously done such heroic acts as shooting an unarmed man in the back 42 times. This unfortunate groom, Mr. Sean Bell, 23, was shot numerous times. His friend, Mr. Joseph Guzman, 31, clung to life with 17 wounds and will likely die. Mr. Guzman was in the front seat and was shot 17 times. Mr. Trent Benefield, 23, who was in the back seat, was shot three times by the evil murderous scum in blue suits. Blue gun thugs in "undercover" disguises pursued the three unarmed men when they lift the club. The "undercover" turds used unmarked cars (probably stolen) to stop and corner their victim's car, cutting off his avenues of escape from their deadly trap. One can only imagine the fear in the minds of Mr. Bell and his friends as their car was cornered and rammed by unmarked vehicles driven by a gang of murderous "undercover" gun thugs. After the victim's vehicle had been cornered the evil gang of thugs leapt out of their unmarked vehicles and started shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and reloading, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting.

The blue gun thugs immediately started pumping out their usual lies, "we thought there might have been a gun involved." "we will conduct a complete investigation," etc. No sane man believes anything the blue gun thugs say. Lying is their normal procedure. So far they haven't tried to claim that the execution murder was justified because of previous criminal records of the victims because these men had been exemplary citizens who had avoided the blue gun thug assaults.

If this were a unique incident it would be a tragedy. Unfortunately for the American people it is the normal violent "procedure" of these evil blue gun thug gangs. Good men are murdered on our streets every day in America, cut down by evil killers in blue suits. Their deaths are "justifiable" and the murderers are paid for with funds robbed from travelers. America won't be either free or safe until the people take back our country and eliminate the feminazi Gestapo in blue suits.

Friday, November 24, 2006

A history of falsified evidence.

Hate mongering femorrhoid gun thug falsifies evidence to persecute men for "rape" fiction. Read Story Lying hate monger cunt Pamela Fish was used by the Chicago Persecutor's office and blue gun thugs to falsify evidence and send MEN to hell. Recent DNA testing done after years of lawsuits against the criminals running Chicago courts have revealed a long history of falsifying fiction, sometimes called "evidence" for the purpose of spreading rape-hate and sending men to Auschwitz or some similar Illinois hell hole.

Hate is the primary motivation in persecution of men for the rape-hate industry. Bob has previously called for a moratorium against prosecution for false "rape" accusations until reason can replace hysteria. Whenever you hear the term "rape" or "sex offender" you know that you are listening to an anti-men hate monger spreading misandry. You know that the speaker should be eliminated from decent society. It would be surprising if 8% of "rape" accusations have any factual basis at all. Hate based sexism is not acceptable among decent people.

Arch evil sow Pamela Fish, all the County Persecutors from Chicago who encouraged her falsified evidence to destroy men, and all the agents of Satan in black robes of hell who pretended that fiction sufficed as evidence ought to be rounded up by a mob of honest men and impaled in a row along the waterfront in Chicago. Bob had a magical vision of good people using the "bar" railing in the courtrooms of the evil agents of Satan for poles at the impaling of evil. Take their own "bar of injustice" and cram it up their asses. Let them rot in the sun and wind as a demonstration that the good people of Illinois won't tolerate criminal hate mongers in their government.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A good woman's blog

Bob recommends that readers of The World According to Bob take time to read Homeliving Helper, a blog written by a SAHM. Of particular interest might be the entry dated November 20, 2006, titled Some Thoughts on Educaton. The authors, Mrs. Alexandra and Lady Lydia, have some interesting perspectives on today's young women and their lack of suitability as wives and homemakers. Yes, there are still some good women in the world. Check it out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Clinton's neighborhood as dangerous as Iraq

The media tells us every day that the USA has to get out of Iraq because so many Americans get killed, kidnapped, or hurt. Checking numbers, there are almost as many Americans killed each year in Iraq as in Cleveland, New York, or Washington, DC.

The news today tells us that former President Bill Clinton's neighbor and his wife, Carlos and Peggy Perez-Olivo, were shot by hijackers while driving home. Blue gun thugs sent to investigate the shooting have no idea who might have shot them, they never do. Media speculation mentions that Carlos was involved in at least one other killing and lost his lieyer license for mishandling the murder case. Read Story

Bob notes that Perez-Olivo was a lying scum lieyer with a pathetic hyphenated feminazi name. Scum like those are better off dead.

Q: What is a criminal lieyer?

A: Redundant.

Q: If you are stranded on a desert island with Adolph Hitler, Atilla the Hun, and a lieyer, and you have a gun with only two bullets, what do you do?

A: Shoot the lieyer twice.

As casualties mount, its time to bring the troops home from Iraq, back to the safe streets of New York, or so we are told.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

NBC Hateline perverts still baiting men.

Hateline NBC is still running their misandrist entrapment series on Saturday nights. See Murder by NBC Hateline The death of the man they trapped a few weeks ago is of no consequence, and perhaps a goal of their misandrist hate program, anti-men hate for entertainment and ratings.

Phone your local NBC hate station and tell them that their misandrist hate is not acceptable in your community.

Misandrist Injustice

In Santa Ana, CA, the American Injustice System (AIS) failed utterly to render justice, and instead rendered an intolerably offensive misandrist hate decision. The agent of Satan in black robes from hell, sent Roberto Sarabia to hell for fifty years for taking strong manly action with his whoring wife and her adulterous lover.

According to published reports Mr. Sarabia's whoring wife, Olga Sarabia, abandoned her marriage vows and went whoring with adulterer Jose Huerta. Using the blue gun thug feminazi army, Olga tossed Mr. Sarabia out of HIS own home into the street. She abrogated her vows of marriage and began proceedings under the "no-fault" feminazi anti-family divorce laws. Olga went to the Agent of Satan in black robes of hell and got a misandrist hate "restraining" order, which under VAWA takes away Mr. Sarabia's civil rights. In a gesture of generosity Mr. Sarabia gave the adulterous whore a final opportunity to return to her family and her marriage. She spit in his face and returned to her adulterous lover.

In the commandments and laws of every major religion an adulterous wife should be put to death. The Christian bible, for example, says she should be stoned to death, which was a common method of execution in those times. Mr. Sarabia, a man of honor and courage, could not accept the dishonor of an adulterous wife, nor the utter destruction she had wrought on his family. When she refused his generous offer to return to her family he killed them both. For his courage and manly action taken to protect the honor and integrity of his family, Mr. Sarabia is hereby awarded the coveted

Mr. Roberto Sarabia

For his courage and manly action the Feminiazi Gestapo, the hate mongering blue gun thugs, and the Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell have worked hard to destroy him. The feminazi hate a manly man more than anyone else. Mr. Sarabia had demonstrated that he has the balls to rein in a whoring adulterous cunt wife. The feminazi and their blue gun army went nuts and sent him to Auchwitz, or Fulsom, or another similar hellhole where he will be destroyed. Hate mongering Orange County Persecutor, Susan Schroeder, swore that Mr. Sarabia will never get out of their hell.

We MEN have had our families destroyed and our children wasted by the millions. We must retake our civilization, our villages, and our families. We must grow balls and by weight of numbers and the strength of men stuff the misandrist anti-family hate mongers back into the hell from which they sprung. We must teach the adulterous whores that they can't destroy our families. We must teach their blue gun thug armies that they can't ever become men by destroying men and our families for the misandrist feminazi. Only filthy manginas work for feminazi against men.

Evil County Persecutor Susan Schroeder and the Agent of Satan in black robes of hell should be impaled in front of the County court, and their bones left to bleach as reminders to all the adulterous cunts who think about destroying our families. MEN need to take back our lives and families. And remember, dead cunts don't get custody.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lost Angeles Blue Gun Thugs do it again.

The LABGT is on the prowl again, attacking and beating ordinary people who are then accused of "resisting" the beatings. Despite the ongoing "investigation" of its policy of excessive violence the LABGT's attacked and Tasered Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a student at UCLA who's only "crime" seems to have been refusing to answer illegal gun thug questions. In the video recorded scene a gang of gun thugs beat and Tasered a student who repeatedly insisted that he was not fighting and was trying to cooperate. Blue gun thug violence goes on every day in every city in the USA. Thousands of people are attacked because some stupid thug in blue thinks he "looks suspicious," or the thug is on a steroid high. Many blue gun thugs take illegal steroids to compete in their physical fitness requirements, and excessive violent emotional outbursts is a common side effect of steroids. Read CNN story. Read FOX story.

The incident apparently started when some UCLA campus gun thugs asked Mr. Mostafa Tabatabainejad for identification in a supposedly random illegal stop and search. When he didn't provide UCLA student identification to their satisfaction they ordered him to leave the library, and then the gun thugs retreated to their sty to form a larger gang. Gun thugs are all cowards who avoid violence except in large gangs where the gang mentality provokes unlimited assaults and provides corroborating lies. When the blue gun thugs returned to the library, Mr. Mostafa Tabatabainejad was walking toward the exit, complying with their previous illegal demands. Unfazed by his cooperation with their illegal demands the gang of gun thugs assaulted and beat him with fists, batons, and Tasters over a period of several minutes while he screamed and writhed on the floor from the torture. Videos were recorded on cell phones by several students. On video is available on CNN at the above URL. The blue gun thugs also threatened other students who politely asked for their names and badge numbers. The UCLA student's lawyer says he will sue because, as a non-white man he enjoys additional rights that white students do not enjoy. He has the right to claim "racism" in the brutal blue gun thug attack. Unfortunately the blue gun thugs attack MEN of all races, ages, and economic groups. No man is safe from these low IQ thugs.

The "crime" in this and most incidents involving gun thugs in blue suits is the extreme violence and often killings done by the blue gun thugs. Honest, hard working citizens are in much more in danger from them than protected by them. UCLA’s interim chancellor, Norman Abrams, failed to take prompt action to protect students and is urging the public to withhold judgment of the grossly offensive violence against a student. He should be fired and replaced with competent management. Arch villain of free people, Lost Angeles Chief gun thug William Bratton and the particular blue gun thugs who assaulted Mostafa Tabatabainejad should be captured by a mob of decent citizens and impaled in front of the UCLA library as a demonstration that violence won't be tolerated. Abrams and the rest of the violent UCLA gang of thugs need to be summarily horse whipped and run out of town.

Faggots recruiting children -- again!

Rump rider recruiting of our children rolls on. For several decades there have been organized rump rider perverts working hard to recruit and train children into their perverted lifestyle. Television has broadcast programs such as Telletubies aimed at very young children and featuring an obviously perverted rump rider "tubie." Now their campaign to pervert the minds of young children is continuing with the distribution of gay children's books targeted at the very young reader, at children who's parents may not be aware that its gay literature. The new book, And Tango Makes Three depicts pervert faggots as harmless two penguins who adopt a baby penguin to raise as a young faggot. Read story.

Psychosexual perversion should not be taught to children. Bob supports the rights of sexual perverts to publish whatever perverted adult literature they want to destroy their filthy minds with. A right to free speech and publication does not translate into a right to spew filth among children. They have a right to speak and publish. They have NO right to force anyone else to listen or read. Their filth should be kept off of children's television and out of schools and children's sections at libraries. The deliberate campaign by sexual perverts to recruit children needs to be opposed strongly by concerned parents, and since cunts are incapable of reason it needs to be opposed especially by fathers. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. In the face of perverted recruiting our children we good MEN must take strong effective action against these sexual perverts. Stop them by whatever means necessary to protect our children.

Since public libraries opened in the 19th century, unmarried lesbians have worked as librarians instead of as wives and homemakers. In public libraries across the country these sick female perverts are putting forth their sordid sexual lives in the hands of children. The librarian who does so should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. She is a disgrace to our community and does great harm to our children. She has violated the public trust and lost her feminazi "civil rights" to public employment.

Dead whores don't get custody

OJ Simpson has a new book out called If I Did It. Couched in "if" the book details how and why OJ cut up his lying, whoring, family destroying wife. To review the known facts, Nicole Simpson (a white woman who had married a black celebrity jock) got bored with her life choice and began a new life of whoring, lying and attacking her husband and his family. To support her violent emotional destruction of OJ's family she called in the blue gun thugs. She made up feminazi "DV" accusations to document her upcoming "no fault" divorce and gain custody of OJ's children. Backed by the blue gun thug feminazi Gestapo and the agents of Satan in black robes of hell she had OJ captured, caged, and declared "guilty" of the faux feminazi "crime" of "domestic violence." Regular readers of The Truth According to Bob are aware that so-called "domestic violence" is a feminazi hate fiction designed to brand good men as criminals. Instead of obeying her husband, an emotional feminazi starts a fight and then calls in the blue gun thug Gestapo to destroy her husband. After laying her groundwork, Nicole Simpson abrogated her marriage vows, destroyed his family by leaving her husband to go drugging and whoring. Taking the fictional "domestic violence" setup into feminazi anti-family court guaranteed the lying, whoring, adulterous bitch a semi-permanent claim on OJ's money and children. Regular readers of The Truth According to Bob are also aware that dead whores don't get custody of the father's children.

It is a husband's right and responsibility to correct and stop a lying drug abusing whore who destroys his family and hurts his children. She should not have been allowed to profit and celebrate a victory over a man and his family. The death of Nicole was entirely proper and warranted. For thousands of years, before feminism, it was generally known to be the legal and moral right of husband's and fathers to do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Wives vow to obey their husbands and thereafter the husband has the duty to control and/or punish wives who fail to obey his authority. Under femininazism the emotionally uncontrolled females make marriage vows as today's fling, and then use their feminazi laws to wreck havoc on their families and children when their female emotional instability operates as females always do. Civilized law recognizes that females are emotionally unstable and incapable of maintaining stable families unless they are ruled and controlled by a dominant stable husband. The husband has the responsibility to take effective action to keep his children safe and in a good family situation. A good father does not allow an emotionally disruptive adulterous whore to hurt his children. Nicole had refused all other of OJ's reasonable attempts to maintain his family. Faced with her extremely destructive wanton female behavior was entirely appropriate that her destruction be carried out. Her false feminazi accusations and blue gun thug assaults on her husband had to be stopped for the protection of his family. Her adulterous whoring life had to be stopped for the protection of his family. Her "family court" enforced "custody" had to be stopped for the protection of his family. Her death was entirely necessary and timely. OJ should be applauded by all decent men and fathers for taking the necessary action to protect his children and their family.

The ancillary death of Ron Goldman was unfortunate. The untimely death of a man is always disappointing. Mr. Goldman, however, was aiding and abetting an adulterous wife, committing adultery with her, and attempted to intervene in the righteous actions of her husband to end her evil destruction of his family. Killing the adulterer who is screwing a man's wife, also destroying his family, has long been recognized as fitting and suitable punishment. OJ was completely within the rights and responsibilities of a husband and father when he killed the adulterous Mr. Goldman. A man of honor does not allow another man to screw his wife, and demonstrates his honor by killing the family destroying adulterer. The man's friends and brothers may also assist in protecting the family by killing the adulterer. For dishonoring OJ by screwing his wife, Mr. Goldman deserved exactly what he got. Moral righteousness was restored by his death.

Many Americans watched the OJ trial on TV, one of the longest and most watched TV dramas ever shown. Parades of blue gun thugs and county persecutors lied to the jury about the law, the rights of husbands, the evidence, and every fact of the case. Fortunately the jury didn't buy their heinous grandstanding and phony attempts to destroy a father who had protected his family. The jury decided that OJ was "not guilty" and the lying feminazi persecutor cunt had to pound sand. The lying family destroying whore got what she richly deserved along with her adulterous lover. Moral righteousness and the integrity of the family were restored by her death. All good men need to take back our families, our cities, and our nations. We need to retake control of our families and put our wives back into their proper places. The rule of feminazi cunts and the massive destruction of our families must be ended.

After a great deal of consideration, Bob has awarded the coveted

Mr. Orenthal James Simpson
For Courage to protect his family.

to OJ Simpson for his courage to protect his family from the ravages of a lying whoring cunt who was backed by an army of blue gun thugs and agents of Satan. May he be applauded by all good men and loving fathers everywhere.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"The video is disturbing"

On August 11 in Lost Angeles, Mr. William Cardenas was chased down and severely beaten by blue gun thugs, the LAPD. The only thing unique about his beating was that it was caught by a citizen on video tape and posted on YouTube. You get several more videos if you use "William Cardenas" as a search on YouTube. One enhanced video clearly shows that the blue gun thug was relaxed and smiling while holding down Mr. Cardenas during the continuing beating. Another day at the gym, using a human punching bag for a fun workout. The blue gun thugs are the scourge of our cities.

There is no criminal charges against Mr. Cardenas, except "resisting arrest" because he started to run before surrendering to the blue gun thug beating. Lying on the ground being repeatedly beaten by the blue gun thugs is "resisting arrest" in their sick twisted excuses for minds. Translation: "We beat the crap out of him but he didn't die." Lost Angeles Chief Gun Thug William Bratton said, "There's no denying that the video is disturbing." Bob notes that the Chief blue gun thug is not disturbed by the wanton beating of innocent citizens, he is only disturbed by the showing of videos of their policy of inexcusable brutal violence against the people of Lost Angeles. The video is disturbing, the beating of citizens is not. Another typical blue gun thug ploy to divert public outrage is to say that they are "investigating" the incident. In this blatant criminal assault on a citizen they say that the FBI gun thugs are "investigating" the Lost Angeles blue gun thugs. Sure, when the fox is in the hen house eating chicken lets get the wolves to investigate. An investigation by the FBI is a lie of an excuse. The whole lot of the violent murderous gang in blue ought to be summarily fired and run out of town by decent citizens. Crime in Lost Angeles would be immediately reduced and the streets made much more safe for decent people if the largest and most violent criminal gang is destroyed.

Killer gun thugs in BMWs.

Gun thug cunts can't even drive to work without killing men on the streets. Seattle blue gun thugs are learning that their politically correct gun thug cunts can't even manage to drive to work safely. In three months, two of their blue suits have died from careless driving while attempting the limited hazards of Seattle traffic on the way to work. Reducing the number of blue gun thugs on the streets is a boon to Seattle citizens, but they kill MEN with their incompetent and reckless driving.

About 2:30 AM, Monday, blue gun thug Elizabeth Mary Nowak turned into traffic making a left in front of a fast moving vehicle. That's "failure to yield" for us "civilians." She and another cunt passenger were paying more attention to their conversations than to her driving when she failed to stop for oncoming traffic. Her BMW (gun thugs are way over paid) failed to protect her from the Honda Accord she pulled out in front of. Elliot Avenue where Ms. Elizacunt died is fast thoroughfare where most drivers use extra caution before pulling out into traffic. Poor Elizacunt relied on her gun thug immunity and BMW to save her instead of good driving skills. Instead of beating and destroying the lives of men she will now spend the next eternity pushing up daisies and perhaps enjoying the company of Satan who was the guiding light for her life. Read story.

The driver of the Honda, Neal R. Kelley, the one driving legally down Elliot avenue, the man that the gun thug pulled out in front of in her illegal left turn across oncoming traffic, died at the scene. He was killed by Elizacunt's illegal reckless driving in her final violent act as a blue gun thug. The blue gun thugs, of course, and the news reporters tell us that he deserved to be killed by Elizacunt because he had been previously shot, beaten, and caged by blue gun thugs. "There's no way that this individual should've been on the streets of Seattle," said blue gun thug spokescunt Sgt. Deanna Nollette. According to the blue gun thugs, a MAN who was previously beaten, shot, and caged by caged by the blue gun thugs does not deserve to live. In the twisted blue gun thug excuse for minds, Mr. Kelley deserved to die by the illegal and incompetent driving of their blue gun cunt. Blue gun thugs hate all men and believe that we all deserve to die, we have no right to drive the streets, according to their spokescunt.

The timely death of blue gun thug Elizacunt is only three months after a similarly incompetent blue gun thug Joselito Barber failed to use due caution while driving to work, and was sent home to his supervisor in Hell by a drug taking cunt driver. Both of the incompetent thug drivers worked the same night shift at the same blue gun thug kennel. "What are the odds?" asked the East Precinct gun thug captain, Landy Black. When you drive like you own the road, your odds go way up. Satan always stands ready to call his minions home to the fires of hell.

In a typical demonstration of their gun thug authority the blue gun thugs closed Elliot Avenue for many hours, disrupting the lives of a hundred thousand citizens long after they had determined that the drivers of both cars had died at the scene and therefore no further investigation was needed. You will notice in the photos that the blue gun thugs are still playing their excessive authority games in daylight, and the winter sun doesn't come up in Seattle until 7 AM. Wrecked cars can be cleared out of the way of hard working citizens on their way to work in a few minutes after medical rescue workers determine that they are hauling off bodies instead of providing medical treatment. Medical rescue normally should be completed and survivors rushed to hospitals within half an hour. Wrecked vehicles can be loaded and hauled in another half hour. There is no excuse for blue gun thugs to close major artery streets during rush hour for a traffic crash that occurs at 2:30 AM.

Overall, the blue gun thugs are a hazard on the roadways even driving to work at their thug kennels. They are much worse of a hazard to good drivers once they start their "work" which includes filling city budgets by robbing citizens on the roadways. Blue gun thugs prevent citizens from protecting themselves, and then come along later to "investigate" the crimes that the citizen was left exposed to without protection. Criminals in cities know that citizens are not protected, unlike rural areas where citizens all protect themselves and each other. Out here in the country where Bob lives you can hear the sounds of neighbors practicing with their guns every day, and criminals avoid the area entirely. We have no crime except for an occasional blue gun thug, or in the county a green gun thug, who ventures out to rob motorists. In the city, near their kennels, they take away the guns of citizens, arrest any man who protects his home of family, and fail to protect anyone. They kill more civilians than they protect. They destroy our lives. Even their incompetent driving is a danger on the roads.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Better learn to speak Mexican

The left wingnut media is all smiles today. Their 4-year anti-Republican campaign of constant editorials and misinformation has paid off with a Democratic victory in mid-term elections. "How does this affect the failed Bush policy in Iraq," is not a question, it’s an editorial. It was spoken by the CBS news cunt the day after the election. For the past 4 years the major TV media and most of the print media have been feeding the public a steady diet of aggressive partisan editorializing instead of reporting the news. Even the FOX network talking heads often speak with the same leftist editorial bias instead of honest reporting.

The US House of Representatives will be ruled by San Francisco lesbian feminazi Congresscunt Nancy Pelosi who never met a left wingnut policy she didn't support. Better learn to speak Mexican because Pelosi advocates wide open borders with total amnesty, tax paid benefits, and voting rights for all illegal Mexicans who will now flood our states in ever increasing numbers. Better kiss your family goodbye because Pelosi advocates abandoning marriage, sending fathers to prison, and making two lesbians and a sick child the definition of a decent home. Better forget your constitutional rights, if you are a MAN, because Pelosi supports abrogation of the 2nd Amendment and relegation of MEN to prison or indentured servitude, slavery. If you are a man, not a faggot, better learn to turn around and bend over.

Bob notes that Google only finds about 96 uses of "congresscunt" on the Internet. Notable users of the term "congresscunt" includes the Drudge Report and The World According to Bob. With Pelosi running the Congress you can expect that number to increase significantly over the next 2 years.

Its going to get worse before it gets better. Bob expects it to get so bad that it will eventually collapse from its own weight. Bankruptcy of the US government and currency could happen, probably will happen, and probably lots sooner than most people believe possible. When the financial and precipitated political collapse comes it will be a lot quicker, a lot harder and a lot more violent than most will have imagined. Better learn to speak Mexican. The lesbian feminazi cunts are running the Congress.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Murder by NBC Hateline

NBC's Hateline has teamed up with Texas Blue Gun Thugs to murder an assistant county persecutor. Psychopathic sexual perverts from NBC Hateline pretend to be a teenage girl in order to trap and destroy men. NBC works together with a online sex group that calls itself "Perverted Justice." Usually their violent criminal entrapment results in destroying the man's life and sending him to some hell hole prison. This time they killed their victim. This time their blue gun thug accomplices surrounded the home of Louis "Bill" Conradt Jr., in Rockwell County, Texas. "Fighting sex" is a severe form of psychotic sexual perversion. NBC's Hateline engages in sexual perversion entrapment as a way of boosting ratings, and of course because the producers and actors enjoy the sexual thrill of pandering to their lowest sexual interests. Day after day they are predatory Internet criminals, playing the role of a very horny teenage cunt, searching for vulnerable men to entrap. This time these psychosexual perverts drove a man to his death. Responsibility for his death lies right at the feet of NBC, Hateline, Perverted Justice, and their blue gun thug assassins. They are all murders. Read story

It's time for MEN to take back our nation and our society. Its time to take back the Internet from psychosexual predators like NBC and its pervert goons. Chris Hansen is an evil men hating bigot pervert who destroys men for money and sexual gratification. He badly deserves to be impaled and left to rot. Impaled along with misandrist mangina Chris Hansen, sharing a row of wooden poles, should be Ron Knight, president of Roundtable Solutions Inc. who is employed by Hateline, and misandrist cunt Donna Johnson, Hateline associate producer of the pervert misandrist segments. Hateline page Their blue gun thug criminal gang should also be disposed of for the protection of men and our society. We don't need these organized criminal gangs roaming our streets and murdering good men.

The evil of the TV producers continues to grow. They will stop at nothing to get viewers. Hateline has seriously leapt across the line between what is acceptable and serious criminal murder. The blood stained hands of Hansen, Knight, and Johnson are offensive to decent people, and yet they are allowed to continue spreading hate and sexual perversion night after night. Our society has gone straight to hell when murder is done for entertainment on Friday night. The good people of America need to form into a mob of decent people and impale the violent sex offenders in front of their NBC murder studios.

Life at all cost?

Life at all cost? Maybe not. In a world dominated for more than half a century by bleeding heart liberal whiners at last someone is willing to make a rational decisions about seriously disabled and deformed babies. The Times of London reported that Britain's respected Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology has called on doctors to consider permitting infanticide in the case of seriously disabled newborn babies. Read Story It is no favor to condemn a baby to a whole lifetime of serious disability, never being able to live a normal life. Under bleeding heart liberalism, life at all cost, a seriously deformed child is condemned to suffer day after day, year after year, decade after decade with no hope of ever having a normal life. It is by far a more responsible decision for reasonable adults to end its suffering even as it is beginning, before it has much knowledge of how it is deformed. Life at all cost is a theory backed by some religious zealots and whining liberals, but it often does more harm than good. A lifetime of caring for a badly deformed child might lines the pockets of the medical industrial complex, but it does no one any good and causes the child to suffer for the syrupy moral values of dogooders. Finally at least one responsible medical group has taken a public stand for the good of everyone involved. It’s an idea that needs serious consideration.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fat ass Green lesbian triumphs over truth.

In Boston, MA, you can't tell a fat lesbian to shut up. WRKO radio host John DePetro was fired for voicing an honest description of fat lesbian Grace Ross, that she had talked far too long and should shut up. Read Story

In what may be the leftist/gay/lesbian capitol of the East, the state that elected both of the two worst buffoons in the US Senate, Kennedy and Kerry, only politically correct liberal language is permitted on radio. When Green candidate, fat lesbian Grace ran off at the mouth in a political debate DePetro opined that she should shut up, a very understandable sentiment. Females in general waste time in political speech, and the utterances of a fat lesbian are harmful to children and other living things. The Green Party that Grace represents in MA is feminist/lesbian in its statement of purpose. No MAN ever votes for, or even listens to any Green Party candidate. Any honest MAN would tell the fat ass lolly licker to close her fat yap. Honesty doesn't sit well in Boston. WRKO had previously warned announcer DePetro that any honesty about perverts would not be tolerated. He made the mistake of speaking honesty and was fired.

In a wrap up, several conclusions are reached. First, fat ass lolly licking cunts belong in mental health facilities, not out running for public office. Second, that WRKO is offensive to decent MEN and families. The people of Boston should turn them off and listen to something else. And lastly the people of Massachusetts badly need to wake up and recognize that their state is the laughing stock of the civilized world. You MA people are pathetic.

They were MEN

The lying scum media works hard to devalue men, to diminish the courage and valor of MEN. In California last week 5 brave MEN died while fighting wildfires, while trying to save someone's home. Yet the misandrist media denies them the respect they deserve, universally calling them " firefighters " instead of fireMEN which they were.

Just as we saw in 2001 when hundreds of firemen died saving people at the World Trade Center in NYC, it is always MEN who do the hard, dirty, dangerous work. It is always MEN who carry the heavy loads. It is always MEN who brave the dangers to save homes and families. It is always brave MEN who are killed when they risked too much for others. In California last week Jess McLean, 27, of Beaumont; Jason McKay, 23, of Phelan; and Daniel Hoover-Najera, 20, of San Jacinto, were killed around 8 a.m. Thursday while trying to save a home from the inferno. Mark Loutzenhiser, 44, of Idyllwild, and Pablo Cerda were also badly burned and died after misguided hospitalization prolonged their suffering.

Sure, there are a few females who have been hired by the fire protection services. They have been hired because of misdirected "affirmative action" programs. Females are given less rigorous qualifications because they are too weak to carry the heavy fire fighting equipment. They have taken away most of the easy work around the firehouse that the older men used to do in their declining years. But the females don't work the front lines of the fires, won't take risks to save someone's home, and aren't among the dead at the fire scene. Only MEN are willing to take risks to protect their neighbors.

And what does the lying scum media say about the brave MEN who risked and died for their neighbors? Do the lying scum honor the brave MEN who risked and died for you and me? Hell no! The lying scum deny that they are men, deny their honor and bravery, and call them "firefighters" the feminazi PC euphemism which pretends that they are (or could be) some pathetic cunts.

It is time for MEN to honor our fallen heroes, to recognize them for being the brave MEN that they are. Its time for MEN to strongly object to the lying scum who dishonor other MEN by calling them pansies and "fighters" instead of MEN.