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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Feminazi gun thugs stop a marriage.

UPDATE November 28, 2006
NYC Crime Boss, Michael Bloomberg, worked overtime yesterday and today attempting to placate the public and prevent justice for the victims of his violent criminal gangs. Read story here Bloodberg pretended to be "investigating" the blatant mass shooting of citizens by his criminal gangs. He characterized it as "unacceptable" in a pretence of siding with the people of NYC, while quietly rewarding his hired criminals with extra paid vacation. He tries to appear as if he's protecting the people and uses all the usual phony excuses like "investigation" to divert the righteous anger of the people of New York. An informed citizenry would storm city hall and impale Crime Boss Bloodberg along with his violent gang of thugs, perhaps line them up on poles down Broadway. NYC Crime Boss Bloodberg employs an army of 37,000 blue gun thugs. Impaling the criminals in a row every 50 feet would stretch all the way from NYC to Richmond, Virginia. But the citizens of NYC, like many places, are controlled and intimidated by blue gun thugs gangs, and mind controlled by state controlled media. It's like the once popular novel, Brave New World where "I'm glad I'm a Beta" was learned from birth on, conditioned into the public to placate and keep them under government control.

In previous times, a century or so ago, the Governor of the State of New York once sent a force into the city of New York to take over its Crime Boss and its criminal street gangs. Today, however, the State Governor ignores the violent gangs who roam the cities, shooting unarmed men in the back, in the sides, in just about everywhere until their second or third reload clip runs out of bullets. Citizens of NYC must reclaim their city and take control of the evil criminals who dominate and control its streets. The streets of our cities must be made safe for decent men and women to come and go without being robbed or shot down. Until the citizens retake our streets, and punish the evil blue suited criminals, more and more men will end their days face down in pools of their own blood.

Original Story
"Marriage oppresses women" is one of the long standing beliefs of organized feminism, but the Feminazi Gestapo's methods of preventing marriage have gone way too far. On Friday night the groom and a few of his friends held a last bachelor party at a NYC club. Shortly after the groom and two of his friends left the club for home they were accosted and gunned down in the streets by the feminazi army with blue suits.

According to published reports the blue gun thugs emptied their Glock 9mm automatic pistols into the three victims, reloaded their weapons, and then emptied the second magazines into the bodies of the unarmed groom and his friends. It is not an exceptional incident for the NYBGT. They have previously done such heroic acts as shooting an unarmed man in the back 42 times. This unfortunate groom, Mr. Sean Bell, 23, was shot numerous times. His friend, Mr. Joseph Guzman, 31, clung to life with 17 wounds and will likely die. Mr. Guzman was in the front seat and was shot 17 times. Mr. Trent Benefield, 23, who was in the back seat, was shot three times by the evil murderous scum in blue suits. Blue gun thugs in "undercover" disguises pursued the three unarmed men when they lift the club. The "undercover" turds used unmarked cars (probably stolen) to stop and corner their victim's car, cutting off his avenues of escape from their deadly trap. One can only imagine the fear in the minds of Mr. Bell and his friends as their car was cornered and rammed by unmarked vehicles driven by a gang of murderous "undercover" gun thugs. After the victim's vehicle had been cornered the evil gang of thugs leapt out of their unmarked vehicles and started shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and reloading, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting.

The blue gun thugs immediately started pumping out their usual lies, "we thought there might have been a gun involved." "we will conduct a complete investigation," etc. No sane man believes anything the blue gun thugs say. Lying is their normal procedure. So far they haven't tried to claim that the execution murder was justified because of previous criminal records of the victims because these men had been exemplary citizens who had avoided the blue gun thug assaults.

If this were a unique incident it would be a tragedy. Unfortunately for the American people it is the normal violent "procedure" of these evil blue gun thug gangs. Good men are murdered on our streets every day in America, cut down by evil killers in blue suits. Their deaths are "justifiable" and the murderers are paid for with funds robbed from travelers. America won't be either free or safe until the people take back our country and eliminate the feminazi Gestapo in blue suits.


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