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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Devaluing a Dollar

The price of a dollar took another dive this week, but most sheep don't understand what's going on. The communist media tells us that the "price of gold" is going up. Wrong!

It is a mistake to think that the "price of gold" has been going up. That is the communist government's lie. The price of an oz of gold is always exactly an oz of gold. What has changed is that the price of a dollar has gone down, and down, and down. When communist FDR took office a dollar was worth about 1/20 of an oz of gold. Over the past 80 years, one lifetime, the price of a dollar has declined to about 1% of its value when FDR took office. Instead of being worth 1/20 oz of gold, a dollar is now worth only about 1/2000 of an oz of gold.

Who does that benefit? Who owns most of the gold in the US? Who bought the gold for $20 per oz and immediately afterward lowered the value of a dollar to 1/32 of an oz? Who owes most of the debt in the US that can be paid off in worthless dollars? You guessed it. Government corruption is robbing America again. This week they are planning to print more worthless dollars, to devalue dollars further.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Now playing at your local theater and in the San Fransicko Bay area.

The headlines from San Fransicko read, “Two shot, one attacked, at NFL pre-season game.” The headline is a huge understatement. During a NFL game between Oakland Raiders and San Fransicko 49ers, there was a large brawl in the stands. Several men were injured in the brawl. Neither the teams nor the police did anything to stop the violence. Yahoo story

Later on, one man was attacked in the restroom and was beaten so badly he became unconscious. After the game the violence escalated in the parking area. Two men were shot in different parts of the lot. The NFL should not tolerate this kind of violence at games. The PC lamestream media will not report the whole story, who was responsible, and contributing factors like racism.

In youth leagues they often permanently close any team that cannot control its fans. Some years ago my sons played in a youth soccer league. Fans of one team got violent and attacked a referee. The league canceled the team and permanently banned all the players and all members of the families of players from any further participation. That was in addition to legal action for assault. The league let it be known to all teams and their fans that violence by fans would not be tolearated.

In Europe a few years ago the Soccer leagues banned English teams for a few decades because the fans were not controlled.

If this was caused by Oakland fans the the Oakland Raiders franchise should be permanently canceled and the owner permanently banned from owning any franchise in the NFL. If names of all Oakland Raiders ticket holders are known they should all be permanently barred from buying NFL tickets.

If this violence was caused by San Fransicko fans, then it should happen to the 49ers and fans. If it was fans of both teams, then both team franchises should be canceled. And of course, no other team franchise should be allowed for the same city.

This kind of violence is unacceptable, and the NFL needs to come down hard. Violence, brawls in the stadium, beatings in washrooms, and shootings in parking lots will not be tolerated.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Owe-dumbo illegally blocks JOBS.

While Owe-dumbo has been out touring America in his foreign made bus touting "Made in America" jobs, his administration has been illegally blocking tens of thousands of good high paying jobs in the oil and gas industry.

On Monday, August 15, Federal Court Judge Nancy D. Freudenthal (Appointed by Owe-dumbo) ruled that his Interior Department had adopted rules in deliberate violation of Congress passed law in order to stop legal oil and gas production. See published news story.

The judge ruled that the Owe-dumbo regime deliberately violate law passed by Congress intended to authorize and promote American oil production.

With a compulsive liar blocking jobs in America we have a deliberate economic failure in the United Sates. All your friends who can't find a job is being done deliberately and illegally by Owe-dumbo and his regime. Owe-dumbo has also given us gas prices close to $4 and continuing dependency on middle eastern oil because he illegally blocks American oil production.

Owe-dumbo is a criminal violation of his office. His "birth certificate" is a badly done Photoshop forgery. His Social Security number is identity theft from a dead Connecticut man. He is not even eligible to hold his office, and he continuously violates the law to deliberately destroy America.

He ought to do the honorable thing and resign. Congress should do its job and impeach the incompetent imposted.

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Owe-dumbo's Bus Tour Creates Foreign Jobs

For the past 3 days Owe-dumbo has been touring middle America in a huge black armored FOREIGN MADE bus. The tour and the speeches purports to be all about creating American jobs. But with a compulsive liar like Owe-dumbo we always have to watch what he does, not what he says. His speeches are all about “Made in America.” See FOX rews report

Owe-dumbo is promoting foreign jobs by buying a foreign made armored bus. He could have bought a “Made in America” bus. Owe-dumbo is a compulsive liar and bad for America.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

FAA Bill Blocked by Senate

Some of you readers may wonder what is going on with the FAA and Congress. Well, its another Pretender Obama mismanagement problem. Its the National Socialist Labor Party demanding radical change to labor law and a continuation of subsidies to corporate jets.

The law creating and re-authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expires every 5 years. For half a century the Congress has renewed the law when it expired. It usually is the President's job to send his Department and Agency heads over to Congress with a proposed annual budget and occasional proposed re-authorization bill. But Obama has no management skill and neither does his staff. For the past 3 years nobody in the Obama regime came to Congress with a proposed renewal for the FAA. Since Pretender Obama took office he has not managed to lead a reauthorization. During the first 2 years of Obama, the Congress kept passing temporary extensions of the FAA law because no leadership was coming from the Obama administration. To avoid a total shut down of all US Airports and collapse of the Air transportation industry, Congress has been passing temporary extensions, and temporary extensions, and more temporary extensions.

The one thing the National Socialist Labor Party fascist in the White House did was to arbitrarily declare a revision to 75 years of labor law. Without a required Congressional enactment of law changes, The Pretender's Labor Board sought to change the way labor elections have always been done. Since the beginning of US labor law back in the 1930s, a union has had to get buy-in from a majority of workers in a company or factory for the union to be declared as the representative of ALL workers. That has made it difficult for unions to take control of industries where most workers are satisfied to negotiate directly without union representation. Obama's directed change says that only a majority of the employee votes that the union succeeds in obtaining need to be positive to declare the whole company a union shop. They also have elminted secret ballots on union elections. Employees who have avoided the union meetings, and or union thugs no longer would be counted. If the union obtains votes from only 10 workers, but 6 of them want a union, then under Pretender Obama's new unilateral law the other 500 employees now have to pay union dues. That is a radical change that usurps the authority of Congress and unilaterally changes long standing law enacted by Congress.

Now that Republicans have taken over the People's House they are taking action to move forward even without any leadership coming from the Pretender. They enacted a FAA reauthorization bill which includes many provisions. For example, it authorizes conversion of air traffic control systems to a new GPS based system replacing the obsolete radar based systems. One of the provisions in the FAA bill passed by the House affirms 75 years of labor law and prohibits Pretender Obama's illegal unilateral change to that law affecting air transportation and rail transportation workers. As you might expect, the Senate marches to the same Union Labor tune as Pretender Obama. The Senate passed a version of the FAA bill without the prohibition of radical change in labor law. Senators blame the House for "changing" labor law, rolling back Pretneder Obama's illegal changes. To date, the Senate continues to refuse to approve renewal of the FAA Authorization Law with its restoration of 75 years of labor law.

Because of the impasse over radical labor law changes demanded by Pretender Obama and the Senate, both houses passed another temporary extension. But there is a catch in that too. Republicans added a provision limiting subsidies for Corporate Jets to no more than $1,000 per passenger if the corporate jet airport is withing an hour drive of a major airport. See Bob's article. Lies, Corporate Jet Lies, and Damn Lies! The Democrap Senate would not pass that either. Despite all their soap box rhetoric about “corporate jets' they are willing to close down the FAA to continue subsidies in excess of $1,000 per passenger.

You may hear a lot of Democrap demagoguing about Republicans on the FAA bill. Democraps blame Republicans for “blocking” the bill and “threatening” the FAA. Today on the Senate floor Senator Boxer spent an hour blaming and pointing fingers, and then offered another substitute bill to be sent to the House. A Republican Senator objected. He pointed out that the House has left for an August recess. He suggested that the Senate accept the House temporary extension with the limit on corporate jet subsidies and send it to Pretender Obama. Ms. Boxer objected. She would rather demagogue Republicans than actually save the FAA.

So here we sit. Congress has taken a month long vacation, all of August.

The FAA Re-Authorization bill is blocked by the Senate Democraps who demand radical change to labor law.

The FAA temporary extension bill is blocked by Senate Democraps who demand to continue subsidizing corporate jets more than $1,000 per passenger.

At the next election, do not vote for the National Socialist Labor Party candidate. Vote for freedom and real government. Support your local TEA Party. We must recapture America.

Bob recommends that you consider driving to your destination. O'dumbo's “gate rape” program has gotten so offensive and airline mistreatment has gotten so bad that Bob no longer participates. If you can't get there by land or sea, you are better off staying home.

UPDATE August 5, 2011

Yesterday the Democraps in the Senate went on TV and blathered about Republicans "holding a gun to our head," complete with finger pointing at head gestures. O'dumbo's Secretary of Transportation went on TV and bashed TEA Party members. Then a Republican member of the House Transportation Committee went on C-SPAN and explained at length how the Republican temporary FAA extension bill (passed weeks ago) included only language COPIED from a Senate bill that all the libtards had voted for in April. By late afternoon the libtards finally read the House bill and announced that "Pretender O'dumbo and Senators have negotiated a settlement to the FAA impasse." The "negotiated settlement" was to read the House bill and find out that it was their own previous language. If libtards had a brain they would be dangerous. The Senate is expected to pass the House temporary FAA extension bill today and send it to Pretender O'dumbo.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Congress Agrees to Bankrupt the Nation

The media today is all over a secret back room "deal" to allow unlimited borrowing by Obama.

The back room deal gives Obama an unlimited printing of blank checks drawn on the sweat of our backs and the future of our children.

Congress sold the people down the river again. There are NO spending cuts at all. They only agree to reduce somewhat the amount of SPENDING INCREASES in some mythical future years.

Let me repeat that:




It promises $12 Trillion in MORE BORROWING over 10 years. That will total $25 Trillion by 2020, an unsustainable debt on a GNP of around $15 Trillion.

It promises to rescind the so-called "BUSH tax cuts" and raise taxes right after the 2012 election.

It does nothing to reduce the massive Obamacare taxes now part of the law, and which will take effect right after the 2012 election.

The secret back room "deal" guarantees huge tax increases, huge debt increases, and NO spending cuts. But it gives you all the smoke and mirrors you can stomach.

The proposed agreement guarantees to bankrupt the US Government and push the entire US economy into total collapse. It guarantees $100 gas if you can find any for sale. It guarantees $100 bread, if you stand in line for 3 hours to get one. We better be stockpiling food and ammunition. We are going to need it.

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