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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lies, Corporate Jet Lies, and Damn Lies!

Double talking Obama pushes the same old tired lies, and all the libtards step up. Behind his back he does the opposite as usual.

Last night The Obama spoke to Americans again on all the TV networks. Officially he was talking about the national debt. In his speech he recited his often repeated Democratic talking point bashing “Corporate Jet owners.” He and other Democrats says that Republicans give “tax breaks” to “Corporate Jet Owners.” He said that taxing Corporate Jet Owners would solve the government's debt crisis. Media story about Obama bashing Corporate jets.

But lets look behind the curtain. In news stories this week you may have heard that FAA Taxes on commercial jets have vanished. We are told that the FAA tax went away because Congress is arguing again. But they won't tell you what the argument is about. Unless you spend time watching C-SPAN, you won't be told. So here is the straight dope. Media story about FAA tax

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) law provides a government subsidy for small airports that don't make enough money from airline tax to pay for themselves. Read that, the government provides a subsidy to small airports where CORPORATE JETS fly. Instead of taxing corporate jets for the cost of operating their private airports, the government robs us taxpayers. Near every city in the US there is a major commercial airport, and there is another airport where corporate jets fly. Often the corporate jet airport is even closer to the city.

The FAA law expired. Congress is trying to extend it for a few months until they can negotiate a long term renewal. House (TEA Party) REPUBLICANS wanted to limit government subsidies for Corporate Jet airports to no more than $1,000 per passenger when the Corporate Jet airport is within 80 miles of a major airport. (H. R. 2553) Democrats, despite all their public whining about eliminating subsidies for Corporate Jets, have demanded to continue unlimited subsidies for Corporate Jet airports. The impass between a Republican limit of $1,000 per passenger and Democratic unlimited subsidies has resulted in an expiration of the FAA authorization without extension.

Some of you may be tempted to think that $1,000 per passenger government subsidy is a lot, but Democrats think it should be more, sometimes a lot more. After all, who pays for their reelections? If the subsidy is cut, Corporate Jet owners would have to pay more in landing fees to cover their costs. We hard working taxpayers wouldn't be getting the bills, or our grandchildren wouldn't be getting the debt.

Despite the ongoing fight in Congress, Democrats demanding big subsidies for Corporate Jets, and Republicans holding out to cut them, The Obama goes on TV and pretends to be opposed to subsidies for Corporate Jets. Major TV “news” (socialist propaganda) media reports The Obama's opposition to “Corporate Jets.” But they won't tell you that its a bold face lie. They report the cut in FAA taxes, but they won't tell you that Democrats are holding out to continue their big spending subsidies for Corporate Jets.

Washington DC is Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies. Socialist propaganda media is Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies. Obama and Hairy Reid are the supporters of Corporate Jet subsidies, and Republicans are the opposition of government spending, like always. Never believe a Democrap liar, nor a CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, or NY Times liar. And FOX is usually as bad. They won't tell the truth either most of the time.

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