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Monday, March 14, 2011

Build your homes on the hilltops, you idiots!

Update April 6, 2011
From AP Story, Japan failed to heed the warning of their ancestors.

tsunami warning
Warning Carved in Stone

On high ground above towns, cities, and 30,000 people washed away by last month's earthquake and tsunami stand stone markers erected by ancestors. The stones warn "do not build your home below this level." or, "High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants." Their ancestors tried to warn them the same warning that Bob often tells people. Modern Japanese failed to heed the warning of ancestors and built on low flat land by the sea.

Its s natural human tendency. Humans tend to build their homes in the easiest and least expensive places. Its easy to build housing developments on flat, soft, land.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans enjoy the bungalow by the beach, the cottage down my the stream. Beach front lots are desired. Waterfront addresses get premium prices.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans plant farms on the mud flats along the rivers and streams, and then build their homes close by their fields. The flat area near a stream or river is wonderful farm land. It has many feet of top soil brought there by frequent or occasional floods of the stream or river. Ancient Egyptians relied on annual floods to renew fields and water their crops.

Its a natural human tendency. The mud by the river grows the best crops. The lahar from the local volcano is relatively flat, good for crops, and easy to build a home on.

Its a natural human tendency. Humans plant farms on the mud flats by the river, or the low places by the sea. As time goes by more people settle there and pretty soon there is a village, town, or city all build on the flood plain. They call it a “flood plain” for a reason.

Its a natural human tendency, but its really stupid and it can kill you.

Over the past few days we have been watching video from Japan where an earthquake cause a tsunami that eradicated all the beachfront homes, and all the flat land homes near the sea. See before and after photos here. In most of the films and still photos of the damage there are hills and higher ground that didn't get flooded, and didn't have homes or buildings. Like most sheeple, the Japanese follow the natural tendency to build their homes, villages, cities, and commercial buildings on flat land by the rivers and seas.

While Bob has a lot of sympathy for those who lost their lives, or lost their homes and are now suffering, Bob has to point out that its their own stupid fault for building or buying in the most likely place to suffer that damage. Its not like every Japanese did not know that a serious earthquake and tidal wave was just a matter of when, not if it would strike. They knew that sooner or later their homes, towns, and cities would get swept away by an earthquake and tidal wave, but they built or bought homes and businesses there anyway. Stupid F'ing idiots!

Japan has no monopoly on human stupidity. In the US, there are homes built all along the Mississippi river. Hello? Anyone home upstairs? It is going to flood. The only question is when will it flood. In Washington state there are cities build on the lahars down hill from active volcanoes. Hello? Anyone home upstairs? Its going to erupt. The only question is when will the next lahar eradicate the city and everyone in it.

For many years Bob has been preaching the wisdom of building homes on higher ground. The Indonesian tsunami a couple years ago would not have caused a hundred thousand deaths if the people had built on the hills, not on the beaches. Many foolish people continue to live on the flat plain, waiting for “The Big One” to wipe them out.

In your life, you do not have to be a sheep waiting for the axe to fall. Bob lives on a hilltop, high above the flood plain. Bob lives where there are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no floods, and no lahars. Its a little more expensive to build up here, but often the land is less expensive than the ocean front or river front land. Don't be a stupid fool, or a dead fool, like so many who's homes, villages, and cities are sitting ducks for the next natural disaster that everyone knows is coming.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your rant is remarkably dumb.

It's akin to asking starving people why they simply don't eat a sandwich to fix everything - a gross oversimplification.

March 17, 2011 10:49 AM  

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